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United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of This Court

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Pace, Hayden R. 09/10/2001 Active Stokes Wagner Hunt Maretz & Terrell, ALC
Pacella, Mario Anthony 09/25/2000 Active Strom Law Firm
Pacer, Linda Susan 06/06/1988 Active Pacer Law, LLC
Pachman, Andrew R. 05/21/1992 Active Lawler Tanner & Zitron
Pachuta, Karen 05/22/2006 Active Law Office of Karen Pachuta
Pacious, Kathleen Mary 01/13/1986 Active Office of State Attorney General
Pack, Douglas Edward 01/04/1980 Active Office of Douglas Edward Pack
Packnett, Dwan Elizabeth 12/17/1990 Active
Packwood, Catherine Marie 11/19/1987 Active Office of Peter F. Boyce
Padberg, Jean Ellen 01/08/1990 Active Office of Jean E. Padberg
Paddock, William S. 05/22/1996 Active Jones Day
Padgett, Clara Elizabeth B. 06/04/1997 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Padgett, Gail B. 01/04/1984 Active
Padgett, J. Wade 11/08/2004 Active J. Wade Padgett, P.C.
Padgett, Pamela L. 10/30/2001 Active Office of Pamela L. Padgett
Padilla, James Joseph 11/26/1990 Active Troutman Sanders
Padilla, Mark F. 09/16/1991 Active Cox Communications, Inc.
Paek, John Chulsoo 10/30/2001 Active Ernst & Young
Pagano, Nicholas 03/26/1987 Active Office of Nicholas Pagano
Page, Aileen R. 09/13/1999 Active Boone & Stone-Atl
Page , Alicia M. 04/23/2010 Active Superior Court of Georgia - SWJC
Page, Blaine Adam 04/30/2007 Active Cantor Colburn, LLP-GA
Page, Brenda Beth 11/04/1996 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Page, Craig A. 01/10/2000 Active Craig A. Page
Page, James Boyd 07/18/1977 Active Page Perry
Page, John Christopher 02/24/1992 Inactive Cauthorn & Associates
Page, Jonathan Andrew 05/23/2011 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP
Page, Nicole L. 06/04/2012 Active The Cochran Firm-AL
Page Jr., R. Victor 09/29/1983 Active Office of R. Victor Page, Jr.
Page, Roger Amos 01/06/1986 Active Peterson Dillard Young Asselin & Powell
Page, W. Marion 05/13/1987 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford
Pagnattaro, Marisa Anne 07/18/1988 Active University of Georgia
Pagniello, Robert Richard 06/18/1990 Active Office of Robert R. Pagniello
Pahl, Christopher A. 06/24/1998 Active Office of Christopher A. Pahl
Pailthorpe, Joseph Robert 10/26/1999 Active The Law Office of James Scott Sibold
Paine, Christopher Borden 09/29/1983 Active
Painter III, Paul W. 07/12/2010 Active Bowen, Painter & Gorman, LLC
Painter Jr., Paul W. 06/07/2004 Active Ellis Painter Ratterree & Adams, LLP
Pair, Lara M. 06/02/2003 Active Fellows Johnson & La Briola
Paisley , James Lloyd 02/14/2011 Active Paisley Law Group, L.L.C.
Pak, Byung J. 04/30/2001 Active Ballard Spahr-Atl
Pak, Chong U 11/01/2012 Active Chandler & Moore Law, LLC
Pak , Gun Ju 11/13/2006 Active Law Office of Gun Ju Pak
Pakchar, Jay W. 10/17/1980 Active Law Office of Jay W. Pakchar
Pake, Craig Joseph 01/10/2012 Active The Law Office of Craig J. Pake
Palais, Lisa Suzanne 11/05/1990 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Palanca Jr., Ramon Walls 04/03/2000 Active Palanca & Lanzisera
Palatto, Martina Gabrielle 02/13/2012 Active Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C.
Palazzo, Timothy Louis 10/18/1989 Active Securities & Exchange Commission
Palazzola, Christopher J. 01/22/2001 Active Palazzola Law Firm
Palazzolo, Anna Christina 12/21/1998 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial
Palermo, Ashley A. 12/01/2003 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Palesch, Amy Mariko 10/20/2010 Active Polsinelli, P.C.
Paller, Jack 01/08/1975 Active Paller & Creasy
Paller, Robert I. 02/01/1965 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Palley, Kevin 05/21/1992 Active Georgia Legal Services
Pallotta, Frank B. 10/11/1984 Active Weiner Yancey Dempsey & Diggs
Palma, Mary Anne 05/01/1995 Active Nall & Miller
Palmer, Alyson Marie 09/19/2005 Active Alyson M. Palmer, Esq.
Palmer, Anne Harriett 02/20/1985 Active Office of Anne H. Palmer
Palmer, Antonia-Anna R. 02/25/2002 Active Seyfarth Shaw, LLP-Atl
Palmer, Asha Jennings 02/01/2010 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Palmer , Ashley Jenell Moore 05/07/2007 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Palmer, Bobby Shane 06/30/2014 Active Thompson O'Brien Kemp & Nasuti, P.C.
Palmer, Bradley Duncan 06/18/1990 Active Hoffman & Associates, Attorneys-At-Law, LLC
Palmer, Bridgette M. 06/12/2000 Active Hancock & Palmer
Palmer, Charles Frederick 10/16/1986 Active Troutman Sanders
Palmer, Darlene Joyce 10/03/1985 Active
Palmer, David C. 10/04/1979 Inactive
Palmer, Edwin K. 09/01/1970 Active Palmer & Associates
Palmer, Emory Livingston 11/05/1999 Active Carr Tabb & Pope
Palmer, Glenn D. 09/30/1976 Active
Palmer, J. Larry 04/15/1974 Active Palmer Law Firm
Palmer, Jay Leo 03/03/1987 Active Palmer Law Firm
Palmer, John Richard 12/06/1993 Active Office of J. Richard Palmer
Palmer, Jonathan 03/09/2009 Active Doffermyre Shields Canfield & Knowles, LLC
Palmer, Julia Ann 11/14/2011 Active Fellows LaBriola LLP
Palmer, Lisa Michelle 04/26/2010 Active Harris Legal , LLC
Palmer, Pamela Eunice 08/11/2014 Active The Buckley Law Firm, LLC
Palmer, Pandora E. 03/06/1995 Active Smith Welch & Brittain, LLP
Palmour, Albert Cecil 03/03/1983 Active Palmour Law Firm
Palmour III, James Ernest 04/20/1964 Active Office of James E. Palmour
Palmour, John Roger 01/05/1977 Active Palmour Horne & Horne
Panayotopoulos, Nicholas Peter 09/11/1995 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Panella, Darryl J. 10/26/1999 Active Panella Law, LLC
Panessa, Brian K. 04/23/2001 Active Panessa & Associates
Panfel, Mark A. 02/21/1984 Active
Pangborn, Susan Wallis 11/19/1987 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Panitch, Esther Dina Feuer 11/13/2006 Active The Panitch Law Group, PC
Panjwani , Neena 12/09/2013 Active Tom Cain, Attorney at Law, PC
Pankey, Larry Allen 01/11/1993 Active Pankey & Horlock, LLC -Atl
Pannell Jr., Charles A. 03/29/1971 Active U.S. District Court
Pannell III, Charles Adam 08/08/2005 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Pannell, Johnny Ray 07/30/1979 Active Office of Johnny R. Pannell
Pannell, Pamela Dianne 09/27/1982 Active Office of Randal Alonzo Mangham
Pannell, Robert D. 01/06/1969 Active Law Office of Robert D. Pannell
Pannell, William A. 03/26/1987 Active William A. Pannell PC
Pannell, Winnie Pringle 07/11/1977 Active Office of Winnie P. Pannell
Pannier, Michael Anthony 03/27/1989 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Panos , George Alexander 04/30/2007 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Panos, Johnny Nick 12/12/1983 Active Office of Johnny N. Panos
Panovka, Alon 06/25/1985 Active Panovka Law Office
Panovka, Morris Gerald 10/22/1981 Active
Panovka, Tamar 06/15/1992 Inactive Office of DeKalb County District Attorney
Panter, Caroline Staten 04/30/2001 Active Office of Caroline Staten Panter
Panter, H. Dennis 10/02/1978 Active H. Dennis Panter & Associates
Panter, James F. 01/31/1961 Active Office of James F. Panter
Papadakis, Alec 05/06/1985 Active Paller & Creasy
Papadimitriou, Jonathan K. 08/17/1998 Active Office of Jonathan Papadimitriou
Papaioanou, George 05/21/1992 Active Smith Currie & Hancock
Papantones, Melissa Joy 02/20/1985 Active
Pape Jr., Frank F. 03/26/2007 Active Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell & Daly, LLC
Pape Jr., John Alden 01/22/1991 Active John Alden Pape, Jr., Esq.
Pape, Timothy Alan 08/15/1979 Active Office of Timothy Alan Pape
Papierniak, Dianne Lynn 06/24/1998 Active Kutak Rock
Papleacos, Nicholas S. 02/18/1982 Active Chamberlain Hrdlicka
Pappas, Eva M. 02/17/1983 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Pappas, Mary 02/04/1991 Active City of Orlando
Pappas, Peter Gregory 09/09/1991 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Paquin, Claude Y. 01/10/1973 Active
Paquin, Jeffrey Dean 12/01/1986 Active Paquin Victor
Paradies, Beth Haffer 10/18/1989 Inactive Office of Beth Haffer Paradies
Parasiliti, Mary F. 11/20/1995 Active Crumbley & Crumbley
Pardi, Jessica F. 05/04/1998 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Pardo Jr., James A. 11/24/1980 Active King & Spalding, LLP - ATL 31
Pardo, L. Rebecca 04/30/2001 Active Perrotta Cahn & Prieto
Pardue, Chuck Richard 10/04/1979 Active Chuck R. Pardue and Associates
Pardue, David L. 05/31/1995 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP
Pardue, William R. 12/07/1992 Active Office of Cobb County District Attorney
Parekh, Rakesh N. 11/22/2010 Active Parekh Law, LLC
Parent, Elena Catherine 04/29/2003 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Parent, Gregory Jacques 10/26/1999 Active Parent Law Firm
Parente , Jonathan David 05/09/2013 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Paretts, Andrea Denise 06/14/1977 Active
Pargman, Benjamin C. 02/01/1999 Active Troutman Sanders
Parham, Michael G. 01/04/1980 Active Office of Michael G. Parham
Parham, Shalamar J. 07/13/2009 Active Parham Law Firm, LLC
Parham, Stephen Merritt 02/05/2001 Active Bloom Sugarman , LLP
Parian, Randall Cade 05/26/2010 Active The Parian Law Firm, LLC
Paris, Debra E. 12/09/1996 Active Office of Debra E. Paris
Paris, Penny Marie 11/04/1994 Active Penny M. Paris, Esq.
Paris, Rebecca Baxter 12/14/1988 Active Special Assistant Attorney General
Paris Jr., Richard J. 11/04/1994 Active UCB, Inc.
Park , Arthur James 11/19/2012 Active Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
Park, Chang-Won John 07/06/2009 Active Youn Law Group
Park, Daniel H. 01/24/2011 Active McGahren Gaskill & York, LLC
Park, Eun Yung 08/14/2006 Active Eun Y. Park, P.C.
Park, Hye Min 05/02/2011 Active Georgia Attorney General's Office
Park Jr., Jack Lenis 01/08/1975 Active Law Office of Jack Lenis Park, Jr.
Park, James J. 04/29/2002 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Park, Kelley C. 12/06/1993 Active Wiggins & Camp
Park , Leslie Young 05/22/2006 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Park , Liza Ann 09/29/2014 Active Steel & Moss, LLP
Park , Louis Boone 06/13/2011 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Park, Marilyn Elaine 02/18/1982 Active address mark
Park , Mihae 05/30/2006 Active Peachtree Medlock Corners, LLC
Park, Miyong Mary 05/02/2011 Active The Gibson Firm, LLC-GA
Park, Peter Kyunghwan 05/02/2011 Active O'Kelley & Sorohan, Attorneys at Law, LLC
Park, Sandra Kim 11/18/2002 Active Ashe Rafuse & Hill
Park, Seam 01/30/2006 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Park , Steve Bomjin 10/30/2006 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Park, Steven Lee 05/04/2000 Active Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner-Atl
Park, Tina Haiwon 05/16/1990 Active Tomlinson & Associates
Park, Zoie Sonyong 01/26/2004 Active Law Office of Zoie S. Park
Parker, Amy Carol 12/14/1988 Inactive McKenna Long & Aldridge
Parker, Beverly Barnard 09/30/1976 Active
Parker, Brian S. 06/06/2011 Active The Parker Firm, LLC
Parker, Christopher Evan 01/08/1990 Active Miller & Martin, PLLC - ATL
Parker, Craig Andrew 11/04/1994 Active Balch & Bingham
Parker, Cynthia Lynn 08/08/2011 Active Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP
Parker , Daphne Jenene 08/20/2012 Active Law Office of Daphne J. Parker
Parker, Darrin Leon 09/14/1998 Active J. Max Davis, Attorneys at Law
Parker, Dianne Paglialonga 11/04/1994 Active Georgia Legal Services Program
Parker II, Edwin Wiley 01/07/1976 Active
Parker, Elizabeth L. 04/29/2002 Active Campano & Sperling
Parker, Frank Russell 07/18/1974 Active
Parker, Franklin Earle 10/16/1986 Active Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell & Daly, LLC
Parker, Gary 08/09/1993 Active Gary Parker Law Group
Parker, Geoffrey Stephen 10/24/1973 Active Southeastern Legal Foundation, Inc.
Parker III, George H. 12/07/1992 Active Glaze Glaze Harris and Arnold
Parker, Ira Howard 02/18/1982 Active
Parker, Jacob Charles 05/26/2005 Active Allen & Parker, LLC
Parker, John Branson 11/04/1994 Active Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-GA
Parker, John Charles 10/02/1978 Active Savell & Williams
Parker, John Garrett 01/05/1977 Active Paul Hastings LLP-ATL
Parker Jr., John Hinton 01/08/1975 Active Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs
Parker Jr., John R. 02/01/1988 Active The Coca-Cola Company
Parker, John Steven 11/19/1987 Active Parker MacIntyre
Parker, Joseph C. 01/05/1977 Active Downey & Cleveland
Parker, Kenneth Allen 06/13/1994 Active Paul C. Parker & Associates
Parker, Kyle Lawrence 04/02/2009 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Parker, Leaeric Craig 02/04/1991 Inactive Hamlen & Parker
Parker III, Louis Ganfield 11/18/1970 Active
Parker, Mary Linda 07/14/1980 Active
Parker, Monica Roze 02/07/2000 Inactive Alston & Bird
Parker, Paul Chapman 12/11/1978 Active Paul C. Parker & Associates
Parker, Richard Paul 08/09/1982 Active Office of John Frank Bradford
Parker Jr., Robert Alton 01/27/1978 Active Rogers & Hardin
Parker, Russell J. 04/25/1973 Active Office of Fulton County District Attorney
Parker Jr., Russell J. 11/23/1998 Active Offices of Rod Martin
Parker, Sabrina A. 06/04/1997 Active Parker Law Firm
Parker, Stephanie Ethel 11/10/1986 Active Jones Day
Parker, Tara Waller 11/18/1996 Active Downey & Cleveland, LLP
Parker, Terrill Andrew 07/13/1966 Active Parker Johnson Cook & Dunlevie
Parker Jr., William A. 06/17/2002 Active Childers, Schlueter & Smith, LLC
Parker III, Wilmer 09/30/1976 Active Maloy Jenkins Parker
Parker-Smith , Yolanda C. 04/27/2009 Active Parker Smith Law Group
Parkerson, I. J. 04/05/1967 Inactive Law Offices of David B. Groff & Robert H. McDonnell
Parkman, William Henry 10/11/1984 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Parks Jr., Allan Leroy 06/20/1977 Active Parks Chesin & Walbert, P.C. -Atl
Parks Jr., Charles Thomas 04/12/1982 Active
Parks, Cynthia Renee 04/29/2002 Active Parks IP Law, LLC
Parks, Evelyn 12/06/1993 Active BellSouth Corporation
Parks Jr., James C. 04/30/2001 Active James C. Parks, Jr., Attorney at Law, LLC
Parks, James Douglas 01/10/1973 Active J. Douglas Parks, P.C.
Parks, Joe Kenneth 01/07/1976 Active
Parks, John Robert 10/02/1978 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Parks, Joy Renea 12/06/1993 Active Whelchel & Dunlap
Parks Jr., Leonard Cranford 10/06/1986 Active Leonard C. Parks, Jr.
Parks, Phaedra C. 12/02/2002 Active The Parks Group
Parks, Scott B. 10/16/1986 Active Parks and Associates
Parks, Sean Lamont 10/20/2010 Active Law Office of Sean L. Parks
Parmar, Prakash 02/25/1991 Active Office of Prakash Parmar
Parmar, Viraj 04/02/2012 Active Prioleau & Milfort, LLC
Parmer, Jo L. 07/06/1993 Active Kunz & Associates
Parmer, Thomas Edward 12/30/1991 Active Dangle Parmer & Rooks, LLC
Parnell, Albert Hunter 04/22/1969 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Parnell, Brendan H. 05/13/2002 Active Quirk & Quirk, LLC
Parnell, Ronald Wayne 07/19/1976 Active Office of Ronald W. Parnell
Parodi, Michael Robert 09/29/1977 Inactive
Parr Sr., Daniel L. 10/01/1991 Active Weaver Law Firm
Parr, Edgar Glenn 06/14/1985 Active Office of E. Glenn Parr
Parra, Paola 11/04/1996 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Parrington, Danielle Curtis 02/28/2011 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Parrington , Kevin Michael 02/01/2010 Active Social Security Administration-GA
Parris, Joel Benjamin 04/19/1976 Active
Parrish, Andrea Elizabeth 01/14/2002 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Parrish Jr., Benjamin F. 10/25/1982 Inactive
Parrish , Bess M. 11/13/2006 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Parrish, Daryl C. 10/02/1978 Inactive
Parrish, E. Randolph 07/02/1971 Active Office of E. Randolph Parrish
Parrish, Jonathan A. 04/13/2009 Active Grant Law Office
Parrish, Matthew Tyson 04/22/2008 Active Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield LLC
Parrish, Meredith Mackenzie 09/17/2012 Active Neuberger Law, LLC
Parrish , William Matthew Bryant 05/03/2006 Active Carey Jarrard & Walker
Parrish, William Scott 11/05/1990 Active Miller & Martin
Parrott, Brad C. 07/26/2004 Active Hudson Parrott Walker, LLC
Parrott Sr., Donald J. 11/10/1970 Active Office of Donald J. Parrott, Jr.
Parrott, Elizabeth H. 05/15/2006 Active Weinstein, Pinson & Riley, P.S.- TN
Parrott, Jennifer E. 10/28/2002 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Parrott, William Michael 10/04/1979 Active
Parson, George Lee 11/19/1987 Active Harris & Bunch
Parson, Nancy Parker 10/03/1985 Active McGuireWoods
Parsons, Allyn M. 04/30/2001 Active Fulton State Court
Parsons III, Earl B. 04/24/1989 Active
Parsons, Erica L. 06/11/2007 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Parsons, Kevin V. 04/29/2003 Active Smith Parsons
Parsons , Richard Linwood 08/25/2014 Active Parsons Law Firm
Parsons, Stephen Paul 10/17/1980 Active Wagner Myers & Sanger
Parssinen, Trevor A. 02/17/1998 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Partain, Daniel 10/04/2004 Active Shannon McGhee
Partain, Eugene G. 10/06/1961 Active Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy
Partain III, Jacques O. 01/09/1974 Active
Partain, Laurie Elizabeth 04/29/2002 Active Carey Jarrard & Walker
Partin, Ranse M. 11/12/2003 Active Conley Griggs Partin, LLP- Atl.
Partin , Sara 11/08/2007 Active Alston & Bird, LLP
Parvis, Katherine T. 06/24/2013 Active Ford & Harrison LLP-ATL
Pascarell, Rebecca Ann 12/18/2006 Active Weinstock & Scavo, P.C.
Paschal IV, T. Hill 01/09/2006 Active Law Office of T. Hill Paschal, IV
Paschall, Ann G. 01/16/1996 Active U.S. Department of Labor
Paschall, Evita A. 03/30/1987 Active Paschall & Coleman
Paschall, Timothy H. 04/19/1993 Active Berry & Associates, P.C.
Pascual IV, Alejandro Viernes 05/22/2006 Active Office of DeKalb County District Attorney
Pashos, Michael L. 10/22/1981 Active
Paskoff, Stephen M. 12/05/1977 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Paslay, Michael R. 09/29/1983 Inactive
Pass, Jason Mitchell 05/26/2005 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Passante, Brian J. 10/16/1986 Active Sell & Melton
Passantino, Alexander John 11/18/2002 Active Seyfarth Shaw, LLP -DC
Passantino, Stefan Charles 08/07/1995 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Passavant, Oliver 10/31/1991 Active Jones Day
Passino, David Richard 10/18/1989 Active David Passino, Attorney at Law
Passman, Todd Christopher 07/08/2002 Active Law of Todd Passman
Pastel II, Marvin P. 01/28/2008 Active Winter Capriola Zenner, LLC
Pasterz, Nancy L. 12/08/1997 Inactive Cobb & Irwin
Pastor, Brian B. 03/30/1992 Active Atlanta Lawyer Group - Pastor, P.C.
Paszkowski , Andrew J. 04/21/2011 Active Chemical Products Corporation
Patchel, Helen Kathleen 02/16/1984 Active Asbill Porter Churchill & Nellis
Pate, Page Anthony 10/03/1994 Active The Pate Law Firm, LLC
Pate , Victor Lamar 11/01/2012 Active Thomas Horstemeyer, LLP
Patel, Alkesh B. 01/27/2014 Active Attorney General's Office-Atl
Patel, Aman 04/27/2009 Active Loube & Patel
Patel, Amit Kavsik 02/01/2010 Active Law Office of Amit K. Patel
Patel, Ashish D. 05/17/2004 Active Thompson Hine LLP-GA
Patel , Chirag 05/09/2013 Active Cuadra & Patel, LLC
Patel , Jigna 07/09/2012 Active Robert J. Semrad & Associates-Atl
Patel , Keena Raj 12/19/2011 Active Robert J. Semrad & Associates
Patel, Ketan A. 04/02/2009 Active Law Office of Ketan A. Patel
Patel, Komal 04/29/2002 Active King & Spalding
Patel, Mitesh Jaykrishna 04/30/2007 Active MJ Patel Law Group
Patel, Monica B. 11/14/2002 Active The Middleton Firm, LLC
Patel, Mukti 04/29/2003 Active Office of the District Attorney
Patel, Nimesh 08/23/1999 Active InterContinental Hotels Legal Dept.
Patel, Nishitkumar Vithalbhai 04/29/2002 Active Thomas Kayden Horstemeyer & Risley
Patel, PrakashKumar DayaramBhai 03/18/2002 Active Joshi & Patel, LLC
Patel, Rajeshri Shah 12/06/2004 Active Weinstock Immigration Lawyers
Patel, Rushi 06/03/2013 Active King & King Law, LLC
Patel , Rusi Chandrashkhar 05/20/2013 Active Georgia Municipal Association
Patel, Samir Jash 05/22/2006 Active White & Choate, LLC
Patel, Sanjay 07/19/2010 Active Worden & Asociados, LLC
Patel, Seema Nagin 12/13/2004 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Patel, Shalini A. 10/23/2000 Active Clements & Sweet, LLP
Patel, Stephanie Collings 06/04/1997 Active Dennis Corry Porter & Smith, LLP- ATL
Patel , Sweta 01/24/2011 Active Robert J. Semrad & Associates-Lithonia
Patel, Tejas 12/08/2008 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Patel , Toshal Natasha 03/26/2012 Active Natasha Patel, LLC
Patel, Vipanj B. 11/20/1995 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Patillo, Robert 04/15/2010 Active The Patillo Law Group, LLC
Paton, Margaret Norland 10/18/1989 Active Office of Margaret Norland Paton
Patrick, Adrian L. 07/24/1998 Active Adrian L. Patrick
Patrick, Anne Elizabeth 07/11/1988 Active Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP
Patrick, Demetress Elaine 11/07/2013 Active The Law Office of Demetress E. Patrick
Patrick Jr., Jerry L. 01/04/1980 Active Law Office of Jerry L. Patrick, Jr.
Patrick, Kevin Charles 06/27/2011 Active Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP
Patrick, Kimberly Miller 04/28/1997 Active City of Atlanta Law Department
Patrick, Lisa A. 07/05/1994 Active Patrick Law Firm
Patrick, Marguerite E. 12/02/1991 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Patrick , Ryan Kevin 05/22/2006 Active Webb, Tanner, Powell, Mertz & Wilson, LLP
Patrick, Sherynda L. 06/09/2014 Active Patrick & Grier, LLC
Patrick Jr., Simmons Isler 08/17/1982 Active
Patrick III, Trummie Lee 04/29/2003 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial
Patten, Bradley J. 03/03/1989 Active Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles
Patten, Karen Marie 05/01/1995 Active Law Office of Karen M. Patten
Patten Jr., William Donald 11/05/1990 Active Office of William Donald Patten, Jr.
Patterson, Alexander W. 05/25/1972 Active Alston & Bird
Patterson, Ann 08/17/1982 Active Davis, Davis & Patterson
Patterson Jr., Boyd M. 06/24/2002 Active Campbell & Campbell
Patterson, Brian Vance 10/26/1998 Active Chilivis Cochran Larkins & Bever
Patterson, Constance Crane 11/19/1987 Active Hyatt & Rhoads
Patterson, Cristine Lise' 04/22/2008 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco, P.C.
Patterson, Franklin Barton 05/04/2000 Active Coleman, Chambers & Rogers, LLP
Patterson, Jackie Glenn 11/30/1992 Active Tha Patterson Firm
Patterson, James R. 01/02/1981 Active Office of James R. Patterson
Patterson, Jennifer D. 05/31/1995 Active Office of Jennifer D. Patterson
Patterson, Jerry Daniel 07/18/1974 Inactive
Patterson , Jordon 03/04/2013 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Patterson, Leigh Ellen 05/21/1991 Active Office of Floyd County District Attorney
Patterson, Matthew Donald 11/12/2003 Active King & Spalding
Patterson, Monica Farris 03/17/2003 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Patterson, Pamela S. 04/02/2009 Active The Law Office of Pamela S. Patterson
Patterson Jr., Pickens Andrew 07/10/1969 Active Thomas Kennedy Sampson & Patterson
Patterson, Rhonda Lynn 04/30/2007 Active The Mathis Law Firm, P.C.
Patterson, Rudolph N. 04/22/1969 Active Westmoreland Patterson & Moseley
Patterson, S. Wayne 06/19/2006 Active Patterson & Associates
Patterson, Scott Michael 05/04/2000 Active The Patterson Law Firm
Patterson, Selwin Eton 11/06/2013 Active Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Public
Patterson, Sherrod G. 05/23/1994 Active Office of Sherrod G. Patterson
Patterson, Terri Sue 08/25/1986 Active McGinnis & Chambers
Patterson Jr., Tommy Eugene 01/13/2003 Active Ekonomou Atkinson & Lambros
Patterson, William Robert 01/06/1956 Active Ragsdale Beals Hooper & Seigler
Patterson Jr., William Russell 08/05/1985 Active Ragsdale, Beals, Seigler, Patterson & Gray
Patterson, Yasma Michelle McGowa 11/20/1995 Active Patterson & Patterson
Patteson Jr., John Herbert 05/16/1990 Active John H. Patterson, Jr. Attorney at Law
Pattni, Rishi D. 08/25/2014 Active Gray Rust St. Amand Moffett & Brieske, LLP
Patton, Andrea Ortbals 01/31/2000 Active King & Spalding
Patton, Anna Gaston 11/04/1994 Inactive Alston & Bird
Patton, C. Ronald 02/05/1971 Active Office of C. Ronald Patton
Patton, Cynthia Lee 08/13/2001 Active Law Firm of Cynthia L. Patton PC
Patton, Cynthia M. 12/15/1986 Active Alston & Bird
Patton IV, David N. 05/31/1995 Active Emory University School of Law
Patton, Donna Jean 05/16/1990 Active Office of Donna Jean Patton
Patton, Glenn G. 11/04/1996 Active Alston & Bird
Patton, John C. 06/26/2000 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Patton , John Sanford 02/06/1957 Active Law Office of John S. Patton
Patton, Matthew Henry 02/17/1964 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Patton, Melissa Cordell 11/14/1994 Active Webb Zschunke Neary & Dikeman, LLP
Patton, Neal G. 01/07/1985 Active AMC, Inc.
Patton, Robin C. Murray-Gill 05/20/1993 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Patton-Schmitt, Ginger Kay 11/20/1995 Active Patton & Fletcher, LLC, Attorneys at Law
Patty Jr., Clifton M. 10/19/1978 Active Patty & Young, Attorneys at Law, LLC
Paul, Christopher G. 06/03/1991 Active Office of Christopher G. Paul
Paul, James Lee 12/02/1971 Active Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Paul, Mark T. 05/26/2005 Active The Fox Law Firm
Paul, Melanie Lyn 12/08/2008 Active U.S. Department of Labor-ATL
Paul, Patricia Tanzer 12/19/1988 Active Oliver Maner & Gray
Paul, Roy E. 06/21/1999 Active Bouhan Williams & Levy
Paulhus, Michael Edward 12/06/2004 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Paulk jr., Alan Gay 10/24/2011 Active Burroughs, Keene, Paulk & Von Schuch, LLC
Paulk, Carol A. 08/29/1966 Active Office of Carol A. Paulk
Paulk Jr., James R. 08/23/1965 Inactive Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Paulk, Linton Auburn 01/09/1974 Active Paulk & Brown
Paulk, Michael Alan 06/10/1991 Active Office of Michael Alan Paulk
Paupeck, Michael Christopher 04/19/2010 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Pavento, Lisa 03/09/2015 Active Meunier Carlin & Curfman, LLC -Atl
Pavento, Michael Samuel 06/24/1998 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Pavloff, Thomas Jeffrey 06/24/1998 Active Harper Waldon & Craig
Pavluk, Jonathan David 03/20/1986 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore
Pawlak, Andrea Lynn 01/30/2006 Active Schulten Ward & Turner
Pawlak, Ruth M. 02/24/2003 Active Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
Pawlenty-Altman , Allisen 12/15/2008 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Pawlik, Sarah Anderson 05/26/2005 Active The Keenan Law Firm
Pawluk, Justin Michael 09/19/2011 Active Law Office of Justin M. Pawluk
Paxin, Sebastian Sam 06/20/1994 Active Paxin Closing and Escrow, LLC
Paxin, Tara J. Gabowitz 06/20/1994 Active Levine & Calloway
Paxton, Beth T. 05/04/2000 Active Hunton & Williams LLP
Payne, C. Crystal 11/20/1995 Active Office of C. Crystal Payne
Payne, Catherine Diane 04/24/2012 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Payne, David Anderson 05/22/1996 Inactive Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Payne, Elizabeth Penn 04/30/1979 Active Penn Payne LLC
Payne, Erin Lynn 01/23/2006 Active Jackson Lewis, P.C. -ATL
Payne III, Grover Cleveland 04/03/1978 Active Office of G. Cleveland Payne, III
Payne Jr., James Tillman 01/08/1981 Active Office of James Tillman Payne, Jr.
Payne, LaSheka T. 04/30/2007 Active Morris Schneider & Prior
Payne, Lee 11/15/1971 Active Office of Lee Payne
Payne, Michael D. 10/22/1981 Active McCullough, Payne & Haan, LLC
Payne, Robert Stroud 03/01/1999 Active Fabian & Associates
Payne, Sonja K. 10/16/1986 Inactive Van Gerpen & Associates
Payne, William Dwight 09/29/1983 Active Office of William Dwight Payne
Payne, William P. 01/09/1974 Inactive
Payne, William T. 01/27/1978 Active Office of William T. Payne
Paynter Jr., Calvin Frederick 10/06/1975 Active Office of Calvin Frederick Paynter, Jr.
Paz, Kimberly 05/13/2014 Active The Paz Law Office, LLC
Peace, Jack F. 05/10/1982 Inactive Irwin Bladen Baker & Russell
Peace, Miriam S. 01/09/1974 Inactive
Peacock, Phillip Richard 12/19/1989 Active Office of Phillip R. Peacock
Peagler Jr., George M. 05/26/1992 Active Gatewood Skipper & Farr
Peak, Brandon L. 09/08/2005 Active Butler, Wooten, Cheeley & Peak, LLP -C.GA
Peake III, Joseph C. 04/05/1999 Active Matteson Peake, LLC
Pearce, Brian M. 07/22/2002 Active Office of United States Attorney
Pearce, Forrest Geoffrey 05/09/2013 Active Woodhouse, LLC
Pearce, John G. 11/20/1995 Active Office of John G. Pearce
Pearce, Matthew Justin 07/25/2005 Active Stovash, Case & Tingley, P.A.
Pearl, Alfonza 11/17/1986 Active Office of Alfonza Pearl
Pearl, Peter Marshall 07/06/1987 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Pearlberg, Irvan A. 01/05/1977 Active Georgia Attorney General's Office
Pearlberg, Patricia L. 05/26/2005 Active Coro Realty Advisors, LLC
Pearson III, Albert Matthews 02/25/1991 Active Albert M. Pearson
Pearson , Andrea 06/03/2013 Active Paul Hastings LLP-GA
Pearson, Christopher 07/19/1993 Active United States Postal Service
Pearson, Kristi Michele 12/19/2011 Active Kristi M. Pearson, Esq.
Pearson, Kyle A. 02/26/1996 Active Department of Natural Resources
Pearson , Laquetta Shive' 12/05/2011 Active Law Offices of Laquetta S. Pearson, PC
Pearson, Lori Kim King 10/25/2004 Active UHS-Pruitt Corporation
Pearson, Martha M. 01/23/1989 Active Harben , Hartley & Hawkins, LLP
Pearson , Megan Murren 11/01/2012 Active Smith Welch Webb & White, LLC
Pearson III, Norman Carter 04/30/2001 Active Chambless Higdon Richardson Katz & Griggs
Pearson, Peter James 11/04/1996 Active Attorneys at LawSmith
Pearson Jr., Richard James 07/18/2005 Active IP Navigation Group, LLC
Pearson, Romero T. 04/30/2007 Active Pearson Law Group
Pearson Jr., Terrill Brooks 10/11/1984 Active
Pearson , Todd Orlando 07/16/2012 Active Wargo & French LLP
Peavler, Donna C. 03/02/1998 Active Jones Day
Peavy, James Edward 09/18/1989 Active Cramer & Peavy
Peavy Jr., John Hamilton 11/19/1987 Active Peavy Law, LLC
Pechin, Richard Garrett 01/09/1974 Active Office of Richard Garrett Pechin
Peck , David Hill 01/27/2014 Active Wagner Johnston & Rosenthal, P.C.
Peck, Jason Parkerson 09/19/1994 Active U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Peck, Jason William 11/20/1995 Active The Peck Group
Peck, Michael F. 11/05/1990 Active Grizzard Simons Martin & Wills
Peck, Michael Patrick 10/22/1981 Active
Peck, Pennie 10/30/2001 Active Office of Pennie Peck
Pecone, Christian Anthony 02/09/2004 Active Hamilton Westby Antonowich & Anderson
Pedersen, Amy 06/27/2011 Active Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund-DC
Pedersen , Nicholas 06/13/2013 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Pedigo, Charles Donald 09/23/1985 Active
Pedigo, Jason Carl 03/19/2007 Active Ellis Painter Ratterree & Adams, LLP
Pedigo, Nell Annette 10/04/1979 Active Epstein Becker & Green
Peebles Jr., Kennon 12/04/1998 Active Keenon Peebles, Jr., Attorney at Law
Peebles, Yvonne Racquel 10/01/2001 Active Office of Yvonne R. Peebles
Peed, F. Gates 02/17/1983 Active
Peed, Mary Jo 02/03/1986 Active BellSouth Corporation
Peek, James Garland 01/05/1977 Active Blimpie International, Inc.
Peek Jr., Jule W. 06/17/1988 Active Smith Shaw & Maddox
Peeler, Charles E. 03/27/2000 Active Flynn Peeler & Phillips, LLC
Peeler, Melissa Dickey 04/19/2000 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial
Peeler, Raymond Lee 10/26/1999 Active Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Peeples, Jane L. 01/30/2012 Active Law Offices of Jane L. Peeples
Peery, Reta G. 11/19/1987 Active Alston & Bird
Peery, Robert Briggs 10/16/1986 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Peetluk, Ellis W. 10/31/1991 Active Ellis W. Peetluk & Associates
Peevy, Donn Millard 10/17/1980 Active Peevy & Lancaster
Peifer, Lee Alexander 06/06/2011 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Peisner, Bruce D. 11/18/1996 Active Cotter & Zelman
Peisner, Terese E. 11/21/1983 Active
Pekor Jr., Charles B. 10/12/1982 Active Pekor & Associates LLC
Pelerose, Debbie Crosby 09/19/1988 Active Office of Debbie Crosby Pelerose
Pelham, James Wynn 06/19/1989 Active Wynn Pelham & Associates
Pellegrini, Benjamin Edward 12/14/1992 Active Zirkle & Hoffman
Pelletier, Jonathan Daniel 02/13/1989 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Pelphrey, Gary R. 11/02/1981 Active Pelphrey & Pelphrey
Pelphrey, Joyce H. 06/28/1982 Active Pelphrey & Pelphrey
Pelt III, Joseph 04/02/1979 Active Office of Joseph Pelt III
Peltier, Suzanne 10/21/1991 Active Special Data Processing Corp
Pelypenko, Elizabeth 12/14/1988 Active The Pelypenko Law Firm
Pendarvis, Thomas Alexander 04/10/1995 Active Lewis Babcock & Hawkins
Pendergast Jr., John F. 01/08/1981 Active Pendergast & Jones
Pendergrass III, Claudius Walter 11/19/1990 Active Office of Claudius Walter Pendergrass, III
Pendergrast, Craig K. 10/29/1984 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Pendergrast, Teresa Williams 10/16/1986 Inactive Ekonomou Atkinson & Lambros
Pendleton, Brooke Hume 01/05/1979 Inactive McKenna Long & Aldridge
Pendleton, Garrett Lewes 11/06/2009 Active AIG Aerospace
Pendley, Kevin William 10/19/1990 Active Vernis & Bowling of Southwest Florida, P.A.
Penland, James Walter 06/23/1975 Active Law Office of James W. Penland
Penley, Deborah Ann 10/07/1996 Active Carlock Copeland Semler & Stair
Penman III, Robert Alexander 01/26/1998 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint
Penn, Darren W. 11/04/1994 Active Harris Penn Lowry LLP-GA
Penn, Irven B. 07/07/1986 Active Wilson Strickland & Benson
Penn, Michael A. 07/27/1998 Active Briskin, Cross & Sanford, LLC
Penn, Pilar Jan 02/13/1995 Active Pilar J. Penn
Penna, Christopher Edward 09/29/1983 Active Penna & Mendicino
Pennebaker, George 01/08/1975 Active Law Offices of Pennebaker & Zamora
Pennington , Erin S. 06/12/2006 Active Shapiro Fussell Wedge & Martin, LLP
Pennington, Jennifer Lynne 04/11/2005 Active Schulten Ward & Turner
Pennington, John C. 02/08/1968 Active John C. Pennington, P.C.
Pennington, Robert L. 03/04/1959 Active Office of Robert L. Pennington
Pepper, Kimberly Sue 11/19/1987 Inactive Deming Parker Hoffman Green & Campbell
Pequignot, William Andrew 04/30/2007 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Perales, Ralph 11/19/1987 Active Perales & Fernandez
Perch III, Frank J. 12/12/2005 Active Hunter Maclean Exley & Dunn-Sav
Percifield, Lara Peace 07/17/2006 Active Mabry & McClelland, LLP
Percilla Jr., Del 09/03/1991 Active Law Offices of Del Percilla, Jr.
Perdue, Shelby Bricka 07/14/2014 Active Georgia Department of Law
Pereira, Hope Merkert 11/12/1998 Active Office of Hope Pereira
Pereira, Simone Donna 05/14/2001 Active Social Security Administration
Pereira, Stephen Duane 01/13/1997 Active Thompson, Sweeny, Kinsinger & Pereira, P.C.
Perez, Adria Lourdes 01/24/2005 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Perez , Adriana 05/02/2011 Active The Kapoor Law Firm
Perez, Amanda 04/23/2010 Active Amanda Perez, Esq.
Perez , Beatriz Elena Torrealba 02/11/2008 Active Castan & Lecca
Perez, Kimberly Knight 04/29/2002 Active Weizenecker Mottern & Fisher
Perez, Michael E. 11/04/2002 Active Edmond, Lindsay & Hoffler, LLP
Perez, Raymond 12/12/2005 Active Wimberly Lawson Steckel Schneider & Stine, PC
Perignat, Melissa J. 11/22/2004 Active Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman, LLP
Perilla, Jason M. 02/10/2014 Active Thomas Horstemeyer, LLP
Perillo, Salvatore John 10/31/1991 Active Law Office of Salvatore J. Perillo
Perka, Daniel J. 12/04/1978 Active
Perkerson III, Edgar John 04/27/1988 Active Office of Edgar J. Perkerson, III
Perkerson, Thomas Robert 01/05/1977 Active Virgil L. Brown & Associates
Perkins, Amy Rogers 04/14/2008 Active Maxum Specialty Insurance Group
Perkins, Ann-Margaret 05/20/1993 Active Perkins Law Firm
Perkins, Benjamin M. 04/18/2005 Active Oliver Maner, LLP
Perkins, Charles F. 01/05/1979 Active E. Graydon Shuford & Associates
Perkins, Christopher Jason 04/30/2001 Active Perkins Law Firm
Perkins Jr., Clifford Carlyle 09/29/1977 Active Perkins Law Firm
Perkins Jr., Frank Lee 11/12/1998 Active Corwin Tilley Deems & Brumlow
Perkins, Joan Unger 09/30/1976 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Perkins, Lee Bynum 12/14/1988 Active Office of Lee B. Perkins
Perkins , Morgan Elizabeth 10/20/2010 Active DeKalb County District Attorney's Office
Perkins , Stephen Douglas 05/02/2011 Active Steve Perkins
Perkins, Toya L. 01/17/2014 Active The Rushing Firm, Ltd.
Perkins, Vanessa K. 04/27/1998 Active Office of Vanessa K. Perkins
Perkins-Brown, Lynne D. 02/25/2002 Active Office of Lynne D. Perkins-Brown
Perkins-Hooker, Patrise M. 10/11/1984 Active Patrise Perkins-Hooker & Associates
Perles, Richard S. 06/24/1998 Active Office of Richard S. Perles
Perling, David Jacob 03/01/1978 Active
Perling, Lewis 12/06/1993 Active King & Spalding LLP
Perlowski, Henry M. 03/14/1994 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Perlstein, Lisa B 02/12/2001 Active Stack & Associates
Perna, Diana Georgette 06/24/1998 Active Lawson Davis Pickren & Seydel
Pernini, David M. 06/16/1997 Active Wargo & French LLP
Perras, Sloane S. 04/29/2003 Active Law Office of Sloane S. Perras
Perrell, Charlotte B. 02/13/1995 Active Perrell & Wright, LLC
Perri , Jessica Lynn 01/26/2015 Active Routh Crabtree and Olsen, P.S.
Perrie, David S. 09/27/2010 Active Perrie & Associates, LLC
Perrie, Thomas D. 07/01/1996 Active Parkway Law Group, LLC
Perrin, Janet DeCaster 05/21/1992 Active Office of Douglas County Attorney
Perrin, Phyllis Michele 05/05/1986 Active U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Perrone, Charles Paul 08/30/1982 Active
Perrotta, Anthony N. 02/16/1984 Active Perrotta & Cahn -GA
Perrotta, Joseph D. 05/19/1986 Active Dodson & Associates
Perry Jr., Alan R. 11/30/1981 Active Page Perry
Perry, Amy Auguste 05/21/1991 Active Pleat & Perry, P.A.
Perry, Austin Lewis 04/22/2008 Active McClure Ramsay Dickerson & Escoe, LLP
Perry, Brock E. 10/16/1986 Active Gwinnett County Law Department
Perry, Charles A. 07/16/1990 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Perry , Christene Michelle 05/02/2011 Active Law Office of Christene M. Perry
Perry, David Evans 01/05/1979 Active
Perry, David R. 01/23/1984 Active Office of David R. Perry
Perry, Douglas Scott 01/24/1977 Active Office of Chris Rampley
Perry, Frank David 08/01/1996 Active The Perry Law Firm
Perry, Gregory Michael 07/18/1974 Active Office of Gregory M. Perry
Perry, James Douglas 03/26/1987 Active Office of James Douglas Perry
Perry, James T. 10/04/1979 Active Berlon & Timmel
Perry, Jeffrey Kevin 10/16/1986 Active Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Perry, Jeffrey Michael 05/26/2005 Active The Perry Law Firm
Perry, John Gregory 02/28/2005 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP -Atl
Perry, Justin S. 11/05/2001 Active Jones Cork & Miller
Perry , Lindsey Case 04/02/2009 Active Rogers & Hardin, LLP
Perry II, Mark Edmund 05/01/2006 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Perry, Mark Shelton 01/04/1980 Active Office of Mark S. Perry
Perry, Michael Burnett 07/16/1973 Active
Perry, Nina Hickson 07/01/1985 Active Mack & McLean
Perry, Sarah Galle 04/02/2009 Active Paul Hastings LLP-ATL
Perry, Sharon Marie 02/01/1982 Active Computer Science Corporation
Perry, Stacy Y. 03/05/2001 Active Hall Booth Smith & Slover
Perry, Susan Elizabeth 04/27/1988 Active Cobb County State Court
Perry, Timothy Mark 08/01/2003 Active Office of Timothy M. Perry
Perry, Timothy Sewell 03/15/1976 Active Alston & Bird
Persaud, Tanya Ondine 04/27/1988 Inactive Office of Tanya Ondine Persaud
Persells, Dana F. 01/05/1979 Active
Persily, Seth J. 03/20/2000 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Person , Wesley Gerard 03/05/2012 Active The Person Law Firm, LLC
Persons IV, Benjamin S. 01/22/2002 Active The Persons Firm, LLC
Persons, Ellen Harris 12/08/2008 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Persons, J. Robert 11/15/1972 Active Smith, Moore, Leatherwood, LLP
Persons III, John D. 10/17/1980 Active Corporate Counsel
Persons, Oscar N. 09/11/1967 Active Strickland Brockington Lewis, LLP
Persons, W. Ray 06/29/1987 Active King & Spalding LLP
Perusse , Dene S. 10/22/2007 Active Richard B. Maner, P.C.
Peskin , Jody L. 04/17/2006 Active Lipshutz Greenblatt, LLC
Peskin, Michael Scott 10/15/1990 Active Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C.
Petcu, Jonathan H. 03/20/2000 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
Pete, Anthony T. 07/23/2001 Active The Pete Firm, P.C. Attorneys at Law
Pete, Mickiel Dewayne 08/28/2000 Active Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk
Peterkin, Karlene G. 08/30/1993 Active Tomlinson & Associates
Peterman, Cara Marie 09/16/2013 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Peterman, Jody D. 04/17/2006 Active Terry & Peterman, LLP
Peters, Alan R. 09/30/1976 Active
Peters, Alyssa Karynn 07/19/2010 Active Constangy Brooks Smith & Prophete - GA
Peters, Douglas N. 02/09/1976 Active Peters Rubin & Sheffield, PA
Peters Jr., George Bernard 09/12/2000 Active George Bernard Peters, Jr.
Peters, Jeffrey A. 04/04/2011 Active Peters & Monyak, LLP
Peters, Jonathan Crow 02/10/1986 Active Peters & Monyak, LLP
Peters, Mary Donne 04/02/1990 Active Gorby, Peters & Associates, LLC
Peters Jr., Oliver D. 06/26/1974 Active Bridgers Stringfellow Bland & Peters
Peters, Patricia M. 01/07/1991 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Peters, R. Wayne 01/25/1973 Active Gearhiser, Peters, Elliott, & Cannon, PLLC
Peters, Sarah Scott 01/07/2013 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Peters, Scott W. 12/06/1993 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint, LLP
Petersen, Adelle 01/28/2013 Active The Law Office of Adelle Petersen
Petersen, Roy David 12/10/1973 Active Office of Roy David Petersen
Peterson, Cathy Lynn 09/05/1989 Active Office of Cathy Lynn Peterson
Peterson, Chad Andrew 04/29/2003 Active King & Spalding
Peterson, Charles 12/27/1976 Active Office of Charles Peterson
Peterson Jr., Hugh 08/08/1964 Active King & Spalding
Peterson, Jerry G. 12/04/1969 Active
Peterson Jr., Jim Neil 10/11/1984 Active Peterson & Harris
Peterson, Kurt 06/29/1987 Active Littler Mendelson, PC- ATL
Peterson, Lee Joseph 06/24/1998 Active Masters & Peterson
Peterson, Mary S. 08/17/1982 Active Office of Mary S. Peterson
Peterson, Misty L. 01/03/2005 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP
Peterson, Nels Stefan David 11/06/2006 Active Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
Peterson, Stephen D. 11/04/1994 Active McGuireWoods
Peterson IV, Thomas Alexander 11/14/2002 Active Office of Massie H. McIntyre
Peterson, Timothy A. 01/26/1987 Active Habersham Mortgage Corporation
Peterson, Virginia Boyd 01/05/1987 Inactive Gray Hedrick & Edenfield
Peterzell, Marc L. 03/29/1982 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Petilli, Barbara Anne 04/30/2001 Active Autry Horton & Cole
Petmecky, Robert John Bradburn 10/16/1986 Active Witt Gaither & Whitaker
Petras, Paul John 11/14/1994 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Petree, Reyno B. 02/18/1982 Active Georgia Court of Appeals
Petrey, John Horne 07/06/1987 Active Office of DeKalb County District Attorney
Petrig, Anna Maria Christina 02/16/1984 Active
Petrovich, Stephen C. 09/24/1993 Active Kelly Law Firm
Pettefer, Matthew C. 05/16/2011 Active Matthew C. Pettefer, Esq.
Petterson, Bruce Norris 05/21/1991 Inactive Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
Pettersson, Brian William 11/14/2002 Active The Pettersson Law Firm, P.C.
Petti, Dana Joseph 10/22/1981 Active U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Petti, Luanna Bennett 01/11/1982 Active
Pettie, Jason Lamont 01/26/2004 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Petties, Stephinie Leverne 05/17/2004 Active Georgia Legal Services Program
Pettiette Jr., Lawrence Wayne 10/02/1978 Active
Pettigrew, Dawn N. 08/27/2007 Active Lokey, Mobley & Doyle, LLP
Pettigrew, Harry Winthrop 06/07/1976 Inactive Harry Winthrop Pettigrew
Pettit III, Hugh Boyd 10/04/1979 Active Womack, Gottlieb & Rodham, P.C. - C. Ga
Pettit, James Edwin 11/05/1990 Inactive Office of James Edwin Pettit
Pettit, William Walt 10/17/1980 Active Office of William Walt Pettit
Pettus, W. Jason 05/26/2005 Active Fain, Major & Brennan, P.C.
Pettway, Amy 05/22/2006 Active Amy Pettway
Petty, Jonathan Monroe 11/04/1994 Active Allen & Weathington
Petty, William Scott 04/08/1991 Active King & Spalding
Pettys Jr., Norman William 03/10/1966 Active Office of Norman W. Pettys, Jr.
Petulla, Amy Abernathy 02/23/1987 Active Office of Christopher A. Townley
Peurach, Alexandra Spear 10/14/2014 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Peyton, Beverly Ruth 09/29/1983 Active
Pfahl, Scott B. 01/22/2001 Active Scott B. Pfahl, Esq.
Pfeiffer, Guy Douglas 01/02/1990 Active Culpepper Pfeiffer & Harpe
Pflieger Jr., David H. 01/14/1998 Active King & Spalding
Phalen, Rebecca Barrett 01/27/2003 Active Rebecca Phalen, PC
Phalen III, William L. 09/08/2003 Active Ellerin & Associates
Pharris , Brittany Rose 05/13/2014 Active Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville, Inc.
Phears, H. Wayne 07/14/1975 Active McGuire Woods LLP-GA
Phelan, Daniel D. 09/25/1989 Active McCalla Raymer Padrick Cobb Nichols & Clark
Phelps, R. Chris 12/03/1984 Active Heard Leverett & Phelps
Philipps, Doreen Caceras 10/26/1999 Active Law Offices of Aleksandra Bronsted
Philips, Ben B. 02/22/1993 Active Ben B. Philips, P.C.
Phillips, Albert Edward 02/02/1965 Active Cohen Pollock Merlin & Small, P.C.
Phillips, Amelia Terry 06/01/2004 Active Phillips Law, LLC
Phillips, Andrea Lynn 06/04/1997 Active Withrow McQuade & Olsen
Phillips, Andrew G. 04/19/2004 Active McGuire Woods LLP-GA
Phillips, Bob J. 07/24/2000 Active B. Phillips & Associates
Phillips, Bruce Wayne 03/21/1977 Active Office of B. Wayne Phillips
Phillips, Charles Edward 06/20/1983 Active Office of Charles E. Phillips
Phillips III, Charles Patrick 01/04/1980 Active
Phillips, Chris D. 11/14/2005 Active Lamberth Cifelli Stokes Ellis & Nason, PA
Phillips, Christopher Lee 08/07/2000 Active Jackel & Phillips, P.C.
Phillips, Christopher Weis 08/22/1988 Active Hunter Maclean Exley & Dunn
Phillips, David George 10/04/1979 Active
Phillips, Debra C. Bracewell 02/20/1985 Inactive Mack & McLean
Phillips, Devin 09/29/2014 Active Weener & Nathan LLP
Phillips, Donald Thomas 01/08/1981 Active
Phillips, Edward P. 01/05/1977 Active
Phillips Jr., George Lee 05/13/2014 Active Adams, Jordan & Herrington. P.C.
Phillips, James H. 12/02/1957 Active McCamy Phillips Tuggle & Fordham
Phillips, James Jayson 11/23/1998 Active Talley Richardson & Cable, P.A.
Phillips, Jessica M. 11/29/2010 Active Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP
Phillips Jr., John Gary 04/24/2012 Active Law Office of Johnny Phillips, P.C.
Phillips, John M. 10/27/2014 Active Law Office of John M. Phillips, LLC
Phillips , John Nicholas 05/09/2013 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Phillips, John Russell 07/21/1986 Active Office of United States Attorney
Phillips, Joseph Thomas 11/14/2002 Active Miller & Martin
Phillips, Kara E. 04/25/2011 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Phillips, Kirby Todd 12/01/1986 Active
Phillips, Lori Moates 05/13/2014 Active Sherman & Howard, L.L.C
Phillips, Mark Tyson 12/06/1993 Active Mark Tyson Phillips
Phillips, Mark William 06/03/1991 Active Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi
Phillips, Michel 11/19/1987 Active Martin & Jones - Decatur
Phillips , Nathaniel Lamar 05/13/2014 Active Bouhan Falligant, LLP
Phillips, Patrick M. 08/14/2000 Active Greenfield Bost & Kliros
Phillips, Paul Graham 03/09/1994 Active Flynn Peeler & Phillips, LLC
Phillips, Perry Allan 10/04/1979 Active Perry A. Phillips, LLC
Phillips, Randall J. 04/30/2001 Active Boone & Stone
Phillips, Randolph Hilton 03/27/2006 Active Randolph Hilton Phillips, Attorney at Law
Phillips, Rhonda Michelle 11/04/1994 Active Phillips & Messer
Phillips, Richard D. 01/26/1996 Active Office of Richard D. Phillips
Phillips, Robin Schurr 02/04/1985 Active Office of Atlanta City Attorney
Phillips Jr., Rudolph Gerald 05/06/1985 Active Office of Rudolph G. Phillips
Phillips, S. Tameka 04/23/2010 Active Paul Hastings LLP-GA
Phillips, Scott Reavis 01/20/1987 Active American Water Heater Company
Phillips, Stephen M. 09/30/1976 Active Hendrick Phillips Salzman & Flatt, P.C.
Phillips, Steven Eric 03/04/1996 Active Fulton County Public Defender
Phillips, Terry G. 11/25/1996 Active Office of DeKalb County Attorney
Phillips Jr., Thomas C. 07/18/1983 Active Office of Thomas C. Phillips, Jr.
Phillips, Trey Edward 01/22/2007 Active The Law Office of Trey Phillips, LLC
Phillips, William Melvin 04/18/1977 Active Office of William Melvin Phillips
Phillips, William R. 01/14/1980 Active Georgia Department of Law
Phillips-Lee , Malia 04/02/2009 Active Hall Booth Smith, PC-Cam
Phillis , Nicole Susan 05/02/2011 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Philp, Elizabeth A. 11/18/2002 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Philpott, Jami Elise 11/04/1996 Inactive Terry Williams & Associates
Philpott, Joan Michell 09/10/1986 Inactive McKenna Long & Aldridge
Phippen, David Parker 02/20/1985 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Phipps, Kim Theresa 08/18/2003 Active Bomar Law Firm, LLC
Piar, Daniel F. 05/22/1996 Active John Marshall Law School
Piar, Kimberly S. 04/17/2000 Active King & Spalding
Piassick, Joel B. 01/06/1969 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Piasta, Edward Alexander 06/20/2011 Active Law & Moran
Piccarreto , Robert 11/13/2006 Active Piccarreto Law Firm, P.C.
Pickard, Mary K. 01/17/1995 Active Alston & Bird
Pickens, John Andrew 11/15/1971 Active Office of John A. Pickens
Pickens, Steven A. 06/01/1993 Active Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP
Picker Jr., Robert K. 11/17/1971 Active Office of Robert K. Picker, Jr.
Pickerel Jr., John Scott 11/24/1997 Active Barrickman Allred & Young, LLC
Pickering, William H. 12/15/1980 Active Chambliss Bahner & Stophel
Pickett, Elizabeth Herbert 09/28/1987 Active Office of Elizabeth H. Pickett
Pickett Jr., Will Hays 08/09/1985 Active Pickett Pickett & Pickett
Pickren, William Terry 01/08/1975 Active Lawson Davis Pickren & Seydel
Pieper, Joel G. 11/20/1995 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP-GA
Pierce, Andrew R. 05/22/1996 Active Weinstock & Scavo
Pierce III, Benjamin E. 08/24/1972 Active
Pierce, Brian D. 12/15/2003 Active Office of Brian D. Pierce
Pierce, Cameron Scott 04/08/1991 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Pierce, Johnny Wayne 12/21/1973 Active Pierce & Young
Pierce, Jonathan B. 10/04/1979 Active
Pierce Jr., Samuel P. 06/14/1973 Active Pierce Gabriel Partners, LLC
Pierce, Sharon I. 08/17/1982 Active Office of Sharon I. Pierce
Pierce, Terri B. 07/20/2000 Active Burkhalter & Burkhalter
Piercy, William James 07/31/2000 Active Berman Fink Van Horn, P.C. -Atl
Pierman, Benjamin H. 10/15/2007 Active Nall & Miller, LLP
Pierre , Adeline Bellot 05/22/2006 Active Administrative Office Trial Court
Pierre Jr., Herman 01/26/1976 Active Office of Herman Pierre, Jr.
Pierre, Nicole Clifton 06/04/1997 Active Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Pierro Jr., Richard M. 01/07/2002 Active Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A.
Pierson, Holly Anne 02/05/1998 Active Pierson Law, LLC
Pieschel, Nicholas John 06/07/1993 Active Moorman Pieschel, LLC
Pike, Douglas Harry 06/20/1988 Inactive Office of Douglas H. Pike
Pike, Kim Purcell 05/19/1994 Active Jones Day
Pike, Larry S. 06/28/1965 Active Holland & Knight
Pike Jr., William Grant 02/28/1994 Active Carlock Copeland Semler & Stair
Pike, William Robert 03/11/1991 Active Deming Parker Hoffman Green & Campbell
Piland, Jacqueline M. 04/29/2002 Active Piland Law Group, P.C.
Piland, Paul Anthony 03/12/2012 Active Cochran & Edwards, LLC
Pilch III, Frederic Henry 05/19/1994 Active United States Court of Appeals
Pilcher, Alan F. 10/17/1980 Active Office of Alan F. Pilcher
Pilcher, James Browne 05/21/1956 Inactive Office of James B. Pilcher
Pilcher III, John J. 10/03/1985 Active
Pilger, Carlton C. 05/31/1995 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Pilgrim , Carey Lamar 04/24/2012 Active McRae, Stegall, Harman, Smith & Manning, LLP
Pilgrim, J. Mac C. 11/06/2009 Active The Pilgrim Law Group, LLC
Pilgrim, John Wesley 10/17/1980 Active
Pilgrim, Marc A. 05/19/1997 Active Pilgrim & Associates, PC
Pilgrim Jr., Philip Paul 12/16/2009 Active Epps & Pilgrim
Pillai , Nitya Asoka 01/08/2007 Active Panessa & Associates
Pillow, Melinda Cole 07/24/2006 Active Davis Matthews & Quigley
Pilotte, Hannah L. D. 05/16/1990 Active Ford & Harrison
Pilson, Mary N. 02/08/2010 Active Law Office of Mary Pilson
Pinchback, Tashwanda Colleen 04/22/2008 Active Balch & Bingham LLP-Atl
Pinckney, Fred J. 01/09/1974 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint
Pinckney, Kathryn Wheeler Hughes 10/31/1991 Active Savage Turner Pinson & Karsman
Pinckney, Stacey C. 08/16/2004 Active Clark & Washington-GA
Pineda, Michael Stuart 03/26/1987 Active Samples Jennings & Gibbons
Pinel, Robert A. 11/16/1990 Active Law Offices of Robert A. Pinel, LLC-PA
Pineo, Stacy Marie 04/30/2001 Active Jones Jensen & Harris
Pines, Noah H. 11/22/2004 Active Ross & Pines, LLC
Pineyro, Leslie 12/15/2008 Active Jones & Walden, LLC
Pinion, Brett E. 11/04/1994 Active Ibrahim Law Firm
Pinkard Jr., Charles Edward 11/04/1994 Active Sharon W. Ware & Associates
Pinkett, Valerie E. 02/02/2004 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Pinkstaff Jr., Kenneth Ray 10/17/1980 Active
Pinkston, Loretta L. 11/19/1987 Active Office of State Attorney General
Pinkston, Shawn Travis 06/01/2009 Active Shawn Travis Pinkston
Pinnero, Robert Joseph 12/06/1993 Active Robert J. Pinnero P.C.
Pins, Marisa Noelle 06/17/2013 Active Epstein Becker & Green - ATL
Pinson , Andrew Alan 01/15/2015 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Piper, Scott DeWitt 02/26/1996 Active Harris Beach PLLC
Piper, Tina M. 08/13/2007 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Pippenger, M. Andrew 12/04/2003 Active Leitner Williams Dooley & Napolitan
Pirkle, Beau Thomas 11/06/2009 Active Montlick & Associates-GA
Pirkle, James J. 07/24/1975 Active
Pirkle, Robert Francis 02/20/1985 Active
Pirozzi, Erik J. 03/03/2008 Active Jenkins & Bowen, P.C.
Pitre, Kevin Michael 12/08/2008 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Pitt-Jones, Carolyn 02/04/2002 Active Alston & Bird
Pittard, Leanna Bankester 04/29/2010 Active Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, P.C.
Pittman, Guy Owen 07/18/1967 Inactive
Pittman, Jerry Floyd 01/25/1988 Active Office of Jerry F. Pittman
Pittman, Keith A. 12/06/1993 Active Lamar Archer & Cofrin
Pittman, Tanner Woods 04/30/2007 Active Tanner Pittman, LLC
Pitts, Allyson Ruth 05/22/1996 Active Allyson R. Pitts & Associates
Pitts, Benjamin Younger 05/21/1991 Active Chambliss Bahner & Stophel
Pitts, Brittni A. 12/13/2010 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Pitts, Joe Archie 09/19/1995 Active
Pitts, Kristen Michelle 08/23/2010 Active Montlick & Associates, P.C.-GA
Pitts, Michael L. 07/26/1973 Inactive
Pitts, Ralph Allen 10/02/1978 Active Belk Stores Services Incorporated
Pitts Jr., Reynolds E. 09/06/1994 Active Morgan & Morgan, PLLC - Atl
Pitts, Sharron Marie 02/10/1997 Active Atlanta Public Schools
Pitts Jr., Vernon S. 03/16/1981 Active Office of Fulton County Public Defender
Pixley, Christopher D. 05/22/1996 Active Christopher D. Pixley, LLC
Pizza, Bhrett John 03/27/1987 Active Bhreet J. Pizza, Attorney at Law, PC
Pizza, Jonathan L. 02/10/2014 Active Bhrett J. Pizza, Attorney at Law, P.C.
Placey, Caroline A. 02/16/2010 Active U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
Plackis, James Stephen 02/06/1984 Active Office of James S. Plackis
Plaginos, Jane Kent 09/23/1971 Active Office of Jane Kent Plaginos
Planer , Frank Barry 11/02/2011 Active Law Office of Frank B. Planer
Platt, Rachel 01/10/2005 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society-East Point
Player, Jeanne M. L. 08/15/1983 Active Hill & Beasley
Player, Thomas A. 03/13/1978 Active
Player, Tucker S. 10/18/2004 Active Player Law Firm
Pleasants, James V. 04/06/1964 Active Office of James V. Pleasants
Plemons, Ashley Elizabeth 04/23/2010 Active Sam Han
Pleska, Philip Louis 10/16/1986 Active Pleska Law Group, LLC
Pless, Laurance D. 10/17/1980 Active
Pless, Robert Stephen 02/17/1983 Active
Plevak, Daniel James 04/30/2007 Active Chorey Taylor & Feil
Plotkin, Norman Lee 09/29/1977 Active
Plowden Jr., Wallace W. 08/23/1971 Active Jones Cork & Miller LLP
Plowgian, Michael Harwick 05/17/2004 Active King & Spalding
Plowman, Jeffrey Neil 10/04/1979 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Plowman, Rebekah N. 11/04/1996 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Plumb Jr., Robert A. 01/31/2011 Active Langdale & Vallotton
Plumley, Chadwick Donald 01/13/1999 Active Plumley & Bucci, LLC
Plummer, Joseph Andre 12/14/1988 Active Office of United States Attorney
Plunkett, Jimmy Dalton 10/17/1980 Active Office of Jimmy D. Plunkett
Plybon, William T. 10/16/1986 Active Alston & Bird
Poag, Judy Lynn 11/04/1996 Active Fisher & Phillips
Pocalyko, Stephen Philip 01/24/2005 Active Paul Hastings LLP-ATL
Pociask, Matthew J. 01/17/2012 Active Foltz Martin Hudson & Knapp
Podesta, Frank G. 11/02/2011 Active Bomar Law Firm, LLC
Podleski, Natasha A. 02/14/1994 Active Hassett Cohen Goldstein Port & Gottlieb
Podlin, Mark Joseph 10/02/1978 Active Office of Mark J. Podlin
Podolsky, Gail 10/12/2005 Active Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, PA - Atlanta
Poe, Emily A. 05/07/2007 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Poe, H. Sadler 03/24/1977 Active Alston & Bird
Poe, James M. 07/18/1974 Active James M. Poe, P.C.
Poe, Matthew Wilkening 04/23/2010 Active James M. Poe, P.C.
Pogue, Thomas A. 02/17/1983 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Pohlmann, Aaron Edward 12/10/2001 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP -Atl
Poindexter, Linda C. 05/21/1991 Active Georgia Department of Corrections
Pointer, Ann Margaret 01/05/1977 Active Fisher & Phillips LLP-ATL
Polanco III, Carlos M. 10/29/2012 Active Polanco Law Group, P.C.
Polatty Jr., George Junius 06/21/1976 Active Polatty & Sullivan
Polatty, Robert Wilmot 01/09/1974 Active
Polera, Vito Anthony 05/30/2012 Active Fuller, McKay, Bournakis & Mitchell
Polhemus, Scott A. 12/16/1996 Active General Electric International Inc
Polis , Karine M. 05/22/2006 Active Law Office of Scott P. Semrau
Politzer, Abigail J. 05/26/2005 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Polizzi , Crystal Nicole 06/10/2010 Active The Carter Firm, P.C.
Polk, Audrey L. 10/11/1984 Inactive BellSouth Corporation
Polk, Capie Allyn 05/10/1982 Inactive
Polk, Nora Lafaye 10/26/1999 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. -Atl
Polk, Steven Lawrence 09/29/1983 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Polkosnik, Mark Charles 11/04/1994 Active Office of Mark C. Polkosnik
Pollack, Charles I. 08/24/1987 Active Fryer Shuster & Lester, PC
Pollan, David Paul 05/21/1991 Active Office of David P. Pollan
Pollard, Ashley 04/29/2002 Active McManus & Smith
Pollard Jr., Donald E. 10/12/2005 Active Donald E. Pollard, Jr.
Pollard, Dylan Franklin 08/26/2002 Active Law Office of Shawn Khorrami
Pollard, Gladys Haynes 08/15/1994 Active Office of Gladys Haynes Pollard
Pollard , Jamila C. 04/24/2012 Active U.S. Court of Appeals-11th Circuit
Pollard, Justin Clark 02/18/2010 Active Justin Clark Pollard, Esq.
Pollard, Mark Redwood 07/15/1991 Inactive Office of Mark R. Pollard
Polleys Jr., E. H. 02/28/1973 Active Office of Columbus City Attorney
Pollidore , Winfield L. 03/08/2010 Active Pollidore & Johnson, LLC
Pollock, Kenneth Charles 02/02/1987 Active Office of Kenneth Charles Pollock
Pollock, Linda Jacobsen 10/18/1989 Inactive Goldner Sommers Scrudder & Bass
Pollock, Martin M. 10/18/1968 Active Cohen Pollock Merlin Axelrod & Tanenbaum
Pollock, Stanley Harold 01/09/1974 Active Garner Couch & Ezell LLP
Pollock, Timothy S. 08/17/1982 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Pollok, Michelle Ellen 05/04/2000 Inactive Law Office of Michelle Pollok
Polly Jr., Ronald G. 01/13/1992 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Poloche, Efrain A. 07/20/2009 Active Seyfarth Shaw, LLP-Atl
Polonsky, Louis K. 01/08/1975 Active Office of Louis K. Polonsky
Polster, Jill G. 04/23/2012 Active The Cohen Law Firm, LLC
Polstra, Larry J. 09/30/1976 Active Law Office of Larry J. Polstra, Attorney at Law
Polvino, Kathlynn Butler 02/16/1999 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Polyne , Venita Aline 04/30/2007 Active Guerin-Polyne & Associates
Pombert, Jeffrey Lawrence 08/07/1996 Active Page Perry LLC
Pomerance, Alan Jay 04/29/2002 Active Perimeter OBGYN Care, LLC
Pomerance, Leon 07/15/1991 Active AXA Financial
Pomerantz, Julie M. 05/31/1995 Active Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, PLLC
Pompilio, Philip Garret 06/27/1988 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Ponder, Monica A. 04/29/2003 Active Monica A. Ponder, Esq.
Ponder, Thomas Eric 10/05/1998 Active T. Eric Ponder, P.C.
Ponder, Todd W. 12/31/1984 Active King & Spalding
Ponder, William Anderson 03/10/1980 Active Avrett Ponder & Withrock
Pongonis, Kathryn 12/01/1997 Inactive Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Ponton, James Thomas 10/12/2005 Active Law Office of James T. Ponton, LLC
Pontrelli, Paul Jay 02/20/1996 Active Byrne Davis & Hicks, P.C.
Pontz, Evan H. 11/04/1996 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Pool, David Logan 12/08/2008 Active Social Security Administration-GA
Pool, Elizabeth Marie 04/24/2012 Active Smith Welch, Webb & White, LLC
Poole, Alan Gregory 10/03/1985 Active Dupree Poole & King
Poole Jr., Alan Gregory 05/13/2014 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Poole, Deborah J. 08/20/2001 Active Georgia Justice Project
Poole, Jonathan Robert 09/18/2006 Active Strickland Brockington Lewis, LLP
Poole , Scott Thomas 12/12/2012 Active Pickens County DA's Office
Poole, Todd J. 01/26/2004 Active Poole Law Group
Poole, William M. 12/03/1973 Active Epstein Becker & Green
Poole , Zachary Robert 11/06/2009 Active Mills & Hoopes, LLC
Poon, Elaine 10/27/2008 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. -Atl
Poonolly, Megan Hall 04/23/2010 Active Seyfarth Shaw, LLP-Atl
Pope, B. Warren 07/31/2000 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Pope, Benson Edward 12/20/2004 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Pope, Charles Neal 05/29/1986 Active Pope McGlamry Kilpatrick Morrison & Norwood, P.C.-Columbus
Pope, David A. 09/20/2010 Active Spivey, Pope, Green & Greer, LLC
Pope, David H. 08/21/1978 Active Southern Environmental Law Center
Pope, Elizabeth J. 01/12/1998 Active The Pope Law Firm, P.C.
Pope, Geoffrey Edward 06/06/1994 Active Pope & Howard, P.C.
Pope , Jill Elizabeth 07/03/2006 Active Law Office of Darrell L. Burrow
Pope, Jonathan Andrew 07/13/1995 Active Hasty Pope, LLP
Pope, Katherine Foynes 08/30/2004 Active Foltz Martin Hudson & Knapp
Pope, Kathryn Angela 01/11/1999 Active Kenney & Solomon
Pope, Kristen E. 11/04/1994 Inactive Alston & Bird
Pope Jr., Larry Eugene 09/17/2007 Active Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-ATL
Pope Jr., Marion T. 03/11/1957 Active Hasty Pope, LLP
Pope III, Marion Thomas 10/28/1998 Active Hasty Pope, LLP
Pope, Matthew N. 06/29/1998 Active Office of Matthew N. Pope
Pope, Michael Howard 01/09/1974 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Pope, N. Kirkland 11/14/2002 Active Pope McGlamry Kilpatrick Morrison & Norwood, P.C. -Atl
Pope, Rebecca E. 12/11/2006 Active Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-ATL
Pope, Robert Daniel 06/27/1988 Active Office of Robert Daniel Pope
Pope, Robert Thomas 11/29/1976 Active
Pope, William Gregory 07/27/1998 Active The Pope Law Firm, P.C.
PopeNorwood, William Usher 02/27/1995 Active Pope McGlamry Kilpatrick Morrison & Norwood, P.C. -Atl
Popkin, Mark J. 02/20/1990 Active Popkin & Associates
Poplin Jr., William R. 03/26/1987 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Popp, Jason 04/13/2009 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Popper Jr., Joseph W. 04/07/1980 Active Sell & Melton
Popps, Dean George 10/04/1979 Inactive
Popson, Sandra J. 04/13/1992 Active Katz Flatau Popson & Boyer
Porreca, Carmen Vincent 01/05/1977 Active Carmen V. Porreca, P.C.
Port, Robert Charles 12/10/1984 Active Gaslowitz Frankel LLC
Portasik, Linda S. 11/14/1997 Active Troutman Sanders
Porter, David W. 01/09/1974 Active Office of David W. Porter
Porter, Gregg M. 03/14/1996 Active Savell & Williams, LLP
Porter, James Alexander 06/02/1972 Active J. Alexander Porter, Esq.
Porter Jr., John C. 08/07/1978 Active Smiley Bishop & Porter, LLP
Porter, Kristie D. 12/06/1993 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Porter, Lyle K. 06/15/1992 Active Law Office of Lyle K. Porter
Porter, Mary Susan Todd 08/24/1992 Active Fletcher Harley & Fletcher
Porter , Natalie Faye 12/10/2012 Active Natalie F. Porter, PC
Porter, Patsy Yvette 09/10/1990 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Porter, R. Clay 07/23/1979 Active Dennis Corry Porter & Smith
Porter Jr., Robert Lee 11/23/1965 Active Cottingham & Porter
Porter, Scott McCalla 12/23/1996 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Porter , Stanton Edward 05/02/2011 Active Beau Kaye & Associates, LLC
Porter , Theodore J. 11/08/2007 Active Brandon Hornsby, P.C.
Porter , Tiffany 08/13/2012 Active Portner and Whitner Law Group, LLC
Porter, William Ellis 07/30/2001 Active William E. Porter, P.C.
Porterfield, Christopher Michael 05/26/2005 Active Busch White Norton, LLP
Portier, Holly Jane 01/31/2011 Active Hamilton Westby Antonowich & Anderson
Portis, Christopher 04/30/2007 Active Johnson & Freeman, LLC - UC Ga
Portivent, Elinor Huff 04/22/2008 Active Superior Court of Gordon County
Portivent Jr., Marshall Lee 11/07/2013 Active Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers, P.C. -Albany
Portman, Barbara Lee 03/05/1990 Active Weinstock & Scavo
Portner, Shawna Marie 04/15/2013 Active Wargo & French LLP
Portnoy, Joshua Benjamin 01/25/2010 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP - Atl
Portnoy, Kathy L. 02/16/1999 Active Alembik Fine & Callner
Posel, Laine S. 04/22/2002 Active Morgan Lewis & Bockius
Posey, Melissa Ann 06/01/1999 Active Galloway Johnson Tompkins Burr & Smith
Posner, Sanford A. 11/12/1998 Active Elarbee, Thompson, Sapp & Wilson, LLP
Post, Donna Matthews 02/17/1983 Inactive
Post, Kirk J. 07/11/1994 Active Post & McDaniel
Postic, Lionel John 02/12/1996 Active reQuire Release Tracking
Poston , David Gerald 04/23/2012 Active Brock & Stout, LLC-AL
Poston Jr., McCracken K. 07/01/1985 Active Law Offices of McCracken Poston
Poston, William Gibson 10/02/1978 Inactive
Posz, David G. 01/25/1993 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Potchynok , Kristin Anne 04/22/2008 Active Paul Hastings LLP-ATL
Potitong, Nilubol Nullie 07/26/1993 Active Georgia Institute of Technology
Pott, Ryan Michael 12/15/2003 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Potter, Bernard Emory 02/22/1994 Active Hays Potter & Martin, LLP
Potter wa, Daniel E. 05/20/1993 Active Office of Daniel E. Potter
Potter, Diona M. 02/09/2009 Active Molden & Holley, LLC
Potter , Kiera Danielle 03/16/2015 Active Cruser & Mitchell, LLP
Potter, Kimberly Jean 01/11/1999 Active Jones Day
Potter, Philip Ryan 04/24/2012 Active Westmoreland Patterson Moseley & Hinson, LLP
Potter, Robert R. 09/29/1977 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Potter, Thomas Jay 11/05/1992 Active Office of Robert Sylvester Devins
Potter-Miller, Savannah 01/08/1975 Active Law Offices of Potter & Associates
Pottorff, Mark Gordon 03/20/1986 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Potts, Anthony Christopher 06/24/1991 Active Office of Steven J. Strelzik
Potts, Frank S. 08/17/1982 Active Lewis Lewis Bruce & Truslow
Potts II, James Hugh 09/24/1991 Active James Hugh Potts II, LLC
Potts , Jennifer Anne 12/03/2012 Active Internal Revenue Service/ Chief Counsel
Pou, E. Lynne 11/27/1972 Active
Pou, Panton Patrick 04/17/2000 Active Lazega & Johanson LLC
Poulos, Jason N. 01/26/1998 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Pouncey Jr., Gerald L. 10/16/1986 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Pound, Theodore E. G. 04/04/1985 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP
Pound, William C. 11/17/1997 Active Hatcher Stubbs Land Hollis & Rothschild
Pourreza , Payam 05/19/2014 Active Don Turner Legal Team, LLC
Powell , Amanda Irene Rose 05/09/2013 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Powell, Anthony O.L. 08/17/1982 Active Webb, Tanner, Powell, Mertz & Wilson, LLP
Powell, Bryan Arthur 02/12/2007 Active Hunton & Williams LLP -Atlanta
Powell, Bryon R. 10/17/1980 Inactive
Powell, Carol Beeby 08/06/1984 Active Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi
Powell, Carole E. 11/04/1996 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Powell, Clabron B. 01/05/1979 Active Office of Clabron B. Powell
Powell, David Allan 07/30/1979 Active Office of David A. Powell
Powell, Douglas Richard 03/04/1985 Active Hinton & Powell
Powell, Drew Watson 10/05/1992 Active Office of Drew W. Powell
Powell, Emily E. Pate 08/17/1982 Active
Powell, Gary Wayne 08/28/1989 Inactive Fain Major Wiley & Brennan
Powell Jr., Hugh R. 09/14/1967 Active Office of Hugh R. Powell, Jr.
Powell Jr., J. A. 12/01/1997 Active Marshall Lindley & Powell
Powell, James David 11/17/2008 Active The Powell Law Firm, LLC
Powell, Janice Marie 03/18/1988 Active Prisoner Legal Counseling Project
Powell, Jeffrey A. 11/04/1994 Active Fryer Shuster & Lester
Powell II, Joseph W. 11/18/2009 Active Powell & Tante
Powell, Judith Ann 08/05/1985 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Powell, Kelley Smith 07/25/1994 Active Office of Kelley S. Powell
Powell, Kurtis A. 03/20/1986 Active Hunton & Williams LLP -Atlanta
Powell, Michael 04/06/2009 Active Medside Corporation
Powell, Michael Joseph 05/21/1992 Active Casey Gilson P.C.
Powell , Nathan Pate 05/13/2014 Active Webb, Tanner, Powell, Mertz & Wilson, LLP
Powell, Patrick Anthony 11/16/1998 Active Patrick A. Powell
Powell, R. David 01/06/1994 Active Office of United States Attorney
Powell, Rachel King 06/07/2004 Active Ritchie & Powell, P.C.
Powell, Ralph W. 04/08/1998 Active Garcia & Powell
Powell Jr., Randolph Page 11/04/1994 Active Huff, Powell & Bailey, LLC
Powell, Richard Lynn 08/03/1966 Active Office of Richard L. Powell
Powell, Richele L. 10/12/2000 Active Richele L. Powell Attorney-at-Law
Powell, Thomas O. 01/09/1974 Active Troutman Sanders
Power, Amy M. 11/04/1996 Active King & Spalding
Power, Stephen A. 10/19/2009 Active Daniels & Taylor, PC
Power, Warren R. 10/18/1989 Active Power & Jaugstetter, P.C.
Powers, A. Drew 04/11/2011 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -Atl
Powers, James Patrick 02/03/1992 Active Social Security Administration-GA
Powers, Jean Marguerite 05/21/1991 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Powers, Jeffrey N. 03/03/2003 Active Powers Law Group, LLC
Powers, Madonna M. 08/05/2002 Active Office of Madonna M. Powers
Powers, Michael R. 04/22/2002 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Powers, Tiffany L. 04/11/2005 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Powers, Tony Glen 01/05/1987 Active Rogers & Hardin, LLP
Powhatan, Becky A. 05/17/2004 Active The Weather Channel
Poynter, Leah J 04/07/2004 Active Cisco Systems, Inc.
Poythress, David B. 02/04/1972 Active Kutak Rock
Prabhu , Nikhil R. 03/23/2009 Active Kumar, Prabhu, Patel, Banerjee, LLC
Pranger, Pamela Sue 11/14/1997 Active Bodker Ramsey Andrews Winograd & Wildstein
Prater, Robert Keith 01/18/1989 Active Prater, Duncan & Craig, LLC
Prather, Damien M. 05/20/1993 Active Greenebaum Doll & McDonald
Prather , Ramsey 03/25/2013 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Prather, William C. 10/31/1988 Active Nationwide Insurance
Pratt, Bradley W. 02/07/2005 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 37
Pratt, Dennis Clarence 02/17/1983 Active
Pratt, James Andrew 07/01/2013 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Pratt, Jessica Ash 04/23/2010 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Pratt, John S. 09/29/1977 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Pratt, Kevin J. 11/14/2002 Active Kevin J. Pratt, Attorney at Law
Pratt, William Lawton 04/30/2007 Active Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Pray, Amelia Greeson 10/07/1991 Active Office of Cobb County District Attorney
Prebula, Mary Aunita 10/11/1984 Active Prebula & Associates LLC
Preis, Dorine E. 11/05/1984 Active Office of Dorine E. Preis
Preis, Spencer F. 10/25/2004 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
Prelutsky, Steven Darryl 07/12/1993 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Presberg, Leonard 11/14/1997 Active Office of Leonard Presberg
Prescott, Ryan G. 10/12/2005 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Prescott , Suzanne Temple 04/30/2007 Active Stearns-Montgomery & Associates
Prescott, William T. 04/06/1992 Active Bothwell & Simpson
Presley Jr., Buddy B. 09/18/2002 Active Law Office of Buddy B. Presley, Jr.
Presmanes, Gregory T. 01/09/1974 Active Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC
Presnell, Eric T. 01/06/2014 Active Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP-TN
Press, Steven Ryan 06/24/1998 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Pressel, Wayne Michael 11/17/1972 Active
Presser, Marilyn G. 04/27/1987 Active Office of Marilyn G. Presser
Pressley Sr., Dan Terrell 01/07/1976 Active Office of Dan T. Pressley, Sr.
Presto, Cynthia A. 04/29/2002 Active Presto & Berggren, LLC
Preston, Cassie Derice 10/14/2014 Active Cozen O'Connor-GA
Preston, Edward F. 01/28/2008 Active Coleman Talley LLP
Preston, Mark Woolman 07/12/1982 Inactive
Preston Jr., Robert A. 06/18/2007 Active Law Office of Robert A. Preston, Jr.
Prevost, Benjamin W. 05/26/2005 Active DLA Piper US LLP-ATL
Prevost, Britt Kline 12/13/2004 Active Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP
Price, Alison Huber 10/18/1989 Inactive Lawson Davis Pickren & Seydel
Price, Alon 10/27/2003 Active Price Law, LLC
Price, Anitra Rochelle 11/06/2009 Active Anitra R. Price, P.C.
Price, Charles Gregory 08/20/1981 Active Office of the Hon. C. Gregory Price
Price , Cynthia A. 04/22/2013 Active C. Price, PC
Price, Douglas Lee 08/26/1991 Active Office of Douglas Lee Price
Price, Elizabeth A. 12/15/1986 Active Alston & Bird
Price, John Edward 05/02/2011 Active Fulcher Hagler LLP
Price, Joselyn M. 01/13/1997 Active Office of Joselyn M. Price
Price, Linda Burdine 10/16/1986 Active Office of Linda B. Price
Price Jr., Marcus F. 10/17/1980 Inactive
Price, Margaret Chappell 05/17/2004 Active Professional Association of Georgia Educators
Price, Marvin L. 10/02/1978 Active
Price , Nicole Kathleen 04/23/2010 Active Department of Veterans Affairs
Price, Polly J. 10/26/1992 Inactive King & Spalding
Price, Ricardo Andres 06/04/1997 Active Smith Currie & Hancock
Price, Robert E. 11/17/1969 Active Office of Robert E. Price
Price, Sam David 09/30/1976 Active Price Pyles Dangle Parmer & Rooks
Price, Seth R. 12/10/1984 Active Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Price, Suzette Giffin 12/04/1989 Active Law Offices of Keith F. Brandon
Price, T. David 02/16/1984 Active
Price, Teddy Ray 07/01/1985 Active Office of Teddy R. Price
Price, Terry 08/05/1985 Active Ford & Harrison, LLP-AL
Price, Timothy Conwell 10/18/1989 Active Office of Timothy C. Price
Prickett, Margaret Simpson 11/19/1987 Inactive Office of Margaret Simpson Prickett
Pridgen, Kelly Jean Long 01/23/1995 Active Office of Douglas County Attorney
Pridgen, Nancy B. 11/14/2005 Active Monnolly, Pridgen LLC
Prien , Rebecca Michelle 03/29/2010 Active Molden & Holley LLC
Priest, Mary Elizabeth 04/30/2007 Active Clark & Clark
Prieto, Daniel Julio 09/13/2012 Active Slover, Prieto, Marigliano & Holbert, LLC
Prieto, Michael Alexander 10/26/1999 Active Slover, Prieto, Marigliano & Holbert, LLC
Primas, Jennesia M. 06/06/2005 Active Yoss, LLC-GA
Primerano, Ryan 04/06/2015 Active Southern Center for Human Rights
Primm, Dorothy Ruth 02/17/1983 Active Office of D. Ruth Primm
Primm, Edith B. 10/22/1981 Active
Prince, Althea S. 03/27/2006 Active The Prince Firm, LLC
Prince, Christopher Scott 11/15/1999 Active King & Spalding
Prince, David C. 08/17/1982 Active Securities & Exchange Commission
Prince , Jeremy Wayne 04/02/2009 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford
Prince III, Robert C. 10/17/1980 Inactive Office of Robert C. Prince, III
Princenthal, Adam P. 09/05/2000 Active Princenthal & May, LLC
Principe, David Louis 11/04/1994 Inactive Office of James A. Hinkle
Principe, William K. 10/04/1979 Active Constangy Brooks & Smith
Prine, Jason McKenzy 09/05/2008 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Printz, Gayle Kartoz 03/20/1986 Inactive
Prioleau Jr., Oscar Eugene 09/30/1996 Active Prioleau & Milfort, LLC
Prior, Kimberly J. 11/12/1998 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Prior, Robert Thurmond 12/06/1993 Active United States Marine Corps
Prior, Thomas E. 01/07/1976 Active
Prior Jr., William A. 01/09/1974 Active
Pritchard Jr., Arlie Owens 10/20/1980 Inactive
Pritchard, Beverly Holland 10/02/1978 Active Office of B. Holland Pritchard
Pritchard, Charles C. 09/05/1961 Active Office of Charles C. Pritchard
Pritchard , Philip Zachary 04/15/2015 Active Perrotta & Cahn -GA
Pritchard , Sarah Elizabeth 05/02/2011 Active Lazega & Johanson LLC
Pritchett, Adrian Kaspar 05/10/2010 Active Adrian Pritchett, LLC
Pritchett, Bryan Matthew 04/30/2001 Active Mitchell & Associates
Pritchett, Duane D. 05/13/2003 Active DeKalb County Law Department
Pritchett Jr., James H. 08/17/1981 Inactive St. John's Episcopal Church
Pritchett, Steven J. 05/09/2011 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Pritts, Megan Lenker 01/16/2001 Active Office of General Counsel
Privette, Christopher Haynes 11/14/1997 Active Alston & Bird
Privin, Gerald P. 08/29/1988 Active Office of Gerald P. Privin
Probst, Kyle Douglas 11/14/2002 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Procacci, Anthony C. 06/01/1998 Active Savell & Williams, LLP
Proctor, Bradley Gray 06/17/2013 Active Busch, Reed & Jones, P.C.
Proctor, Christine Vaughn 07/15/2013 Active Mary A. Miller & Associates
Proctor, Evelyn 06/15/1998 Active Office of State Court Solicitor
Proctor, Jonathan Allen 12/13/2010 Active Robert J. Semrad & Associates, LLC
Proctor, Robert Jesse 10/22/1981 Active Law Office of Robert J. Proctor
Prodgers, Toby Batson 07/18/1974 Active Awtrey & Parker
Proffitt, James Anthony 11/12/2003 Active Troutman Sanders
Prokopovich, Julie Anne Bedore 12/06/1993 Active Office of Kathryn C. Reeder
Propst, Floyd Ernest 10/05/1970 Active Caldwell & Watson, LLP
Proser, Eric S. 02/10/2003 Active Hamilton Westby Antonowich & Anderson
Protentis , Nicholas 05/02/2011 Active Curtin Law Firm, P.C.
Prothro, George Walter 04/06/2009 Active Prothro & Associates
Protzeller, Marilyn Holcombe 10/22/1981 Active Office of Marily H. Protzeller
Prout, Alison B. 05/26/2005 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, LLP
Prout Jr., Daniel C. 05/21/1992 Active Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout
Prowse, Stanley D. 01/09/1974 Active
Prucino, Diane L. 10/04/1982 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Pruden, Larry Richard 01/12/1998 Active Office of Larry R. Pruden
Pruett, Benjamin Hart 12/14/1988 Active Wagner Johnston & Rosenthal
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Pruett, Linda Noel 12/06/1993 Active Office of Perry O. Lemmons
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Pruitt , C. Jeffery 03/12/2009 Active C. Jeffrey Pruitt, Jr. PC
Pruitt, Glyndon C. 09/07/1954 Active Office of Glyndon C. Pruitt
Pruitt , Ivan Lee 12/17/2012 Active Robert L. Barr, Jr.
Pruitt, Shondra Johnson 06/04/1997 Active Office of J. Alfred Johnson
Prussack, Andrew Harris 11/19/1987 Active Knox & Zacks
Prussack, Jill D. 12/13/1995 Active Hartman Simons & Woods LLP
Prutzman , Lewis Donald 01/24/2011 Active Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse
Prybylski, Cheryl Leanne 07/25/2011 Active Seyfarth Shaw, LLP-Atl
Pryles, Eleni Ann 03/27/1989 Active Office of DeKalb County District Attorney
Pryor, Alan Frank 01/12/2015 Active DLA Piper US LLP-ATL
Pryor, Atha Helen 02/25/2002 Active Office of Michelle R. Clark
Pryor, Jill Anne 01/22/1990 Active U.S. Court of Appeals-11th Circuit
Pryor, Kory S. 04/26/1999 Active McCullough & Payne
Pryor, Michael P. 09/29/2003 Active Michael P. Pryor, P.C.
Pryor, Scott Alison 05/17/2004 Active Scott A. Pryor, Attorney at Law LLC
Pryor, Thomas C. Spencer 08/27/2007 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Pryor-Bell, Zylpha K. 10/29/1984 Active
Przymusinski, Lucas 11/08/2007 Active Alston & Bird, LLP
Puckett, Bonnie 06/08/2009 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.-Atl
Puckett, Christopher Brian 04/09/2007 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Puckett , James Daniel 12/20/2010 Active Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP-Atl
Puckett, Kimbley N. 04/21/2014 Active Griffin Puckett, LLC
Puckett, Nena Kaye 10/16/1986 Inactive Office of Nena K. Puckett
Puckett Jr., William Charles 10/22/1981 Active
Pugh, Houser 01/29/1990 Active Office of Houser Pugh
Pugh, Joel Carlton 06/04/1997 Active Pugh, Barrett, Canale, & Leslie, LLC
Pugh, Louis H. 04/20/1998 Active Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Pugh, Michael 08/27/2007 Active Thompson O'Brien Kemp & Nasuti, P.C.
Puglise, John G. 09/29/1977 Inactive
Puglise, Michael J. 03/18/1996 Active Publise Law Firm
Puhger, James R. 01/08/1975 Active
Pullara , Jillyn Marie 05/22/2006 Active Grant Konvalinka & Harrison
Pullen, Patrick Lee 09/12/1988 Inactive Office of Patrick L. Pullen
Pulley, Aimee-Marette Pulley 08/26/2013 Active Shapiro, Swertfeger & Hasty, LLP
Pulliam, Bryan Michael 09/20/2004 Active Bryan M. Pulliam,LLC
Pulliam, G. Donald 03/07/1983 Active
Pulliam, Kathryn O'Neill 01/11/1999 Active Clayton County District Attorney
Pulliam, Marie Haraka 12/14/1987 Active Office of Marie Haraka Pulliam
Pulliam, Matthew James 07/15/2002 Active Greenberg Traurig LLP
Puls, Carl Alexander 07/18/1974 Active Hartley & Puls
Pumpian, Ryan T. 02/05/2001 Active Bloom Sugarman , LLP
Puntier, Noemi 03/17/2014 Active
Purcell, Ashley Phillips 01/09/1996 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Purcell, David W. 04/25/1988 Inactive Kilpatrick Stockton
Purcell, James W. 01/03/1995 Active Fulcher Hagler LLP
Purcell, Matthew Eric 03/09/2009 Active Purcell Law Firm, PC
Purcell, Mikel Lemual 02/01/1977 Active Smith Bassett Purcell & Koenig
Purcell, Rachel A. 01/09/2014 Active Miller & Martin, PLLC - ATL
Purcell, Terri Lynn Peat 10/22/1981 Active
Purcell, Wade H. 11/30/1992 Active Shapiro Fussell Wedge Smotherman Martin & Price
Purdie, Kelley Russell 02/04/2002 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary
Purdom, Seaton D. 03/17/1980 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Purdom, Wayne M. 07/11/1977 Active Judge, State Court of Dekalb County
Purpura, Graham James 02/04/1980 Active Solomon & Jefferies, LLP
Pursley Jr., Charles N. 05/13/1974 Active Pursley Lowery & Meeks
Purvis , David Benton 05/02/2011 Active Breakfield & Dean, LLC
Purvis, James Steven 09/29/1983 Active Office of James Steven Purvis
Purvis, Mitchell M. 09/29/1977 Active King & Spalding
Purvis, Newton Hansel 06/16/1997 Active Office of Newton H. Purvis
Puryear, William Bradford 01/18/1989 Active Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville, Inc.
Putnam, Neil W. 06/16/1980 Active Office of Neil W. Putnam
Putnam Jr., Robert Henry 07/20/1987 Active Robert H. Putnam, Attorney at Law
Putnam Jr., Stephen R. 03/15/2010 Active Semrad & Associates
Putney III, E. Martin 10/11/1984 Active Putney Law Firm
Putney Jr., Frank Taylor 01/08/1981 Active Greene Buckley Jones & McQueen
Putney, Laura L. 12/05/1995 Active Kauff McClain & McGuire
Putney, Paul DeWitt 03/22/1991 Active Office of Paul DeWitt Putney
Putt , J. A. 12/01/2014 Active Flint, Connolly & Walker, LLP
Pye, Tom 11/17/1971 Active Law Offices of Tom Pye, P.C.
Pye-Tucker, Barbara Diane 04/02/1990 Active Georgia Legal Services Program
Pyeatt, Susan 04/12/1982 Active Georgia Court of Appeals
Pyke Jr., Charles Bernard 05/21/1992 Active Pyke & Associates
Pyles, Bradley G. 12/04/1995 Active Westmoreland Patterson Moseley & Hinson, LLP
Pyles, T. Christopher 05/10/1978 Active Price Pyles Dangle Parmer & Rooks

L.R. 83.1 (D)(3) requires written notification of address changes. In addition to the letter required by L.R. 83.1 (D)(3), please file a "Notice of Change of Address," in each of your pending cases in order to notify the Clerk of Court and counsel when an address change occurs. For further inquiries regarding attorney status, please contact us at: