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United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of This Court

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Haan, Debra Karen 05/20/1993 Active Gray Rust St. Amand Moffett & Brieske, LLP
Haan, Gregson Thomas 08/11/1986 Active McCullough, Payne & Haan
Haas, Carol 09/14/1987 Active Office of Carol Haas
Haas, Cheryl L. 06/18/2001 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Haas, Dana Elizabeth Marty 12/16/2002 Active Alston & Bird
Haas, Emma Crist 04/02/2009 Active U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
Haas, Lennon 02/24/2014 Active Ballard Spahr LLP-Atl
Haas, Penny J. 05/20/1993 Active Bignault & Haas
Haas III, William Melvin 01/27/1978 Active Constangy Brooks & Smith
Haase, Eric P. 05/31/1995 Active John J. McManus & Associates
Habachy, Joseph S. 04/30/2001 Active Law Offices of Joseph S. Habachy, P.C.
Haber, Brooke Weiss 06/02/2014 Active Smith & Liss, LLC
Haber, Joel Michael 09/29/1977 Active Office of Joel M. Haber
Haber, Michael S. 01/09/1974 Active Baker , Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz
Habibi, Jahangeer 02/25/1991 Active Office of Jahan Habibi
Habif, Leonard Nace 09/29/1977 Active Habif & Habif
Habif, Michael A. 07/21/1980 Inactive
Hable, Shay Zeemer 12/09/2002 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Hachat , Jesse Daniel 06/06/2011 Active Sicay-Perrow & Knighten
Hackemeyer, Jennifer Lynn 02/04/1985 Active Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education
Hackett, Mark David 05/20/1993 Active Lawrence Lawrence & Richardson
Hackett, Stanley H. 06/13/1977 Active Stanley H. Hackett
Hackney Jr., Donald I. 08/22/1978 Active
Hackney, Edward T. 08/10/1998 Active Southcorp USA, Inc.
Hackney, Elbert R. 10/04/1979 Active
Hackworth, Nekia Shantel 04/22/2008 Active U.S. Attorneys Office - ATL
Haddad , Juwayn 05/14/2012 Active Haddad Law Group
Hadden III, Frank L. 02/20/1985 Active
Hadden, J. Wayne 06/18/1979 Active Daniel Hadden & Alford, P.C.
Hadden, John David 01/10/2005 Active Turkheimer & Hadden, LLC
Haddon, William C. 05/23/1962 Active Office of William C. Haddon
Haden, C. Clay 08/21/2000 Active Seyfarth Shaw
Haden, Mary Elaine Gill 10/12/2000 Active Fisher & Phillips
Haderlein, Robert Kendall 04/17/1995 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Hadley , Adrienne Elizabeth 04/22/2008 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Hadley Jr., Roy Edward 12/14/1988 Active Thompson Hine LLP-GA
Hadley, Sybil C. 05/15/1989 Active PSA Healthcare
Hadra, Amy Lin 08/20/2007 Active Bird Law Group, P.C.
Haeger , Stephen Wesley 06/11/2007 Active Howe Law Firm, P.C.
Haesemeyer , Julia N. 12/08/2008 Active Johnson Hobgood Rutherford LLC
Haeussler, Timothy Jay 10/16/1986 Active Woodall & McGahee
Hafer, Randall Frederick 07/01/1985 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Haff, Tracy K. 02/14/2005 Active Buckley Brown, P.C.
Haffke, Julie Black 01/02/1996 Active Hunton & Williams
Hagadorn III, Charles 05/09/2013 Active Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner-Atl
Hagaman, David C. 01/08/1975 Active Ford & Harrison LLP-ATL
Hagan, James W. 05/21/1991 Active Alston & Bird
Hagan, Michael Kirby 10/02/1978 Inactive
Hagel, Gali Lynn 06/07/1999 Active Office of Gali L. Hagel
Hagen, Bruce A. 03/26/1987 Active Bruce A. Hagen, P.C.
Hagen, Jessica Joan-Marie 05/03/1993 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Hagenau, Wendy L. 11/14/1983 Active U.S. Bankruptcy Court-GA
Hagenbush, Andrew Lee 11/14/2011 Active Morgan & Morgan, PLLC - Atl
Hager, Ashley Zeiler 02/27/1995 Active Troutman Sanders
Hagerty , Peter Robert 10/02/2006 Active Cantor Colburn, LLP-GA
Haggard, H. Patrick 09/29/1983 Active Timmons Haggard & Carney
Haggerty , Christopher Shawn 04/22/2008 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Hagler, Richard C. 09/19/2005 Active Hagler, Jackson & Walters
Hagler, Robert C. 05/11/1992 Active Fulcher Hagler LLP
Hagy, C. Christopher 04/14/1971 Active
Hagy, David Scott 12/18/1995 Active The Law Office of David S. Hagy, PLC
Hahamovitch, Michelle 04/13/1998 Active Mullman Law Group
Hahn, Kimberly Anne 08/18/2003 Active King & Spalding
Hahn Jr., Stanley Robert 07/18/1983 Active S. Robert Hahn Law Offices, P.C.
Haider, Dania Leite 03/10/2014 Active Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP
Haidermota, Rudin E. 12/06/1993 Active
Haidet, Jeffrey Keith 03/20/1986 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Haigh, Adam 05/18/2001 Active Earthlink, Inc.
Haigh, Lindsay M. 05/22/2006 Active Lindsay M. Haigh, Esq.
Hailey, Charles David 08/17/1982 Active Mozley Finlayson & Loggins
Hain , Gilbert Frederick 04/02/2009 Active Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP-Atl
Haines, Douglas P. 05/09/1994 Active Georgia Legal Watch
Haines, Kathryn Paige Otwell 06/03/1991 Active Office of Kathryn P.O. Haines
Haining, Catherine Malloy 04/29/2003 Active Hunton & Williams
Hair, Nichole Lee 03/31/2008 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Hairston, Andrew Jasper 07/13/1971 Active
Hairston, Cynthia Marie 11/04/1994 Active Office of Cynthia M. Hairston
Haislip Jr., Zesely Bryan 02/04/1985 Active Office of DeKalb County Solicitor
Haisten, Melissa A. Powell 05/17/2004 Active Haynie Litchfield & Crane
Hait, Alexander Gray 06/23/1997 Active North Metro Litigators
Hajosy, Courtney S. 05/26/1992 Inactive McCalla Raymer Padrick Cobb Nichols & Clark
Hakes, Francey 03/25/2002 Active Office of United States Attorney
Halberg, Blake Dexter 04/27/1987 Active DeVille & Halberg
Haldar, Lisa M. 04/02/2009 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Haldi Jr., Charles G. 10/03/1985 Active Office of C.G. Haldi, Jr.
Haldi, Charles Glenville 01/24/1963 Active Office of Glenville Haldi
Hale, Debra Walls 10/31/1991 Active Office of Debra Walls Hale
Hale, Floyd C. 04/15/1969 Active Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Hale, Jarrett Lee 01/22/2001 Active Hunton & Williams - Dallas
Hale, Jeanette Lynn 01/08/1981 Active
Hale, Kimberley J. 10/18/2000 Active Kazmarek Mowrey Cloud Laseter LLP
Hale, Lisa T. 07/16/1997 Active Seyfarth Shaw
Hale, Loletha Denise 04/21/2003 Active Law Offices of Loletha Denise Hale, P.c.
Hale , Lori Ann 11/21/2014 Active Law Office of Lori Ann Hale
Hale, Martin Frederick 01/05/1977 Active
Hale, William Lamar 10/18/1989 Active Webb Tanner & Powell
Hale-Smith, Ann Bachman 10/17/1980 Active Irvin Bowen Hale-Smith, LLC
Halebian Jr., Michael 06/18/1982 Active
Hales Jr., H. Edward 05/03/1976 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Haley, Elizabeth Stover 10/03/1985 Inactive Smith Gambrell & Russell
Haley Jr., George B. 11/16/1951 Inactive Kilpatrick Stockton
Haley, J. William 03/13/1978 Active Jones & Haley
Haley, Jacqueline 11/12/2003 Active Troutman Sanders
Haley , James Dobb 05/25/2012 Active James D. Haley, P.C.
Haley , Megan Claire 07/06/2009 Active Fellows La Briola, LLP
Haley, Nedom A. 03/10/1980 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Haley, Suzanne R. 02/25/2008 Active McGuireWoods, LLP-NC
Haley, Timothy Wesley 04/02/2009 Active Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLP
Halfond, Ira 11/07/1988 Active Cohan & Vener
Haliburton, Preston 09/14/2009 Active Law Office of Preston Haliburton
Hall, Allan J. 02/19/1974 Active Office of Allan J. Hall
Hall, Andrew C. 10/04/1996 Active Hall Hirsh Hughes, LLC
Hall, Anthony James 04/19/2004 Active Littler Mendelson, Orlando
Hall, Austin Millar 12/12/2011 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Hall, Beverly J. 09/22/1989 Active LaFon & Hall
Hall, Brian Patrick 12/08/1997 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Hall, Candace Lynnette 11/04/1994 Active Newlin & Porter
Hall, Carolyn Laureen 11/04/1996 Active Office of District Attorney
Hall , Carolyn Leigh 08/02/2010 Active Hall & Hall Immigration Attorneys, LLC
Hall, Charles Daron 08/02/2010 Active Charles D. Hall
Hall, Charles Martin 07/24/1975 Active Office of Charles M. Hall
Hall, Christine H. 07/10/2000 Active Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, LLP-GA
Hall, Christopher Baker 03/17/1997 Active Hall & Lampros, LLP
Hall, Christopher Mayo 01/16/1996 Active Office of Christopher M. Hall
Hall, Courtney Anne 11/04/1996 Active King & Spalding
Hall, Cynthia D. 05/20/1993 Active Franklin, Cooper & Marcus
Hall, Diana Jeannine 02/26/1996 Active
Hall Jr., Edwin Lowell 11/05/1990 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Hall, F. Kennedy 12/14/1987 Active Hall Bloch Garland & Meyer
Hall , Gabriel Anthony 08/25/2014 Active The Law Office of Anthony Hall, LLC
Hall, George R. 06/17/1996 Active Hull Towill Norman Barrett & Salley
Hall , Gordon Clark 04/23/2010 Active The Gordon Hall Law Firm, P.C.
Hall, Harry E. 09/29/1983 Inactive
Hall, Howell Alexander 10/11/1984 Active Pendergast & Associates, P.C.
Hall , Ian Kyle 02/03/2014 Active Pace Law, P.C.
Hall III, J. Ellsworth 03/18/1991 Active Hall Bloch Garland & Meyer
Hall II, James Franklin 10/18/1989 Active Hall & Morgan
Hall, James Randal 08/17/1982 Active Warlick Tritt & Stebbins
Hall, Jamila Marjani 05/17/2004 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Hall, Jan Tore 02/17/1983 Active
Hall Jr., John E. 10/11/1984 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Hall , Jon Travis 04/02/2009 Active Chambless Higdon Richardson Katz & Griggs
Hall, Joseph Michael 04/27/1988 Active The Hall Law Group, P.C.
Hall, Julie C. 04/29/2003 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Hall, Justin T. 10/04/1979 Active Office of Justin T. Hall
Hall, Katherine Weaver 01/31/2013 Active Weaver Law Firm
Hall, Kathleen Ingram 03/20/1986 Active Office of Kathleen Ingram Hall
Hall, Kevin W. 05/20/1991 Active Kevin W. Hall, Esq.
Hall, Kimberly Evva 12/17/1990 Active
Hall, Kristin Leah 04/29/2002 Active Law Office of Sharon Chester Barnes
Hall, Kristopher Thomas 06/02/1997 Active Office of Kristopher T. Hall
Hall, Lloyd E. N. 09/30/1976 Active
Hall, Marissa Lanier 06/05/2014 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Hall, Mark A. 11/15/1982 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore
Hall, Mary Anne 10/05/1992 Active Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis
Hall, Mason Craig 01/19/1993 Active OldCastle, Inc.
Hall, Michael Campbell 01/08/1975 Active Hall, Williamson & Hart, PC
Hall , Miles E. 01/23/2012 Active Meunier Carlin & Curfman, LLC -Atl
Hall, Patricia Ann 10/11/1984 Active
Hall, Peter Nathaniel 12/20/2004 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Hall, Robert E. 01/09/1974 Active Robert E. Hall, P.C.
Hall, Steven G. 08/15/1994 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
Hall, Susan Elizabeth 09/26/2005 Active CarMax
Hall, Thomas D. 09/29/1983 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Hall, Timothy Keith 11/30/2009 Active Timothy K. Hall, LLC
Hall, Titilola 08/29/2011 Active Titilola Hall, Attoirney at Law
Hall Jr., Warren R. 12/02/1994 Active Hall, Arbery, Gilligan, Roberts & Shanlever, LLP
Halligan, Timothy M. 02/18/1982 Active
Hallman Jr., Francis Edwin 12/13/1971 Active Hallman & Wingate, LLC
Hallman, James T. 07/25/1994 Active
Hallman, Mary Kathryn 05/19/1994 Active Alston & Bird
Hallman, Ronald Wayne 03/25/1991 Active Hallman & Stewart
Hallmark, Albert A. 11/26/1984 Active Hallmark, Bowman & Hallmark
Hallmark, Anthony A. 08/06/2001 Active Hallmark, Bowman & Hallmark
Halperin, Scott 04/29/2002 Active Law Office of Scott Halperin
Halpern, Jack Norman 07/24/1975 Inactive Office of Jack Norman Halpern
Halpern , Jennifer Jacobs 11/06/2009 Active Morgan & Morgan, PLLC - Atl
Halpern, Scott 06/22/1981 Active Smith White Sharma & Halpern
Halpin, John K. 06/24/1985 Active
Halsey, Anna Carr 02/08/2010 Active Robins Kaplan, LLP-ATL
Halstead-White, Melissa J. 12/22/1997 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Halter , Dudley Michael 05/02/2011 Active Dudley M. Halter, Atty at Law
Haltom, Steve Dwight 10/11/1984 Inactive
Haltzel-Haas, Rebecca A. 11/04/1996 Inactive The Coca-Cola Company
Halverson, Mark David 05/15/1989 Active Helms & Greene, LLC-Ga
Ham, Charles Wright 05/21/1992 Active Office of Charles Wright Ham
Ham, Ellen C. 08/09/1999 Active Ford & Harrison
Hamann, John David 03/27/2000 Active Howrey, LLP-San Francisco
Hamann, Malinda C. 02/03/1992 Active U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Hamann, Paula Kosky 10/07/2002 Active Alston & Bird
Hamb Jr., Roosevelt 10/18/1989 Active Georgia Department of Corrections
Hamberg III, Walter 03/18/1996 Active Adam R. Gaslowitz & Associates
Hamby, Jeffrey Douglas 10/03/1985 Active
Hamer, Robert Carl 10/17/1980 Active
Hames, Adam Marshall 01/11/1999 Active The Hames Law Firm, LLC
Hames, William Moor 08/06/1963 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Hamil, Richard Timothy 10/03/1985 Active Lipscomb Johnson Sleister Dailey & Smith
Hamilton, Alan J. 01/30/2006 Active Shiver Hamilton, LLC
Hamilton VI, Alexander Daniel 12/05/2005 Active Law Office of Alexander Daniel Hamilton
Hamilton, Andrew Jackson 09/13/1971 Active Hamilton Westby Antonowich & Anderson
Hamilton, Angela Little 07/01/1991 Active A. L. Hamilton & Associates LLC
Hamilton, Christopher 03/04/1996 Inactive Georgia Department of Corrections
Hamilton, Christopher J. 05/19/1994 Active Carothers & Mitchell, LLC
Hamilton, David C. 06/13/2005 Active Martenson Hasbrouck & Simon, LLP
Hamilton, Delores L. 08/03/1998 Active Hibbert & Hamilton
Hamilton, Dinah Leigh 12/09/1985 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Hamilton, Edwin L. 12/05/1988 Active Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP
Hamilton, Eunice A. 04/12/1999 Active Office of E. Hamilton
Hamilton, Frank William 03/18/1994 Active The Hamilton Law Firm
Hamilton, Holly Anne 10/30/1989 Active Phillips & Reid
Hamilton III, Hubert E. 09/19/1980 Active The Hamilton Firm
Hamilton, James A. 01/09/1978 Active Office of James A. Hamilton
Hamilton, John R. 01/08/1975 Active
Hamilton, Joni C. 12/04/1989 Active Sellars Marion & Bachi
Hamilton , Karen 04/30/2007 Active Socheat Chea, P.C.
Hamilton, Marilyn P. 11/20/1995 Active The Marilyn P. Hamilton Law Firm
Hamilton, Michelle C. 11/16/1998 Active Fisher & Phillips
Hamilton, Reid Henry 03/20/1986 Active
Hamilton, Richard Philip 04/10/2000 Active Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLC - Atl
Hamilton, Robert Francis 09/29/1977 Active Dodson & Associates
Hamilton, Trenton Arthur 01/30/2006 Active Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP
Hamilton III, W. Russell 02/14/2000 Active Morgan Lewis & Bockius
Hamilton, Willie Neal 04/09/2001 Active Office of Willie N. Hamilton P.C.
Hamlen Jr., Herschel H. 10/17/1983 Active Office of Herschel H. Hamlen, Jr.
Hamlet, Fred Thurman 01/09/1974 Active Office of Fred Thurman Hamlet
Hamlett, James Darrington 02/06/1993 Active Devereaux & Associates
Hamlin Jr., Wilbur Gordon 11/19/1979 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Hamling, Jeffrey Coe 01/09/1974 Active Office of Jeff C. Hamling, P.C.
Hamm, Sherry Dianne 05/20/1993 Active Office of Sherry Dianne Hamm
Hammack, Paul E. 05/22/2006 Active Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP-SC
Hammaker, John L. H. 02/09/1976 Active
Hammenecker , Ann A. 05/22/2006 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Hammer, Jason William 04/30/2007 Active Lueder, Larkin & Hunter, LLC
Hammer, Nancy Johannaber 01/09/1974 Active
Hammer, Randall Scott 05/20/1993 Active Kennedy Fulton & Koontz
Hammers Jr., Robert M. 03/08/2010 Active Schneider Hammers, LLC
Hammett, J. Richard 02/16/1984 Active Baker & McKenzie LLP-Houston
Hammett, Valerie Ann 06/04/1997 Active Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi
Hammette, Frank L. 01/05/1979 Inactive
Hammock, David Lawrence 07/28/1997 Active Office of Cobb County Attorney
Hammond, Austin Allen 05/20/1993 Active Hamond & Hammond
Hammond, Cullen 03/03/1975 Active Office of Cullen Hammond
Hammond, Dominique 05/19/1994 Active Hamond & Hammond
Hammond, John W. 01/09/1974 Active
Hammond III, Lester Harford 09/29/1977 Active
Hammond, Michael T. 02/05/2007 Active Hilley & Frieder
Hammond, Theresa H. 12/17/2001 Active Alston & Bird
Hammonds , Heather 05/02/2011 Active Oliver Maner, LLP
Hammonds, William Gerald 02/04/1991 Active Office of William G. Hammonds
Hammontree, J. Allen 12/06/1993 Active Goddard, Hammontree & Bolding, LLC
Hamner, Robert William 03/27/1969 Active
Hampton, Cathy D. 02/27/2014 Active Atlanta City Attorney
Hampton, Charles Joseph 01/05/1979 Active Whitley Hampton & Morgan
Hampton, Debbie T. 08/06/2001 Active Securities & Exchange Commission
Hampton, Ellen K. 08/17/1982 Active National Labor Relations Board
Hampton, Jennifer Lynn 11/04/1994 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Hamrick IV, Gordon Lee 04/29/2002 Active Georgia Court of Appeals
Hamrick, John Michael 03/01/2004 Active Holland & Knight-Atlanta
Hamrick III, William G. 02/10/1997 Active Smith & Diment
Hamrick Jr., William G. 05/07/1970 Active
Han, Benjamin Ian 05/13/2014 Active Hunton & Williams LLP -Atlanta
Han, Sam S. 04/29/2002 Active DeWoskin Law Firm, LLC
Hance, Holly 12/12/2005 Active Holly Hance, Attorney at Law
Hancher, Leigh C. 04/29/2003 Active The Whalen Law Firm, LLP
Hancock, Bobbie Sue 10/16/1986 Inactive Meadows & Lewis
Hancock, Jack Reynolds 01/07/1976 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Hancock, Joseph Phillip 02/18/1982 Active Office of J. Phillip Hancock
Hancock, Michael E. 12/22/1980 Active
Hancock, Parker Douglas 04/20/2015 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Hancock Jr., Robert D. 09/14/1973 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Hand Jr., Francis Dickson 12/16/1963 Active Frances Dickson Hand
Hand, Kerry Eston 05/19/2008 Active Nguyen Stephen PC
Handberg III, Roger Bernard 11/04/1994 Active Office of State Attorney General
Handelman, Irving Manual 02/28/1979 Inactive
Handelsman, S. George 01/07/1976 Active Office of S. George Handelsman
Handfinger, Adam P. 09/16/2002 Active Peckar & Abramson
Handley, David A. 08/22/1968 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Handley, Gerald Floyd 01/18/1966 Inactive Lokey & Smith
Handley, Jessica L. 02/13/1995 Active Awtrey & Parker
Handley, Lura L. 09/29/1977 Active
Handschuh, Jeremiah Richard 08/17/2009 Active The Mitchell Law Firm
Hanea, Raluca Livia 04/24/2012 Active Hanea Law Firm, LLC
Hanegan, Herbert Michael 11/28/1973 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Hanes, Christopher Manning 12/20/2004 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Haney, Amy Shulman 08/14/1989 Active Supreme Court of Georgia
Haney, B. Shane 11/04/1994 Active Neel & Smith
Hankins III, James Theodore 06/20/2011 Active Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP
Hankins, Janet Willy 02/13/2006 Active Georgia Public Defender Standards Council
Hankins, Richard Burton 12/09/1985 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Hankins, William Christopher 06/24/1996 Active Office of William C. Hankins
Hankins III, William T. 11/08/1993 Active DeKalb County Public Defender
Hankinson, Tommy 09/29/1997 Active Adams Barfield Dunaway & Hankinson
Hanks, Henry Douglas 01/09/1974 Active
Hanks, Jerald Robert 11/05/1990 Active Hanks Brookes, LLC
Hanks, John Curtis 07/24/1975 Active Office of John Curtis Hanks
Hanley, Jerry Gibson 04/02/2001 Active Office of Jerry Hanley
Hanlon, Carrie A. 11/07/1994 Active The Law Office of Carrie A. Hanlon
Hanlon, Elizabeth A. 04/30/2001 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Hanna, Amy Lucy 11/29/2010 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C.-Atl
Hanna, Donald Bruce 01/07/1976 Active Office of Donald B. Hanna, P.C.
Hanna, Frank Joseph 10/16/1986 Inactive
Hanna, Fred 02/18/1982 Active Frederick J. Hanna & Associates
Hanna, Jean Price 01/29/2001 Active McCausland Keen & Buckman
Hanna, L. Lynn 10/29/1979 Active L. Lynn Hanna & Associates
Hanna III, Ralph Emerson 05/19/1994 Active Hull Towill Norman Barrett & Salley
Hannah III, Homer Robert 06/30/1992 Active Office of Homer Robert Hannah, III
Hannah, Jeffrey A. 11/20/1995 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Hannah, Joanna Braswell 02/02/1987 Active Office of Joanna Braswell Hannah
Hannah, Penny 04/29/2003 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Hannah, William Ray 11/20/1995 Active Chambliss Bahner & Stophel, P.C.
Hannan, Bradley Miles 07/13/1992 Active Smith Hannan & Parker
Hannan III, Michael Joseph 11/05/1990 Active Michael J. Hannan, III, P.C.
Hannay, John Alexander 04/09/2007 Active Sharon W. Ware & Associates
Hanneld, Michael R. 01/04/1980 Inactive
Hanneman, James A. 04/08/1996 Active Plichta & Associates
Hannon, James Michael 04/29/2003 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 38
Hannon, Patrick J. 05/29/2001 Active Hall & Lampros, LLP
Hanofee, Timothy V. 12/05/1977 Active Office of Timothy V. Hanofee
Hanrahan, Margaret Santen 05/05/2008 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.-Atl
Hanrahan, Mark Vincent 11/14/1997 Active Autry, Cole, Hanrahan, Hall & Cook, LLP
Hanrahan, Monica J. 01/10/2005 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. -Atl
Hansel, Marla Newbauer 09/09/1991 Active address mark
Hansen, Brian F. 09/22/1997 Active Kutak Rock, LLP-ATL
Hansen, Brian Lee 11/17/1997 Active Thompson O'Brien Kemp & Nasuti
Hansen, David J. 04/01/1985 Active Preferred Oncology Networks of America
Hansen Jr., Edwin Lewis 03/04/1959 Inactive Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead
Hansen, Harold Victor 12/02/1974 Active Fisher & Phillips
Hansen , Simon Peter 12/10/2013 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Hansen, Stephanie Anne 02/06/2006 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Hansford, Brian Allen 10/26/1999 Active Miles Hansford & Tallant, LLC
Hansford, Lauren MacLeod 12/17/2001 Active The Galloway Law Group, LLC
Hansford, Nathaniel Fincher 10/30/2001 Active Hotz & Associates
Hansford, V. Nathaniel 07/23/1968 Inactive
Hanson, Avarita Laurel 02/16/1984 Active
Hanson, Cindy Dawn 06/22/1998 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Hanson, David Christopher 10/20/2010 Active Weathington Smith, P.C. - ATL
Hanson, Eric J. 04/26/1999 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Hanson, Jeffrey B. 10/31/1991 Active Sell & Melton
Hanson, Jennifer Sullivan 07/02/2001 Active Office of Bruce S. Harvey
Hanson, Mark Louis 05/16/1990 Active Jones Day
Hanson, Michael F. 11/08/1999 Active The Hanson Firm, LLC
Hanthorn, Gregory Russell 01/06/1986 Active Jones Day
Hanyard, Nicol J. 05/31/1995 Active Hanyard Law Office, P.C.
Haque, Aliyya Zafreen 11/07/2013 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Harbaugh, Jennifer Rae 05/17/2004 Active Chuck Clay & Associates, LLC
Harben Jr., Ralph Ernest 07/12/1968 Active
Harben Jr., Sam Sloan 12/28/1960 Active Harben , Hartley & Hawkins, LLP
Harber, Carolyn Lee 10/03/1988 Active Internal Revenue Service
Harbert, Thomas Reynold 02/01/1988 Active McLarty Robinson & Van Voorhies
Harbin Jr., Charles Gerald 10/28/2002 Active Law Office of Charles G. Harbin
Harbin, John Weldon 12/03/1984 Active Meunier Carlin & Curfman, LLC -Atl
Harbour, Steven Earl 12/10/1979 Active Anderson Dailey
Hardage, Angela Collins 02/16/1988 Active Feldman & Associates
Hardaman, Donna Marie 10/16/1986 Active Office of John C. Tyler
Hardee, James William 04/30/2001 Active Fain Major & Brennan, PC
Hardegree, W. Craig 10/18/1989 Active Hardegree Law Firm, P.C.
Hardegree , William B. 11/10/2008 Active Hatcher Stubbs Land Hollis & Rothschild
Harden, Debbie Weston 10/04/1982 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
Harden, Donald B. 10/06/1971 Active Fisher & Phillips LLP-ATL
Harden, Noah Thomas 05/26/2005 Active A.W. Franklin Bloodworth
Harden III, Timothy 06/04/1990 Active Jones Cork & Miller
Hardesty, Derek John 11/20/1995 Active King & Spalding
Hardigg, Glenda 07/24/1975 Active Hardigg Law Office
Hardin, Edward Jackson 03/21/1977 Active Rogers & Hardin
Hardin, James L. 09/13/1999 Active Melville Johnson
Hardin, Katharine C. 08/17/1982 Inactive
Hardin, Michael E. 05/19/1994 Active Mabry & McClelland
Hardin, P. Russell 02/17/1983 Inactive King & Spalding
Hardin, Tracey A. 03/14/2003 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Harding, Donna Lynn 07/08/2002 Active Clark & Washington
Harding, Todd Andrew 06/23/2008 Active Law Office of Todd Andrew Harding
Hardison, Brian Davon 10/26/1992 Active Office of Brian D. Hardison
Hardman, Charles Michael 10/22/1981 Active Casey Gilson P.C.
Hardman Jr., James R. 09/29/1983 Active Capes Harrison & Hardman
Hardman, William S. 06/29/1976 Active Office of William S. Hardman
Hardwick, Clifford Harold 08/08/1977 Active Office of Clifford H. Hardwick
Hardwick, Leah M. R. 06/30/2008 Active Fulton County Public Defenders Office
Hardwick, Pearce D. 11/27/1968 Active McGee & Oxford
Hardy, Brandon Chad 03/12/2007 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Hardy, Brooke Ryan 04/22/2008 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Hardy II, James Emmit 03/26/1987 Active Office of James Emmit Hardy, II
Hardy, Jennifer Nicole 06/03/2002 Active McPherson & Cook
Hardy, Jimmy 05/16/1990 Active Federal Defender Program Inc.-Atl
Hardy Jr., Joseph W. 03/08/1999 Active Arnall Golden Gregory LLP-ATL
Hardy, Kathryn Morris 10/21/1974 Active Cobb County Legal Aid
Hardy, Matthew Joseph 04/30/2001 Active Bray & Johnson
Hardy Jr., Max Brown 04/14/1967 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Hardy, Maxine 10/31/1991 Active Law Office of Maxine Hardy
Hardy, Sarah Jayne Link 12/17/1990 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Hardy, Steven William 06/15/1998 Active Stanford I O Law Group, LLC
Hare, Gregory J. 05/21/1992 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.-Atl
Hargrave, Amy Keye 12/02/2002 Active Strongwater & Associates
Hargrove, Bedelia C. 03/01/1999 Active Biggins & Associates
Hargrove, Travis C. 04/25/2014 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford, P.C.
Hargrove, Trisha D. 01/07/2013 Active Buchanan & Land
Hargus, Susan D. 08/21/2000 Active Warner Mayoue Bates Nolen & Collar
Harker, Robert James 07/18/2011 Active Robert J. Harker, LLC
Harkey, Robert S. 06/27/1967 Active Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Harkins, Clinton Alan 01/08/1975 Active Harkins & Henry
Harkins Jr., Harry Hokey 11/19/1987 Active Office of Harry Hokey Harkins, Jr.
Harkins, Marvin Joel 05/04/2000 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Harkins, Virginia Susan 06/27/1983 Active
Harkleroad, Donald R. 07/31/1978 Active Harkleroad & Hermance
Harkleroad, Roy Edgar 01/07/1976 Active Office of Roy Harkleroad
Harkness, Harvey D. 05/30/1972 Active Awtrey & Parker
Harkness Sr., Jerry Bruce 03/02/2007 Active Harkness Law Firm
Harlan , Stephen Alexander 04/04/2011 Active Harlan and Associates, LLC
Harlander, Lisa J. 02/14/2001 Active Troutman Sanders
Harle , Duncan Matthew 06/04/2007 Active Foy & Associates, P.C.
Harley, Craig Gordon 06/23/1986 Active Chitwood Harley Harnes
Harley, Gregory F. 12/11/1995 Active Burr & Forman, LLP-ATL
Harley, James Michael 06/16/1986 Inactive
Harlow, Tiffany B. 12/20/2004 Active Reynolds Law Group, LLC
Harman, C. Dale 10/08/1962 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney
Harman, Matthew Scott 01/31/2000 Active Harman Law, LLC
Harman, Nan Caroline 11/04/1994 Active Office of Nan Caroline Harman
Harman III, Robert Willard 10/02/1978 Active
Harman, Virginia Barrow 05/16/1984 Active McRae, Stegall, Peek, Harman, Smith & Manning, LLP
Harmelin, Dayna Brooke 12/18/2006 Active Dow Lohnes PLLC
Harmon, Jimmy Durell 08/22/1960 Active Jimmy D. Harmon
Harmon, John M. 03/11/1958 Active Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody
Harmon, Leon Carroll 09/29/1983 Active Nexsen Pruet Jacobs & Pollard
Harmon, Thelma L. 10/16/2000 Active Hirsch Robinson
Harney, Thomas C. 11/16/1972 Active Thomas C. Harney, Esq.
Harp, Hilary 05/13/1991 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Harp, John Anderson 12/03/1984 Active Taylor & Harp
Harper, Austin Franklin 01/22/2007 Active Clark & Clark
Harper, Cheryl Lee 02/24/1992 Active Office of Cheryl Lee Harper
Harper, Christine Elaine 04/29/2003 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Harper, Dustin Taylor 04/29/2010 Active Taylor, Feil, Harper, Lumsden & Hess, P.C.
Harper Jr., Eugene Willis 02/23/1987 Active Office of Eugene Willis Harper, Jr.
Harper, Heather Elizabeth 04/30/2001 Active Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy
Harper III, James Roland 01/18/1990 Active Office of James R. Harper, III
Harper, Jason T. 05/24/1999 Active United Way of Henry County
Harper, Joyce W. 02/17/1983 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
Harper, Lisa Fivars 10/31/1991 Active Taylor, Feil, Harper, Lumsden & Hess, PC
Harper, Mark C. 01/27/1992 Active Mayer & Harper
Harper, Mark N. 02/13/1995 Inactive Office of Mark N. Harper
Harper, Michael Dexter 06/17/1996 Active Michael D. Harper & Associates
Harper, Thomas Deason 10/17/1978 Active Thomas D. Harper, P.C.
Harper III, Thomas Oliver 11/04/1996 Active Center for Prisoners' Legal Assistance
Harper, William Lloyd 02/20/1962 Active United States District Court
Harps, Calandra A. 06/28/1999 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Harralson, James Gilbert 05/26/2005 Active AT&T Services, Inc.-Atl
Harrell, Broderick Wardell 10/02/2006 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Harrell, Dana 05/24/1999 Active Office of Dana Harrell
Harrell Jr, Jack E. 10/26/1999 Active Law Office of Jack E. Harrell, Jr.
Harrell, Jana L. 10/19/1992 Active Troutman Sanders
Harrell, Waymon Steven 10/03/1985 Active Hyatt Legal Services
Harrelson, Karaen Christine 08/08/1988 Active Office of K. Christine Harrelson
Harrill, Beth Anne 11/20/1995 Active United States Bankruptcy Court
Harrington, Jason Andrew 04/29/2003 Active Ashe Rafuse & Hill
Harrington, Lawrence Earl 09/30/1976 Active Office of Lawrence Earl Harrington
Harrington, Melanie Louise 05/20/1993 Active American Institute for Managing Diversity
Harris, Allen F. 07/07/1986 Active Peterson & Harris
Harris, Alvin Louis 04/15/1991 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford
Harris, Ann Bethune 11/20/1995 Active Office of Cobb County District Attorney
Harris, Ashley Sharee 01/24/2005 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP
Harris, Barbara Ann 01/05/1977 Active
Harris IV, Barry P. 07/21/1980 Active Jones Day
Harris, Beverly B. 10/22/1981 Active Office of Beverly B. Harris
Harris, Brian J. 04/09/2001 Active Mason Harris & Bahr
Harris, Brian Michael 02/05/2001 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Harris, Cheryl D. 11/20/1995 Active Cheryl D. Harris Attorney
Harris, Christina Marie 05/10/1999 Active Foster & Foster
Harris , Christopher Cole 04/30/2007 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Harris, Christopher G. 08/28/2000 Active Social Security Administration
Harris, Christopher J. 04/30/2007 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Harris , Christopher Michael 08/01/2014 Active Patty & Young, Attorneys at Law, LLC
Harris, David A. 12/17/2007 Active Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC
Harris, David J. 01/06/1969 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Harris, David Owen 01/27/1978 Active Office of David Owen Harris
Harris, Deborah Heyman 07/12/1985 Active Deborah H. Harris, Attorney at Law
Harris Jr., Edward M. 01/07/1976 Active Office of Edward M. Harris, Jr.
Harris, Elise 10/31/1988 Active U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Harris, Elizabeth Anne 10/15/2007 Active Georgia Department of Banking and Finance
Harris, Erin Penn 05/22/2006 Active Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Harris, Ernest V. 11/22/1974 Active Harris & Liken, LLP
Harris, Fatima 10/15/2007 Active The Harris Law Firm, LLC
Harris, Felisa 06/20/2000 Active The Harris Law Group
Harris, Frank Philips 08/17/1982 Active Harris & Bunch, LLC
Harris, Gary C. 06/09/1969 Active Gary C. Harris, Esq.
Harris Jr., Harold Stephen 01/24/1983 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Harris III, Henry Bullard 10/17/1980 Active
Harris, Jackson Baldwin 10/02/1978 Active Jackson Baldwin Harris, Esq.
Harris, James H. 05/21/1991 Active Chevron U.S.A., Inc.
Harris, Jana Lauren 10/22/1981 Active Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C.
Harris, Jeffrey R. 06/25/2001 Active Harris Penn Lowry LLP-GA
Harris, Jeffrey Wilson 03/20/1986 Active McNally Fox & Cameron
Harris, Jennifer A. 06/04/2007 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
Harris, Jet 04/05/1999 Active Eastman & Apolinsky
Harris Jr., Joe Frank 10/18/1989 Active Office of Joe Frank Harris, Jr. & Associates
Harris Jr., Joe M. 08/21/1972 Active Mack & Harris, P.C.
Harris, John Anderson 08/16/1993 Active Tisinger Vance, P.C.
Harris Jr., John Calhoun 08/07/1989 Active The Law Office of James C. McLaughlin
Harris, John Robert 07/16/1979 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Harris Jr., Jon R. 02/20/1985 Active King & Spalding
Harris, Joseph Jackson 02/09/2015 Active The Finley Firm, P.C.
Harris, Judith Inge 02/16/1984 Active Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead
Harris, Karolynn Jones 06/27/2011 Active Pizza Law Offices
Harris, Kevin Brian 01/28/2013 Active Smith Wallis & Scott, LLP
Harris, Kimberly Cofer 09/11/1992 Active Ellis Painter Ratterree & Adams, LLP
Harris, Kimberly Colby 08/26/1996 Active Office of Kimberly C. Harris
Harris, Kirk Edward 11/21/1985 Active Cornell University
Harris , La Tashia Denise 04/23/2010 Active Law Office of La Tashia Denise Harris
Harris, Leetra Janeen 05/17/2004 Active Caldwell & Watson, LLP
Harris, Marvin Derek 02/24/2003 Active Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, P.A.-West FL
Harris, Mary Caroline 03/18/1999 Active Epstein Becker & Green
Harris, Mary Catherine 09/08/1986 Active Helms & Helms
Harris, Nancy Michele 08/16/2004 Active Gwinnett County Department of Law
Harris, Neal Jackson 10/22/1984 Active Ruskell & Harris
Harris, Randall Dean 02/20/1985 Active Hogan Casey & Cooper
Harris, Richard E. 05/31/1995 Active Richard E. Harris
Harris, Robert Anson 10/20/1967 Active
Harris Jr., Robert Brittain 07/18/1974 Active
Harris, Rodney Stefan 11/04/1996 Active Georgia Superior Court
Harris, Roger E. 07/19/1999 Active Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP
Harris, Rudy T. 05/02/2011 Active Hall County Solicitor's Office
Harris, Scott K. 10/16/1986 Active Friend Hudak & Harris
Harris , Stacy Sanders 04/22/2008 Active Stacy Harris, LLC
Harris Jr., Stanley E. 01/25/1988 Active Duffy & Feemster, LLC
Harris, Steven D. 02/04/1985 Active Harris Phillips & Harris
Harris, Steven Lamar 12/14/1988 Active Nick Long & Associates
Harris, Troy Lane 02/04/1991 Active University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
Harris, Twila Y. 06/28/2004 Active Georgia Law Group
Harris , Ulusra S. 04/30/2007 Active Harris Law, LLC
Harris, Vanessa Louise Bliss 11/19/2001 Active Office of Vanessa Louise Bliss Harris
Harris Jr., W. Hensell 04/27/1971 Active Wasson Sours & Harris
Harris III, William Arthur 05/04/2000 Active Miller & Martin
Harris, William Camp 10/09/1980 Active Harris & James
Harris Sr., William Davis 01/07/1976 Active
Harris-Abraham, Dana M. 09/30/1996 Active Office of Dana M. Harris-Abraham
Harris-Jenkins, Pamela Rose 05/16/1990 Active Office of Pamela Rose Harris-Jenkins
Harrison, Anthony L. 02/18/1982 Active Harrison & Harrison
Harrison, Bradley James 03/20/2009 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Harrison, Bryan Guy 08/12/1991 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Harrison III, Charles T. 07/10/1972 Active
Harrison, Chason Lash 05/15/1970 Active Ford & Harrison
Harrison Jr., Chason Lash 10/31/1991 Active Davis Matthews & Quigley
Harrison, Cynthia Wright 09/28/1992 Active The Harrison Firm, LLC
Harrison, David L. 10/04/1979 Active Albert A. Mitchell & Associates
Harrison, Elizabeth Nicole 11/04/1994 Active Deming Parker Hoffman Green & Campbell
Harrison , Erica Elizabeth 05/09/2013 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Harrison, G. Hughel 06/09/1959 Active Harrison & Harrison
Harrison, Garnett 11/03/1978 Active
Harrison, Janet Marie 11/29/1993 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Harrison, Jill M. 10/26/1992 Active Dow Lohnes PLLC
Harrison, John Cain 12/15/1980 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Coldwell & Berkowitz
Harrison, John Michael 09/03/1985 Active Davis Matthews & Quigley
Harrison, John Milton 09/21/1960 Active Harrison & Llop
Harrison, John S. 03/04/1959 Active Office of John S. Harrison
Harrison , Lindsey Rae 11/04/2013 Active The Manely Firm, P.C.
Harrison, Myron D. 11/10/1971 Active Office of Mike D. Harrison
Harrison, R. Chris 04/30/2001 Active Downey & Cleveland
Harrison, Randall P. 01/08/1975 Active Office of Randall P. Harrison
Harrison , Richard 11/01/2012 Active Middleton Firm
Harrison II, Ronald Eldridge 03/24/2014 Active The Harrison Firm
Harrison, Samuel Hughel 10/19/1981 Active Harrison & Harrison
Harrison, Scott Jackson 04/22/2008 Active Morgan & Morgan, PLLC - Atl
Harrison, Stephen P. 01/27/1978 Active Harrison & Harrison
Harrison, Steven Mitchell 12/19/1984 Active Office of Steven Mitchell Harrison
Harrison, Teeka K. 02/06/2006 Active Polsinelli, P.C.
Harrison, Vicki L. Blackburn 05/11/1992 Active
Harrison, Victor Joseph 01/10/2000 Active Harrison & Horan, P.C.
Harrison, William D. 03/09/1981 Active Mozley Finlayson & Loggins
Harrison-Walton, Hoganne A. 01/11/2010 Active The Hogan Law Firm, LLC
Harriss, Robert J. 10/03/1973 Active Harriss Hartman Aaron Wharton & Boyd
Harrold Jr., Thomas J. 01/07/1970 Active McCullough Sherrill
Harrow, Aynsley Meredith 12/17/2007 Active Insley & Race, LLC
Harry III, James Walter 04/24/1997 Active Office of James W. Harry III
Harry, Keshawn Michael 04/29/2003 Active Alston & Bird
Harsh, Lucas O. 01/08/2001 Active Peevy & Lancaster
Harshman, Hillary 10/31/2011 Active Fields Howell
Hart , Bettieanne Childers 03/19/2012 Active Bettieanne Childers Hart, Attorney at Law, LLC
Hart, Catherine Elizabeth 08/09/2004 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Hart, Daniel Paul 08/01/2005 Active Seyfarth Shaw, LLP-Atl
Hart, Edwin Martin 07/24/1975 Active
Hart, George W. 06/01/1966 Active McIntyre & Associates
Hart, James Edward 11/14/1997 Active Office of James E. Hart
Hart, John E. 08/18/1975 Inactive
Hart, Lee 08/18/2008 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP - Atl
Hart, Lynn Leary 10/02/1978 Active
Hart, Marie S. 10/17/1980 Active
Hart III, Ronald Paul 04/25/2014 Active Karsman, McKenzie & Hart
Hart Jr., Sam Dudley 05/21/1991 Active Office of Sam Dudley Hart, Jr.
Hart Jr., Samuel F. 02/09/2009 Active Dozier Law Firm, LLC
Hart, Sarah Elizabeth 05/26/2005 Active Hatcher Stubbs Land Hollis & Rothschild
Hart, Scott A.I. 05/05/2003 Active The Hart Law Firm
Hart, Steven Anthony Isles 12/06/1993 Active Hart & Guidice, LLC
Hart, Wendy B. 10/12/2005 Active Schiff Hardin, LLP-GA
Hart, William Stephen 10/15/1993 Active Glynn County Public Defender's Office
Hart, William Troy 11/14/1997 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
Harter, Jodi Lynn 07/03/1995 Active Office of Jodi L. Harter
Hartin, David Phillip 10/04/1979 Active Office of David P. Hartin
Hartin, Meg Tysinger 08/06/1984 Active Edwards Friedewald & Grayson
Hartley, Alton G. 12/29/1980 Active Law Office of Jeanne Anne Steffin
Hartley, Frank 02/07/2005 Active Thompson, Sweeny, Kinsinger & Pereira, P.C.
Hartley, George Michael 06/14/1973 Inactive Hartley Rowe & Fowler
Hartley, Phillip L. 10/04/1979 Active Harben , Hartley & Hawkins, LLP
Hartman, Don Lee 04/29/1968 Active Harriss Hartman Aaron Wharton & Boyd
Hartman, Jodi Lyn 04/29/2003 Active Merchant & Gould
Hartman, Michael J. 02/26/2001 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Hartman, Zhierlynn Mae 06/08/2009 Active Z.M. Hartman, P.C.
Hartness, Edward L. 07/18/1974 Active Hartness & Link
Harton, Anita Ellis 09/25/1989 Inactive King & Spalding
Harton, Ollie Minton 10/18/1989 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Harton, Patrick Averil 03/05/1990 Active Harton & Henry
Hartrampf III, Carl Roerig 10/17/1980 Inactive
Hartsell, David Luther 06/24/1998 Active McGuire Woods-IL
Hartsell , Gabriel Matthew 05/09/2013 Active Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith, PLC
Hartsell, Larry Warren 01/09/1974 Active
Hartselle, William Alexander 05/31/1995 Active BellSouth IP Management Corporation
Hartung, Beverly Marie 10/16/1986 Active Talley & Darden
Hartwig III, George Herbert 10/31/1991 Active Knott & Hartwig
Hartwig, Susan M. 06/16/1986 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Harvell, Cecil Stroud 09/29/1986 Active Willis & Quinn
Harvey, Alan C. 10/03/1977 Active Office of Alan C. Harvey
Harvey, Bruce S. 02/09/1981 Active Law Office of Bruce Harvey
Harvey III, George Edwin 04/30/2001 Active George E. Harvey III, P.C.
Harvey, Jamel Q. 02/10/2014 Active Alexander & Associates
Harvey, James Allen 12/14/1988 Active Alston & Bird
Harvey , Jeffrey M. 05/22/2006 Active Abbot, Murphy and Harvey, P.C.
Harvey, John D. 02/17/1999 Active McLain & Merritt
Harvey, Joseph Bernard 01/31/2005 Active Hunter Smith & Davis
Harvey, Michelle Davis 11/04/1996 Active McCalla Raymer Padrick Cobb Nichols & Clark
Harvey, Samuel C. 01/06/2010 Active The Law Office of Samuel C. Harvey, LLC
Harvey, Sharon Eleanor 11/05/1990 Active Tanner & Guin
Harvey, Walter B. 05/04/1984 Active Harvey & McCormack
Harvey, William Todd 11/20/1995 Active Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC
Harwell, Nathan H. 01/12/2004 Active Hobgood & Rutherford LLC
Hasbrouck, Peter V. 03/20/1986 Active Gary R. Kessler, P.C.
Hash, James Richard 02/20/1985 Active
Hashimi, Suzanne 06/20/1984 Active Federal Defender Program Inc.-Atl
Hasis, Thomas Albert 08/06/1973 Active
Haskin, Jeffrey Mitchell 12/14/1988 Active Office of Jeffrey M. Haskin
Haskin, Jon David 01/24/2011 Active J. David Haskin
Haskins, Jennifer N. 09/09/2002 Active Power & Futch
Haskins II, Sidney Stewart 04/13/1998 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Hasner, Stephen 10/18/2004 Active Hamilton & Hasner
Hass, Amy M. 01/22/2002 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Hass Jr., James W. 05/14/2012 Active Lefkoff Duncan Grimes McSwain & Hass, P.C.
Hassell Sr., Frank Bradley 05/09/2013 Active Hassell-Legal, P.A.
Hassett, Lewis E. 08/04/1980 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Hassett , Lynn S. 01/06/2014 Active Lynn S. Hassett, Attorney at Law
Hassett, Robert William 10/01/1976 Active Casey Gilson P.C.
Hassinger, Douglas John 08/31/1998 Active Rogers Benefit Group
Hassler, Gregory Lyn 07/20/1987 Active U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Hasson Jr., James K. 06/23/1971 Active
Hasson, Keith 03/28/2005 Active Hasson Law Group, P.C.
Hastey, Scott T. 04/30/2007 Active Riley McLendon, LLC
Hastings, Kacy Claire Eaves 11/04/1996 Active Office of Kacy C.E. Hastings
Hasty, Jason Roy 11/05/1990 Active Office of Jason Roy Hasty
Hasty, Philip A. 07/10/1995 Active Shapiro, Swertfeger & Hasty, LLP
Hasty Jr., William Grady 01/08/1975 Active Hasty Pope, LLP
Hatch, Suzanne Elizabeth 03/28/2005 Active Ekonomou Atkinson & Lambros
Hatcher, Barbara Ann 04/29/2003 Active Exide Technologies
Hatcher, Charles F. 10/29/1969 Inactive
Hatcher, Eugene Stetson 10/22/1981 Active Anderson Walker & Reichert
Hatcher Jr., Eugene Stetson 04/01/2002 Active Jones, Cork and Miller, LLP
Hatcher, James Avent 09/29/1977 Active
Hatcher, Jerry B. 10/12/1978 Active Office of Jerry B. Hatcher
Hatcher, Louis E. 07/13/1998 Active Watson Spence LLP
Hatcher, R. Brent 05/04/2000 Active Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles, P.A.
Hatcher, Ronald Benjamin 07/06/1992 Active Hatcher Law Firm
Hatcher III, Ross L. 09/13/1971 Active Ross L. Hatcher III, Attorney at Law
Hatcher, Sally Sanders 04/29/2002 Active King & Spalding
Hatcher, Samuel Fox 08/25/1975 Active Alston & Bird
Hatcher, Todd Emory 04/15/1996 Active Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC
Hatchew, Jeffrey Scott 01/24/2005 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Hatfield, John Mark 06/14/2004 Active Hatfield & Hatfield, PC
Hatfield, Patrick Joseph 11/19/2001 Active Lord Bissell & Brook
Hatfield, Thomas Ellison 06/14/2004 Active Hatfield & Hatfield
Hathaway, Elizabeth M 10/05/2007 Active U.S. Attorneys Office - ATL
Hathaway, Mary Elizabeth 08/06/1990 Active B.M. Martin & Associates
Hathcoat, Kristen Long 05/30/2000 Active Hunton & Williams
Hathcock, Kevin Webster 08/18/2008 Active Ballard Spahr LLP-Atl
Hathorn, Steven Anthony 05/04/1987 Active Alexander Royston Hardman & Shinall
Hatmaker, David Larry 06/04/1997 Active Office of David L. Hatmaker
Hatmaker, James Chadwick 01/09/1995 Active Woolf McClane Bright Allen & Carpenter
Hattaway, Robyn R. Willson 02/04/2002 Active Gorby Reeves & Peters
Hatten, James Byron 04/02/2014 Active Baker & Hostetler-Atl
Hatton, Mark G. 06/27/2005 Active Cruser & Mitchell, LLP
Haubenreich, John Gilman 09/30/1976 Active Seacrest Karesh Tate & Bicknese
Hauck, Daniel Barry 12/17/2007 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Hauck, Laura L. 05/21/1992 Active Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & Rudy
Haug, James Robert 01/11/2010 Active Haug Law Group, LLC
Hauge, Julie Ann 11/04/1994 Active Office of Julie Ann Hauge
Haugen, James Le Roy 04/29/2003 Active Perkins Coie, LLP-Menlo Park
Haugen, Walter Sanders 10/16/1986 Active Sanders Haugen Sears & Meeker
Haugen, Willis George 05/05/1960 Active Sanders Haugen Sears & Meeker
Haugerud, Michael O. 01/08/1975 Active Office of Michael O. Haugerud
Haughee, Christopher R. 05/21/1991 Active Akerman Senterfitt Eidson & Moffitt
Haughton, Deborah V. 12/27/2004 Active Landrum, Friduss & Ash, LLC
Hauptman, Michael Raymond 12/11/1978 Active Office of Michael R. Hauptman
Haury , Janet Eifert 11/17/2014 Active Zimring Law Firm
Hauser, Steven Frank 01/26/1987 Active The Coca-Cola Company
Hausman, Joel Eliot 06/03/2013 Active Montlick & Associates, P.C.-GA
Hausner, Bryan M. 01/21/1997 Active Worsham, Corsi, Scott & Knighten
Haverstick, Debra K. 02/06/2006 Active Zimring Law Firm
Haverty, Jane Middleton 10/22/1981 Active
Havette, Heather Grace 10/12/2005 Active Seyfarth Shaw-Atlanta
Havig , Molly Ann 06/03/2013 Active Chitwood Harley Harnes
Haviv , Kevin N. 11/07/2013 Active Haviv Law Group
Havlik, Gwendolyn Dralle 04/21/2014 Active Dennis Corry Porter & Smith, LLP- ATL
Hawes, Edna E. 10/03/1985 Active C&S/Sovran Corporation
Hawes Jr., Peyton S. 03/13/1967 Active Office of Peyton S. Hawes, Jr.
Hawk, Jacque Dulaine 10/22/1990 Active The Hawk Firm
Hawk, Jon R. 07/22/2002 Active The Law Firm of Jon R. Hawk
Hawk, Sarah Jane 04/30/2001 Active Alston & Bird
Hawker, Thomas L. 02/09/1998 Active Federal Defender Program Inc.-Atl
Hawkins, Amy S. 11/14/2005 Active Chorey Taylor & Feil
Hawkins Jr., Bruce Rendell 11/02/2011 Active Hawkins Law
Hawkins , Bryan Sinclair 04/30/2007 Active Gardner, Willis, Sweat & Handelman
Hawkins , Cameron D. 12/02/2013 Active The Chestnut Firm, LLC
Hawkins, Carol Burkett 10/06/1997 Active Johnson & Freeman
Hawkins, Charles A. 11/23/1987 Active Troutman Sanders
Hawkins, Clementine Rene 04/02/2001 Active The Dan-Fodio Law Group, P.C.
Hawkins III, Holmes J. 10/04/1993 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Hawkins, J. Stanley 11/18/1974 Active Harben , Hartley & Hawkins, LLP
Hawkins, James W. 11/21/1983 Active Cohan Law Group, LLC
Hawkins, John M. 12/18/2000 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Hawkins, John Matthew 12/09/2010 Active Georgia Department of Drivers Services
Hawkins, Jonathan E. 12/20/2004 Active Krevolin & Horst LLC
Hawkins, Michael M. 03/02/1998 Active The Chestney-Hawkins Law Firm
Hawkins, Paul M. 08/29/1960 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Hawkins, Randall Marc 11/25/2002 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Hawkins, Sammy J. 07/18/1974 Active Office of Sammy J. Hawkins
Hawkins , Sarah M. 04/02/2009 Active United States Court of Appeals
Hawkins, Scott Douglas 09/29/1977 Active
Hawkins, Shelly Leona 06/30/2003 Active S. Leona Hawkins & Associates
Hawkins, Sterling Alexander 11/18/2002 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Hawkins, Susan Mashburn 09/29/1977 Inactive
Hawkins, Terry Dale 07/30/2007 Active Law Offices of Ronald Parnell, P.C.
Hawkins, Twanda Turner 12/06/1993 Active
Hawks Jr., Leland Kyle 10/15/1996 Active Hawks Firm
Hawks, Yvonne 11/12/1998 Active Hawks & Associates
Hawley, Patrick Bryant 01/21/2011 Active Fleissner, Davis & Johnson
Hawthorne, Bruce Ned 07/24/1975 Active King & Spalding
Hawthorne, Marc D. 07/12/1993 Active Moore & Hawthorne, LLC
Hay, James I. 01/10/1973 Inactive
Hay, Michael Joseph 11/20/1995 Active Andersen Tate Mahaffey & McGarity
Hayasaka, Keith Marc 02/09/2009 Active Hall, Bloch, Garland & Meyer, LLP-Atl
Hayden Jr., Charles Michael 01/09/1974 Active
Hayden , Kayann Elizabeth 04/30/2007 Active Chatham & Rea, Attorneys at Law
Haydu, Lori Ann 12/14/1988 Active Polysius Corp.
Hayes Jr., Abbott S. 07/17/1998 Active Hulsey Oliver & Mahar
Hayes, Calanit A. 12/17/2001 Active Worsham, Corsi, Scott & Knighten
Hayes, Carol Crofoot 04/11/1983 Active
Hayes, Charlotte A. 05/22/1996 Active Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Hayes , David 01/14/2013 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP
Hayes , David R. 01/08/2007 Active David R. Hayes, P.C.
Hayes, James Leslie 05/16/1990 Active Jones Day
Hayes, Jeremy 03/20/2014 Active Boling Rice, LLC
Hayes, John B. 07/11/1977 Active
Hayes, Jonathan P. 04/30/2001 Active Goldstein & Hayes, P.C.
Hayes, Justin Hood 04/05/1999 Active Justin H. Hayes, P.C.
Hayes , Lorraine Sanchez 05/22/2013 Active Sanchez Hayes & Associates
Hayes, Pamela Denise 07/16/1979 Active
Hayes, Robert W. 07/07/1975 Active Paller & Creasy
Hayes, Rudjard M. 11/09/2009 Active Sanchez Hayes & Associates
Hayes, Samantha Leigh 04/24/2012 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Hayes, Thomas W. 09/18/1968 Inactive
Hayes, William Charles 01/24/2011 Active Hudson Parrott Walker, LLC
Haygood Jr., Charles B. 07/25/2000 Active Office of Charles B. Haygood, Jr.
Haygood, Deborah D. 01/08/1981 Active
Haygood, Ralph Fulton 01/05/1977 Inactive
Haygood Jr., Weldon Terry 01/08/1981 Active Office of Terry Haygood
Hayle, Donna Marie 07/29/2013 Active Ney Hoffecker & Erck
Hayman, Margaret 08/03/1987 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Haymore, Jeffrey Spencer 05/22/2006 Active City of Atlanta Law Department
Haynes , Charles Robert 01/30/2012 Active Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin
Haynes, Crystal Renea 05/04/2000 Inactive Sponcler and Tharpe
Haynes, Darryl Gilbert 12/19/1988 Active Law Office of James C. McLaughlin
Haynes, Elizabeth K. 07/12/2004 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Haynes, Jennifer Lynnette 06/17/2002 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney
Haynes, John D. 01/10/2000 Active Alston & Bird
Haynes, Joseph Bernard 10/21/1971 Active King & Spalding
Haynes , Sophia Elaine 10/29/2012 Active U.S. Department of Labor-ATL
Haynes, Susan Rose 01/12/2015 Active The Buckley Law Firm, LLC
Haynes, W. Thomas 05/01/1989 Active The Coca-Cola Bottlers' Association
Haynie, Douglas R. 09/07/1972 Active Haynie Litchfield & Crane
Haynie, Suzette M. 11/19/1987 Active Lord Bissell & Brook
Hays, Derek Matthew 11/14/1997 Active Gary Martin Hays & Associates, P.C.
Hays, Faye Whittington 08/06/1984 Active Office of Faye Whittington Hays
Hays, Gary Martin 11/13/1989 Active Gary Martin Hays & Associates
Hays, George E. 10/22/2007 Active Law Office of George E. Hays
Hays, James William 01/09/1989 Active Hays Potter & Martin, LLP
Hays, Richard Riley 10/16/1986 Active Alston & Bird
Hays, Robert D. 11/14/1983 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Hays, Thomas Clyde 09/29/1977 Active
Hays Jr., Walter William 11/04/1994 Active Fortson Bentley & Griffin
Hayward , Jeffrey J. 01/30/2006 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Hayzer, David James 05/04/2000 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Hazen, Andrew Kevin 03/03/2014 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Hazen, Barry 03/10/1980 Active Office of Barry Hazen
Hazleton, William L. 10/31/1977 Active Hazleton & Sullivan
He, Fan B. 11/23/2009 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Head, Andrew David 11/05/2012 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Head, C. Andrew 11/20/1995 Active Fried & Bonder, LLC
Head, Cam S. 10/22/1981 Active
Head, David Carleton 05/21/1991 Active Head Head & Head
Head, Henry C. 06/01/1965 Active Head Head & Head
Head, James Benjamin 08/17/1982 Active Head Head & Head
Head Jr., James Melton 12/15/1986 Active Alston & Bird
Head, James W. 10/26/1977 Active
Head, John Michael 12/14/1988 Inactive
Head , LaCretia L. 11/02/2011 Active Daryl LeCroy and Associates
Head, Leslie C. 05/22/1995 Active
Head, Patrick H. 01/05/1979 Active Office of Patrick H. Head
Head, Steven Lloyd 01/28/1980 Active Richter Head Shinall & White
Headley, Hayden Blake 04/24/2012 Active Thompson, Sweeny, Kinsinger & Pereira, P.C.
Heady, Eugene Joseph 11/14/1997 Active Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP-Atl
Healan Jr., William D. 01/07/1976 Active Healan Law Offices
Healan III, William Doyle 09/24/2012 Active Healan Law Offices
Heald, Jared W. 06/16/2008 Active Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC
Healy, Timothy Paul 09/08/1980 Active Healy & Svoren
Heard, Bradley Erik 12/16/1996 Active U.S. Department of Justice - Civil Rights Division
Heard, DeNorris Arlandos 12/09/1996 Active DeNorris A. Heard
Heard, Preston Hamilton 07/30/2012 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP -Atl
Heard, Stephen K. 10/17/1980 Active Dickinson Wright PLLC-TN
Heard, William C. 04/30/2001 Active Alston & Bird
Heard-Moore, Wilma Gene' 10/18/1989 Active Office of Wilma G. Heard
Hearn, Eric D. 01/05/1979 Active Virgil L. Brown & Associates
Hearnburg, William Van 11/28/1973 Active Office of William Van Hearnburg
Hearnburg Jr., William Van 12/20/1999 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP - GA
Heath , Amanda Nichole 05/02/2011 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL 3
Heath, Camille L. 12/22/2006 Active Law Office of Camille Heath
Heath, John C. 09/22/1975 Active
Heath, Jon Erik 08/30/2010 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.
Heath, M. Steven 01/19/1988 Active Cowsert & Avery, LLP
Heath, Melissa Allen 02/06/1995 Active U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Heath, Ralph B. 06/25/1979 Active
Heath, Timothy A. 04/01/2015 Active Duke Law Firm, LLC -C. Ga
Heath, William A. 10/20/2010 Active Law Offices of William A. Heath, Jr. P.C.
Heaton, Alana Kyriakakis 05/26/2005 Active Hull Barrett, PC
Heaton, David N. 11/14/1988 Active Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs
Heaton, James William 01/05/1979 Active Fishman Kendrick & Gordon
Heavenrich , Karyn 07/21/2014 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Hebbard, Adam Lindsay 05/04/2009 Active The Law Office of Adam L. Hebbard
Hebbeln, Mark Frederick 02/02/1998 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Heberlein, Kathleen Burger 04/29/2002 Active Alston & Bird
Hebert, Mary Elizabeth 03/26/1987 Active Office of Mary Elizabeth Hebert
Hebert, Shawntel R. 03/10/2008 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Heberton, George H. 10/22/1981 Active Peterson Dillard Young Asselin & Powell
Hebson, Ryan James 12/13/2010 Active Burr & Forman LLP-AL
Hecht, Gregory Keith 03/11/1991 Active Hecht Walker, Attorneys at Law
Hecht, Pamela K. 10/12/2000 Active Office of Pamela K. Hecht
Heck, Gaye Nell 11/05/1990 Active Coleman & Snyder
Hedden, Kathryn N. 05/21/1991 Active Office of Kathryn N. Hedden
Hedge, Tony 09/12/2005 Active Law Office of Tony Hedge
Hedge , Zaine Duv'on 10/14/2014 Active Hedge Law Office, LLC
Hedrick, Erika Marie 04/29/2003 Active Morris Schneider & Prior
Hedrick, Lloyd Bruce 12/09/1985 Active Hedrick Law LLC
Hedrick, William H. 05/20/1991 Active Hodges Erwin Hedrick & Kraselsky
Heenan, Garrett Michael 04/02/2007 Active U.S. Department of Justice-DC
Heffington, Helen Roan 06/06/1983 Active Office of Helen R. Heffington
Heffington, Scott Ernest 10/07/1996 Active Law Office of Scott E. Heffington
Heffner Jr., Richard Louis 11/05/1990 Active Page Perry
Hegstrom, Gerard D. 10/18/1989 Active Hegstrom Law Offices
Heidari, Yasha 04/22/2008 Active Heidari Power Law Group, LLC
Heidt , Josiah Benjamin 08/12/2014 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP-GA Atl
Heidt, William Steven 10/04/1979 Inactive
Heifferon, Melissa L. 10/26/1999 Active Atlantic Judicial Circuit
Heilbronner, Michael Kevin 03/25/1996 Active Adidas America, Inc.
Heilbrun, Mark Ramsey 10/31/1991 Active Long Aldridge & Norman
Heilweil, Marc Stephen 01/08/1975 Inactive
Heim, Diane Arlene 05/10/1982 Active
Heim, Lori A. 07/15/2013 Active Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP-Tampa
Heim, Magdalena Maria 12/06/2004 Active Schklar & Heim, LLC
Heimanson, Neil L. 09/10/1964 Inactive Office of Neil L. Heimanson
Heimovics, Joseph Baron 06/24/1998 Active Office of Pamela L. Tremayne
Hein, Robert Paul 06/02/1980 Active Robert P. Hein, Attorney at Law
Heindel, Clifford Warren 07/31/1989 Active Office of Clifford Warren Heindel
Heindel, Heather Lee 04/30/2007 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Heineman, Deborah A. 12/06/1999 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Heineman, Justin Bechtloff 01/11/1999 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Heintz, Ashley 12/10/2013 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Heis, Jennifer Snyder 12/17/2001 Active Ulmer & Berne
Heising, Riccarda Nella 10/03/1985 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Heit, Marny Jessica 04/29/2002 Active Chestney Hawkins Law Firm
Heitman, Herbert E. 10/04/1979 Active Office of Herbert E. Heitman
Heitmann III, William F. 10/12/2005 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Heller, Dan L. 01/08/1981 Active King & Spalding
Heller, Deborrah Sutter 01/08/1981 Active Nall & Miller, LLP
Heller Jr., Frederick K. 10/14/1975 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Heller, Jeffrey Mark 05/28/1991 Active J.M. Heller Attorney at Law
Heller, Lisa L. 06/12/1989 Active Lisa L. Heller
Heller, Martin B. 04/02/2009 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Heller Jr., Robert J. 09/18/1989 Inactive Clark & Mascaro
Heller, Stanley Jay 01/29/2001 Active Cirignani, Heller, Harman & Lynch
Heller, Suzanne Bruckman 07/21/1986 Active Fifth District Court of Appeal
Hellwig, Robb E. 05/31/1995 Active Alston & Bird
Helm, Elizabeth Catherine 08/10/1987 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Helm III, Joseph P. 03/17/2003 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Helmick, Amelia Godfrey 05/06/2008 Active Chambers of Magistrate Judge Stephen Hyles
Helmreich, Dennis Peter 03/26/1987 Active Office of Dennis Peter Helmreich
Helms, Christopher Dale 02/07/2005 Active U.S. Department of Labor-ATL
Helms Jr., Jack Jeffrey 08/07/1987 Active The Helms Law Firm, P.C.
Helms, John A. 04/20/1965 Active
Helms Jr., Marshall L. 03/20/1967 Active Clifton & Helms
Helms, Thomas Edward 01/27/1978 Active Office of Thomas Edward Helms
Helms, Victoria L. 01/27/1997 Active Helms & Greene, LLC-Ga
Helppie, Martha 08/08/1994 Active Gleichman & Debranski
Helton, Judith S. 05/20/1993 Active Office of Judith S. Helton
Helton , Katie Grace 11/08/2007 Active Legal Aid of Cobb County
Helton, Thomas O. 01/05/1977 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz-Chattanooga
Helton, William Shepherd 11/04/1996 Active Law Office of William Shepherd Helton
Hembree, Amy A. 09/20/1982 Active
Hembree , Kevin Michael 10/15/2012 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Hemenway, S. Craig 10/26/1999 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Hemmann, Paul Ernst 04/27/1988 Active Office of Paul E. Hemmann
Hemmingson, Michael Ianne 01/05/1977 Active
Hempel, Holly A. 02/26/2001 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Hemphill, Winifred Watts 05/16/1990 Active McKesson HBOC, Inc.
Henderson, Angela Catherine 07/12/1999 Active Travelers
Henderson, C. Gerald 09/12/1973 Inactive Office of C. Gerald Henderson
Henderson, Daniel L. 11/19/1984 Active Office of Daniel L. Henderson
Henderson, David Andrew 10/02/1978 Active Office of David Andrew Henderson
Henderson, Donald Eugene 08/30/1982 Active Donald E. Henderson, LLC
Henderson, Douglas Alton 05/19/1994 Active Troutman Sanders
Henderson, Edward Harris Weems 04/23/2010 Active Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton, LLP - Winston
Henderson Jr., H. Frederick 02/18/1982 Active
Henderson, James A. 07/02/1979 Active
Henderson III, James Lamar 03/07/1977 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Henderson , Jennifer Kaye 12/08/2008 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Henderson, John A. 07/08/1974 Active
Henderson, Kimberly Ann 05/26/2005 Active Office of Cobb County District Attorney
Henderson, Laurel E. 04/27/1988 Active Sumner Meeker, LLC
Henderson, M. Suellen 11/19/1984 Active
Henderson, Mark Edwin 11/14/2002 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Henderson, Pamela Cole 05/16/1990 Active Fulton County Superior Court
Henderson Jr., Quentin 07/27/1987 Active Office of Quentin Henderson, Jr.
Henderson, Rachael Gail 09/07/1977 Active Georgia Legal Services-Brunswick
Henderson, Robert Craig 11/19/1987 Active Hollowell Foster & Gepp
Henderson, Roberta Ann 10/12/2000 Active Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC
Henderson , Rosalind Nicole 05/13/2014 Active Allen Turner Law
Henderson, Susan Marley 07/18/1988 Inactive U.S. Department of Justice
Henderson, Tyler 02/25/2013 Active Jones & Walden, LLC
Henderson, William L. 09/29/1977 Active Karl J. Howe and Associates
Hendon Jr., George Ward 11/12/1998 Active King & Spalding
Hendon Jr., W. Zack 10/11/1984 Active Hendon Law Firm, LLC
Hendrick, Allen Andre 04/22/2008 Active Holland & Knight-Atlanta
Hendrick, David Richard 07/17/1975 Active Hendrick Phillips Salzman & Flatt, P.C.
Hendrick III, Frank O'Neal 10/03/1985 Active Neely & Player
Hendrick, Jordan J. 06/08/2009 Active Stout Atwood, LLC
Hendrick , Troy Paul 07/02/2012 Active Troy Hendrick Law Firm
Hendricks, Ben F. 12/17/1979 Active Crudup & Hendricks
Hendricks Jr., Joe Wayne 11/20/1995 Active Office of the District Attorney
Hendricks, Louie Barrington 07/21/1997 Active L. Barrington Hendricks, P.C.
Hendricks III, Nathan Vanmeter 12/17/1970 Active
Hendricks, Thomas M. 12/08/1971 Active
Hendrickson, Kathleen M. 02/18/1982 Active
Hendrix, Christina Virginia 05/17/2004 Active The Hendrix Law Firm, PC
Hendrix , Daniel P. 12/15/2014 Active The Finley Firm, P.C.
Hendrix, Glenn Paul 01/11/1988 Active Arnall Golden Gregory LLP-ATL
Hendrix, Jeffrey S. 10/11/1984 Active
Hendrix, Joy Elaine 11/05/1990 Active Boone Scott & Boone
Hendrix, Pamela Lohr 09/12/1994 Inactive Office of Pamela Lohr Hendrix
Hendrix, Richard Wayne 09/29/1977 Active Finch McCranie
Hendrix III, Robert L. 02/07/2005 Active Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
Henefeld , Paul Anthony 11/07/2013 Active Appelbaum & Associates, P.C.
Heninger, Erik Stephen 11/22/2004 Active Heninger Garrison & Davis, LLC - AL
Henkel Jr., Lee H. 05/22/1978 Inactive Office of Lee H. Henkel, Jr.
Henley , Martha Salomon 05/22/2006 Inactive King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Henley, Teddy Lee 02/18/1982 Active Bagby Bagby & Henley
Henn Jr., Richard Charles 01/11/1999 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Henneke, Mary Jane 11/12/2003 Active Sammons & Henneke, Attorneys at Law
Hennelly, John E. 05/20/1993 Active Office of State Attorney General
Henner, Joseph Paul 08/22/1988 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Henner, Lindsay Mitchell 02/10/2014 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Hennig , Elizabeth Margaret 11/07/2013 Active Hinton & Powell
Henninger , Mary Rucker 04/14/2008 Active Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner-Atl
Hennings, Christie Godwin 11/13/2001 Active McCurdy & Candler, LLC
Hennings, Todd Eugene 12/09/1996 Active Macey, Wilensky & Hennings, LLC
Henningsen, Todd R. 09/14/2009 Active Henningsen Injury Attorneys
Henowitz, Mark Roy 01/04/1980 Active
Henrickson, Aaron Scott 03/07/2005 Active Henrickson & Sereebutra, LLC
Henrickson, Suzanne Elizabeth 11/17/2006 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Henriques, Gennivieve 03/19/2001 Inactive The Henriques Group
Henriquez, Dolores Mirtha 11/04/1994 Active Whitley Hampton & Morgan
Henry, Alaric Anthony 05/21/1992 Active Luther-Anderson, PLLP - TN
Henry, Charles Robert 01/08/1975 Inactive
Henry, Christian Goodloe 03/30/1998 Active Merritt & Henry LLC
Henry, Dennis E. 09/29/1977 Active Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law
Henry, Douglas Lowman 11/17/1986 Active Office of Douglas Lowman Henry
Henry Jr., F. Bryant 09/20/1976 Active Hill & Henry
Henry, Gary Lionel 10/27/2008 Active Gearhiser, Peters, Elliott, & Cannon, PLLC
Henry, James L. 06/20/1980 Inactive
Henry, Jamie Hollimon 05/13/2002 Active Office of Jamie H. Henry
Henry, Julian Hue 07/10/1974 Active Office of J. Hue Henry
Henry, Lucy Kimbrough 11/05/1990 Active Whelchel, Dunlap, Jarrard & Walker, LLP
Henry, Michael J. 01/04/1980 Active Office of Michael J. Henry
Henry, Pearl L. 02/17/1983 Active
Henry, Philip Chapman 06/09/1980 Active Henry Spiegel Milling LLP
Henry, Samuel Clinton 03/25/1991 Active Office of Samuel C. Henry
Henry, Steven D. 12/10/2001 Active Smith Moore Leatherwood, LLP -GA
Henry, Thomas C. 11/13/1979 Active
Hensel, Taylor Wayne 10/29/2012 Active Buckley Brown, P.C.
Hensel, Wendy F. 11/04/1996 Inactive Alston & Bird
Hensley, Darren Keith 10/03/1985 Active United States Bankruptcy Court
Hensley Jr., Sam Penland 10/16/1986 Inactive Hensley International, Inc.
Henson, Andrea Rae 08/05/1996 Active Office of Andrea Rae Henson
Henson , Andrew Brian 01/28/2013 Active The Vaughn Law Firm, LLC
Henson II, Carlton M. 03/28/1988 Active Office of Carlton M. Henson
Henson, H. Kirk 02/17/1983 Active H. Kirk Henson, Attorney at Law
Henson, India Marie 03/20/2000 Active Miller & Martin
Henson Jr., Kenneth M. 04/26/1989 Active Office of Kenneth M. Henson, Jr.
Henson, Martha V. I. W. 07/18/1974 Active
Henson, Ronald C. 01/05/1977 Active Ford & Harrison
Hentz, William Davis 10/27/1988 Active Office of William Davis Hentz
Henwood, William Scott 06/19/1980 Active
Hepburn Jr., Andrew Moore 05/21/1992 Active Office of Andrew Moore Hepburn, Jr.
Herakovich, Laura Bedingfield 11/12/2003 Active Troutman Sanders
Herbert Jr., John L. 06/11/2001 Active Office of John Herbert
Herbert, Ted B. 01/07/1976 Active Law Office of Ted B. Herbert
Herd, Ashley 04/02/2009 Active Meyer White, LLP
Heredia, Hannibal F. 05/19/1994 Active Perrotta Cahn & Prieto-GA
Hergenroether, Cara Lee 12/22/2006 Active Lemberg & Associates, L.L.C.
Hergenroether, Jason D. 05/26/2005 Active Gray Rust St. Amand Moffett & Brieske, LLP
Herin Jr., Walter Cary 04/01/1985 Active Office of Walter Cary Herin, Jr.
Herman, Alan F. 12/03/1973 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Herman, Brian Matthew 02/27/2006 Active Fisher & Phillips LLP-ATL
Herman, Ellen M. 01/13/1986 Inactive
Herman, Jason Arthur 02/06/2012 Active Jason Herman, Attorney at Law
Herman, John C. 10/26/1992 Active Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, LLP - GA
Herman, Lynne Rachel 07/11/1994 Active John J. McManus & Associates
Herman, Melissa A. 01/28/2002 Active Herman & Russo, P.C.
Herman, Rebekah K. 11/29/2001 Active Hunton & Williams LLP -Atlanta
Herman, Stanley W. 10/11/1984 Active
Herman , Steven Alan 05/02/2011 Active Dennis Corry Porter & Smith, LLP- ATL
Herman, Thomas Cullen 01/04/1982 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Herman, Thomas W. 03/27/1995 Active Westmoreland Patterson & Moseley
Hermance, James P. 07/31/1978 Active Wargo & French LLP
Hermann, Kimberly Stewart 05/02/2011 Active Southeastern Legal Foundation, Inc.
Hermann, Mary Dean 07/21/1986 Active Carty Law Firm
Hermann, Paul Davis 01/10/1973 Active Paul D. Hermann, P.C.
Hernacki, Katherine V. 04/30/2001 Active Wood, Hernacki & Evans, LLC
Hernan, James B. 04/29/2002 Active The Hernan Law Firm
Hernandez, Maureen J. 11/04/1996 Active Fisher & Phillips
Herndon , Laura Cathleen 04/23/2010 Active Fain, Major & Brennan, P.C.
Herndon, Wyatt Walter 12/21/1999 Active Office of Wyatt W. Herndon
Heron, Sandra Kay 05/24/2000 Active Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy
Herrera, Ann Josephine 06/24/1983 Active Russell & Herrera
Herrera, Diane McGlamery 10/18/1989 Active Gay and Taylor Special Division
Herrick, Kevin Duncan 01/31/2011 Active Kevin D. Herrick, LLC
Herrick, William Duncan 05/22/1989 Active Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Herrigel, David A. 08/11/1986 Active Hyatt & Stubblefield
Herrin, Barry Scott 11/05/1990 Active Smith Moore Leatherwood, LLP -GA
Herrin, Brent William 07/13/2009 Active Cohen Pollock Merlin & Small, P.C.
Herrin, Kelley C. 10/12/2000 Active Thompson & Slagle, LLC
Herring, Adam David 11/16/2009 Active The Rothbloom Law Firm
Herring, Jolanda Evon 10/12/2005 Active Hollowell Foster & Herring, PC
Herring, Kenya B. 11/04/1996 Active The Law Office of Kenya Herring
Herring, Timothy Talbot 02/18/1986 Active Office of Timothy T. Herring
Herring II, Wade W. 10/03/1985 Active Hunter Maclean Exley & Dunn
Herrington, Caroline Whitehead 05/22/2006 Active Adams, Jordan & Herrington. P.C.
Herrington, Larry Samuel 07/31/1989 Active Office of Larry S. Herrington
Herrington, Matthew Wilson 02/10/2014 Active DeLong Caldwell Bridgers & Fitzpatrick, LLC
Herron, Mark 05/21/1991 Active Akerman Senterfitt Eidson & Moffitt
Herron , Terri 12/01/2008 Active Cambridge Professionals
Herrup , Sarah-Elizabeth 10/27/2008 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Hershman, William Nathan 09/22/1997 Active Office of William N. Hershman
Hershovitz, Marc Brian 11/04/1996 Active Marc B. Hershovitz, P.C.
Herskowitz, Michael V. 12/03/2001 Active U.S. Attorneys Office - ATL
Hertz, Eric J. 01/27/1992 Active Eric J. Hertz, P.C.
Hertz, Jeremy Paul 11/14/2002 Active Ford & Harrison
Hervey, William George 08/18/1986 Active Needle & Rosenberg
Herzberg Jr., Morris Monroe 08/17/1982 Inactive
Herzog Jr., Richard B. 01/04/1980 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Herzog, Wendy Foster 06/30/1980 Active Office of Peyton S. Hawes, Jr.
Hesmer, John R. 01/08/1981 Active Law Office of John R. Hesmer
Hess Jr., Harvey Kendall 10/30/1978 Active Office of Harvey Kendall Hess, Jr.
Hess , Joshua Cole 01/05/2015 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Hess, Matthew L. 09/14/1992 Active Chorey Taylor & Feil
Hess, Melinda Anne 04/05/1993 Active Konowiecki & Rank
Hesse, Thomas Hayden 09/30/1976 Active Pratt-Thomas Epting & Walker
Hession, Joseph Frederick 04/30/2001 Active Carlton Fields, P.A.
Hession, Michael A. 07/23/2007 Active Locke Lord LLP-ATL
Hester, David George 08/12/1996 Active Office of David G. Hester
Hester, Frank B. 02/08/1952 Active Hester & Hester
Hester , Jeffrey K. 05/22/2006 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Hester, Jerrold W. 01/08/1975 Active Hester & Associates
Hester, Justin Y. 04/30/2001 Active Hester & Associates
Hetsko, Jeffrey F. 10/02/1978 Active Troutman Sanders
Hettinger, Lindsey Palmer 04/02/2009 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Hetzel , Russell Zane 04/02/2009 Active Health Law Partnership
Hewes, G. Lemuel 06/21/1968 Active King & Spalding
Hewes, Joseph Poindexter 11/10/1997 Inactive Smith Howard & Ajax
Hewes, Nancy Becker 06/30/1978 Active Office of Nancy B. Hewes
Hewett, Jonathan W. 08/28/1995 Active State Bar of Georgia
Hewett, Timothy Worth 09/08/1980 Active Office of Timothy W. Hewett
Hewitson, Steven J. 01/10/2000 Active Troutman Sanders
Hewitt III, A. Kenneth 10/16/1986 Active A. Kenneth Hewitt, III
Hewitt, Elizabeth Ann 10/04/1979 Active
Hewitt Jr., Melvin Leroy 10/03/1985 Active Isenberg & Hewitt
Hewitt, Robin Cherie 02/08/1999 Active Elrod & Thompson
Hewitt, William Davis 07/14/1975 Active Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP
Heyman, Alyse Beth 12/14/1988 Inactive Office of Alyse Beth Heyman
Heyne, Barbara M. 07/13/1998 Active Law Offices of John D. Wales
Heyward, Salome M. 10/02/1978 Active
Heyward, Sparticus D. 03/04/2004 Active The Law Office of Sparticus Heyward, PC
Hibbert, David Wilson 07/24/1975 Active Office of David W. Hibbert
Hibbert, George W. 06/13/1949 Inactive Office of George W. Hibbert
Hibbert, Henry A. 01/12/2004 Active Georgia Department of Law
Hibbs, Amelia Feuss 11/15/1982 Active
Hibbs, George E. 07/16/1984 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Hickcox, Jeffrey Everett 10/03/1985 Active McLain & Merritt
Hickey Jr., B. Thomas 05/04/1999 Active Spicer Rudstrom, PLLC
Hickey , Bryan Thomas 04/22/2008 Active City of Suwanee Police Department
Hickey , Erica Lynn 05/02/2011 Active Chamberlain Hrdlicka
Hickman, Earl Lawrence 03/04/1959 Active Office of Earl Lawrence Hickman
Hickman, Erika Ann 12/19/2005 Active Seyfarth Shaw-Atlanta
Hickman, John Ronald 10/18/1989 Active Alston & Bird
Hickman, Jonathan William 06/09/1995 Active Rosenzweig Jones MacNabb
Hicks, Adam S. 01/31/1997 Inactive Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles
Hicks, Anne H. 11/20/1995 Active Office of G. Graham Holden
Hicks, Catherine Henry 10/03/1989 Active Fox Chandler Homans Hicks & McKinnon
Hicks, Charles F. 10/15/1971 Active
Hicks, Crawford E. 01/10/1973 Active
Hicks, Deborah Ann Whitmore 09/29/1983 Active Office of Deborah Whitmore Hicks
Hicks , Deetric Dionne M. 04/26/2010 Active Johnson & Freedman, LLC-ATL
Hicks, Deron R. 05/01/1997 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford
Hicks, Don R. 09/20/1982 Active
Hicks, Gregory Alan 09/29/1983 Active Law Offices of Gregory A. Hicks
Hicks, J. Randall 07/14/2008 Active J. Randall Hicks, P.C.
Hicks , J. Randolph 06/29/1981 Active The Law Office of James R. Hicks
Hicks, Jeffrey B. 05/24/2002 Active Andersen Tate Mahaffey & McGarity
Hicks, Kara Albert 04/30/2001 Active Allen & Weathington
Hicks, Kenneth Paul 09/23/1988 Active Office of Kenneth Paul Hicks
Hicks, Kimberly A. 04/29/2002 Active Wehunt & Associates, P.C.
Hicks II, Larry Lee 04/29/2003 Active Moore & Hicks, P.C.
Hicks, Leon 12/07/1992 Active Office of Leon Hicks
Hicks , Marshall Joseph 01/12/2015 Active King & King Law, LLC
Hicks, Redell Javoyne 02/08/1999 Active McLaughlin Hendon & Miller
Hicks, Richard E. 06/06/1988 Active Office of Richard E. Hicks
Hicks, Robert Edward 07/24/1951 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Hicks, Robert Thomas 03/20/1986 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Hicks, Rogers Louis 11/04/1994 Active Office of Rogers L. Hicks
Hicks, Samuel D. 01/04/1980 Active Hicks Casey & Barber
Hicks, Sherriann H. 03/20/2000 Active Office of Sherriann H. Hicks
Hicks, William E. 10/03/1985 Active Hicks & Massey
Hicks, William P. 12/06/1993 Active Securities & Exchange Commission-GA
Hicks, Zoe M. 09/30/1976 Active Office of Zoe Hicks
Hickson, Harry Lee 01/18/1973 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Hidden, Holli D. 06/01/1998 Active Carter & Ansley
Hiers Jr., James B. 06/16/1960 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Hiers Jr., William N. 03/20/1986 Active Ford & Harrison LLP-ATL
Hiestand, Trevor Grant 11/24/1997 Active Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout
Higbee Jr, Paul Norris 08/16/1999 Active Jarrard & Davis, LLP
Higdon, David Bartlett 02/02/1987 Active Chambless Higdon Richardson Katz & Griggs
Higdon, Hubert Lawrence 04/01/1991 Inactive Office of H. Lawrence Higdon
Higdon , Kristy Ann 07/22/2013 Active Lueder, Larkin & Hunter, LLC
Higdon Jr., Robert J. 10/18/1989 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney
Higginbotham, Mary K. 10/17/1980 Active
Higginbotham, Patricia G. 06/24/1992 Active Federal Express Corporation
Higginbottom Jr., Samuel Logan 11/11/1974 Active
Higgins , Alyson Kay 08/10/2009 Active Internal Revenue Service/ Chief Counsel
Higgins, Charles K. 10/16/1986 Active Bovis Kyle & Burch
Higgins , Hal Franklin 05/09/2013 Active MJ Patel Law Group
Higgins, James Sewell 06/18/2012 Active The Higgins Firm
Higgins, Lisa Nicole 05/04/2000 Active Law Offices of James M. Poe, P.C.
Higgins, Michael W. 01/05/1979 Active Higgins & Dubner
Higgins, Pamela Robinson 08/23/1999 Active Thomas Means Gillis & Seay
Higgins , Steven John 12/18/2006 Active Higgins Law Offices, LLC
Higgins-Brooks , Elizabeth Anne 11/02/2011 Active Dekalb County Juvenile Court
Highland, Erin Frances 01/22/2007 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Highsmith, Angela Janene 05/17/2004 Active Superior Courts-Mountain Circuit
Highsmith Jr., Julius Carey 07/13/1983 Active Stewart Melvin & Frost
Highsmith, Richard Wellington 05/17/2004 Active The Highsmith Law Firm, P.C.
Highsmith, Robert S. 06/14/1999 Active Holland & Knight-Atlanta
Highsmith Sr., Robert Sparks 09/18/1989 Active Highsmith & Highsmith
Hight III, Ted William 06/17/2002 Active Thompson O'Brien Kemp & Nasuti
Hightower, Anthony 03/26/1987 Active Office of Anthony Hightower
Hightower, Evie 01/27/2014 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Hightower, Jacqueline A. 12/09/1987 Inactive Giddens Davidson & Mitchell
Hightower, Judson Riley 11/13/1973 Active
Higney, David C. 05/20/1993 Active Grant Konvalinka & Harrison
Hilbers, L. Frederick 10/17/1980 Active
Hilbert, Kurt Robert 11/14/2002 Active The Hilbert Law Firm, LLC
Hilbun, Jonathan Paul 05/17/2004 Active Montgomery Barnett Brown Read Hammond & Mintz
Hilburn, James V. 07/10/1995 Active Jones Hilburn & Claxton
Hilburn, Paula Anne 01/28/1980 Active Ford & Harrison
Hildebrand, John Allen 01/05/1979 Active Office of John Allen Hildebrand
Hildebrandt , Thomas Bernard 04/02/2009 Active Thomas Horstemeyer, LLP
Hildenbrand, Janice Grace 09/30/1976 Active
Hiles, Gordon 06/28/1976 Active Office of Gordon Hiles
Hill III, Andrew Judson 09/29/1977 Active Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, P.C.
Hill, Bryan 11/20/1995 Active The Hill Law Firm, LLC
Hill, Cameron S. 03/12/2004 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz-Chattanooga
Hill , Canon Brown 05/02/2011 Active Jones, Cork and Miller, LLP
Hill, Cynthia L. 05/26/2005 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Hill, Danielle Marie 03/29/2004 Active Gerald E. Moore & Associates
Hill II, David Louis 01/26/2015 Active David Hill, Attorney at Law
Hill, Douglas A. 09/29/1983 Active Leonard & Hill
Hill, E. Brent 11/04/1994 Inactive Spears Moore Rebman & Williams
Hill, Gary 09/29/1977 Active Hill & Bleiberg
Hill Jr., Harold N. 06/30/1961 Inactive Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead
Hill, Hollister A. 06/24/1991 Active Troutman Sanders
Hill, J. Stanton 03/19/2012 Active Polsinelli, P.C.
Hill, James Carey 06/12/1973 Active Dimmock & Hill
Hill, Janet Elizabeth 03/21/1983 Active Hill & Associates, P.C.
Hill, Jeffrey Robert 02/08/1988 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Hill, Jennifer C. 03/21/2005 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Hill, John Allen 09/29/1983 Active
Hill, John Cleveland 11/22/2004 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Hill, Jonathan Mikael 07/16/2007 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Hill, Judson Harwood 01/05/1987 Inactive Office of Judson Harwood Hill
Hill, Katherine Jackson 04/22/2008 Active Hicks Casey & Foster, P.C.
Hill, Keisha Wright 02/10/2003 Active Wright Hill & Associates, LLC
Hill, Kelli P. 06/10/2013 Active Constangy Brooks Smith & Prophete - GA
Hill, Lanna Renee 04/29/2002 Active Office of the Fulton County Attorney
Hill, Larry B. 02/17/1995 Active The Hill Law Firm
Hill, Lynda M. 05/17/2004 Active Frost Brown Todd, LLC - TN
Hill, Marshall Blake 12/12/2011 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Hill, Mary L. 10/04/1979 Active Office of Mary L. Hill
Hill, Meghan Hobbs 03/24/2014 Active Georgia Attorney General's Office
Hill Jr., Melvin Blair 07/24/1975 Active
Hill, Michael D. 12/19/1978 Active Office of Michael D. Hill
Hill, Mitzi Lyn 02/13/1995 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Hill Jr., Monroe Tharpe 04/29/1991 Active Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Hill , Nicholas Griffin 05/09/2013 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Hill, Owen Tai 12/17/2001 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Hill, Patricia J. 07/21/1997 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP-FL
Hill, Paul Drennen 01/20/1967 Active
Hill, Peter Reed 08/01/1988 Active Office of Peter Reed Hill
Hill II, Richard H. 10/23/1995 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Hill Jr., Richard Hoyle 11/04/1994 Active Mabry & McClelland
Hill, Robert Benjamin 01/09/1974 Active McLain & Merritt
Hill II, Robert Joseph 10/30/2001 Active The Hill Firm, PLLC
Hill, Sanford Manning 11/09/2000 Active Sanford M. Hill Law Offices, P.C.
Hill, Sharon Nelson 02/27/1989 Active Georgia Appleseed
Hill, Steven G. 05/31/1995 Active Hill Kertscher & Wharton, LLP
Hill, Vincent 02/23/1998 Active Equal Employment Opportunity Commission-ATL
Hill, W. Mark 11/30/1992 Active Adkins & Hill
Hill Jr., William Bradley 08/22/1977 Active Polsinelli, P.C.
Hill Jr., William Ralph 10/08/1970 Active Hill & Henry
Hill-Everett, Linda V. 10/22/1981 Active
Hiller, George M. 02/17/1983 Active
Hiller, Jeffrey S. 09/18/2000 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-OH
Hillewaert, Brandi J. 08/18/2003 Active Hillewaert Law Firm
Hilley, D. Byron 07/18/1974 Active Office of D. Byron Hilley
Hilley, Ronald Lamar 02/28/1977 Active Hilley & Frieder
Hilliard, Martin Gregory 02/27/2006 Active Martin G. Hilliard, P.C.
Hilliard, Michael Hakim 10/30/1995 Active Office of Atlanta City Attorney
Hillis Jr., George Wayne 09/15/1986 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Hillis, John Christopher 02/07/2005 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. -Atl
Hillis, Lindsey Walker 03/28/2011 Active Hillis, Robinson & Coffelt
Hillman, Amy L. 10/26/1999 Active Tatum, Hillman, Hickerson & Powell, LLP
Hillman, Daniel Alan 12/22/1997 Active King & Spalding
Hillman, Windy Angela 07/01/2002 Active Wargo & French LLP
Hillmyer, Barry R. 09/29/1983 Active
Hillock, Stacey A. 05/26/2005 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. -Atl
Hills Jr., Richard A. 05/17/1968 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
Hills, Thomas J. 12/03/2001 Active Office of Thomas J. Hills
Hillsman, Donald Andrew 06/15/1987 Active Office of Donald A. Hillsman
Hilscher, Beth Sebring 05/24/2004 Active Beth S. Hilscher, P.C.
Hilsen, Scott P. 03/28/1994 Active Alston & Bird
Hilt, Matthew Lincoln 11/20/1995 Active Morgan & Morgan, PLLC - Atl
Hilton, Bryan P. 05/21/1992 Active Office of Bryan P. Hilton
Hilton, Harold Eric 03/16/1998 Active Stokes & Murphy
Hilton, Holly Compton 11/05/1990 Active Athens-Clarke County Attorney's Office
Hilton, Lydia Mitchell 11/14/1988 Active Cushing Morris Armbruster & Montgomery, LLP
Hilton, Susan Ruth 11/05/1990 Inactive Fisher & Phillips
Hiltz, Lisa Cristine 04/30/2001 Active Ford & Harrison
Himes, Jennifer Powers 07/26/2010 Active Tuggle Duggins, P.A.
Himmer, Susan Elisabeth 10/11/1994 Active Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Hinchey, John William 07/08/1965 Active JAMS
Hinchey , Patrick William 05/13/2014 Active The Conner Law Group, P.C.
Hind Jr., Hobart M. 04/15/2002 Active Butler Pappas Weihmuller Katz Craig, LLP-FL
Hindman, Kenneth August 09/18/1978 Active Law Office of Kenneth A. Hindman
Hindman , Matthew Rawlings 03/01/2010 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Hindmon Jr., James Ollie 11/20/1995 Active Office of James O. Hindmon, Jr.
Hinds, C. Angela Marie 03/10/2003 Active Peters & Monyak, LLP
Hinds, Denise Arlene 08/31/1987 Active Ellerin & Associates
Hinds, Mark Albert 08/04/1997 Active Law Office of Mark A. Hinds
Hinds, Warren R. 01/19/1993 Active Office of Warren R. Hinds
Hindson, Karen S. 03/23/1992 Active Hindson & Melton
Hine Jr., Edward 10/13/1976 Active Law Offices of Edward Hine, Jr.
Hines, John Pridgen 06/16/1972 Active The Hines Firm
Hines , Margo 12/18/2006 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Hines, Mary Helen 11/27/1989 Active Georgia Court of Appeals
Hines, Matthew Clinton 11/22/2004 Active Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines, L.L.C.
Hines, P. Harris 03/19/1973 Active Ruff & Holmes
Hines V, Richard Kennon 10/31/1972 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Hines, Stanford Anthony 10/31/1991 Active Office of Stanford A. Hines
Hinesley, Harold Averitt 03/19/1990 Active Office of Harold A. Hinesley
Hinesley, William W. 11/10/1978 Active
Hingerty , Katie Alice 01/06/2014 Active The Hingerty Law Firm, LLC
Hinkel, Daniel Farris 01/08/1975 Active Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead
Hinkle, James Allan 11/13/1970 Active James A. Hinkle
Hinkle, Megan Lee 04/12/2013 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Hinman, Ralph M. 12/22/1981 Active Ralph M. Hinman, Esq.
Hinnefeld, Leah M. 05/21/1992 Active Office of Leah M. Hinnefeld
Hinson, Celia Marie Sullivan 12/14/1988 Active Hartley Rowe & Fowler
Hinson, Darrell Wayne 08/24/2009 Active Swope, Rodante, P.A.
Hinson , Elizabeth Kelly 06/30/2014 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Hinson, Howard Douglas 10/30/1989 Active Alston & Bird
Hinson, Laura K. 03/07/2011 Active Katherine L. Mcarthur, LLC
Hinson , Nicholas 04/30/2007 Active Mabry & McClelland, LLP
Hinson, Tasheika 04/22/2008 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Hinson, Thomas H. 12/10/2001 Active Westmoreland Patterson & Moseley
Hinton, Andrew J. 12/16/1974 Active Hinton & Powell
Hinton, Angela M. 04/21/2003 Active City of Atlanta- Law Department
Hinton IV, John 08/28/1995 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Hinton, Kathryn Joann 03/05/2012 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Hinton , William Michael 05/09/2013 Active William M. Hinton
Hipes, Jeanne Bynum 02/20/1985 Active Hipes Law LLC
Hipes, John David 11/07/1988 Active Hipes & Belle Isle, LLC
Hippe III, Russell H. 09/25/1995 Active Law Office of Russell H. Hippe, III
Hires, M. Catherine 10/28/2010 Active M. Catherine Hires, Attorney at Law
Hirokawa, Corey Fleming 10/30/2001 Active The Law Office of Corey F. Hirokawa
Hirons, Allen R. 09/30/1976 Active Krause & Hirons
Hirsch, Allen Ivan 11/04/1969 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Hirsch, Andrea Solomon 01/26/2001 Active Herman Gerel, LLP
Hirsch, David Larry 10/03/1988 Active Office of David L. Hirsch
Hirsch, Edward David 07/10/1989 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Hirsch, Jay Forbes 10/16/1986 Active Pope McGlamry Kilpatrick Morrison & Norwood, P.C. -Atl
Hirsch, Michelle J. 10/04/2004 Active Office of the Attorney General-GA
Hirsch, Steven Jay 06/13/1978 Active
Hirsch, Vicki Ann 03/20/1986 Inactive Simmons & Thompson
Hirsh, D. Max 03/10/2008 Active Hall Hirsh Hughes, LLC
Hirsh, Michael Ross 11/12/1998 Active Hirsh & Heuser
Hirshberg, David Gordon 05/21/1991 Active Goodman & Associates
Hiscutt, Kristin LeBlanc 06/01/2009 Active Bendin, Sumrall & Ladner, LLC
Hise, Melissa Gifford 12/06/1993 Active Palmour Law Firm
Hise, Tricia Lynne 09/20/2007 Active Hotard & Hise, LLC Attorneys at Law
Hishon, Robert H. 04/29/1974 Active The Hishon Firm, LLC
Hishta, Kevin P. 12/13/1982 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.-Atl
Hislip, Dan W. 01/05/1977 Active
Hitch, Scott Evans 01/29/2001 Active Burr & Forman, LLP-ATL
Hitchcock, Emily Prentiss 02/03/1986 Active Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Hitt Jr., Alvin M. 06/19/1995 Active Office of Alvin Hitt
Hitt , Elinor Hale 03/26/2012 Active Warner, Bates, McGough, McGinnis & Portnoy
Hitt , Tracy M. 04/22/2008 Active Fish & Richardson, P.C.-Atl
Hixson, Barry W. 05/22/1996 Active Donald C. Turner & Associates
Hixson Jr., Everett Layne 08/12/1991 Active Duncan, Hatcher, Hixson & Fleenor, P.C.
Ho, Helen Kim 08/25/2014 Active Asian American Legal Advocacy Center, Inc.
Ho-Sang, Montoya McGee 03/03/2008 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC -GA
Hoard, Vivian D. 01/06/1997 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Hobbs, Adrienne P. 01/13/2003 Active Adrienne P. Hobbs, P.C.
Hobbs, Brian Alan 04/29/2003 Active Office of Brian A. Hobbs
Hobbs , Delia T. 03/01/2010 Active D.T. Hobbs & Associates, LLC
Hobbs Jr., Michael Dickinson 03/30/1992 Active Troutman Sanders
Hobbs, Michael E. 07/24/1975 Active Carothers & Mitchell, LLC
Hobbs, Richard Daryll 05/20/1993 Active Richard D. Hobbs and Associates
Hobby, Scott M. 01/09/1974 Active
Hobgood, Mari Perez 09/29/1983 Inactive
Hobgood, T. Tucker 09/29/1983 Active Hobgood & Rutherford LLC
Hobson, Bret Reed 04/06/2009 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, LLP
Hobson, David Lee 11/13/2006 Active Arnall Golden Gregory LLP-ATL
Hobson, Tedra Cannella 06/26/2014 Active Butler, Wooten, Cheeley & Peak, LLP
Hochgesang, Kerri Ann 04/29/2003 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP - GA
Hochhauser , Lance Ira 11/07/2013 Active Lindsey Law Firm, P.C.
Hocutt, John David 11/14/2002 Active Nall & Miller
Hocutt, Robert B. 08/09/1971 Inactive Nall & Miller
Hodes, James Roland 04/30/2001 Active Law Office of James R. Hodes
Hodge, Bob K. 05/16/1990 Active Office of Bob K. Hodge
Hodge, Cynthia Carson 11/13/2006 Active Lueder, Larkin & Hunter, LLC
Hodge, G. Marcus 10/11/1984 Active
Hodge, Joy Marie 04/30/2001 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Hodge, Thomas Arthur 03/26/1987 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC - Knoxvil
Hodges, Ashley M. 10/16/1986 Active Adams & Ellis
Hodges, Carl Hilliard 01/07/1976 Active Hodges McEachern & King
Hodges, Carolyn M. 04/27/1988 Active Office of Carolyn M. Hodges
Hodges, Charles Dewayne 12/13/2004 Active The Law Office of Charles Hodges
Hodges II, Charles E. 08/19/1996 Active Chamberlain Hrdlicka White Williams & Martin
Hodges, Darcy DuVal 12/15/2003 Active Claxton & Claxton
Hodges, Elizabeth B. 10/11/1984 Active Cohen Pollock Merlin & Small, P.C.
Hodges, I. Gregory 07/15/2002 Active Oliver Maner, LLP
Hodges, Jared Kim 05/19/2014 Active Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC -Atl
Hodges III, Joseph H. 10/22/1981 Active
Hodges Jr., Joseph W. 05/16/1990 Active Office of James D. Windham
Hodges, Katrina Leigh 04/21/2014 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Hodges III, Kenneth Bryant 10/31/1991 Active Polsinelli
Hodges, Lawanda N. 12/16/2002 Active Polsinelli, P.C.
Hodges, Robert Allen 11/14/2002 Active Needle & Rosenberg
Hodges III, Sheridan Terry 08/17/1982 Active
Hodges, Warner Russell 03/28/2011 Active Hodges Law Firm, LLC
Hodgin, Faye Cobb 10/18/1989 Active Office of Faye Cobb Hodgin
Hodgins , David Brett 10/19/2009 Active Law Office of David Hodgins
Hodgins, Mary Rafferty 05/22/1996 Active Georgia Pacific Corporation
Hodgson, Gary L. 04/29/2003 Active Troutman Sanders
Hodgson, Lindsay Marie 05/22/2006 Active Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLC
Hodnett, David Ryan 06/24/1998 Active Beers Skanska, Inc.
Hodnett Jr., Tyrone M. 03/29/1999 Active Office of T.M. Hodnett
Hodson, Alexander Robert 05/17/2004 Active Russell T. Quarterman, P.C.
Hoehl, David Reeder 03/20/1986 Active Office of David Reeder Hoehl
Hoel, Jonathan C. 10/11/1994 Active Morriss & Witcher
Hoey, Charles G. 04/05/1993 Active Donahue & Cohen, LLC
Hoff, Charles Yale 01/23/1981 Active
Hoff, Gerhardt M. 02/27/1984 Active
Hoffecker, Charles Edgar 07/12/1999 Active Ney Hoffecker & Erck
Hoffer, Katherine Monahan 10/11/1984 Active Office of United States Attorney
Hoffer, Michael D. 06/26/2006 Active Cruser & Mitchell, LLP
Hoffer, Ronit 11/08/2010 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC-Atl
Hoffey, Daniel Palmquist 05/31/1995 Active Hoffey Law Group, LLC
Hoffler, Tricia P. 04/16/2012 Active Edmond, Lindsay & Hoffler, LLP
Hoffler, Veronica L. 02/11/2013 Active City of Atlanta, Department of Law
Hoffman, Amy Michelle 02/11/2002 Active Weathington Smith, P.C. - ATL
Hoffman, Ashley Filip 04/30/2007 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Hoffman, Barbara Mae 01/13/1986 Active Office of Barbara Mae Hoffman
Hoffman, Charles Roger 01/11/1971 Active
Hoffman, Christopher Joseph 05/02/2011 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Hoffman, Clifford Gaylord 03/05/1979 Active Bivens Hoffman & Fowler
Hoffman, Edwin L. 07/21/1980 Active Office of Edwin L. Hoffman
Hoffman, Floyd G. 01/09/1974 Inactive
Hoffman, Gary Scott 01/11/1982 Active Van Gerpen & Associates
Hoffman, Jason Keith 05/26/1992 Active Laird & Davis
Hoffman, Joseph Lester 10/26/1999 Active Office of Jospeh L. Hoffman
Hoffman, Michael W. 03/30/1987 Active Chamberlain Hrdlicka White Williams & Martin
Hoffman, Paul Charles 11/08/2007 Active Henderson & Hundley, P.C.
Hoffman, Paul M. 06/20/1977 Active Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Campbell & Daly, LLC
Hoffman , Peter B. 03/21/2011 Active Peter B. Hoffman, Attorney at Law
Hoffman, Roy Everett 09/29/1983 Active
Hoffman, Sarah Belle 05/02/2005 Active Gray Rust St. Amand Moffett & Brieske, LLP
Hoffman, Timothy Walter 11/20/1995 Active Stone Mountain Circuit - Conflict Defender's Ofc.
Hoffman, Victoria Jo 07/06/1981 Active Office of Victoria J. Hoffman
Hoffman, Warren W. 07/24/1975 Active Office of Warren W. Hoffman
Hoffmann, Georges A. 08/05/1985 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Hoffmann Jr., William E. 07/31/1978 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Hoffmeister, Jacqueline T. 10/26/1999 Active BellSouth Advertising & Publishing Corporation
Hoffmeister , Jonathan James 10/20/2014 Active U.S. Department of Labor-ATL
Hoffmeyer , Jeffrey Charles 01/26/2009 Active Arnall Golden Gregory LLP-ATL
Hoffspiegel, Lloyd 12/20/1982 Active Hoffspiegel & Associates
Hofrichter, Michael James 11/05/1990 Active Rogers & Hofrichter & Karrh, LLC
Hogan Jr., James D. 02/18/1982 Active Manko & Hogan
Hogan, John Vincent 01/05/1979 Active The Law Office of John V. Hogan
Hogan, Lawrence J. 07/18/1974 Active Mabry & McClelland
Hogan, Michael J. 07/19/1976 Active Harris Investor Services
Hogan, Michael M. 01/04/1980 Active
Hogeman, Hubert H. 06/21/1982 Active Asbill Porter Churchill & Nellis
Hogfoss, Robert Elling 01/25/1988 Active Hunton & Williams
Hogg, James Walter 10/26/1999 Active Public Defenders Office
Hogg, Melanie Jones 02/23/1990 Active Office of Melanie Jones Hogg
Hogsette, Sarah M. 10/22/1981 Active Supreme Court of Georgia
Hogsten, Michael J. 05/04/2000 Active Michael J. Hogsten, Esq.
Hogue, Emily Elizabeth 10/23/2006 Active Hartman Simons & Wood LLP
Hogue, Franklin J. 10/02/1995 Active Hogue & Hogue
Hogue, L. Lynn 10/03/1988 Active Georgia State University
Hogue, Laura D. 10/31/1991 Active Hogue & Hogue
Hogue, Michael Woodrow 10/26/1992 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Hogue, Phyllis Claudia 11/04/1996 Active Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Company
Hoin, Patricia Ann 11/23/1987 Active Tomlinson & Associates
Hoipkemier, Adam L. 09/24/2009 Active The Werner Law Firm, P.C.
Hoitink , Christopher Arthur 11/07/2013 Active Hoitink & Dubuc, PC
Hoitink, William Carl 01/05/1977 Active Hoitink & Associates
Hojnacki, Darren R. 02/12/2007 Active The Slomka Law Firm, P.C.
Hojnacki, Katherine Juliane 04/30/2007 Active Law Office of Bruce Harvey
Holbein, Michael Fredrick 11/08/1999 Active Arnall Golden Gregory LLP-ATL
Holbert, Karen Denise Sizer 11/05/1990 Active Gwinnett Title & Abstract Company, Inc.
Holbert, William F. 12/23/2013 Active Slover, Prieto, Marigliano & Holbert, LLC
Holbird Jr., Thomas R. 05/19/1994 Active Office of Thomas R. Holbird
Holbrook, David L. 01/04/1980 Active Office of David L. Holbrook
Holbrook, Justin Grant 07/29/2002 Active Widener University School of Law
Holbrook, Michael E. 07/22/1992 Active Crowley Cleveland & Starkey
Holbrook, Monica W. 02/23/2011 Active Monica Holbrook, Esq.
Holby, William Arthur 01/04/1980 Active King & Spalding
Holck , Beth R. 04/22/2008 Active Law Office of Beth R. Holck
Holcomb, Gregory Franklin 01/05/1977 Inactive
Holcomb, Michael Alan 04/18/2011 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Holcomb , Michael Scott 02/05/2007 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Holcomb, Richard Brooks 12/17/2001 Active Federal Defender Program Inc.-Atl
Holcomb , Tammy Michelle 11/02/2011 Active Singleton Law Firm, LLC
Holcomb, Thomas C. 04/09/1979 Active McLain & Merritt
Holcombe, Harold Douglas 11/19/1987 Active Harold D. Holcombe, P.C.
Holcombe, Justin Tharpe 11/16/2009 Active Skaar & Feagle, LLP - Marietta
Holden, Evan Courtright 01/09/2012 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Holden, George Graham 07/11/1988 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Holden, Giovanna 03/12/2013 Active Kennedy Holden Law Firm, LLP
Holder Jr., Metz Raymond 02/20/1985 Inactive Internal Revenue Service
Holder, Thomas L. 10/22/1981 Active Long & Holder, LLP
Holderness III, Sidney 07/18/1974 Active
Holiday, Donell 04/02/1996 Active Donell Holiday, Attorney at Law
Holiday, Edith E. 10/11/1984 Active Office of Edith E. Holiday
Holladay, Kylie Marie Inman 11/13/2006 Active Wesley Holladay, LLC
Holladay, Marcus Bradley 05/20/1993 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.
Holladay, Melinda Cooper 03/26/1987 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Holladay Jr., Philip E. 03/20/1986 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 37
Holladay, William Brian 03/10/2008 Active Martenson Hasbrouck & Simon, LLP
Holland Jr., Bobby Ray 02/17/1984 Active Holland & Holland
Holland, Charlotte Armstrong 10/04/1979 Inactive
Holland, Christopher A. 03/28/2005 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP - GA
Holland, Donald V. 06/30/1975 Inactive
Holland, Gwenn Dorb 09/29/1977 Active Holland Roddenbery LLC
Holland , Hubert Glenn 10/18/1962 Active Law Office of Hubert G. Holland
Holland, Jack K. 10/30/1970 Active Arnall Golden Gregory LLP-ATL
Holland II, James Read 02/28/1994 Active Harrell and Harrell
Holland, John Howard 02/20/1985 Active
Holland, Jon Elsworth 11/24/1997 Active Thomas Kayden Horstemeyer & Risley
Holland, Tommy T. 07/07/1972 Active Carter & Ansley
Holland , Trisha Elise 05/22/2006 Active Speed & Seta
Hollander, Jill Eden 04/29/2003 Active Office of Fulton County District Attorney
Hollander, Nicholas M. 08/21/2000 Active Cuzdey, Ehrmann, Wagner, Stine & Sansalone, LLC
Hollberg, William B. 02/04/1980 Active Hollberg & Weaver, LLP
Holleman, Christopher Boyce 12/23/2002 Active Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP
Holleman, W. Todd 08/06/2001 Active King & Spalding
Hollenbach, Joan M. 11/10/1971 Active U.S. General Accounting Office
Holley, Katherine Leigh 04/24/2012 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Holley, Kristy R. 05/01/2000 Active Georgia Power Company
Holley, Matthew P. 02/05/1996 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Holley, Oni A. 05/04/2000 Active Molden Law, LLC
Holley II, William J. 07/18/1985 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Holley III, William Preston 10/02/1978 Active Holley & Holley
Holley-Lucas, LaZanea M. 04/30/2007 Active Law Office of LaZanea M. Holley-Lucas
Holliday, Andrew Wayne 11/22/2004 Active Fulcher Hagler LLP
Holliday III, Leamon R. 02/01/1988 Active Bouhan Williams & Levy
Holliday, Mark Bennett 05/22/2000 Active Macey Wilensky Cohen Wittner & Kessler
Holliday, William Hunter 01/19/1993 Active Alston & Bird
Hollie, Atteeyah Eshe 05/02/2011 Active Southern Center for Human Rights
Hollin Jr., James T. 10/04/1979 Active James T. Hollin, Jr., Esq.
Hollingsworth, James D. 01/05/1979 Active Hollingsworth & Associates
Hollingsworth, John H. 11/03/2008 Active John H. Hollingsworth, Esq.
Hollingsworth III, Thomas Frederick 05/26/2005 Active Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, P.C.
Hollingsworth, William Boyd 03/22/2005 Active William B. Hollingsworth, P.C. Attorney at Law
Hollingsworth-Malone , Charna C. 12/08/2008 Active U.S. Department of Labor-ATL
Hollington, Larry Neal 01/03/1983 Active
Hollis, Amy Miller 04/30/2001 Active King & Spalding
Hollis III, Howell 03/16/1976 Active Smith Moore Leatherwood, LLP -GA
Hollis, James L. 10/26/1999 Active Balch & Bingham
Hollis, Jeanne Simkins 10/11/1984 Active Simkins Hollis Law Group, P.C.
Hollis, Jeff Free 03/17/1986 Active Office of Jeff F. Hollis
Hollis, Michael Robinson 01/05/1979 Active Michael R. Hollis, P.C.
Hollis Jr., William Joseph 10/03/1985 Active Baker & Associates
Hollister, John C. 10/05/1998 Active SunTrust Bank - Atlanta
Holloway, David C. 03/15/2004 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Holloway, Joseph Lee 01/10/1973 Active
Holloway, Marne A. Andrulionis 09/22/2003 Active Law Office of Marne A. A. Holloway
Holloway, Melinda Suzett 03/25/1991 Active Office of Melinda S. Holloway
Holloway III, Murphy McNeill 03/15/1999 Active Holloway Attorney at Law
Holloway, Philip Andrew 01/16/2004 Active Leonard, Rickman & Holloway, PC
Holloway Jr., Strickland 02/23/1987 Active Holloway & Associates
Holm , Jeffrey Thomas 05/22/2006 Active Withrow McQuade & Olsen
Holman III, Charles R. 08/28/2006 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP
Holman, Keith Whittaker 10/31/1991 Active
Holman, Margaret F. 02/14/2000 Active Ford & Harrison
Holman, William Donald 09/12/1994 Active Office of Kenneth S. Nugent
Holman II, William Steele 10/16/1986 Active Armbrecht Jackson DeMouy Crowe Holmes & Reeves
Holmen, Phyllis J. 05/14/1979 Active Georgia Legal Services Program
Holmes, Barbara Blackwell 08/05/1985 Inactive
Holmes, Brenda Ozaki 02/02/1998 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Holmes, Denise 10/26/1999 Active Office of Denise Holmes
Holmes, Elizabeth Pope 05/19/1994 Active Pope McGlamry Kilpatrick Morrison & Norwood
Holmes, Eric Mills 03/22/1971 Active
Holmes, James Edgar 01/05/1979 Active Thurston Law Offices
Holmes Jr., James Edward 05/04/2000 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Holmes Jr., Joseph Calloway 03/10/1983 Active The Holmes Law Firm
Holmes, Kristal Alise 11/14/2002 Active Kristal A. Holmes, Attorney at Law
Holmes , Matthew Willis 10/15/2012 Active The Callins Law Firm, LLC
Holmes, Pinckney King 07/18/1974 Active Office of Pinckney King Holmes
Holmes, Rena Lyn 01/24/2011 Active Holmes Legal Group, LLC
Holmes, Steven Michael 12/08/2008 Active Steven Michael Holmes, Esq.
Holmquist Jr., C. John 06/30/1975 Active
Holt, Denise Nicole 10/26/1999 Active Shuping Morse & Ross
Holt, Gretchen M. 02/10/2003 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney
Holt, Nicolle Georgetta 11/04/1996 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Holt, Robert G. 02/19/1965 Active Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman
Holt , Scott Alan 05/22/2006 Active Scott A. Holt, P.C.
Holte, Ryan Thomas 04/26/2010 Active Southern Illinois University
Holton, Corrie Elizabeth 04/24/2012 Active James Bates Brannan Groover, LLP - M. GA
Holtzapple, Nicole Burton 07/07/2014 Active Robert J. Semrad & Associates-Atl
Holtzclaw, Shawn R. 05/20/1993 Active Cushing Morris Armbruster & Jones
Holz, Byron 12/08/2008 Active Nokia Solutions and Networks US LLC
Holz, Linda Ann 04/30/2012 Active Law Offices of John D. Wales
Holzer, Corey Daniel 01/18/2000 Active Holzer & Holzer, LLC
Holzer, Gilbert Senon 02/28/1979 Active Holzer Holzer & Cannon
Holzman, Erica L. 10/06/2008 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Hom , Dennis Andrew 04/24/2012 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Hom, Renee Madeleine 06/09/1989 Inactive Alston & Bird
Homan, John Trey 04/30/2007 Active Mills & Hoopes, LLC
Homans, Joseph A. 09/29/1986 Active Fox Chandler Homans Hicks & McKinnon
Homer, Kimberly A. 12/01/1999 Active Office of Kimberly Homer
Homer Jr., Speros D. 05/06/1974 Active Homer & Kennedy
Homick, Victoria Majoros 10/22/1981 Active
Homlar, Robert Thomas 04/29/2003 Active Office of the District Attorney General-NC
Honaker, Ronald E. 01/16/2001 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Honeycutt Jr., Steve Morgan 10/04/1979 Active Office of Steve Morgan Honeycutt
Hong, Soo J. 06/22/2009 Active Blevins and Hong, P.C.
Honis, Heidi A. 12/17/2001 Active Magarahan Villines & Honis
Honkisz, James Edward 04/29/2003 Active The Coca-Cola Company
Honore, Alcide 08/02/2010 Active Hooper & Honroe, LLC
Hood, Charles Lewis 10/31/1969 Active
Hood, Jack Brian 08/18/1972 Active U.S. Attorney's Office
Hood, Jason P. 05/04/2000 Active Brunt & Hood
Hood, Jefferey Antoine 10/28/2002 Active Office of Jefferey Hood
Hood, Jeffrey M. 05/04/2000 Active Brunt & Hood, LLC
Hood, Jennifer Anne 04/14/1997 Active McPherson & Cook
Hood, John Ryan 04/30/2007 Active Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP
Hood, LaXavier Reddick 05/21/1992 Active L.R. Hood & Associates, LLC
Hood, Marc 08/19/2013 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Hood, Matthew Alexander 01/24/2011 Active Stuart & Johnston, LLC
Hood , Rodney Walker 09/15/2008 Active Scrudder, Bass, Quillian, Horlock, Taylor & Lazarus LLP
Hood, Theresa Ann 06/30/1997 Active Law Office of Theresa Hood
Hooff, Churchill Houston Dunn 04/01/2002 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Hook , Jeremy D. 12/22/2006 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Hook, L. Harmon 10/04/1979 Active
Hookaylo Jr., Coleman 05/21/1991 Active Office of Coleman Hookaylo, Jr.
Hooker , Charles Curtis 10/20/2010 Active Monge & Associates
Hooker, Clinton S. 11/12/2003 Active Chatham & Rea
Hooker, David Anderson 04/01/1996 Inactive Office of David A. Hooker
Hooker, II, Charles Hollingsworth 11/08/2007 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Hooks, Larry Bailey 07/10/1968 Active
Hooks, Patricia Anne 07/27/1989 Active U.S. Department of Interior
Hooper III, Frederick Lambert 05/31/1989 Active Shaw Industries, Inc.
Hooper, Gary D. 08/18/2008 Active Hooper Law Partners, LLC
Hooper Jr., James E. 05/19/1994 Active King & Spalding
Hooper, Kelli Byers 06/01/2009 Active Hooper & Honroe, LLC
Hooper, Malynda Cadenhead 05/04/2000 Active Warner Law Firm
Hooper, Sharel VanSandt 10/31/1991 Active Lawrence Lawrence & Richardson
Hoopes, Scott Robert 10/25/2004 Active Mills & Hoopes, LLC
Hootkins , Emily Catherine 04/24/2012 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Hoover, James Charles 04/05/1967 Active Ford & Harrison
Hoover, John Beery 10/03/1985 Active United States Bankruptcy Court
Hoover, Mary Kathryn 12/23/1985 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.
Hoover , William Thomas 03/10/2014 Active Clark & Washington-GA
Hope, Camille Loretta 01/27/1978 Active
Hope, Jon Charles 08/17/1982 Active
Hope, Leonard J. 08/14/1995 Active Hope Baldauff, LLC
Hopewell, Genet McIntosh 08/13/1984 Active Johnson Hopewell Coleman, LLC
Hopkins, Alton Hunter 04/20/1987 Active Alton H. Hopkins Attorney at Law
Hopkins, Hal T. 01/27/1978 Inactive
Hopkins III, J. David 07/02/1997 Active Bridgehouse Law, LLP
Hopkins, James Jeffries 10/18/1989 Active Hopkins & Taylor
Hopkins, John David 09/28/1966 Active King & Spalding
Hopkins IV, John Taylor 04/29/2002 Active The Roberts Law Firm
Hopkins , Kathryn Elise 05/13/2014 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Hopkins, Kay Denise 10/28/1991 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Hopkins, Michael J. 09/29/1977 Active
Hopkins, Ronald K. 11/07/1973 Active Davidson, Hopkins & Alexander, P.C.
Hopkins, Sharon Lee 02/05/1990 Active Office of Sharon Lee Hopkins
Hopkins, Steven Gregory 06/05/2006 Active Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP-GA
Hopkinson, Christine A. 10/12/2005 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 39
Hoppe Jr., Daniel J. 12/11/2006 Active The Law Office of Daniel J. Hoppe, Jr.
Hoppenfeld, Bernard 03/26/1987 Active Office of Bernard Hoppenfeld
Hopson, Darrel Lee 01/05/1977 Active Office of Clifford J. Steele
Hopson, William Wimberly 08/05/1991 Active Hopson & Associates, PC
Horace, Donald S. 07/10/1995 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. -Atl
Horan, Shawn Patrick 10/26/1999 Active Harrison & Horan, P.C.
Hord, Julia Carole 11/04/1996 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint, LLP
Horder, Richard Allen 12/06/1974 Active Kazmarek Mowrey Cloud Laseter LLP
Horgan, Michael O. 06/14/1993 Active Office of Michael O. Horgan
Horlick, Alan Stuart 04/27/1988 Active Office of Alan S. Horlick
Horlick, Gail Andrea 11/05/1990 Active Warner Law Firm
Horlick, Robert Scott 05/26/2005 Active Fulton County Public Defender
Horlock, Laura Clair 09/16/1991 Active Pankey & Horlock, LLC -Atl
Horlock Jr., William W. 12/14/1992 Active Scrudder Bass Quillian Horlock Taylor & Lazarus
Hormozdi, Shireen 05/17/2004 Active Hormozdi Law Firm, LLC
Horn, Ivy Brigitta 06/24/1998 Active Axam Adams & Secret
Horn, Jeffrey Chad 03/17/2008 Active Rubin Lublin LLC
Horn, John A. 11/08/1999 Active Office of United States Attorney
Horne, Carol R. 06/11/2001 Active Office of Carol R. Horne
Horne, Christi Elizabeth 04/29/2003 Active Chambless Higdon Richardson Katz & Griggs
Horne Jr., Clarence Rudolph 01/05/1977 Active Office of Joel M. Haber
Horne , Daedrea DeNae 05/13/2014 Active Boutwell & Associates, LLC
Horne , Derek E. 07/12/2010 Active The Law Office of Derek E. Horne
Horne Jr., Foy S. 10/03/1983 Active Office of Foy S. Horne, Jr.
Horne, H. Matthew 10/30/2001 Active Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis, P.C.
Horne, John Hynes 08/05/1985 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco, P.C.
Horne, Kathleen 05/07/1987 Active Inglesby Falligant Horne Courington & Chisholm
Horne Jr., Kelso C. 02/16/1984 Active Palmour Horne & Horne
Horne Jr., Lewis Cicero 07/19/1976 Active Golden & Associates
Horne III, Oliver Wendell 01/20/1988 Active Reynolds & McArthur
Horne, Sharon Priddy 03/11/2013 Active Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
Horner, Karen F. 07/23/1979 Active Office of Karen F. Horner
Horney, Wesley Scott 03/31/1997 Active Office of State Attorney General
Hornreich, Michael A. 10/11/1984 Active Smith Currie & Hancock
Hornsby III, Alton 02/18/1998 Active Lawson & Thornton
Hornsby, D. Brandon 02/24/1997 Active Hornsby Law Group
Hornsby , Kristie Diana 11/07/2013 Active Hornsby & Associates
Hornsby, Louise Thornton 09/28/1966 Active Hornsby & Associates
Hornsby , Stacey Lezzette 10/20/2010 Active LexisNexis
Hornstein, Alisa J. 03/28/1994 Inactive Georgia Legal Services Program
Horowitz, Andrew D. 03/30/1998 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Horowitz, Steven Bruce 11/19/1987 Active Lamb & Associates
Horsley, Allen Reed 12/13/2004 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Horsley, Nathanael A. 03/23/2009 Active Horsley Begnaud, LLC
Horst, Jeffrey D. 11/12/1985 Active Krevolin & Horst LLC
Horst, Michael W. 02/04/2002 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Horstemeyer, Scott A. 12/07/1992 Active Thomas Kayden Horstemeyer & Risley
Horten, Michael R. 01/27/1978 Active King & Spalding
Horton, Carl Theodore 06/20/1973 Active Long Peterson & Horton
Horton, Charles Christopher 10/23/1989 Active Horton & Horton
Horton, Cynthia L. 01/08/1981 Active Office of Cynthia L. Horton
Horton, Halima 08/18/2003 Active McGuire Woods LLP-GA
Horton, Kenneth T. 10/18/1989 Active Autry Horton & Cole
Horton, Perry J. 10/13/1992 Inactive Office of Perry J. Horton
Horton, Ronald W. 10/17/1977 Active Office of Ronald W. Horton
Horton, William H. 08/17/1981 Active Horton, Ballard & Pemerton, PLLC
Horton, William L. 04/08/1969 Active
Horvath, Darren T. 03/03/1997 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Horvath, Matthew Alexander 05/17/2004 Active SMITH, LLC
Hosack, Coleen Daugherty 04/03/1995 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Hosch, Chester Joseph 10/18/1989 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint
Hoskins II, James C. 07/18/1974 Active
Hoskyn, Robert Wesley 03/18/1996 Active FisherBroyles, LLP - Marietta
Hosmer, Michael Towle 02/04/2002 Active McGuire Woods-NC
Hoss, Bryan H. 06/04/2004 Active Davis & Hoss, PC
Hostetter, Michael David 11/23/1987 Active Nall & Miller, LLP
Hostetter, Robert Parker 12/20/2004 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Hotard Jr., Thomas Gabriel 10/19/1992 Active Hotard & Hise, LLC
Hotchkiss, Paul I. 01/12/2009 Active Weathington Smith, P.C. - ATL
Hotchkiss, Robert P. 07/31/1978 Inactive Gambrell & Stolz
Hottle , Fernanda Nunes 05/02/2011 Active George & Wallach
Hotz, Walter H. 07/18/1974 Active Hotz & Associates
Houchins Jr., Homer A. 02/21/1962 Active Homer Houchins, P.C.
Houck, Annette M. 05/21/1991 Active Habash Reasoner & Frazier
Houck, S. Bradley 12/07/1998 Active Houck, Regas & Reynolds, LLC
Hough Jr., Thomas James 01/10/1973 Active Law Offices of Thomas J. Hough, Jr., PC
Houghton, John A. 11/07/2006 Active The Houghton Law Firm, LLC
Houghton, Kendall Lee 05/16/1990 Inactive McKenna Long & Aldridge
Houman, Robert William 07/14/1986 Active Office of DeKalb County Attorney
House, Brian Macon 11/05/1990 Active Duncan & Mosley
House, Diane Q. 10/22/1981 Active Warner Mayoue Bates Nolen & Collar
House Jr., Luther P. 05/14/1963 Active Smith Currie & Hancock
House, Mary Margaret 04/27/1988 Active Law Office of Mary M. House, LLC
House Jr., Mitchel P. 04/07/1980 Active Sell & Melton, LLP
House, Nicole Lomangino 10/18/1989 Active Federal Trade Commission
House, William M. 10/01/1970 Active Office of William M. House
Houseman, Lee Ann 03/20/1986 Active
Housen, George 06/04/1997 Active Dougherty County School System
Housen, Susan W. 10/03/1985 Active Holland & Knight
Houser, Donald MacKaye 12/08/2008 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Houser, Ronald Edward 07/23/1990 Active Ronald Edward Houser
Houser, Terry L. 11/19/1987 Active Terry L. Houser, Attorney at Law
Houser, Wendy Leigh 02/07/2000 Active Alston & Bird
Houston, Arlen Francis 01/22/1990 Active Houston & Golub
Houston, John Brooke 02/10/1986 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Houston, Johnny Dwayne 11/05/1990 Active Chambliss, Bahner& Stophel
Houston, Kimberly A. 04/27/1988 Active Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs
Houtsma, David Visser 04/30/2007 Active Albright, Houtsma & Clark, LLC
Hovdesven, Eric R. 01/29/1996 Active Sadler & Hovdesven
Howard, Alaina Selby 04/29/2002 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Howard, Anna White 08/24/2012 Active Butler, Wooten, Cheeley & Peak, LLP
Howard, Bryan Richard 04/30/2007 Active Howard Law Group
Howard, Candiss Leigh 04/02/1980 Active Office of United States Attorney
Howard Jr., Charles K. 12/05/1977 Active Weathersby Howard & Kuck
Howard, Christine E. 11/05/1990 Active Fisher & Phillips LLP-ATL
Howard Jr., Christopher C. 09/29/1977 Active Howard Clark & Mercer
Howard, Dylan W. 07/21/2003 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Howard, Elizabeth G. 04/16/2007 Active Barrickman Allred & Young, LLC
Howard, Fletcher Beaumont 11/27/2006 Active Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Howard, Gary L. 01/12/2004 Active Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP-B. AL
Howard, Gerald Robert 09/15/1958 Active Office of G. Robert Howard
Howard, Gilder Hayden 10/04/1979 Active Office of Gilder Hayden Howard
Howard, Glen Alan 05/21/1991 Active Milam Howard Nicandri Dees & Gillam, P.A.
Howard, Glen Scott 04/16/1976 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Howard , Gretchen Michele 07/30/2007 Active Gretchen M. Howard & Associates, LLC
Howard, Heather M. 11/13/2006 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 37
Howard, James Edwin 09/23/1974 Active Office of James E. Howard
Howard, James Robert 07/30/1970 Active Office of James Robert Howard
Howard, James Ward 01/23/1984 Active The Howard Law Firm
Howard, Jill R. 10/02/1978 Active
Howard, John Allen 01/31/1972 Active Law Office of John A. Howard
Howard, John Andrew 02/28/2005 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - CA
Howard, John Elson 07/18/1983 Active
Howard, John Marcus Edward 05/16/1994 Active Pope & Howard, P.C.
Howard, Julie McGhee 12/06/1993 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco
Howard, Keenan R. 04/04/2005 Active Norton & Associates, P.C.
Howard, Kirsten Miller 03/08/2010 Active Law Office of Kirsten Miller, PC
Howard, Larry Keyes 01/07/1976 Active
Howard, Matthew Brandon 02/10/2014 Active Kendall Law Group, LLC
Howard, Matthew Jay 10/29/1990 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
Howard, Natalie Kay 08/26/2013 Active The Law Office of Natalie K. Howard
Howard, Neal Henry 09/03/1991 Active Neal H. Howard & Associates
Howard, Nedra K. 11/21/2005 Active Miller & Brown, PC
Howard Jr., Paul Lawrence 09/30/1976 Active Office of Fulton County District Attorney
Howard, Peter John 10/16/1986 Active Office of Peter John Howard
Howard Jr., Pierre 11/27/1968 Active Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead
Howard, Ralph O'Sullivan 11/19/1987 Inactive General Services Administration
Howard, Roger D. 09/30/1976 Active Office of Roger D. Howard
Howard, Sharon Effatt 10/11/1984 Active The Howard Law Firm
Howard, Walter Cliff 08/12/2002 Active Rogers & Howard
Howard , Zachary Sprouse 11/07/2013 Active Oliver Maner, LLP
Howe Jr., Donald Burton 11/05/1962 Active Howe & Dettmering
Howe, Joel A. 09/11/1995 Active Martin Snow, LLP
Howe, John W. 07/22/2002 Active Office of John W. Howe
Howe Jr., Karl John 08/05/1985 Active Howe Law Firm, P.C.
Howell IV, Alphonso Avery 06/23/2014 Active Coleman Talley, LLC - V. Ga
Howell Jr., Baxter Cannon 05/22/1989 Active Office of Baxter Cannon Howell, Jr.
Howell, Donna W. 09/29/1977 Active Carnegie Wealth Strategies, Ltd.
Howell III, Earl S. 11/05/1990 Active Presley Howell & Simonds
Howell, Erin Cornelius 03/04/2013 Active Burr & Forman, LLP-ATL
Howell, Evan 01/09/2006 Active Howell & Johnson, LLC
Howell, George L. 07/17/1970 Active Office of George L. Howell
Howell III, Griffin E. 08/17/1982 Active Newton & Howell
Howell, Hubert Wayne 10/17/1980 Active
Howell, James O. 10/22/1981 Active
Howell Jr., Jimmy Thomas 02/09/2009 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -GA
Howell, John P. 01/10/1973 Active Office of John P. Howell
Howell, Kristin Allene 04/30/2007 Active Law Office of Kristin A. Howell
Howell, Matthew Wolff 12/10/2007 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Howell , Nicholas Helms 01/12/2015 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Howell Jr., Paul Arnold 07/24/1975 Active Pursley Lowery & Meeks
Howell, Richard Sherman 01/08/1975 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Howell, Robert Davidson 10/26/1999 Active Howell Parrott, LLP
Howell , Robert Jutzi 05/02/2011 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Howell, Shepherd L. 10/17/1980 Active Office of David G. Archer
Howell, Terry Robert 10/16/1986 Active Fields Howell Athans & McLaughlin, LLP
Howell, W. Kerry 10/31/1991 Active W. Kerry Howell, LLC
Howells, Stephanie Malbrough 01/07/2002 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Howes, Mark Wayne 10/07/1996 Active
Howett, Ciannat 10/04/2002 Active Southern Environmental Law Center
Howick, Susan L. 08/17/1982 Active Howick, Westfall, McBryan & Kaplan, LLP
Howle, Joel Patrick 05/04/2000 Active SunTrust Bank
Howze, Kerrie Suzanne 04/02/2009 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 38
Hoy, Susan 01/08/1975 Active Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Hoye , Bobbie Lynn 03/05/2007 Active Melville Johnson, P.C.
Hoying, Denise 02/04/2013 Active Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout
Hoyland, Robert Mark 06/05/2006 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Hoyle, Thomas David 05/09/2013 Active Motley Rice, LLC-SC
Hoynes , Schuyler F. 02/01/2010 Active Lyle & Levine, LLC
Hoyt, Bradley M. 02/17/1983 Active Bradley M. Hoyt, Attorney At Law
Hoyt, Connie J. 10/04/1979 Active
Hoyt, Daniel R. 12/11/2008 Active The Hoyt Firm
Hoyt, Harger W. 11/08/1982 Active Revell Cole & Hoyt
Hoyt, Robert Putnam 11/15/1976 Active Robert P. Hoyt, P.C.
Hoyt, Teresa Dennon 10/17/1980 Active Office of United States Attorney
Hoyt, Val Richard 05/21/1991 Active Holland & Knight
Hoyt III, Wade C. 03/09/1972 Active The Hoyt Firm
Hoyt IV, Wade C. 01/28/1998 Active The Hoyt Firm
Hricik, David Charles 08/12/2014 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Hrobowski-Houston, Tamika B. 01/31/2005 Active Hrobowski Law Office, P.C.
Hsu , Cindy Wan-Hsin 04/02/2009 Active The Coca-Cola Company
Hsu , Jeffrey Chia-Chien 09/24/2007 Active Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP
Hu, Bingzi 11/07/2013 Active L. David Wolfe, P.C.
Hu, Sydney 05/11/2015 Active Millar & Mixon, LLC -GA
Huang , Hanyun 05/13/2014 Active Huang Law Offices, LLC
Huang, Paul Pei-Cheng 11/14/1997 Active Foltz Martin
Hubbard Jr., Curtis Lewis 01/06/1992 Active Franklin & Hubbard
Hubbard, Evelyn Stembridge 09/29/1977 Active
Hubbard, Harold M. 08/16/2004 Active The Hubbard Law Firm
Hubbard , Jennifer 03/09/2015 Active Molden & Holley, LLC
Hubbard, Joni L. 11/20/1995 Active Office of Joni L. Hubbard
Hubbard, Karen A. 12/15/1986 Active Balch & Bingham
Hubbard, Michael Lawrence 04/29/2003 Active Hubbard & Weathington
Hubbard, Theresa Barrett 04/02/2009 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Hubbard, William Reynolds 02/14/2005 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Hubbs Jr., Fred L. 05/31/1995 Active Office of Fred L. Hubbs, Jr.
Hubbs, Kelleen Huang 03/31/1997 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Huber, Anthony L. 01/13/2003 Active The Huber Law Firm
Huber, Christopher J. 09/29/2008 Active U.S. Attorneys Office - ATL
Huber, Eric Eugene 02/24/1986 Active Sierra Club
Huber, Jennifer L. 08/11/1997 Active Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Huber, Mary Janet 01/27/1978 Active Law Office of Mary J. Huber
Huber, Richard Martin 12/15/1986 Active Office of Paul S. Weiner
Huber, Therese Helen 04/27/1988 Active Travelers Insurance Company
Hubert, Richard N. 06/13/1960 Active Richard N. Hurbert, Attorney at Law
Huberty, Brian Carl 06/02/1997 Active Social Security Administration-GA
Huck, Kasey Lynne 02/22/1999 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart
Huckabee, Mary Ellen 02/24/1992 Active Office of Mary E. Huckabee
Huckaby Jr., James Cicero 09/30/1976 Active Christian & Small
Huckaby, Joshua David 04/29/2002 Active O'Kelley & Sorohan, Attorneys at Law, LLC
Hudalla, John Andrew 04/30/2001 Active Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner
Huddleston, Charles T. 12/04/1978 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Huddleston, H. Martin 09/18/1967 Active McGough Huddleston & Medori
Huddleston II, Pat 07/13/1987 Active Securities & Exchange Commission-GA
Huddleston , Sheila Susanne 05/02/2011 Active Quirk & Quirk, LLC
Hudgins, David Lee 11/24/1987 Active Office of David Lee Hudgins
Hudgins, Edward H. 09/30/1976 Inactive
Hudgins IV, John Melton 06/28/1976 Active John Melton Hudgins, IV, Esq.
Hudgins, Leon Paul 07/12/1993 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Hudgins, Rachel Erin 02/21/2014 Active Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP
Hudnall Jr., H. Gilman 11/17/1971 Active Hudnall Cohn & Abrams
Hudson, Danielle Augusta 11/21/2011 Active Rubin Lublin Suarez Serrano, LLC
Hudson, David Eugene 07/26/1972 Active Hull Barrett
Hudson Jr., Donald L. 10/16/1986 Active Office of Donald L. Hudson
Hudson, Edward Prather 03/20/1986 Active
Hudson III, Edwin Courtney 10/02/1978 Active Office of Edwin Courtney Hudson, III
Hudson, Frances Clay 11/17/1999 Active Sanders Haugen Sears & Meeker
Hudson, Herman W. 05/16/1990 Active Beitchman & Hudson
Hudson, Jacoby Tamonta 10/07/2013 Active The Hudson Legal Firm, LLC
Hudson, James D. 06/24/2002 Active Office of James D. Hudson
Hudson, Joseph Shane 02/24/2014 Active Hudson & King, LLC
Hudson, Kevin Harrison 12/02/1991 Active Hudson Parrott Walker, LLC
Hudson , Michael John 04/08/2013 Active Hudson Law
Hudson, Pam Ellen 04/29/2003 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Hudson Jr., Paul Lovejoy 01/07/1976 Active
Hudson, Stephanie Rae 11/13/2006 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Hudson, Stephen Earl 12/09/1985 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Hudson Jr., William T. 01/09/1974 Active Hudson & Bryce
Hudspeth, Reginald Allyson 07/24/1975 Active
Huestis, Robert Stanley 05/04/2000 Active Hudson & Huesits, LLP
Huey, Erik Vincent 12/06/1993 Active Schulten Ward & Turner
Huey, R. Martin 07/18/1974 Active
Huey Jr., S. Marshall 09/29/1983 Active
Huff, Bryant 04/25/1977 Active Office of Bryant Huff
Huff, Daniel J. 07/22/1991 Active Huff, Powell & Bailey, LLC
Huff , Jessica Deeann 04/30/2007 Active Georgia Public Defender's Office
Huff, Joseph Hixon 10/31/1991 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP -Augusta
Huff, Parks F. 11/07/1994 Active Sams Larkin & Huff
Huff, Rodrick D. 03/26/1987 Active Office of Rodrick D. Huff
Huff, Roger Frederick 08/16/1978 Active Office of Roger F. Huff
Huff Jr., Roy Barnett 02/16/1984 Active Office of Roy Barnett Huff, Jr.
Huffaker, Craig J. 10/22/1981 Active
Huffine, Cristine K. 06/26/2000 Active Goodman McGuffery Lindsey & Johnson
Huffines, Christopher Michael 12/20/2004 Active
Huffman, Fordham E. 11/30/1981 Active Jones Day
Huffman, Jon David Worth 05/09/2013 Active Poole Law Group
Huffman, Katharine Aiken 10/06/1997 Active Southern Center for Human Rights
Huffman, Laura S. 02/08/2010 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL 34
Huffman, Richard Lee 02/10/1970 Inactive Baden Kramer Huffman & Brodsky
Huffman, Thomas Bernard 02/24/2003 Active Strickland Brockington Lewis
Huggins, Carolyn Ruth 10/17/1980 Inactive
Huggins Jr., Charles Thomas 05/20/1993 Active Huggins & Allen
Hughes, Aileen Bell 09/13/2004 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Hughes, Benjamin Todd 01/07/1991 Inactive Mabry & McClelland
Hughes, Christian Dalziel 01/08/1981 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Hughes, Christopher Ray 12/29/2008 Active Wilson Elser
Hughes, Darlene Y. 04/01/2013 Active D.Y. Hughes and Associates, LLC
Hughes, David Andrew 08/04/1997 Active Jackson Lewis P.C. -Atl
Hughes, David Roland 07/30/1990 Active Hall Hirsh Hughes, LLC
Hughes, Ella A. 03/01/2010 Active The Hughes Group, LLC
Hughes Jr., Franklin Dean 02/16/1993 Active Taylor, Hughes & Fournet, LLP
Hughes, Gregory D. 01/27/1978 Active
Hughes, Heidi Mary Shelton 10/31/1991 Active Office of Heidi Hughes
Hughes, Holly Beth 10/26/1998 Active Fowler Hein Cheatwood Passino & Williams
Hughes III, Hunter R. 01/11/1971 Active Rogers & Hardin
Hughes Jr., James B. 03/01/1982 Active
Hughes, James Lester 04/06/1992 Active Wimberly Lawson Steckel Schneider & Stine, PC
Hughes, Jan Louise 08/31/1992 Active Office of Jan Louise Hughes
Hughes, John Vance 01/10/1973 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Hughes, Jon M. 05/13/2014 Active McMickle, Kurey, & Branch, LLP
Hughes , Joscelyn N. 06/09/2014 Active Allen, McCain & O'Mahony PC
Hughes, Judy Varnell 06/02/1986 Active Office of Judy Hicks Varnell
Hughes, Katherine Gramenz 03/21/2005 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP
Hughes, Leo M. 01/11/1981 Active
Hughes, Lori Powell 07/25/1988 Active Alston & Bird
Hughes, Maria Walters 09/30/1991 Inactive Nations Toman & Nutter
Hughes, Patricia P. 10/04/1979 Inactive
Hughes, Ralph Edward 09/06/1979 Active The Hughes Firm
Hughes, Randall L. 03/06/1970 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Hughes III, Robert Clayton 11/15/2010 Active Brannen Searcy & Smith, LLP
Hughes Jr., Robert Wayne 04/22/1996 Active The Law Office of Robert W. Hughes, Jr.
Hughes Jr., Robert Whaley 12/14/1992 Active Robert W. Hughes & Associates, PC
Hughes, Ronnie Dale 10/16/1986 Active Dow Lohnes & Albertson
Hughes, Summer Joy 02/01/2010 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -GA
Hughes, Timothy W. 01/05/1977 Inactive
Hughes, William Gregory 03/31/1972 Active
Hughes Jr., William Harlan 02/16/1984 Active Alston & Bird
Huie, William Stell 01/03/1957 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Huisman, John Gary 07/26/2010 Active Fleissner, Davis & Johnson
Hull, Frank Mays 01/09/1974 Active
Hull, Geoffrey P. 01/07/1976 Active
Hull, John M. 01/22/2010 Active Foster, Durrence, Ward & Whittaker
Hull, N. E. H. 03/20/1986 Active
Hull, Richard Arthur 10/26/1999 Active Richard Arthur Hull, Attorney At Law
Hullett, Kimberly N. 11/12/2003 Active Association County Commissioners of Georgia
Hulsey, Gary Scott 04/28/1997 Active US Attorneys Office
Hulsey Jr., John Lent 07/18/1974 Active Hulsey & Hulsey
Hulsey, Julius M. 09/21/1964 Active Hulsey Oliver & Mahar
Hulsey, Lynda Sewell 02/20/1985 Active Hulsey & Hulsey
Hulsey, Rebecca 05/31/1995 Active Office of Rebecca Hulsey Keaton
Hulsey, Robert J. 05/06/1991 Active McCalla Raymer Padrick Cobb Nichols & Clark
Hulsey II, Ronald Eugene 05/09/2013 Active James Bates Brannan Groover, LLP - M. GA
Humber, Michael T. 06/13/1988 Active Office of Michael T. Humber
Humes Jr., John Wilson 01/10/1973 Active
Humnicky, Anna M. 09/13/2004 Active Cohen Pollock Merlin & Small, P.C.
Humo, John T. 01/08/1981 Active
Humphrey, Allison K. 01/12/2004 Active Humphrey Law Group, LLC
Humphrey, Jennifer Diane 05/17/2004 Active The Reeder Law Firm
Humphrey, Rachel A. 07/13/1998 Active Law Office of Rachel Humphrey
Humphreys, Stephen F. 04/04/2007 Active Stephen F. Humphreys, P.C.
Humphreys Jr., William C. 08/22/1972 Active Alston & Bird
Humphries, Badge 10/07/2014 Active Lewis Babcock & Griffin, L.L.P.
Humphries III, James Donald 06/05/1970 Active Stites & Harbison, PLLC-Atlanta
Humphries IV, James Donald 12/10/2007 Active Hunton & Williams LLP -Atlanta
Hundley, John Durrett 05/20/1993 Active Pittman & Perry
Hundley, Kelly Michael 11/14/1994 Active Kelly Michael Hundley, LLC
Hundredmark, Trinity 07/18/2005 Active Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C.
Hungeling, David J. 09/16/2002 Active Law Office of David J. Hungeling, P.C.
Hunnicutt, James T. 12/16/1993 Active Hunnicutt & Taylor, P.C.
Hunnicutt, Josephine Louise 01/08/1975 Active
Hunnings, Darryl A. 09/29/1983 Active Office of Darryl A. Hunnings
Hunstein, Carol W. 01/27/1978 Active
Hunstein, Ralph J. 03/14/1977 Active Ralph J. Hunstein and Associates
Hunt, Chad Allan 04/29/2002 Active Office of Stanley Robert Durden
Hunt, Christian Huddleston 11/05/1990 Active Georgia Power Company
Hunt, David Wallingford 11/21/1977 Active White & Case, LLP-DC
Hunt, Donald Timothy 11/26/1985 Active Hunt Coleman & Vaughan
Hunt , Eric Kimble 11/30/2009 Active Timothy K. Hall, LLC
Hunt, Garland Raphael 02/16/1984 Inactive Hunt & Associates
Hunt, John R. 07/09/1984 Active Stokes Wagner Hunt Maretz & Terrell
Hunt, Joseph H. 03/26/1987 Inactive
Hunt, Joseph H. 03/18/1996 Inactive U.S. Department of Justice-DC-Voting Section
Hunt, Kasha B. 11/09/1998 Inactive Office of Kasha B. Hunt
Hunt, Mary-Ellen 11/08/1982 Inactive Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Hunt, Nancy Merrill 11/12/1970 Active Office of Nancy Merrill Hunt
Hunt, Nina Loree 10/02/1978 Active Office of United States Attorney
Hunt, R. Allen 09/22/1975 Active Law Office of R. Allen Hunt
Hunt, Sean Antone 11/04/1994 Active The Hunt Law Firm, Esq.
Hunt, Sylvia F. 06/29/1981 Inactive
Hunter, Brendan R. 01/14/2008 Active Lueder, Larkin & Hunter, LLC
Hunter, Charles Scott 07/18/1974 Active Alston & Bird
Hunter, David R. 07/13/1981 Active
Hunter, Deborah Jernigan 10/17/1980 Inactive
Hunter, Forrest W. 10/23/1978 Active Perkins Coie, LLP - Boise
Hunter Jr., Gary K. 07/22/2013 Active Hopping Green & Sams
Hunter, Hilary Wayne 05/17/2004 Active Isenberg & Hewitt, P.C.
Hunter, Howard Owen 08/04/1972 Active Office of Howard Owen Hunter
Hunter, J. Reid 09/22/1997 Active Serling Rooks & Ferrara
Hunter, James Mackiell 01/09/1974 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Hunter, Jennifer Mollie 06/09/2008 Active Hunter Law, LLC
Hunter, Jocelyn Janine 04/27/1988 Active Home Depot U.S.A., Inc.
Hunter , Joel Christopher 03/06/2006 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Hunter Jr., Lawrence Mims 11/19/1987 Active Hunter & Churdar
Hunter, Linda Warren 02/18/1982 Active
Hunter, Oliver Richardson 06/01/1987 Active Office of Oliver Hunter
Hunter, Robert James 10/03/1985 Active Hunter Weinstein & Somerstein, LLC
Hunter, Shymeka L. 04/29/2002 Active Jackson Lewis, P.C. -ATL
Hunter, Thomas Mark 01/21/1986 Active Office of Thomas Mark Hunter
Huntley III, Willie J. 03/08/2010 Active Holston & Huntley, LLC
Hupfl III, Frank Henry 11/25/2013 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Huray, Scott David 10/31/1991 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Huray, Wendy G. 05/22/1996 Active Henry Spiegel Milling LLP
Hurban , Timotei 07/26/2010 Active Law Office of Timotei Hurban
Hurd, Susan Elaine 02/01/1993 Active Alston & Bird
Hurley, Edward F. 10/11/1984 Active
Hurley, Jeffrey Alan 07/14/1986 Active Office of Steven A. Curlee
Hurley, Kathleen M. 01/22/2001 Active Cruser & Mitchell, LLP
Hurley, Miles Patrick 10/02/1995 Active Hurley & Young
Hurley, Noel L. 11/04/1996 Active The Hurley Law Firm
Hurley Jr., T. Michael 12/15/1972 Active Smith Howard & Ajax
Hurst, Ashley R. 11/14/1997 Active Rogers & Hardin, LLP
Hurst, Eric L. 12/12/2005 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Hurst, Gary Richard 06/25/1979 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Hurst, Mark T. 06/30/2003 Active Constangy Brooks & Smith
Hurst, Matthew Walker 02/02/2015 Active H.L. Cromartie III, P.C.
Hurst, Michael R. 10/22/1981 Active Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia
Hurst, William R. 08/05/1970 Active Office of William R. Hurst
Hurt Jr., Charles D. 06/14/1963 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Hurt Jr., James W. 12/19/2005 Active Hurt, Stolz , LLC - Ath. Ga
Hurt Sr., James W. 04/08/2013 Active Hurt & Associates
Hurt, Kenneth S. 10/17/1980 Inactive
Hurt, Kevin Ray 05/23/2011 Active The Hurt Law Firm
Hurt, Tracy Lynn 05/16/1990 Active Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead
Hurtt, Michael Dennis 09/29/1977 Active Finn & Hurtt
Huskey , Brian Charles 11/02/2011 Active Securities & Exchange Commission-GA
Huskey, S. Renee 10/22/1981 Active Ichter Kresky & Associates, LLC
Huskins, Amelia H. 01/07/1985 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Husser, Arnold Lillington 01/27/1978 Active
Husser, John Scott 02/22/1983 Active Office of John S. Husser
Husser Jr., John Scott 11/28/2006 Active Husser & Husser, P.C.
Hustins, Dana Troy 05/12/2008 Active Citrix Systems, Inc.
Hutcheson Jr., Milton H. 05/14/1969 Active
Hutchins, Bradley Andrews 11/17/1997 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco, P.C.
Hutchins, Elizabeth Holland 05/16/1990 Active Hartman Simons Spielman & Wood
Hutchins, John P. 11/23/1992 Active LeClairRyan, A Professional Corporation
Hutchins, Michael E. 01/30/1984 Active Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman-GA
Hutchinson III, George F. 08/10/1998 Active Gwinnett County Law Department
Hutchinson Jr., James Neal 01/07/1976 Active
Hutchinson, James Stuart 10/04/1979 Active Alston & Bird
Hutchinson, Robin Michelle 11/05/1990 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore
Hutson, Mel S. 06/14/1999 Active Law Office of Mel S. Hutson
Hutson, Rutledge Q. 10/06/1986 Active Troutman Sanders
Hutt , Charles Matthew 06/04/2012 Active Chris Carouthers & Associates
Hutt, Erika Kohler 11/12/1998 Active MAG Mutual Insurance Company
Huttenbach , Eric Dirk 05/02/2011 Active Law Office of Eric Huttenbach
Hutter, Jacqueline Michelle 12/16/1996 Active Needle & Rosenberg
Hutto, James S. 12/14/1959 Active Hutto Palmatary Magda & Krider
Hutto, Kevin Eugene 11/04/1994 Active Haggard & Carney
Hutto, Randolph Lee Massey 10/02/1978 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Hutton, Alison Haddock 04/24/2012 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Hutton, Kathryn 08/24/1998 Active WAM Corporation of America
Hux Jr., James Melvin 04/30/2007 Active Fisher & Phillips LLP-ATL
Huyck, Thomas Wayne 05/25/2000 Active James Bates Brannan Groover, LLP - M. GA
Huynh , Daniel 04/06/2015 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Huynh, Thu Trinh Hong 05/26/2005 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Hwang, Ingu 05/20/2013 Active Burr & Forman LLP-AL
Hwang, Jimmy 11/25/2002 Active Jimmy Hwang, Attorney at Law
Hyatt, John Martel 12/17/1984 Active Hyatt & Hyatt, P.C.
Hyatt, Sean Christopher 04/29/2003 Active Alston & Bird
Hyatt, Wayne S. 12/22/1970 Active Hyatt & Rhoads
Hyde, W. Brent 10/28/2002 Active Hall Booth Smith & Slover
Hyden, Deborah Sue 04/29/2003 Active John Marshall Law School
Hyden , Robert Dale 12/14/2009 Active The Hyden Law Firm, P.C.
Hyden Jr., William Ulysses 01/07/1976 Active Office of William U. Hyden, Jr.
Hydrick, Stacey K. 04/15/1996 Active Dekalb County State Court
Hyken, Stacy Edelstein 05/31/1995 Active Decker Hallman Barber & Briggs
Hyland, Amanda 11/01/2010 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Hylton, Robert Stacy 10/04/1979 Active Law Office of R. Stacy Hylton
Hylton, Simone Nathania 04/23/2010 Active Fulton County District Attorney's Office
Hyman III, J. Patton 07/18/1977 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Hyman, Vincent D. 10/28/1996 Active Marta
Hyndman, Jeremy Scott 11/23/2009 Active K&L Gates LLP-WA
Hynes, Sean L. 12/16/1999 Active Downey & Cleveland
Hyre, Larry Keith 07/18/1974 Active

L.R. 83.1 (D)(3) requires written notification of address changes. In addition to the letter required by L.R. 83.1 (D)(3), please file a "Notice of Change of Address," in each of your pending cases in order to notify the Clerk of Court and counsel when an address change occurs. For further inquiries regarding attorney status, please contact us at: