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ECF Access FAQs

  • Why can’t I view a PDF document from a hyperlink contained in a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) when using the Chrome browser?

    There is an issue with the Chrome browser that may cause a user to receive an error message such as, “Cannot redisplay ____.pdf, it has already been shown,” when attempting to view a document in CM/ECF through a hyperlink contained in a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) using the Chrome PDF plug-in. To view the document, the user should change the Chrome browser settings to download the PDF instead of viewing it or switch to a different browser.

  • How do I change the contact information associated with my ECF filing account?

    Your mailing address, personal information, and primary email address are maintained through PACER.  Log into PACER and click the link for Maintain My Account.  There you will be able to update your mailing and primary email addresses.  When making the change in PACER, ensure that you submit the change to the Northern District of Georgia.

    Secondary email adresses are maintained locally through CM/ECF.  Log into the Northern District of Georgia CM/ECF system here and go to Utilities -> Maintain your E-mail Info.

  • When I attempt to view a document, I receive a message that I do not have access to the document. What does this mean?

    Not all documents are viewable by the general public.  Some documents are restricted to court-users only due to the sensitive data they contain.  One such example is an Application for admission Pro Hac Vice.  We notice all parties in the case that the application has been filed, but only court users will be able to view the document since it contains sensitive information regarding the applicant. 

    Other documents may be restricted to case participants.  All documents in Social Security appeals and immigration cases and various other individual documents are restricted to case participants.  When a case participant receives notice that a document has been filed and that document has a case participant viewing restriction, the user will be prompted to login when they click on the document number hypterlink.  In order for ECF to verify the viewer is a case participant, the user must enter their login and password to gain access.

  • When I click on the document number hyperlink in my notice, I am presented with a login screen. Why is this happening?

    If, after single-clicking on the document number hyperlink, you receive a login screen, either your free look is no longer available or you are attempting to view a restricted document.

    The free look hyperlink is good for 30 days and only for one view.  We encourage you to save a copy of each PDF file as you view it the first time.  After the free look has expired, you will be required to use your login to purchase a copy.

    If you have single-clicked on a document number hyperlink for a notice that was sent in the past 30 days and you are sure you have never attempted to view that document before, the document could have an access restriction.  Documents in Social Security appeals and immigration cases are restricted to only case participants.  If you are attempting to view a document from one of these case types, you must enter your login and password.  This will allow the sytem to ensure you are a case participant and display the PDF document.

    Certain types of docket entries are restricted to court-users only.  Due to the sensitive nature of the data contained in the document, we do not make it available online.  An Application for Admission Pro Hac Vice is one such document.  We will send you a notice that it has been filed, but we do not allow viewing of the application since it contains sensitive information.

    Lastly, all documents filed prior to 07/15/2004 are restricted to court-users only.   These documents have not been redacted as they were filed prior to the ECF filing system, so they are not accessible outside of the courthouse.

  • I received my electronic notice but there are no hyperlinks in the email to access the case information. What is wrong?

    Every notice contains a case number, and that case number should be a hyperlink.  If the case number is not a hyperlink, it may be that your security settings in your email are removing the hyperlinks. 

    If the case number in your notice is a hyperlink and there is a document number that is not a hyperlink, then there is not a PDF document for that entry.  This may happen for some entries where the judge wanted the entry to have a number but there is not a PDF file associated with the entry.  An Oral Order would be an example of this type of entry.

  • How do I change my PACER password?

    To change your password, click here to access the Account Information section of the PACER web site.

  • How do I obtain a login/password?

    Access to CM/ECF is obtained with a PACER login and password.  Only attorneys admitted to the Northern District of Georgia bar or appearing provisionally (such as an attorney appearing pro hac vice, representing the United States, or appearing in a multidistrict litigation case), will be authorized to electronically file documents in this court.