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Filing That Is Sealed In Its Entirety

This procedure should be used only in the rare instance when you seek to seal an entire filing (the main document plus any attached supporting documents).  Remember that the docket entry in CM/ECF will not be sealed.

STEP 1:    Select the event type and specific event you wish to use from the following categories:

·    All Civil Responses and Replies
·    Depositions
·    Notice of Filing
After entering the case number and selecting the filing party, you will be prompted with the question, “Are you filing this as a PROVISIONALLY SEALED filing?”  Select Yes.  Continue with the docket entry, attaching your document(s) for filing.

IMPORTANT:  Make a note of the docket entry number provided on the final screen, as you must link back to this filing in the next step.

STEP 2:    File a Motion for Leave to File Under Seal with a Supporting Brief.

    Select the event type “Motions” and the event “Motion for Leave to File Under Seal.”

IMPORTANT:  This event will not restrict the attached documents from public view.  None of the documents associated with this entry should contain any material to be sealed.

    Attach your motion and brief, which will identify, with specificity, the document(s) or portion(s) thereof that you seek to seal.  You also must attach a proposed order granting the motion.  This event will require you to link back to the provisionally sealed filing completed in Step 1.  

    If the Brief in Support of the Motion for Leave to File Under Seal must contain sealed material, do not attach the Brief to the Motion for Leave to File Under Seal.  Instead, separately file the Brief using the “Notice of Filing” event, which you may file provisionally under seal consistent with these procedures, and link to the Motion for Leave to File Under Seal.