CJA Archives

The following is an archive of memos and email messages previously sent to the CJA Panel for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

AO Memos (re CJA Issues)

Hourly Rate and Case Max Increase for CJA Panel Attorneys (12-29-15)

eVoucher Implementation (10-14-14)

State Court Appearances Ancillary to Federal Habeas Corpus (10-02-14)

Appointment Authority in Non-Capital Clemency Applications (07-31-14)

Suggestions to Reduce Costs in CJA Representations (05-22-14)

AOUSC Reorg and Move of Defender Service IT Staff (04-24-14)

Hourly Rate and Case Max Increase for CJA Panel Attorneys (02-26-14)

Cost-Containment Initiatives Regarding CJA Service Providers (02-26-14)

Electronic Criminal Justice Act Voucher Processing System Update (10-16-13)

Temporary Suspension of CJA Panel Attorney Payments (09-16-13)

Reduction in the CJA Panel Attorney Hourly Rates (08-22-13)

Appointment of Asst Director Office of Defender Services (03-18-13)

FY 2013 Estimated Full-Year Allotments (02-14-13)

Recommendations for the Production of Electronic Discovery in Federal Criminal Cases (02-13-13)

Sequestration Delay/Budget Status (01-03-13)

Funding for Expert and Other Services (08-06-12)

Service Provider Prior Authorization (07-30-12)


Internal Notices

Memo re: Discovery Duplication (10-01-14)

Email re: Polygraph (02-20-14)

Email re: Recent CJA changes (09-28-12)

Email re: Requirement for Excess Case Budget (09-24-12)

Email re: CJA Travel Amendment (09-11-12)

Email re: Vouchers for "Other" Services and Duplicating Discovery for Defendant (06-05-12)

Memo re: Service Provider Funding (08-16-12)