Court to Cease Monitoring Undelivered Emails from CM/ECF

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Appendix H of the N.D. Ga. Local Rules requires attorneys to keep their email addresses and other contact information updated in the Court's CM/ECF system.  Despite this requirement, the Court has been monitoring undelivered emails from CM/ECF and following up with attorneys to update their information.  Beginning December 31, 2018, the Court will cease monitoring undelivered emails in CM/ECF and following-up with attorneys regarding undelivered emails.  As prescribed by the Court's Local Rules, the responsibility for ensuring contact information is current and correct in CM/ECF will rest with the attorney.  In addition, attorneys should ensure that any secondary email addresses in CM/ECF (such as addresses for office staff) are updated and remain current because undelivered emails sent to those addresses also will cease being monitored.  

To update email addresses in CM/ECF, follow these instructions:

Step 1:  Click on Utilities, Your Account, Maintain Your E-mail Info.

Step 2:  You should be at the Email Information screen. On this screen, you can update your email address and delivery method or add additional (secondary) e-mail addresses to receive electronic notices in your cases.

To make changes to your existing email address or delivery method, click on the link to your primary email address.  Configuration options will appear.  From here, you may edit your email address,sign up to receive electronic notices in cases in which you are not counsel of record, and choose whether to receive a separate notification of each instance of docket activity in your cases or a single daily notice of all activity in all of your cases that day.

Step 3:  After completing all changes to your primary and/or secondary e-mail address, click on Submit All Changes and follow the prompts.

Thank you for your support on this important matter.