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United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of This Court

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Iannarone, Nicole G. 06/09/2003 Active Georgia State University
Iannazzone, Joseph Charles 01/04/1980 Active State Court of Gwinnett County
Iannuzzi , Katherine Lee 08/19/2013 Active Georgia Department of Law
Iarocci, Joseph John 12/10/1993 Active Lamar Archer & Cofrin
Ibekwe, Moore-Moses O. 11/14/1997 Active Ibekwe & Associates
Ibrahim, Jamie Heisler 12/01/2003 Active The Law Office of Jamie Heisler Ibrahim
Ichter, Cary 10/15/1984 Active Ichter Kresky & Associates, LLC
Idalski, Annette A. 04/06/1998 Active Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Ide, Jennifer N. 01/17/2002 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Ide III, Roy William 06/15/1966 Active
Ihns, Lisa Hewes 10/03/1985 Active Vaughan & Murphy
Ilardi, Frank Anthony 06/24/1998 Active Warshauer Law Group, PC
Iler, Clifton Miller 05/21/1992 Active Alston & Bird
Iler, Robyn Walters 08/07/1995 Inactive King & Spalding
Iley, Stephanie Lynn 05/19/1994 Active Office of Stephanie Lynn Iley
Imahara, David Kai 11/04/1996 Active Georgia Department of Corrections
Imbriale, James F. 12/04/1995 Active Hartman-Imbriale,LLP
Immerman, Leon Andrew 12/06/1993 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Imperial, Robert Kevin 11/05/1990 Active Hunter Maclean Exley & Dunn-Sav
Indech , David Alexander 04/23/2010 Active David Indech & Associates, LLC
Indermark, Howard Walter 01/10/1994 Active Indermark Vaishnav, LLC
Indermark, Kristen Jones 11/04/1994 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Inegbenebor, Tasha Kemi 10/12/2000 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Infinger, Anne Strom 11/03/1986 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Ingham, Kevin M. 02/20/1996 Active Alston & Bird
Ingraham, Charles Walker 10/17/1980 Active Seyfarth Shaw-Atlanta
Ingram, Bobby F. 01/04/1980 Active
Ingram, E. Michael 07/07/1976 Active National Data Corporation
Ingram, George Conley 03/08/1955 Active Alston & Bird
Ingram, John Neal 11/04/1994 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Ingram, Katherine L. 04/18/2005 Active Law Offices of Jeanie Tupper, P.C.
Ingram, Kerry Lynn 05/04/2000 Active Clarkson & Williams
Ingram Jr., Richard A. 05/01/1995 Active Fleming Jackson Ingram & Floyd
Ingram, Robert Donald 10/11/1984 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Ingram , Ryan M. 05/02/2011 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Ingram, Stephen Joiner 03/31/1986 Active
Ingram, Sylvia Lark 06/02/1980 Active Cobb County Superior Court
Ingram, Wayne E. 09/30/1976 Active Ellenberg Ogier & Rothschild
Ingram, William Thetford 07/18/1974 Active
Ingrum Jr., Charles Mack 03/03/1997 Active Office of Charles M. Ingrum
Inman, Diana Hamner 07/24/1989 Active Blair Conaway Bograd & Martin
Inman, Mark Ashley 10/18/1989 Active Office of Mark Ashley Inman
Inniss, Karen Michelle 11/10/2008 Active Fulton County Solicitor's Office
Insley, Brynda Rodriguez 01/05/1987 Active Insley & Race
Ionescu, Andrei Vlad 05/09/2013 Active Webb Zschunke Neary & Dikeman, LLP
Ip, Kamcheung Thomas 10/11/1984 Inactive
Ippoliti, Andrea Hart 05/03/2004 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -GA
Iqal, Maysoun B. 11/04/2002 Active Sicay-Perrow & Knighten
Irby, Elizabeth Day 10/03/2005 Active Hall, Arbery, Gilligan, Roberts & Shanlever, LLP
Irby, John Hamptom 08/01/1988 Active Wilson Brock & Irby
Irby , Mark E. 11/08/2007 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Irby, Robert Brent 06/04/2007 Active McCallum, Hoaglund, Cook & Irby, LLP
Iredale, Eugenia Wooten 11/15/2004 Active Fellows La Briola, LLP
Ireland, John K. 11/12/1998 Active Flanagan & Ireland
Irvin, Alexander McArthur 06/15/1970 Active Irvin Bowen Hale-Smith, LLC
Irvin, Donna F. 08/17/1982 Active
Irvin, James T. 01/24/1977 Active Office of James T. Irvin
Irvin, Jill Marie 10/27/2014 Active LoRusso Law Firm
Irvin, Robert Andrew 01/08/1975 Inactive
Irvine, John David 10/03/1985 Inactive Irvine & Irvine
Irvine, Joyce Clower 10/03/1985 Active Irvine & Irvine
Irving, Stephen Wade 10/07/1985 Active Office of Stephen W. Irving
Irwin, Barry Gordon 11/23/1987 Active Barry Gordon Irwin, Attorney at Law
Irwin, David B. 05/06/1965 Active Superior Court Rockdale Judicial Circuit
Irwin III, R. Christopher 10/12/2000 Active Cook Noell Tolley & Bates, LLP
Irwin Jr., Robert Christopher 06/15/1970 Active Shivers & Associates
Isaac, Ruth Ellen 10/22/1981 Active
Isaacs II, William O. 04/29/2002 Active King & Spalding
Isabel, Sarah E. Gohl 10/01/2007 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Isabell, Jacqueline 04/22/2008 Active Jacqueline Isabell, Esq.
Isaf, Fred T. 07/24/1975 Active Peterson Dillard Young Asselin & Powell
Isaf, Louis Thomas 09/29/1977 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
Isbell, John F. 10/30/2001 Active Thompson Hine LLP-GA
Isenberg, Douglas Mitchell 09/30/1996 Active Needle & Rosenberg
Isenberg, Harriet Cohen 10/03/1985 Active Isenberg & Hewitt
Isenberg, Ryan Lance 12/03/2001 Active Isenberg & Hewitt, P.C.
Isle, Kevin E. Belle 05/20/1993 Active Office of Kevin E. Belle Isle
Ismail, Jerry S. 11/13/2000 Active Protas Spivok & Collins
Isom, John Gober 05/28/1991 Active Cauthorn & Associates
Ison, Heather Marie 04/30/2001 Active Smith Welch & Brittain
Ison, Tommy Jerry 10/17/1980 Active
Ison, William H. 04/09/1969 Active
Israel, John Michael 08/16/1999 Active Office of John M. Israel
Israel, Sharon Audrey 09/26/1996 Active Mayer Brown LLP-TX
Issa, Mark J. 06/28/2004 Active The Issa Law Firm, P.C.
Isted, Kathryn E. 04/23/2010 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP - Atl
Itkin, Robert 05/22/1996 Active Office of Robert Itkin
Iturbe, Mina 11/01/2012 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Ivan, Amy E. 03/21/2000 Active Ivan Law Firm, P.C.
Ivester, J. Fred 01/08/1975 Active
Ivey, Dallas Robert 04/29/2003 Active Aldridge Connors, LLP
Ivey, David Michael 07/01/1977 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Ivey , Jennifer Suzanne 01/23/2012 Active Linley Jones, P.C.
Ivey, Laura Musselman 05/20/1993 Active Office of Laura Musselman Ivey
Ivie, Stephen L. 07/16/1984 Active Stephen L. Ivie, P.C.
Ivy, Charles Henry 07/28/1975 Active Law Office of Charles Ivey
Ivy , Janaun J. 09/17/2012 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -Atl
Izenson, Mark S. 05/01/1989 Active Schweber Izenson & Anderson

L.R. 83.1 (D)(3) requires written notification of address changes. In addition to the letter required by L.R. 83.1 (D)(3), please file a "Notice of Change of Address," in each of your pending cases in order to notify the Clerk of Court and counsel when an address change occurs. For further inquiries regarding attorney status, please contact us at: