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United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of This Court

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O'Brien, Aaron Michael 11/07/2013 Active Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell & Daly, LLC
O'Brien, Dennis Craig 07/24/1975 Active Office of Dennis C. O'Brien
O'Brien, Elizabeth Anne 10/14/1999 Active Elizabeth Anne O'Brien, Attorney at Law
O'Brien, Eugene 06/20/1962 Active Lane O'Brien & Caswell
O'Brien, Jay Michael 02/04/2008 Active Strawinski & Stout, P.C.
O'Brien, Jenny Ewing 04/30/2001 Active Federal Defender Program
O'Brien, John Patrick 01/08/1981 Active Thompson O'Brien Kemp & Nasuti
O'Brien, Judith A. 07/21/1978 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
O'Brien, Lynne Richardson 11/04/1994 Active The Coca-Cola Company
O'Brien Jr., Robert Lee 12/14/1987 Active Office of Fulton County Solicitor General
O'Brien, Thomas Carter 05/26/2005 Active Feiler & Associates
O'Brien, Timothy M. 11/14/1997 Active Levin Papantonio Thomas Mitchell
O'Callaghan Jr., William L. 08/23/1965 Active O'Callaghan & Stumm
O'Connell , Andrew Michael 11/02/2011 Active Hamilton Westby Antonowich & Anderson
O'Connell, Francis Martin 10/21/1991 Active Ernst & Young
O'Connell Jr., John James 08/03/1992 Active Smith Schroeder & O'Connell
O'Connell, Kathleen M. 12/04/2000 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
O'Connell, Kristin Marie 04/29/2002 Active Epstein Becker & Green
O'Connell, Tracy Cullen 12/06/1993 Active Ellis Painter Ratterree & Adams, LLP
O'Connor, Chris Alibrandi 05/30/2000 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society
O'Connor Jr., Edward F. 07/22/1974 Active Manning & Leipold
O'Connor, Jean Catherine 04/29/2002 Active Governor's Office of the Consumers' Insurance Advo
O'Connor, Jessica Whatley 07/28/2014 Active The Whalen Law Firm, LLP
O'Connor III, John J. 10/11/1984 Active
O'Connor, John Leo 09/29/1977 Active Office of John L. O'Connor
O'Connor, Joseph Matthew 05/28/2002 Active Office of Joseph M. O'Connor
O'Connor, Karen P. 10/02/1978 Active Burbage & Weddell
O'Connor, Kevin Matthew 11/04/1994 Active Carlock Copeland Semler & Stair
O'Connor, Maureen D. 08/27/2007 Active Mabry & McClelland, LLP
O'Connor, Nicole Fletcher 05/19/1994 Active Alston & Bird
O'Connor, Patrick Joseph 12/16/2002 Active Mitchell & Shapiro, LLP
O'Connor , Patrick T. 01/12/2015 Active Oliver Maner, LLP
O'Connor Jr., Samuel J. 08/06/1981 Active Peachtree Settlement Funding
O'Connor, Sean Michael 07/29/2002 Active Casey Gilson Leibel
O'Connor, Shane C. 02/28/2005 Active Shane C. O'Connor, Attorney At Law
O'Connor Jr., Thomas E. 12/22/1997 Active Hunton & Williams
O'Connor McGinn, Terence Joseph 11/06/2009 Active Law Office of Terence O'Connor McGinn
O'Daniel, Clay Seaton 12/07/2006 Active O'Daniel McDonald, LLC
O'Daniel, Julie M. 10/02/2000 Active Alston & Bird
O'Daniel, Keith Alan 10/31/1991 Active Office of Keith Alan O'Daniel
O'Day, Lisa Harmon 12/14/1988 Active Merritt & Tenney
O'Day, Stephen Edmund 07/16/1979 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
O'Dell, D. Brian 01/12/2004 Active Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP-AL
O'Dell, John Lasley 02/18/1986 Active Harriss Hartman Aaron Wharton & Boyd
O'Dell, Justin B. 04/29/2003 Active O'Dell & O'Neal Attorneys
O'Donnell, Christopher James 02/18/1992 Active Jordan & Moses
O'Donnell, J. Stephen 03/13/1995 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
O'Donnell Sr., John C. 10/04/1979 Inactive
O'Donnell, Richard K. 02/17/1983 Active Law Office of Richard K. O'Donnell
O'Donnell, Thomas Joseph 07/10/1991 Active Office of Thomas Joseph O'Donnell
O'Farrell Jr., Arthur Stanley 04/27/1988 Active Hawkins & Parnell
O'Hagan, Michael John 05/17/2004 Active O'Hagan Law Firm, LLC
O'Hara, Karen 03/20/1986 Active Michaud & Associates
O'Haver Jr., George B. 12/21/1992 Active U.S. Department of Labor
O'Hearn, Beverly Gastright 05/31/1995 Active Brannen Searcy & Smith, LLP
O'Hearn Jr., Lawrence Stephen 04/13/2015 Active Bullovic & O'Hearn
O'Hearn, Paul Burke 11/18/1974 Active Burr & Forman
O'Keefe-Bizwell , Amanda K. 01/23/2006 Active Weinstock & Scavo, P.C.
O'Kelley Jr., Charles R. 11/18/1974 Inactive
O'Kelley, Judith Renee Taber 07/29/2002 Active Penn Payne
O'Leary, Helen 02/14/1994 Active Georgia Public Service Commission
O'Leary, Michael J. 01/16/1987 Active U.S. Department of Justice-ATL
O'Loughlin, Collen Kathryn 09/05/2000 Active Colleen Kathryn O'Loughlin, P.A.
O'Mahony, Kevin P. 11/22/1982 Active Allen, McCain & O'Mahony PC
O'Marra, Brendan R. 02/05/2001 Active Brendan R. O'Marra, PC
O'Neal, David Alan 12/08/2008 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
O'Neal, Jacob Stalvey 07/14/2014 Active O'Quinn & Cronin, LLC
O'Neal, Leslie Dean 11/09/2009 Active O'Deal & O'Neal, Attorneys at Law
O'Neil, Catherine M. 01/23/1995 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
O'Neil , Gregory Michael 11/07/2013 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
O'Neil, John Brian 11/13/1990 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
O'Neill Jr., Charles B. 05/19/1994 Active Office of C.B. O'Neill, Jr.
O'Neill, Colleen Patricia 06/05/1989 Active Dermer Brown & Rogers
O'Neill, Elizabeth M. 05/24/1999 Active Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
O'Neill, M. Elizabeth 10/07/2002 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
O'Neill, Maureen E. 05/19/1994 Active Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker
O'Neill, Michael F. 01/10/2000 Active Hasson Law Group, P.C.
O'Neill, P. Shane 11/02/2011 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
O'Quinn, Michael Allen 06/27/1983 Active O'Quinn & Cronin, LLC
O'Reilly, Cherie P. 06/28/2010 Active Schiff Hardin, LLP-GA
O'Reilly, Matthew Christopher 08/16/1999 Active Littler Mendelson
O'Riordan, Karen Kelly 05/26/2005 Active Air Line Pilots Association-GA
O'Roark III, Dulaney Lee 11/19/1987 Active Verizon One
O'Rourke , Kenneth Reginald 11/07/2013 Active Townes, Davis & Associates, LLC
O'Rourke, Nathaniel P. 04/23/2010 Active Robert J. Semrad & Associates-Atl
O'Rourke, Paul R. 03/20/1986 Inactive Baker Donelson Bearman & Caldwell
O'Shea, Brian J. 08/21/1980 Active Lamar Archer & Cofrin
O'Shea , Katherine Patricia Siuta 12/08/2014 Active Ford & Harrison LLP-ATL
O'Sheasy, Beth A. 05/26/2005 Active Burr & Forman, LLP-ATL
O'Sullivan, Kevin T. 02/14/2000 Active Cohen Pollock Merlin & Small, P.C.
O'Toole, Martin K. 10/18/1989 Active Griffin & O'Toole
Oakes, Craig Smith 12/30/2002 Active Bryant & Oakes, PC
Oakes, Leslie Allen Paul 03/26/1987 Active King & Spalding
Oakley III, Ellwood F. 07/15/1974 Active Office of Ellwood F. Oakley, III
Oakley, Lois Feely 07/18/1974 Active
Oakley, Mary Ann B. 09/16/1974 Active Holland & Knight
Oaks, Misty Ann 08/16/2010 Active The Oaks Firm
Oastler, Bert R. 05/26/1967 Active Smith Currie & Hancock
Oates, Claire Carothers 02/05/2010 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 38
Oates, Erika C. 05/17/2004 Active Hollowell Foster & Gepp
Oates Jr., Samuel W. 08/03/1992 Active Oates & Courville
Oats , Jessica Elizabeth 10/20/2010 Active Southern Center for Human Rights
Obadina , Olufemi Olusegun 05/05/2009 Active Rogers Law Offices
Obasanya, De'Anne 09/26/2011 Active Obsanya Law Firm, LLC
Obeidin , Kinan 07/20/2009 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Obenschain Jr., Samuel L. 12/13/1973 Active Obenschain & Chandler
Obenshain, Elizabeth A. 08/17/1982 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Oberman, Stuart Jay 06/21/1993 Active Law Office of Stuart J. Oberman
Obianwu, Chinwe 01/13/2003 Active Office of Chinwe Obianwu
Obijeski, Todd J. 09/12/2011 Active Merchant & Gould, PC - LLC-ATL
Obiorah, Danielle Bess 02/13/2012 Active Obiorah Fields, LLC
Oblinger , John Ashley 02/11/2013 Active Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik, P.C.
Ochs, Martin Paul 11/10/2008 Active Office of the United States Trustee
Ochs , Valerie 11/29/2010 Active Law Office of Valerie Ochs
Ockleberry, Suzanne W. 05/06/1985 Active AT&T Communications of the Southern States, Inc.
Oczkowski, Joseph Henry 10/26/1999 Active Joseph Henry Oczkowski Attorney at Law
Odachowski, Joseph R. 10/11/2001 Active Taylor, Odachowski, Schmidt & Crossland, LLC
Odegard , Anthony Jean 02/06/2012 Active Law Office of J.D. Brown, P.C.
Odom, Felicia Ann 11/05/1990 Inactive Glover & Davis
Odom, H. Parnell 03/03/1972 Active Wood Odom & Edge
Odom, James Bradford 04/29/2013 Active Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles, P.A.
Odom, Jason Claude 03/09/2000 Active Jason C. Odom, LLC
Odom, Jeffrey Michael 04/29/2003 Active Evert & Weathersby
Odom, Jennifer Devine 09/15/1997 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Odom, Jessica C. 01/24/2005 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Odom, John Gregory 04/28/2009 Active Odom & Des Roches LLP
Odom, Linda Carol 02/07/1994 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Odom, Peter K. 12/01/2008 Active Law Offices of Berry, Thompson & Odom
Ody, Michael Robert 12/23/2002 Active Paulding County District Attorney's Office
Oeland IV, Paul J. 02/25/2002 Active LaMalva Read & Oeland
Oelhafen, Alvina Ma 05/31/1995 Active Alston & Bird
Offitt, Kristy Georgette 04/18/2011 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.-Atl
Ogburn, Charles Harris 10/17/1980 Inactive King & Spalding
Ogden, Philip W. 11/05/1976 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Ogden , Tabatha Lynn 11/17/2014 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Ogg , Laura Hoadley 05/02/2011 Active Speed, Seta, Waters & Trivett, LLC
Ogier, Tamara Miles 07/10/1995 Active Ogier, Rothschild, Rosenfeld & Ellis-Monro, PC
Oginsky, Stephanie Lynn 08/29/2005 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Ogle , Melissa 11/09/2009 Active Robert J. Semrad & Associates-Lithonia
Ogletree, Michele Wunderlich 11/12/1998 Active Mullins Whalen & Westbury
Ogletree, Robert Sibley 09/29/1977 Active Robbins Law Offices
Ogletree, Sheila Karen 08/29/1983 Active
Ognibene, Sara Nicole 04/29/2003 Active King & Spalding
Ogundele, Kunle 12/14/1988 Active Office of Kunle Ogundele
Ogunsola, Oladimeji Ade-Olu 04/02/2009 Active Miller & Martin, PLLC-Atl
Oinonen, Julie Johanna 02/01/2012 Active Williams Oinonen, LLC
Oise, Esther Nneka 02/02/2015 Active The Marshall & Oise Law Group, PC
Ojeda, Jennifer Leonhardt 08/18/2006 Active Ojeda Legal, LLC
Ojeda Jr., Orlando P. 06/26/2006 Active Walker Ojeda, LLC
Ojeda , Rebeca Maria 03/30/2015 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Okeke, Michael Onyekwelu 11/28/2011 Active Okeke Law Group, P.C.
Okenu, Buihe Pauline 05/02/2011 Active Okenu Law Office, LLC
Okonkwo , Antonia Ngozika 07/14/2014 Active Okonkwo, LLC
Okonkwo, Cyprian Tee 03/01/1993 Active Law Offices of Tee Okonkwo, PC
Okorocha , Douglas L. 02/26/2014 Active Okorocha Law
Okrasinski, Jane Garrett 10/17/1980 Active Keenan's Kids Law Center
Okwuosah, Gregory Chike 05/04/2000 Active Internal Revenue Service
Olack, Neil P. 08/07/2000 Active U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge
Olafson, Meredith K. 08/16/2004 Active Hunton & Williams
Olcott, Timothy Allan 06/13/1974 Active Thompson Mann & Hutson
Oldenburg, Mark Douglas 01/20/1987 Active Oldenburg & Stiner, P.C.
Olderman, John Charles 07/24/1989 Active Davis Matthews & Quigley
Oldham, Larry Carl 06/25/1991 Active Office of Larry C. Oldham
Oldham, Nicholas 02/14/2011 Active Nicholas Oldham, Attorney at Law
Olding, Gerald L. 03/14/1983 Active Office of Gerald L. Olding
Oldt , Gail Marie 11/21/2011 Active Clark & Washington-GA
Olens, Samuel Scott 07/05/1983 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Oles Sr., David Edward 07/16/2007 Active Law Office of David Edwards Oles
Olim, Max 04/24/1970 Active Max Olim, LLC
Olin, Robert Brendan 10/16/1986 Active Lawyers Title & Escrow, Inc.
Olinger, Jonathan David 11/22/2010 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Olinsky, Howard D. 02/10/2014 Active Olinsky Law Group
Olive, Mark Evan 04/24/1995 Active Office of Mark E. Olive
Oliver, Alicia Brown 05/04/2000 Active Chambliss Bahner & Stophel
Oliver, Aver Eden 11/25/2013 Active A. E. Oliver, Esq.
Oliver, Bonnie Chessher 10/22/1981 Active Office of Bonnie Chessher Oliver
Oliver, Cheryl Lynn 10/28/1991 Inactive The Partners Group
Oliver , Dallas S.F. 10/07/2013 Active The Oliver Law Office, LLC
Oliver, Daniel L. 11/21/1977 Active
Oliver, David Phillip 01/29/1990 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
Oliver, George Robert 09/02/1959 Active Oliver Duckworth Sparger & Winkle
Oliver, Jackson Edward 01/13/2012 Active Stevens, Stevens & Oliver, LLC
Oliver, Lisa Lynn 10/15/1996 Active Sampson Oliver & Associates
Oliver, Marcus Kristopher 05/26/2005 Active Sampson Oliver & Associates
Oliver, Mary Jo 07/14/1997 Active Jones & Oliver
Oliver, Mary Margaret 12/28/1973 Active Law Office of Mary Margaret Oliver
Oliver, Paul 12/09/1974 Active Wimberly Lawson Steckel Schneider & Stine, PC
Oliver, Philip Dudley 01/05/1977 Active
Oliver, Rashida As-salam Owens 03/25/1996 Active Municipal Court, City of East Point
Oliver Jr., Sampson 08/19/1974 Active Sampson Oliver & Associates
Oliver, Shannan Freeman 12/15/1997 Active Bloom Sugarman , LLP
Oliver, William E. 10/02/1978 Inactive Office of William E. Oliver
Oliver, William Ray 10/22/1981 Active Office of William R. Oliver
Oliverio, Justin Lee 12/13/2010 Active Yonker & Oliverio, P.C.
Olliff, Danny Cecil 01/08/1981 Active
Olmert, Keith M. 03/18/2002 Active Office of Keith M. Olmert
Olmert, Lynn Glenet Blasingame 11/04/1994 Active Cobb & Irwin
Olmos, Amalia Bernadette 07/03/2006 Active A.B. Olmos & Associates, P.C.
Olmstead, Christopher D. 11/29/1971 Active McLain & Merritt
Oloko, Akindiji O. 02/01/2012 Active Oloko Law Firm, LLC
Olsen, Steven J. 10/03/1985 Active Withrow McQuade & Olsen
Olson , Brian James 02/05/2007 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Olson, Carey E. 03/12/2007 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Olson, Charles Callison 11/23/1981 Active Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia
Olson, David A. 09/04/2008 Active Chanco Schiffer, PC
Olson, Erik Hodne 01/13/1999 Active The Olson Law Firm, LLC
Olson, Frank Reid 06/24/1998 Active Cobb, Olson & Andrle, LLC
Olson, Lowell W. 08/20/1968 Active Constangy Brooks & Smith
Olson, Peter R. 03/13/1995 Active Bartow County Government
Olson, Rebecca Sue 04/29/2002 Active Levine & Smith
Oluku , Ani Almona 08/06/2012 Active Ani Oluku, P.A.
Omobude, Evbaruese Josephine 10/20/2010 Active Law Office of Arrington, Oduola-Owo & Mason, P.C.
Omole, Yinka T. 04/30/2001 Active Yinka T. Omole, Esq.
Onacki, Jason B. 08/09/2004 Active Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.-FL
Ong, Kara Whei-juan 11/08/1999 Active Cingular Wireless
Onorato, David Joseph 08/21/1995 Active King & Spalding
Onyewuchi, Susan 05/13/2014 Active Susan Onyewuchi, Attorney at Law
Onyirimba, Charles Chibuike 05/19/1994 Active Office of Charles C. Onyirimba
Opila , Sharon Rachel 04/24/2012 Active Fulton County District Attorney's Office
Oppenheim , Jason Patrick 04/07/2014 Active Internal Revenue Service/ Chief Counsel
Opperman, Kathleen Edwards 06/10/2002 Active Montlick & Associates-GA
Oraefo, Amy Uchenna 11/01/2012 Active Amy Oraefo, P.C. Attorney at Law
Orantes , Cesar Moises 05/30/2012 Active Fuller, McKay, Bournakis & Mitchell
Orbock, Jessica K. 03/16/1998 Active University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
Orchard, Jennifer R. 11/08/2007 Active Gaslowitz Frankel LLC
Ordway, O. Nicholas 02/07/1973 Active
Ordway, William M. 01/10/1994 Active Office of William M. Ordway
Ordyna, Andrew T. 11/14/2002 Active Baum & McGahren
Oren, Brandon A. 03/16/1992 Active Jones Cork & Miller
Orenstein , Pamela M. 11/08/2007 Active GreewLaw
Orland, Devon 04/19/1999 Active Office of State Attorney General
Orlando, Roger W. 06/05/1989 Active The Orlando Firm, P.C.
Orleck, Doris Carol 11/25/1998 Active Doris Carol Orleck, Attorney at Law
Orlow, Shepard Russell 01/20/1998 Active King & King
Orlowski, David Walter 10/20/2003 Active Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers
Ormand, Richard L. 09/11/1973 Active Bridges Ormand & Faenza
Orme, Melissa Kathryn 11/13/2006 Active Lindsey Law Firm, P.C.
Orms, Cynthia M. 11/04/1994 Inactive Office of Cynthia M. Orms
Ormsby Jr., William Joseph 09/20/1954 Active Newton Hopkins & Ormsby
Orr III, Albert Summey 03/26/1987 Active Holland & Knight
Orr, Anne Holladay 12/10/1990 Active Office of Anne H. Orr
Orr Sr., E. Wycliffe 08/01/1975 Active Orr Brown Johnson LLP
Orr, James Allen 04/01/1985 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Orr, James P. 10/04/1979 Active Office of James P. Orr
Orr Jr., John Traylor 02/12/1979 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Orr, Lynda Wilson 07/17/1989 Active Office of Lynda Wilson Orr
Orr, Michael G. 11/01/1999 Active Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. - Augusta
Orr, Robert Steven 10/22/1981 Active Steve Orr, Attorney, LLC
Orr, William J. 08/23/1999 Active Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC
Orrell, Matthew Scott 04/23/2010 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Orrison, Brenda K. 04/20/1981 Active The Orrison Law Firm
Orson, Marshall David 10/16/1986 Inactive Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Ortega, Marine Elizabeth 12/06/1993 Active
Ortega, Nancy Elizabeth 06/20/1988 Active Southern Center for Human Rights
Ortengren, Janel D. 03/22/1999 Active Fisher & Phillips
Orthwein Jr., Adolphus Busch 10/31/1969 Active
Ortiz II, Daniel J. 06/16/2008 Active Law Offices of Daniel J. Ortiz, LLC
Ortiz, Jay R. Gentry 12/23/1991 Active
Ortiz , Marianne 05/22/2006 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Ortman, Robert Douglas 07/20/2009 Active Law Office of Robb D. Ortman, P.C.
Ortwein, Frederick Lee 10/15/2000 Active Ortwein & Associates
Osborne, Carol Stern 09/29/1977 Active Vinson Talley Richardson & Cable
Osborne, David R. 02/08/1982 Inactive Office of David R. Osborne
Osborne, Donald W. 07/27/1987 Active Lander & Osborne
Osborne Jr., Hamilton 05/12/1975 Active Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd
Osborne, Harry A. 12/09/1974 Active Clayton County Board of Commissioners
Osborne, James R. 01/27/1978 Active Vinson Talley Richardson & Cable
Osborne, James W. 04/25/2005 Active The Wilson Law Firm, P.C.
Osborne , Suzanne Eleanor Success 05/02/2011 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Osborne, Teresa Lynn 04/30/2001 Active Martin Snow
Osensky, Tanya S. 07/24/1995 Active Georgia Institute of Technology
Osmus, Karl Edward 08/11/2003 Active Office of Emmett L. Goodman, Jr.
Osofsky, Howard Russell 07/22/1985 Active Sligh Presmanes & Jackson
Ossick Jr., John Joseph 03/13/1989 Active Office of John J. Ossick, Jr.
Ost, Benjamin P. 05/09/2013 Active Dorough & Dorough, LLC
Ostenson, James Edwin 10/03/1985 Active
Osterbrock, William M. 01/23/2006 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC -GA
Osterbur , Tia N. 12/17/2007 Active Merritt Watson LLP
Ostrow, Lane Bruce 10/18/1989 Active Office of Lane Bruce Ostrow
Osuch, Patricia R. 08/08/2011 Active Capell & Howard, P.C.
Otonicar, Richard F. 01/19/1973 Active Office of Richard F. Otonicar
Ott, James Warren 02/21/1986 Active King & Spalding
Ott, Keith T. 02/16/1984 Active
Ott, Kennith R. 11/12/1973 Active
Ott, Stephen Douglas 05/20/1993 Active Law Firm of Stephen D. Ott, P.C.
Ottley, Kimmone Michelle 09/14/2009 Active Joy H. Fisher Attorney at Law
Otuonye, Vincent Chidozie 02/19/2002 Active Office of Vincent C. Otuonye
Ouaked , Cassie Coppage 04/27/2009 Active Paul Hastings LLP-ATL
Ourada , Gregory Thomas 04/30/2007 Active Hill Kertscher & Wharton, LLP
Ourso, Lacey 04/30/2007 Active Webb Zschunke Neary & Dikeman, LLP
Ousley, Thomas Joseph 03/04/1985 Active Office of Thomas Joseph Ousley
Outlaw, Shelby Alexandra 02/10/1986 Active The Outlaw Firm
Outlaw, William M. 10/02/1978 Active Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Outman, James B. 01/05/1979 Active
Ouzts , Brandy Frederica 05/22/2006 Active Chamberlain Hrdlicka
Ouzts, Megan Kreitner 02/12/2007 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
Ouzts, Patrick H. 04/23/2012 Active Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC
Overbeck, Ann Marie 01/12/1987 Active Plantation Pipe Line Company
Overby, Charles Frederick 06/26/1989 Active Butler Wooten Overby Fryhofer Daughtery & Sullivan
Overby, Enoch 06/28/1978 Active
Overby, Stacy Malkin 05/21/1991 Active Jones Day
Overman, Larry Jack 02/03/1997 Active Overman & Overman, LLC
Overman Jr., William Henry 01/07/1976 Active
Overocker , John Travis 05/09/2013 Active Candace E. Rader, P.C.
Overton, Allan Gregg 05/18/1987 Active Burr & Forman
Owen, Eleanor Lynn 04/29/1991 Active King & Spalding
Owen Jr., H. Andrew 11/23/1971 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP
Owen, Robert H. 01/04/1980 Active
Owen, Sirce Elliott 12/09/2005 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Owens , Allan W. 11/08/2007 Active The Owens Law Firm, LLC
Owens , Byron L. 04/22/2008 Active The Owens Law Group, LLC
Owens, Deborah Ann 09/19/1994 Active Office of Deborah Ann Owens
Owens, Elon Kelly 11/17/1999 Active Department of Human Resources
Owens, Eric Todd 06/29/2011 Active Law Office of Eric T. Owens
Owens, Hubert F. 10/04/1979 Inactive BellSouth Corporation
Owens, J. Andrew 05/31/1995 Active Magruder & Sumner
Owens, James Franklin 10/16/1986 Active Alston & Bird
Owens Jr., James S. 06/13/1960 Active Nall & Miller
Owens, Jon D. 09/11/2000 Active Presson & Associates
Owens, Lawrence Dale 10/22/1981 Active Jackson Lewis, P.C. Atl
Owens III, Louis Paul 12/06/1993 Active Jones & Walden, LLC-Atl
Owens, Mary Diane 07/07/1980 Active Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP
Owens, Monica Racine 06/24/1998 Active Pursley Friese Torgrimson, LLP
Owens, Nicole Eugenia 08/01/2005 Active The Law Offices of Nicole E. Owens
Owens, Paul S. 11/12/1991 Active Paul Owens & Associates
Owens, Russell Eugene 01/24/2000 Active Chamberlain Hrdlicka White Williams Martin
Owens, Timothy Roger 12/10/2001 Active Owens Law, P.C.
Owens Jr., W. Davies 10/17/1980 Active Office of W. Davies Owens, Jr.
Owens III, Wilbur Dawson 07/09/1990 Active Spiva Lewis Owens & Mulherin
Owens, William Kent 03/05/2012 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Oxendine, Carrie 03/28/2005 Active Clark & Washington-GA
Oxendine, James W. 06/20/1969 Active Office of James W. Oxendine
Oxendine, Jarrod Hayes 03/21/2011 Active Clark, Oxendine & Sauls, LLP
Oxendine, John W. 08/29/1988 Active John Oxendine, P.C.
Oxford , James Russell 04/13/2011 Active Oxford Law Firm, LLC
Oxley III, Anthony Walter 11/05/1990 Active Hyatt & Rhoads
Oyekan, Akinshola 11/17/2008 Active Law Offices of Shola Oyekan, LLC
Ozburn, Samuel Dwight 08/17/1982 Active Office of Samuel Dwight Ozburn
Ozcomert, Stephen M. 09/08/1998 Active Stephen M. Ozcomert, P.C.
Ozment, Kenneth R. 10/22/2001 Active Ozment Rein, LLC
Ozmer II, Joseph Windsor 05/15/2000 Active Wargo & French, LLP
Ozols, Robert Karl 05/19/2014 Active Maynard Cooper & Gale

L.R. 83.1 (D)(3) requires written notification of address changes. In addition to the letter required by L.R. 83.1 (D)(3), please file a "Notice of Change of Address," in each of your pending cases in order to notify the Clerk of Court and counsel when an address change occurs. For further inquiries regarding attorney status, please contact us at: