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The current 4-year term of Kevin L. Butler, Federal Public Defender for the Northern District of Alabama at Birmingham, expires October 16, 2023. More »
Revisions to Local Rule 3.3, which governs the Certificate of Interested Persons and Corporate Disclosure Statement in the Northern District of Georgia, are now in effect in response to the Decembe...
Residents of the Northern District of Georgia continue to receive fraudulent phone calls claiming that the victim failed to appear for jury duty in federal court and/or has an arrest warrant or sim...
The Judicial Conference Committee on Rules of  Practice and Procedure has posted proposed amendments and invites comments by February 16, 2023.  More details are in the official announcement found...
The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia has appointed a Committee on Discipline to serve a three-year term beginning July 15, 2022. More »
The Northern District of Georgia has revised the procedures and filing instructions for its Accountability, Treatment, and Leadership Court (“ATL Court”). More »

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