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Viewing Restricted Documents

Upon receipt of a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) from the court, single click on the document number. If the document is restricted or if the free look has expired, you will receive a login screen.  Enter your login and password.  If you have permission to view the document, the document (or parts) will open and allow you to print or save electronically.

Not all documents are viewable by the general public.  Some documents are restricted to court-users only due to the sensitive data they contain.  One such example is an Application for admission Pro Hac Vice.  We notice all parties in the case that the application has been filed, but only court users will be able to view the document since it contains sensitive information regarding the applicant. 

Other documents may be restricted to case participants.  All documents in Social Security appeals and immigration cases and various other individual documents are restricted to case participants.  When a case participant receives notice that a document has been filed and that document has a case participant viewing restriction, the user will be prompted to login when they click on the document number hypterlink.  In order for ECF to verify the viewer is a case participant, the user must enter their login and password to gain access.