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United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of This Court

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Gaba, Jeffrey Nicholas Ducret 12/14/1988 Active Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC
Gabay-Smith, Stephanie Elaine 04/01/1996 Active Office of United States Attorney
Gabel, Joan T. A. 12/06/1993 Active
Gabelman, Rebecca Leigh 03/05/2012 Active Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout
Gable Jr., Carl I. 01/04/1965 Active
Gable, Joe Lanier 01/12/1998 Active Office of Don F. DeFoor
Gabriel, Charles D. 04/26/2004 Active Pierce Gabriel Partners, LLC
Gabriel, Russell C. 02/28/1994 Active Federal Defender Program
Gaddis, Amanda R. 02/19/2014 Active Law Office of Gregory Hicks
Gaddis, Kimberly C. 03/17/1997 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco
Gadrix Jr., Edward W. 01/21/1974 Active Gadrix & Associates
Gadsden, Debra R. 03/20/1986 Inactive Internal Revenue Service
Gaff, William Bennett 09/29/1977 Active Office of W. Bennett Gaff
Gaffney , Kate M. 06/30/2008 Active Legal Aid of Cobb County
Gaffney, Mark Richard 05/20/1993 Active Office of Mark R. Gaffney
Gaffney, Nathan A. 10/22/2012 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Gaffney, William P. 08/16/1971 Active Office of United States Attorney
Gafnea, Charles David 10/02/1978 Active
Gage, Rachel Frazier 07/25/2011 Active Robbins Ross Alloy Belinfante Littlefield LLC
Gailey, Joe Hicks 07/10/1978 Active Office of Joe H. Gailey
Gainer, William G. 10/22/1981 Active Toliver & Gainer
Gaines , Alexandra Natalie Russel 01/31/2011 Active The Law Firm of Gaines & Associates, P.C.
Gaines, Carla Burton 05/21/1992 Active The Law Firm of Gaines & Associates, P.C.
Gaines, Crystal Alesia 05/16/1990 Active City Court of Atlanta
Gaines, Deliannette 10/30/2001 Active Polsinelli, P.C.
Gaines, Eden Brown 12/21/1998 Active Wiggins Childs Quinn & Pantazis
Gaines, Edward B. 03/07/1983 Inactive
Gaines Jr., Thomas B. 04/27/1988 Active King & Spalding
Gainey, Karen Christie 08/13/2001 Active Webb Lindsey Collins Jones & Wade
Gaiser, Richard E. 10/22/1981 Active
Gaither Jr, Frank M. 02/14/2000 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Gaither Sr., Frank Murray 05/21/1992 Active Fulton County Public Defender
Gaither, Lesli Nicole 11/22/2004 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Gaither Jr., Ronald Barrett 03/28/2005 Active Schiff Hardin, LLP-GA
Gajadharsingh, Adam 05/03/2004 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Gal, Raanon 01/29/2007 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Galambos, Sherrie Bowen 06/24/1998 Active Office of Sherrie B. Galambos
Galan , Omar 01/26/2009 Active Jones & Walden, LLC
Galanek, Christopher Paul 10/31/1991 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Galante, Joshua Gary 04/29/2003 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Galanti, Alan Robert 07/24/1978 Inactive
Galardi, Mary Burns 05/31/1995 Active Coleman & Snyder
Galbaugh, Robert Glen 01/27/1978 Active Law Office of Robert Glen Galbaugh
Galbraith, Allan Legg 07/30/1979 Active The Keenan Law Firm - CA
Galbraith, Tina A. 05/18/2001 Active King & Spalding
Galbreath, Kimberly Warden 02/18/1982 Active
Gale, Barbara Jo 02/18/1982 Active Office of Barbara Jo Gale
Galifianakis III, Manuel 10/23/1995 Active Office of Manuel Galifianakis, III
Galla, Christopher Thomas 04/29/2003 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Gallagher, Cara Melenyzer 08/03/1992 Active McCalla Raymer Padrick Cobb Nichols & Clark
Gallagher, John Patrick 02/20/1985 Active John P. Gallagher, PC
Gallagher, Kevin C. 12/17/1984 Active Interface, Inc.
Gallagher, Nancy M. 03/20/1986 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Gallardo, Aaron Miguel 03/04/2013 Active Jonathan W. Johnson, LLC
Gallegos, Jessica Diane Ray 07/28/2014 Active Locke Lord LLP-ATL
Galler, David E. 11/19/1987 Active Galler & Atkins
Galler, Julius Benjamin 10/03/1985 Active Swift & Associates
Galligan, Keith Michael 12/12/2012 Active Law Offices of Jennifer Jones Galligan
Gallman, Amber Mees 02/02/2004 Active Gallman Law Offices
Gallo, Barbara H. 03/03/1986 Active Krevolin & Horst LLC
Gallo, Paul J. 10/11/1984 Active Mann Bracken
Gallo, Thomas J. 07/02/1984 Active Barnes & Thornburg LLP -GA
Gallow, Sheila Elizabeth 06/06/2011 Active Office of the Fulton County District Attorney
Galloway III, Alexander T. 01/10/1994 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Galloway Jr., Charles Thomas 01/09/1974 Active
Galloway, Newton M. 10/22/1981 Active Galloway & Lyndall, LLP
Galloway, Robert Brandon 10/26/1999 Active Robert W. Galloway & Associates PC
Galloway, Robert W. 10/02/1978 Active
Galloway, Shanda C. 10/26/1999 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Galloway, William Woodson 10/11/1984 Active Peterson Dillard Young Asselin & Powell
Gambill, M. Arthur 10/19/2000 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Gamble , Eleah Brooke 05/22/2006 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP - GA
Gamble Jr., John B. 06/19/1978 Active Gamble Law LLC
Gamble, Karen Miller 02/17/1983 Active
Gamble III, W. T. 07/19/2001 Active Collier & Gamble
Gambrell, David H. 03/26/1954 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Game, Paul Richard 10/18/1989 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore
Gammage I, Keith Elliott 02/04/2013 Active Office of Solicitor General
Gammon Jr., W. Wright 10/06/1986 Active Gammon & Anderson
Gammon, Wayne W. 05/14/1956 Active Gammon & Anderson
Gamradt, Chad H. 05/17/2004 Active Browning & Keskeny, P.C.
Gandhi, Avni D. 09/11/2006 Active Social Security Administration-GA
Gandy Jr., Charles V. 01/05/1979 Active Office of Charles V. Gandy, Jr.
Gandy Jr., L. Spencer 02/02/1976 Active Gandy & Rice
Ganek, Jeffrey Philip 04/21/1975 Active
Ganjehsani, Carmen V. 12/03/2001 Active Hartman Simons Spielman & Wood
Ganjehsani, Warren Victor 04/29/2003 Active Schulten Ward & Turner
Gann , David Lee 04/23/2010 Active Law Office of David Gann
Gannon, Mark S. 07/18/1977 Active Savell & Williams, LLP
Gansereit, Matthew D. 04/21/1997 Active Office of Matthew D. Gansereit
Ganske, Rodney J. 05/17/2004 Active Alston & Bird
Gant, Christopher Michael 06/24/2013 Active Stites & Harbison, PLLC-Atlanta
Ganti, Vivek 02/10/2014 Active Thomas Horstemeyer, LLP
Gantt, LaKeisha Tennille 10/12/2005 Active Gantt & Associates, LLC
Gantt, Susan L. 06/21/1993 Active Office of Susan H. Irwin
Gantzhorn, Alan 11/18/1991 Active First United Methodist Church
Ganz, Charles David 06/25/1979 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Ganz, Jonathan E. 10/03/2005 Active The Ganz Law Firm, P.C.
Ganz, Marcia A. 02/04/2008 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Garbade, Jennings H. B. 12/19/1994 Active Office of Jennings B. Garbade
Garber, Alan Howard 05/14/2001 Active The Garber Law Firm, P.C.
Garber, Marc N. 07/19/2002 Active The Garber Law Firm, P.C.
Garber, Ronald J. 07/09/1976 Active Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik, P.C.
Garber, Sheila Rizzo 09/19/2005 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Garcia , Alejandro 08/24/2009 Active Taylor Lee & Associates, LLC
Garcia, Cynthia Sims 12/12/1988 Inactive Groves Business Advocates
Garcia, Felix Luis 07/21/2008 Active Law Office of Felix L. Garcia
Garcia, Harold Bruce 05/17/2004 Active Harold B. Garcia, LLC
Garcia, James Michael 07/06/1982 Active
Garcia Sr., John T. 10/11/1984 Active
Garcia, Kelly J.H. 10/17/2001 Active Akerman Senterfitt - Orlando
Garcia Jr., Miguel A. 12/01/1997 Active Law Offices of Miguel A. Garcia, Jr.
Garcia, Monica L. 02/12/2004 Active Buckley & Klein
Garcia, Nicholas P. 12/06/1993 Active Garcia & Bradley
Garcia, Samuel I. 11/15/1984 Inactive
Garcia, Teresa M. 10/07/1996 Active Office of Teresa M. Garcia
Gard Jr., S. Richard 08/13/1984 Active Carter & Ansley
Gard, Steven Jay 10/04/1979 Active Page Perry
Gardiner, Brian A. 05/04/2000 Active McCalla Raymer Padrick Cobb Nichols & Clark
Gardiner , Brian Michael 04/22/2008 Active Chambers of Judge Brian J. Amero
Gardner, Arnold E. 10/11/1984 Active Office of Arnold E. Gardner
Gardner, Arthur Augustine 01/02/1990 Active Gardner Groff Greenwald & Villanueva, P.C.
Gardner Jr., Bobby D. 07/30/2001 Active Office of Atlanta City Attorney
Gardner, Brad 11/27/2000 Active Law Office of Brad Gardner
Gardner, Brenda Loyce 05/23/1988 Active The Gardner Law Firm
Gardner , Eric Douglas 12/13/2010 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Gardner, Harry Stanley 01/04/1980 Active
Gardner, James Robert 10/10/1989 Active Adams & Ellis
Gardner, Jason Delmon 05/25/2006 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Gardner, Jerilyn Elaine 02/07/2011 Active Fried & Bonder, LLC
Gardner, Jerold 11/22/2004 Active Law Office of Jerold Gardner
Gardner III, Joseph 02/11/1974 Active Office of Joseph Gardner, III
Gardner, Lewis B. 08/13/1984 Inactive Grad Logan & Klewans
Gardner, M. Ayres 11/14/1977 Active Cobb & Gardner, LLP
Gardner, Natasha Deanne 04/29/2003 Active Office of R. Gary Spencer
Gardner, Robert Michael 11/04/1996 Active Hicks Massey & Gardner, LLP
Gardner, Steven W. 08/10/1981 Active Office of Steven W. Gardner
Gardner, Tifanie A. 04/29/2003 Active Jones Day
Gardner, Timothy J. 06/11/2007 Active Garnder United Law Group, LLC
Garg , Sonali 05/22/2006 Active Lister & Holt, LLC
Garland , Andrew Dale 11/07/2013 Active Pilgrim Law Group, LLC
Garland, Angela Marie 05/31/1995 Active Office of United States Attorney
Garland, Benjamin McCaskill 07/01/1985 Active Hall Bloch Garland & Meyer
Garland, Dane 02/04/2013 Active Office of the Public Defender Coweta
Garland, David Allen 12/14/1988 Active Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers
Garland, Edward T. M. 07/11/1968 Active Garland Samuel & Loeb
Garland, John Aspinwall 01/31/2005 Active Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C.
Garland II, Peter Joseph 03/20/1986 Active
Garlitz, Janice E. 12/22/1981 Active
Garner, Ann N. 03/20/1986 Active
Garner III, C. Andrew 09/21/2001 Active McRae, Stegall, Peek, Harman, Smith & Manning, LLP
Garner, Catherine Hackler 05/17/2004 Active Carter & Ansley
Garner , Collin Andrew 04/02/2009 Active Morris Manning & Martin, LLP
Garner, Hugh Patterson 07/24/1975 Active Office of H. Patterson Garner
Garner, J. Hamilton 03/21/2013 Active Whelchel & Carlton, LLP
Garner, James W. 07/26/1971 Active Garner & Still
Garner, John Andrew 03/26/1987 Active Blasingame Burch Garrard Bryant & Ashley
Garner, Joseph Michael 01/03/1985 Active Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Garner, Lauren G. 05/22/2000 Active Bodker Ramsey Andrews Winograd & Wildstein
Garner, Rex Wallace 01/25/1973 Active
Garner, Robert E. Lee 08/26/1974 Active Haskell Slaughter Young & Rediker
Garner, Stephen E. 06/20/1983 Active Murphy & Garner, LLC
Garner, Tiana 01/28/2013 Active Garner Law LLC
Garrard III, Henry G. 12/19/1983 Active Blasingame Burch Garrard Bryant & Ashley
Garrard, Patrick Hammond 12/18/2008 Active Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, P.C.
Garrett Jr., Bowman S. 07/16/1979 Active Law Firm of Garrett & Associates
Garrett, Bryan D. 10/31/1991 Active Office of Bryan D. Garrett
Garrett Jr., C. Allen 11/12/1998 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Garrett, Colin M. 05/26/2005 Active Federal Defender Program-Atl
Garrett III, David C. 06/16/1975 Inactive
Garrett Jr., Dudley William 04/14/1970 Active Office of Dudley W. Garrett, Jr.
Garrett, Ellisa 08/17/1982 Active
Garrett Jr., Ernest Reid 01/09/1974 Active Office of E. Reid Garrett
Garrett, Glen A. 01/09/1974 Active Office of Glen A. Garrett
Garrett Jr., Gordon Lee 12/09/1974 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Garrett, Heather H. 05/02/2011 Active Day & Crowley, LLC
Garrett, Margaret Fletcher 04/19/2004 Active The Law Office of Margaret Fletcher Garrett
Garrett, McLendon West 05/16/2005 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Garrett, Melissa Beth 12/17/2001 Active Jackson Lewis, LLP-Atl
Garrett, Michael C. 06/01/1992 Active Garrett & Gilliard
Garrett, Misty Dawn 04/29/2002 Active Donaldson, Bell & Pickett, P. C.
Garrett, Nannette Darlene 04/23/1990 Active Law Office of Nannette D. Garrett
Garrett, Patricia Helen Coote 01/24/1989 Active Office of Patricia C. Garrett
Garrett, Richard Glenn 12/21/1973 Inactive Greenberg Traurig
Garrett , Robert Walker 05/02/2011 Active Harp & Callier, LLP
Garrett, Susan Marie 04/27/1988 Active City of Atlanta Law Department
Garrett, Virginia B. 08/24/1973 Active
Garrett Jr., William A. 01/10/1973 Inactive
Garrison, Edwin 12/21/2009 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Garrison, Gene Edward 02/18/1982 Active
Garrison, Paul Carlton 11/04/1996 Active Hollis & Wright
Garrison, Robert Earl 07/18/1973 Active
Garrison Jr., Searcy S. 08/21/1968 Active
Garrison, Tim Alan 10/16/1986 Active Stewart Melvin & Frost
Garrison Jr., W. Lewis 02/02/1998 Active HENINGER GARRISON DAVIS, L.L.C.
Garroway, Nathan Lewis 02/27/2006 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP-GA Atl
Garside II, Leonard M. 04/29/2003 Active Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, PA - Atlanta
Garson, Lynn S. 10/22/1981 Inactive
Garthe, J. Steven 08/09/1982 Active
Gartin, Edwin Vickers 01/06/1986 Active Glover & Davis
Gartland II, Charles A. 02/03/2003 Active Alston & Bird
Gartlir, Kenneth 08/16/1976 Active
Gartzman, Jeffrey S. 07/11/1983 Active Shapiro Fussell Wedge Smotherman Martin & Price
Garvie, Jeanine Gibbs 11/04/1996 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP-GA Atl
Gary, Marc 05/17/2004 Active Bellsouth Corporation
Gary, Ray 05/14/1954 Inactive Office of Ray Gary
Gary, Thomas Bart 10/19/1981 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Gary, William Franklin 05/19/1994 Inactive Cobb County State Court
Gaskill Jr., Don Gerald 07/05/1994 Active McGahren Gaskill & York, LLC
Gaskill, Sharon Lea 01/27/1978 Inactive
Gaskin, Johnathan Carl 03/21/2011 Active Flowers & Gaskin, P.C.
Gaskins, Laverne Lewis 05/13/1996 Active Office of Laverne Lewis Gaskins
Gaskins Jr., Ralph Edward 04/30/2001 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Gaslowitz, Adam R. 12/10/1984 Active Gaslowitz Frankel LLC
Gastaldo, Cheryl L. 11/24/2003 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Gastel, Benjamin A. 03/03/2008 Active Bransetter, Stranch & Jennings, PLLC
Gaswirth, Ronald M. 03/27/1974 Inactive Gardere Wynne Sewell
Gates III, Fred Seward 10/02/1978 Active Gates & Associates
Gates, Greg Burdette 11/11/1974 Active
Gates, Sheri L. 05/16/1994 Active Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi
Gathany, Richard S. 10/04/1979 Inactive
Gatling, Lindsay M. 05/26/2005 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Gatson, Natalie Denese 03/04/2013 Active Law Offices of Natalie Gatson
Gatto, John B. 05/20/1993 Active Office of John B. Gatto
Gaudet, Matthew Christopher 07/19/1999 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Gaudiosi, Lorre Jeanne 07/16/1990 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Gaudiosi, Monica M. 11/04/1996 Active Hunton & Williams
Gaughan, Laura Anne 11/04/1994 Inactive Savell & Williams
Gaughen, John R. 09/29/1977 Active Office of John R. Gaughen
Gaul, Jonathan D. 07/23/2001 Active Wimberly, Lawson, Steckel, Schneider & Stine, P.C.
Gause, Kwasi L. 04/30/2007 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Gauthier, Jennifer Lynn 04/19/2010 Active Liebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo, P.A.
Gautreaux, Jarome E. 10/17/2005 Active Gautreaux & Adams, LLC
Gavatides, Theodosia 10/03/1997 Active Georgia Legal Services Program
Gavel, Alan A. 06/17/1991 Active Alan A. Gavel, Esq.
Gavin, Geoffrey Kirkland 04/29/2002 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Gavin, Lynn 05/20/1993 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Gavrin, Daniel Eli 10/03/1985 Active Law Office of Daniel E. Gavrin
Gaw, Michael Stephen 11/27/1995 Active Hunton & Williams
Gay, Christine Alexis 09/15/1997 Active Office of Christine A. Gay
Gay, Sharon Anne 08/17/1982 Active Office of State Attorney General
Gay, Troy Ashley 02/18/1992 Active Office of Troy A. Gay
Gaydos, John Christopher 04/30/2001 Active Office of John Christopher Gaydos
Gaye, Curtis L. 07/07/1980 Active U.S. Department of Labor
Gaynes, Bruce H. 06/20/1977 Active Kitchens Kelley Gaynes, P.C.
Gaynor, Darren E. 01/27/2003 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Gaynor Jr., Joseph Michael 10/16/1986 Active
Gaynor, Ronald Stewart 01/10/1994 Active Dobson Jones & Layman
Gazes, Ian J. 01/05/1979 Active
Gazlay , Michael Scott 11/02/2011 Active Law Office of Michael Gazlay
Gcabashe, Thulani W. 02/19/1974 Active
Geary, Donald Paul 10/18/1989 Active The Nodvin Firm
Gebara, Joseph C. 03/24/2014 Active Fields Howell Athans & McLaughlin, LLP
Gebhardt, Andrew James 01/05/2009 Active Smith Welch Webb & White, LLC
Gebhardt, Guy Gregory 01/09/1974 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Gebo, Carl Alexander 02/05/1996 Active Gordon & Rees, LLP
Geddie, Norton Brown McGaughy 05/19/1994 Active Harry Pavilack & Associates
Gee III, Everett Warner 01/29/1990 Inactive Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
Gee, James R. 01/27/1978 Active Law Office of Bob Gee
Geel, Christopher R. 09/20/2010 Active Christopher R. Geel, PC
Geer, Margaret G. 01/03/2005 Active Ray & Sherman, LLC
Geer, Will B. 01/24/2011 Active Law Office of Will B. Geer, LLC
Geerdes, Holly 06/26/2007 Active Geerdes & Associates
Geeslin, George M. 07/06/1981 Active Office of George M. Geeslin
Geeter, Shane Michael 01/14/1981 Active Jones & Geeter
Geheren, Patrick John 10/07/1992 Active The Geheren Law Firm, P.C.
Gehi , Anushka Akil 04/02/2009 Active Law Office of Anushka Akil Gehi
Geibelt, Alma Louise 08/17/1982 Inactive
Geier, Barbara Kay 03/26/1987 Active
Geiger, Carol Russell 12/17/1990 Active Kazmarek Mowrey Cloud Laseter LLP
Geiger, David Alan 11/02/1998 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Geiger, Donna Malinda 04/29/2003 Active Office of Donna M. Geiger
Geiger, George G. 01/10/1973 Active
Geiger, James Christopher 10/22/1981 Active Hasty Pope & Ball
Geiger, Karen Henize 10/02/1989 Active Georgia Legal Services Program-Atl
Geiger, Mitchell Scott 12/14/1998 Active Office of Mitchell S. Geiger
Geissler, Laura J. 11/24/2003 Active Thrasher Liss & Smith, LLC
Geist , Rachel Ann 12/10/2013 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Geldon, Leonard M. 02/18/1982 Active
Gelernter, Sidney Alan 11/19/1987 Active McCurdy and Candler, L.L.C.
Gellen, David Joel 12/07/1992 Active Pace Micro Technology Americas
Geller, David Louis 12/03/1984 Inactive
Gellerstedt, Wright W. 01/17/1966 Inactive
Gellins, Amy S. 01/13/1986 Active Office of Amy S. Gellins
Gelzer , John 01/25/2011 Active Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C.
Genberg, Ira 12/18/1972 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Genco, Carolyn Marie 12/14/1992 Active Office of Carolyn Marie Genco
Genetski, Christian Stephen 06/17/1996 Active King & Spalding
Genirberg, Richard 05/31/1995 Active Genirberg Law Office
Genteman, Crystal Covington 12/12/2013 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Gentry, Jerry Lovvorn 09/21/1967 Active Office of Jerry L. Gentry
Gentry Jr., Raymond E. 12/14/1988 Active Office of Gary Bunch
Gentry, Robin L. 09/03/2002 Active Lilenfeld, PC
Gentry, Sandra M. 08/20/1984 Inactive
Gentry, Walter Neil 11/19/1987 Inactive Office of Walter Neil Gentry
Gentry, William Clemens 07/28/1986 Active The Gentry Law Firm
Geoffroy, Elizabeth A. 03/13/1989 Active Bussey & Giudice
Geoffroy , Michael Gerard 05/02/2011 Active The Geoffroy Firm, LLC
George, Anna Hulane Evans 10/02/1978 Active
George, Dena G. 09/13/2004 Active Buckley Law Firm, LLC
George, Elizabeth A. 04/16/2007 Active Shah Law Firm
George, Francis J. 10/02/1978 Active
George, H. Emily 12/03/1979 Active Office of H. Emily George
George, Lavinia B. 01/27/1964 Active George & Wallach
George Jr., Leonard 09/19/1988 Active Office of Leonard George, Jr.
George, Leslie P. 07/24/1975 Active Georgia Power Company
George, Raymond Edwin 03/26/1987 Active Office of Raymond Edwin George
George, Thomas Edmund 06/24/1971 Active
George, Timothy P. 04/29/2003 Active King & Spalding
George, Victoria Ann 11/19/1987 Inactive Office of Victoria Ann George
Georgeson, Stephen Peter 07/24/1975 Active Sears Roebuck & Company
Georgeton, Maria K. Sarris 10/16/1986 Active
Gepp, Randy C. 09/29/1977 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Geraghty, Sarah E. 03/22/2004 Active Southern Center for Human Rights
Gerakitis, Richard 07/21/1981 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Gerald, Jerry Drew 12/14/1988 Active Wilson Brock & Irby
Gerald, Sandra Corry 05/20/1993 Active Office of Harger W. Hoyt
Gerard, James P. 01/16/1990 Active Oliver Maner & Gray
Gerard, William T. 04/28/1980 Inactive Gerard & Matthews
Gerber, Bernard M. 12/01/1980 Active Gerber & Gerber
Gerber, Civia Marnin Lieb 04/29/2003 Active Seyfarth Shaw
Gerber, Joel K. 06/03/2002 Active Burr & Forman LLP
Gerber, Sanford Jay 02/04/1985 Active Gerber & Gerber
Gerber, Thomas Louis 06/04/1990 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Gerbitz, Leah Marie 12/07/1998 Active Miller & Martin
Gerhardt, Kathryn McBrearty 05/22/1989 Active Harris & James
Gerhardt, Michael J. 07/18/1985 Active
Gerig Jr., Carl Willard 06/14/1965 Inactive
Gering, Jerry C. 12/07/1971 Inactive
Gerkin Jr., Charles V. 02/18/1982 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Gerl, William T. 08/31/1979 Active
Gerlach Jr., Alan M. 10/04/1979 Active Adventist Health System - Legal Services
Germain , Meredith West 04/30/2007 Active Norton & Associates, P.C.
Germano, Don Edward 08/28/1963 Active Germano Kimmey & Cheatwood
Gernazian, Charles J. 03/01/1993 Active Gernazian Legal Service, LLC
Gerrard , Gary 01/12/2010 Active Gary Gerrard, P.A.
Gerrits, Susan Mary 10/02/1978 Active
Gerry, Anne F. 03/01/2004 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Gerschick, Dennis James 02/01/1993 Active Office of Dennis J. Gerschick
Gersh, David Marc 05/22/2006 Active Hendrick Phillips Salzman & Flatt, P.C.
Gershenson, Mark 03/17/1980 Inactive
Gershkowitz, Bryan S. 11/03/2008 Active The RADCO Companies
Gershon, Ira Richard 12/13/1982 Inactive
Gershon, Ruth H. 06/23/1971 Active Ruth H. Gershon
Gerson, Ervin Harold 09/30/1976 Active Law Office of Ervin H. Gerson, P.C.
Gerstein, Joe W. 03/16/1953 Active Office of Joe W. Gerstein
Gerstenberger, Lois W. 05/21/1992 Active Douglas County District Attorney
Gerstenzang , Erin H. 05/22/2006 Active Stein & Ward, LLP
Gertzman, Stephen F. 01/09/1974 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Gerwig-Moore, Sarah 08/06/2007 Active Mercer Law School
Gess , Jacqueline Skye 05/09/2013 Active Superior Court of Carroll County
Getachew-Smith, David K. 12/29/1980 Active Fulton County District Attorney's Office
Geter, Barbara Ann 05/22/1996 Active Geter & Associates
Getter, Stephanie 09/09/1991 Active Hollowell Foster & Gepp
Gettinger, Ellen 09/29/1977 Active Ellen Gettinger, Attorney at Law
Getz, Wystan 10/23/2003 Active Oakhurst Law Group
Getzendanner, Kevin B. 01/04/1980 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Gevertz, David E. 12/04/1995 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Gewirtz, Jeffrey E. 03/15/2006 Active Jeffrey Scott, LLP
Geyzer , April Lee 10/27/2008 Active Wiles & Wiles, LLP
Ghai, Roger Kumar 07/16/1990 Active Ghai & Associates
Ghali, Kamal 06/19/2009 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Ghanayem , Musa M. 09/23/2013 Active Ghanayem and Rayasam, LLC
Gharib , Sara 01/07/2009 Active Dale L. Buchanan & Associates -TN
Ghattas, David E. 05/21/1992 Active David E. Ghattas, P.C.
Gheesling , Sara Elizabeth 08/29/2011 Active Franco Law Firm
Ghertner, Nancy Nesson 04/24/1989 Active Office of Nancy Nesson Ghertner
Ghiglieri, Catherine Anne 10/31/1991 Inactive Comptroller of the Currency
Ghinculov, Karen J. 10/10/1995 Active Law Office of Karen J. Jacobs
Ghirardi, Christopher Linik 04/29/2003 Active King & Spalding
Ghosh, Sanjay 05/26/2005 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Ghosh, Sudevi Navalkar 01/19/1999 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Ghosheh, Talal B. 12/21/2009 Active Bell & Washington, LLP
Giangiordano , Gregory Michael 11/13/2006 Active Infor Global Solutions
Gianneschi, Lisa V. 11/14/1997 Active Lisa V. Gianneschi, P.C.
Giannini , Robert Rogers 06/02/2014 Active Giannini & Yates
Giardina, Allison Sarah 04/23/2010 Active Aldridge Connors, LLP
Giardino , Anthony Edward 05/06/2014 Active Wargo & French LLP
Gibbons, Gwenne P. 03/07/2011 Active Gibbons Law Offices
Gibbons, Timothy Maxwell 10/31/1991 Active Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C.- TN
Gibbs, Daniel Leroy 07/22/1991 Active Law Office of Daniel Leroy Gibbs
Gibbs, James David 06/25/1979 Inactive
Gibbs, Jennifer J. 04/23/2010 Active Gibbs & Mabe, LLC
Gibbs , Kari Melissa 12/08/2008 Active Office of Kari Melissa Gibbs
Gibbs, Lendon David 01/05/1979 Active
Gibbs, Patrick J. 04/27/1992 Active Patrick J. Gibbs, P.C.
Gibbs, Stephen Mark 05/24/1982 Active Zachary & Segraves
Gibby, Agnes Katrina 04/14/2008 Active Quirk & Quirk, LLC
Gibby, John Alan 11/04/1996 Inactive Balboni Ashley & Schoenberg
Gibert, Hugh W. 07/18/1962 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Gibert, James Waring 09/21/1992 Active James Waring Gibert
Giblin, Daniel J. 08/17/1982 Inactive
Gibson, Alan James 12/16/1999 Active Downey & Cleveland
Gibson, Andrew McCampbell 11/05/1990 Active The Finley Firm, P.C.
Gibson, Cynthia Lynn 07/30/2001 Active Georgia Legal Services Program-Dalton
Gibson, Deborah A. 08/26/1991 Active
Gibson, Douglas Thomas 07/21/2003 Active The Gibson Firm, LLC-GA
Gibson, Gilchrist McLean 10/22/1981 Active Dodson & Associates
Gibson, Jacqueline A. 10/03/1985 Active Jacqueline A. Gibson & Associates P.C.
Gibson, James J. 04/02/2009 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Gibson, John R. 12/22/2008 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Gibson, John Wesley 03/17/1975 Active Gibson Deal & Fletcher
Gibson , Kathleen Van Pelt 05/02/2011 Active Grank, Knovalinka & Harrison, P.C.
Gibson, Margaret C. 11/04/1994 Active Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin
Gibson, MaryBeth Vassil 09/17/1990 Active The Finley Firm, P.C.
Gibson, Nancy Gail 03/20/1986 Active Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs
Gibson, Nicholas Steven 02/20/1985 Active Alston & Bird
Gibson II, Thomas Baron 10/16/1986 Active Martin Snow
Gibson, William Clay 10/22/1981 Active King & Spalding
Giddens, Bobby L. 09/29/1983 Active Giddens, Mitchell & Associates, P.C.
Giddings, Samia Patrice 11/04/1996 Active Office of Samia P. Giddings
Gideon, Megan Elizabeth 09/14/1987 Active Social Security Administration-GA
Gieryn Jr., Richard T. 08/17/1982 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Giese, Kay Allyn 10/04/1979 Active Georgia Legal Services Program
Giesen , Jonathan Grover 08/11/2014 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP - GA
Giffin, Gordon D. 12/11/1974 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Giglio, John Michael 09/15/1997 Active Office of J. Michael Giglio
Gigliotti, Joseph J. 10/23/1981 Inactive
Gignilliat, Charles O. 07/18/1974 Active Office of Charles O. Gignilliat
Gignilliat, Richard Read 11/30/1989 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Gilbert, Derek Craig 11/20/1995 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford
Gilbert, Eunice Pennington 01/25/1988 Active Fulton County Superior Court
Gilbert, James A. 12/06/1976 Active LiveOak Equity Partners
Gilbert, Jan Parker 06/24/1998 Active Cushing Morris Armbruster & Jones
Gilbert, Jeffrey S. 09/24/1984 Active Office of Jeffrey S. Gilbert
Gilbert, Laurie Black 07/09/1984 Inactive
Gilbert, LeAnne Marie 05/22/2000 Active Gaslowitz Frankel LLC
Gilbert, Mark Alan 12/01/1997 Active Coleman Talley, LLP -Atl.
Gilbert, Melissa Williams 06/24/1998 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
Gilbert, Richard Wayne 10/04/1979 Inactive
Gilbert, Satonja 08/23/2004 Active Gilbert & Watkins, LLC
Gilchrist, John Edward 07/05/1983 Active Office of John E. Gilchrist
Giles, Ashley F. 09/13/2004 Active Internal Revenue Services
Giles, Lauren C. 04/23/2010 Active Miles Patterson Hansford Tallant, LLC
Giles, Michael David 10/18/1989 Active Constangy Brooks & Smith
Giles, Stephen Edward 10/16/1986 Active Milliken & Company
Gilfedder , Brent S. 11/06/2006 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Gilfillan, Douglas White 11/04/1996 Active Office of United States Attorney-GAND
Gilfillian, David M. 10/16/1986 Inactive
Gilgor, Edward Mark 02/14/2000 Active Edward Gilgor, LLC
Gilibert, Sara Lynn 01/26/1998 Inactive Alston & Bird
Gill Jr., Harold E. 10/22/1981 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Gill, Lawrence E. 06/25/1979 Active BellSouth Business
Gill, Mary C. 08/12/1983 Active Alston & Bird
Gill, Sean Lamar 03/20/2006 Active Bendin, Sumrall & Ladner, LLC
Gill, William Lamarris 07/08/1996 Active Brown & Gill
Gillen, Craig A. 11/01/1978 Active Gillen Withers & Lake, LLC
Gilles, Anthony Eugene 07/18/1974 Inactive
Gillespie, John Frederick 08/23/2010 Active P. Scott Lowery, P.C.
Gillette, Robert Edward 07/19/1993 Inactive Office of Robert E. Gillette
Gilley, Matthew J. 03/04/2002 Active Ford & Harrison LLP-SC
Gilliam Jr., Charles Edgar 09/30/1976 Active Office of C. Edgar Gilliam, Jr.
Gilliam, Fannie Harley 04/27/1988 Active Thomas & McDonald
Gilliam, Steven Philip 07/18/1974 Active Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles
Gilliard, Kirk Emerson 11/06/2000 Active Garrett & Gilliard
Gillies, John M. 10/26/1999 Active Middle District of Georgia
Gilligan, Matthew J. 11/19/2001 Active Hall, Arbery, Gilligan, Roberts & Shanlever, LLP
Gilliland, Thomas C. 11/11/1974 Inactive
Gilliland, Trammel Cullen 10/30/1968 Active Gray & Gilliland
Gilliland , Welles Drew 11/19/2012 Active Georgia Attorney General's Office
Gillis, Donald Austin 04/19/2010 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Gillis Jr., Lee Malcolm 04/22/2008 Active James, Bates, Brannan, Groover, LLP
Gillis Jr., Lucian 05/21/1991 Active Gillis & Creasy, LLC
Gillis , Molly Barrett 06/11/2012 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP
Gillis, Timothy Hayes 11/23/1992 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Gillman , Jordan 04/20/2009 Active Medville Johnson, P.C.
Gilmartin, Stephen P. 12/08/1997 Active Fisher & Phillips
Gilmer, Alan C. 04/12/2010 Active Alan C. Gilmer, Attorney at Law
Gilmore, Christopher Edward 04/24/2012 Active James Bates Brannan Groover, LLP - ATL
Gilmore, Columbus 01/05/1977 Active
Gilmore , Linecia Lonnette 04/04/2011 Active The Gilmore Law Firm, LLC
Gilmore, Maile Goldstein 01/13/2003 Active Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Gilner, Victoria Chamberlain 04/30/2001 Active Georgia Department of Public Safety
Gilroy, Monica Kocurek 05/19/1994 Active Dickenson Gilroy LLC
Gilson, James E. 12/14/1988 Active Casey Gilson P.C. - GA
Gilson, John Dwayne 05/31/1995 Active Jones & Gilson
Gilstrap, Theresa Ford 10/16/1986 Active Office of Judge Frank M. Hull
Gimbel, Madeleine E. 01/07/1985 Inactive
Gimer, Jennifer Lynn 05/21/1992 Inactive Alston & Bird
Gingold, Ira D. 11/19/1971 Active Gingold & Gingold, LLC
Gingold, Jamie Lauren 04/29/2002 Active Gingold & Gingold, LLC
Gingrey Jr., James F. 08/08/1972 Active
Ginn, Alexis 09/12/1994 Active Primerica Financial Services, Inc.
Ginn, Gina H. 12/10/2001 Active Alston & Bird
Ginn, Neil J. 07/18/1974 Active
Ginsberg, Jodi Brenner 05/15/1989 Active Ginsberg Law Offices
Ginsberg, Jonathan Charles 03/26/1987 Active Ginsberg Law Offices
Ginsberg, Michael D. 01/07/1976 Inactive
Ginsberg, Ross D. 04/05/2010 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Ginsburg, Alvin B. 10/31/1991 Active Office of Alvin B. Ginsburg
Ginsburg, David 09/18/1995 Active Hughes & Associates
Ginsburg, Steven D. 08/17/2009 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Giolito, Robert S. 08/11/1975 Active Law Office of Robert S. Giolito, P.C.
Giordano, Brett Christian 01/23/2012 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -GA
Giordano , Megan Lindsey 05/13/2014 Active My Attorney, LLC
Giornelli, Gregory John 08/22/1988 Inactive CF Foundation, Inc.
Giovinazzo, Christopher Todd 11/02/2006 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, LLP
Gipps, Wanda May 07/21/1997 Active Mullman Law Group
Gipson, Sharon Kaye 07/25/1988 Active Office of Sharon Kaye Gipson
Girardot, D. Joseph 01/04/1980 Active Girardot & Associates
Girardot, Matthew Roy 05/17/2004 Active Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville, Inc.
Gisler, Charles M. 10/02/1978 Active Office of Avery T. (Tom) Salter, Jr.
Gist, Brian Lawrence 11/19/2012 Active Southern Environmental Law Center
Giudice, Raymond Victor 10/03/1985 Active Hart & Guidice, LLC
Giuliani, Anthony Lawrence 10/16/1986 Active Anthony Lawrence Giuliani, Attorney at Law
Giustina, Kelly Kubes 02/07/1994 Active Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Givelber, David S. 11/04/1994 Active Cohen Pollock Merlin & Small, P.C.
Givens, J. Keith 02/16/1984 Active Cochran Cherry Givens Smith & Sistrunk
Gladden, James Roger 09/29/1977 Active
Gladden Jr., Joseph Rhea 02/03/1969 Active King & Spalding
Gladden, Kristi N. 06/13/1994 Active Office of Kristi N. Gladden
Gladden, Tracy Graham 10/03/1985 Active Clayton County District Attorney
Glancy, John C. 07/06/1998 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart - SC
Glancz, Gary Lewis 09/29/1977 Active
Glanton, Tracy Lynn 01/12/2009 Active Elarbee, Thompson, Sapp & Wilson, LLP
Glanville, Ural Dexter Lanier 05/22/1989 Active Justice Center Tower
Glasbrenner, Wendy Joy 10/04/1979 Active Georgia Legal Services Program
Glaser, Arthur H. 01/09/1974 Active Glaser, Currie & Bullman LLP
Glaser, Jeffrey Lawrence 04/29/2003 Active Seyfarth Shaw, LLP-Atl
Glasgow , Julia Christine 01/13/2014 Active Mills Paskert Divers
Glasgow, Stephen Paul 12/10/2007 Active Alston & Bird, LLP
Glass, Christopher Brandon 06/23/2003 Active Office of C. Brandon Glass
Glass, David H. 03/06/2006 Active Law Offices of David H. Glass, LLC
Glass, Gregory Edward 04/30/2001 Active Luther-Anderson
Glass, Gregory Wilkes 11/20/1989 Active Office of Gregory Wilkes Glass
Glass, Peter Brooks 12/26/1972 Active Ledbetter Wanamaker Glass, LLP
Glass, Richard C. 02/14/1977 Inactive Shapiro Fussell Wedge Smotherman Martin & Price
Glass, Robert Frederick 11/26/2007 Active Glass & Robson, LLC
Glass, T. Brian 01/08/1975 Active
Glass, William G. 12/10/2012 Active Weiner Shearouse Weitz Greenberg & Shawe
Glassberg, Mary Lee 02/05/2001 Active Holland & Knight
Glasscock, Steven Ryan 12/08/1986 Active Cashin Morton & Mullins
Glassman, Bruce R. 02/11/1974 Active Accelerated Systems
Glatzer , Rebecca Kay 11/08/2007 Active Hyatt & Stubblefield, P.C.
Glaves-Innis, Georgetta 06/09/2003 Active The Law Office of Georgetta Glaves-Innis & Associates
Glaze, George Edward 03/04/1965 Active Glaze Glaze Harris and Arnold
Glaze, Kirby Allen 01/08/1975 Active Glaze Glaze Harris and Arnold
Glaze, Martha K. 12/07/1970 Active
Glaze Jr., Richard Edward 08/09/2010 Active Balch & Bingham LLP-Atl
Glaze , Sandra Davis 03/17/2014 Active Glaze Law, PC
Glazebrook, Elizabeth Roper 09/29/1977 Inactive
Gleason, Andrew Donald 04/01/1996 Active Lefkoff, Rubin, Gleason & Russo, P.C.
Gleason, Cynthia Louise 12/10/1990 Active Bob Wood Realty Company
Gleason, Joseph John 04/29/2003 Active Alston & Bird
Gleason, Mary Kathleen 02/01/1993 Active Alston & Bird
Gleaton, Frederick N. 07/01/1976 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP
Gleichman, Peter A. 05/08/2000 Active Gleichman & Debranski
Gleisner, Leslie H. 02/19/1991 Active Perrie & Associates, LLC
Gleklen, Adam Matthew 05/22/1996 Active Weinstock & Scavo
Glenister, James Robert 12/10/1990 Active AT&T Services, Inc. - Atl
Glenn Jr., James Allen 07/08/1957 Active Stow Garvin & Glenn
Glenn, Kenneth Andrew 12/14/1988 Active Kenneth A. Glenn, Esq.
Glenn, Nancy 12/14/1988 Active Stow Garvin & Glenn
Glenn Jr., Robert S. 09/22/1994 Active Hunter Maclean Exley & Dunn-Sav
Glenn, Sharon M. 10/10/1995 Active Byrnes & Keller
Glennon, Katherine Farley 01/31/2000 Active Jones Day
Glick, Harry 10/31/1975 Active
Glickauf, Stephanie F. 05/04/2000 Active Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson
Glickman, Daniel S. 08/22/1994 Active Hassett Cohen Goldstein Port & Gottlieb
Glickman, Robert Alan 06/24/2002 Active Office of Robert A. Glickman
Glidewell , Collin R. 11/08/2007 Active Wiseman, Blackburn & Futrell
Glisson, Thomas Ray 10/17/1980 Active Office of Thomas Ray Glisson
Globerman, Kyle M. 10/12/2000 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Glouton, Melody Allen 11/18/2002 Active Webb, Tanner, Powell, Mertz & Wilson, LLP
Glover, Bryan 11/27/2006 Active Burr & Forman, LLP-ATL
Glover, Christopher D. 01/12/2009 Active Beasley Allen Crow Methvin Portis & Miles-AL
Glover, Cicely Y. 04/29/2002 Active Law of Cicely Y. Glover
Glover Jr., Clarence Howard 10/02/1978 Active Repasky & Bates
Glover , Edwin Charles 04/15/2013 Active Edwin Glover, Attorney at Law
Glover, Evan William 03/07/2005 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Glover, Irma Brittain 11/18/1968 Active State Court of Cobb County
Glover Jr., J. Littleton 08/29/1967 Active Glover & Davis
Glover, John Trapnell 02/02/1976 Inactive King & Spalding
Glover, Kristen Heather 04/29/2003 Active
Glover, Laura Clarke 10/17/1980 Active
Glover, Renee Lewis 05/16/1990 Inactive Trotter Smith & Jacobs
Glover Jr., William H. 03/02/1987 Active Hutto Palmatary Magda & Krider
Gluck , David Joshua 01/28/2013 Active Blevins and Hong, P.C.
Glucksman, Joyce Francine 09/30/1976 Active Joyce F. Glucksman, P.C.
Glustrom, Robert Charles 09/09/1976 Active Office of Robert C. Glustrom
Gluvna, Allison Marie 02/28/2005 Active Wargo & French LLP
Glymph, Stephanie A. 02/13/1995 Active Awtrey & Parker
Goad, James Earl 02/05/2002 Active The Law Offices of James E. Goad, PC
Gober Jr., Clyde Johnson 01/07/1976 Active
Gober, H. Fred 05/09/1946 Inactive Arnall Golden & Gregory
Gober, James Alan 07/24/1975 Active Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Gober, Merrilee Aynes 07/10/1989 Active Chilivis Cochran Larkins & Bever
Gober, Rebecca Bisson 04/22/2008 Active Sponcler and Tharpe, LLC
Godbey, Beverly B. 02/20/1985 Active Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP-TX
Godbold, Leonard William 09/29/1977 Inactive
Goddard Jr., Ross M. 03/18/1954 Active Office of Ross M. Goddard
Goddard, Tommy Duane 06/28/1983 Active Goddard Thames Hammontree & Bolding
Goddard, William D. 10/20/1972 Active
Godfrey, Alan Ross 05/17/2004 Active Lamberth Cifelli Stokes & Stout
Godfrey, Brenda 11/12/1996 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Godfrey, Gwendolyn J. 11/14/2005 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Godfrey, Reanee Monique 12/19/2005 Active Law Office of Reanee M. Godfrey
Godfrey, Robert N. 01/08/1981 Active Office of Atlanta City Attorney
Godsey, John Gregory 01/02/2001 Active The Godsey Firm, LLC
Godsey, Thomas Winn 05/21/1992 Active Southern Guaranty Insurance Co.
Godsey, Trisha Lewis 04/29/2002 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP
Godwin, Jason Brian 11/14/2005 Active Busch, Slipakoff & Schuh, LLP
Godwin, Jenny Phillips 01/05/1979 Active
Godwin, Robert L. 10/17/1980 Active Blount & Cash
Goebeler, April Luv Hoellman 10/27/2008 Active Casey Gilson P.C.
Goellner , Christopher Aloysius 04/02/2009 Active Law Office of Christopher Goellner
Goerss, Richard George 10/02/1978 Active
Goessling, Shannon Lee 02/23/2004 Active Southeastern Legal Foundation, Inc.
Goetten, Mary E. 10/17/1980 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Goetz, Barbara Miller 02/18/1982 Active Peterson Dillard Young Asselin & Powell
Goetz Jr., Charles M. 03/29/1982 Active Goetz & Zahler, LLC
Goetzinger, Christine 05/22/1996 Active Office of Christine Goetzinger
Goff, J Patrick 05/26/2005 Active Coppedge & Associates, P.C.
Goff, Rose E. 07/29/1991 Active Office of Rose E. Goff
Goff , W. Cody 04/22/2008 Active Morris Manning & Martin, LLP
Goger, John J. 11/13/1974 Active Parks Chesin & Walbert
Gogolin Jr., Elton W. 03/05/1984 Active Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Goheen, Barry 07/21/1997 Active King & Spalding
Gohil, Ajay Rasik 04/01/2002 Active Office of State Attorney General
Goico, Susan Walker 04/30/2001 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Goins, Jonathan David 01/30/2006 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Gokare, Manjunath A. 03/26/2001 Active Gokare Law Firm
Gokare , Shilpa Manjunath 04/22/2008 Active Gokare Law Firm
Goklaney, Anita 12/08/1997 Active Internal Revenue Service/ Chief Counsel
Golan, Lisa Bodenstein 01/19/1988 Active Lisa B. Golan, Attorney at Law
Gold, Barry L. 09/29/1983 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Coldwell & Berkowitz
Gold, Howard A. 03/14/1974 Active Office of S. Scott Critzer
Gold, Lawrence Michael 10/21/1968 Active Gray & Gilliland
Gold, Lori Ehlin 09/29/1983 Active
Gold, Ronald T. 01/27/1978 Active Ronald T. Gold, Attorney at Law
Gold, Steven J. 02/16/1984 Active King Morriss Talansky & Witcher
Goldberg, Allison Beth 12/18/1995 Inactive Office of State Attorney General
Goldberg, Brian Stephen 05/05/2014 Active O'Kelley & Sorohan
Goldberg, James R. 04/27/1988 Active
Goldberg, Jeffrey Maldaner 11/15/1999 Active King & Spalding
Goldberg, Marissa Helene 02/27/2012 Active Findling Law Firm, P.C.
Goldberg, Michael L. 03/09/1998 Active Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLC - Atl
Goldberg, Ralph S. 08/04/1975 Active Goldberg & Cuvillier, P.C.
Goldberg, Robert Bruce 09/29/1977 Active Ellis Funk Goldberg Labovitz & Dokson
Goldberg, Robert M. 08/09/1982 Active Office of Robert M. Goldberg
Goldberg, Robert M. 05/31/1995 Active Office of Robert M. Goldberg
Goldberger, Andrew Bryan 01/22/1996 Active Cyprexx Services, LLC
Golden, Christopher M. 04/30/2001 Active Rogers & Hardin
Golden, Colleen Louise 07/28/1986 Active Office of the Trustee
Golden, David F. 10/11/1984 Active Troutman Sanders
Golden, Donna Segraves 07/22/1991 Active Office of Donna Segraves Golden
Golden, Edward R. 12/12/1977 Active
Golden, Jason Andrew 12/06/1993 Active
Golden, Peggy Jones 11/19/1987 Active Law Firm of Jones Golden
Goldenhall, Peter G. 02/02/1998 Active Hall, Bloch, Garland & Meyer, LLP-Atl
Goldenhersh, Randy Stephen 01/04/1980 Inactive
Golder, Mark Louis 07/23/1979 Active Siegel & Golder
Goldfaden, Shawn Alexis 10/25/1999 Active Morris & Schneider PC
Goldfarb, Abraham 01/07/1976 Inactive
Goldfrank, Joan Lorraine 01/05/1977 Inactive
Goldin Jr., Rodney Douglas 11/15/2004 Active Goldin Law Group, LLC
Goldman, Barry Richard 11/04/1994 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Goldman, Frank G. 01/05/1998 Active Frank G. Goldman, P.C.
Goldman, Gilbert C. 10/21/1981 Active
Goldman, Joel Stanley 11/19/1987 Active Troutman Sanders
Goldman, Lynn Holland 10/26/1999 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.
Goldman , Marci Freedman 03/09/2009 Active Juvenile Court of Gwinnett County
Goldman, Michael Jay 09/30/1976 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Goldman, Robert Francis 11/21/1996 Active Miller & Martin
Goldman, Robert J. 10/12/1999 Active Office of David L. Miller
Goldman, Steven Ira 07/14/1986 Active The Goldman Firm
Goldman, Steven Mark 07/30/1990 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Goldman, Sylvia 11/14/1997 Active Goldman & Associates
Goldner, Andrew E. 02/28/2003 Active Law Offices of Andrew E. Goldner, LLC
Goldner, Barry Lee 08/12/2002 Active Clark & Washington
Goldner, Stephen L. 01/05/1979 Active Bird Law Group, P.C.
Goldring , Ahron S. 11/02/2011 Active Abrahan and Goldring, P.C.
Goldsmith, Gary M. 06/05/1979 Active Fine & Block
Goldstein Jr., Burton B. 01/05/1977 Inactive
Goldstein, Dennis 01/08/1975 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Goldstein, Eve H. 02/04/1972 Active U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Goldstein, James Arthur 10/17/1980 Active Goldstein & Hayes, P.C.
Goldstein, Lee Scott 07/30/1979 Active Cohen, Goldstein, Port & Gottlieb, LLP
Goldstein, Leonard Sanford 03/26/1987 Active Office of Leonard Sanford Goldstein
Goldstein, Melvin M. 01/08/1975 Active Law Office of Melvin Goldstein
Goldstein, Philip Michael 10/22/1981 Active
Goldstein, Robert Alan 03/26/1987 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Goldstucker , Richard Weil 04/23/2010 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Goldstucker, Robert L. 01/12/1987 Active Nall & Miller, LLP
Golivesky, Robin A. 01/28/2013 Active Dodson & Associates
Golomb, Jeffrey 03/09/1998 Active Gomez & Golomb, LLC
Golub, Phillip N. 08/14/1995 Active Houston & Golub
Golymbieski, Debra Ann 01/16/1996 Active Wilson Morton & Downs
Gomes, Matthew T. 03/29/1999 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Gomez, Bobbi Acord 05/16/1990 Active King & Spalding
Gomez, Christina Finzel 03/19/2008 Active Holland & Hart
Gomez, Debra Greta 02/06/2006 Active Gomez Law Group
Gomez, Frank Thomas 08/28/1989 Active Office of Frank Thomas Gomez
Gomez, Teresita M. 03/18/1996 Active Office of Peter F. Boyce
Goncher, Marc P. 04/30/2001 Active City of Atlanta Law Department
Gonos, Katherine Anne 01/11/2010 Active Langdale & Vallotton
Gonzalez, Carlos A. 12/31/1991 Active The Gonzalez Law Group
Gonzalez, Deborah 08/01/2011 Active Deborah Gonzalez, Esq.
Gonzalez, Kevin Dwane 06/24/1998 Active Garcia & Powell
Gonzalez, Luzmina 11/05/1990 Active Office of Luzmina Gonzalez
Gonzalez, Marisa 07/13/2009 Active The Gonzalez Law Firm, LLC
Gonzalez-Burgos, Francisco 08/14/1989 Active Office of Francisco Gonzalez-Burgos
Gonzalez-Torres, Edwin 01/18/1994 Active Chevron U.S.A., Inc.
Good , Darice M. 06/07/2010 Active Good & Lee, LLC
Goode, Katrenia Charlene 03/21/2011 Active Goode Law LLC
Goode, Michael S. 01/12/2006 Active Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC
Goode, Roger M. 05/21/1991 Active Hawkins & Parnell
Goodell, William R. 10/17/1980 Active King & Spalding
Goodgame, Carl Edward 10/22/1990 Active McLain & Merritt
Goodhart, Glenn L. 06/24/1998 Active Glenn L. Goodhart, Esq.
Gooding Jr., Thompson Hagood 02/18/1982 Active Elliott, Blackburn & Gooding, P.C.
Goodlett , Gwynne Brown 05/22/2006 Active Sanders & Ranck, P.C.
Goodman, Adam Matthew 01/25/1999 Active Chapter 13 Trustee
Goodman, Barry 10/10/1989 Active Goodman & Goodman, LLP
Goodman, Craig R. 09/28/1972 Active Craig R. Goodman Law Offices
Goodman, Dale R. F. 01/09/1974 Active Goodman & Goodman
Goodman, Donald Jay 12/10/1973 Active Goodman & Goodman
Goodman , Fatima 08/20/2012 Active Goodman Law Firm
Goodman, James Edward 05/04/1970 Active Goodman & Associates
Goodman, Kenneth W. 10/04/1979 Inactive
Goodman, Lois Roslyn 12/10/1979 Inactive
Goodman, Mark J. 02/20/1985 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Goodman, Matthew Pettit 11/13/2000 Active Clark & Washington
Goodman, Michael D. 10/31/1983 Active Goodman & Goodman
Goodman Jr., Robert Franklin 03/13/1978 Active Scoggins & Goodman
Goodman, Ruthanne Whitt 04/03/2000 Active Morgan & Pottiner
Goodman, Susan Lee 05/23/1988 Active McCullough Sherrill
Goodman, William S. 07/03/1968 Active Goodman McGuffery Lindsey & Johnson
Goodmark, Craig Lewis 07/16/1999 Active Goodmark Law Firm, LLC
Goodner, John E. 09/29/1983 Active
Goodrich, Craig Needham 06/20/1994 Active Wilson Strickland & Benson
Goodrich, Harry Leroy 01/05/1977 Active
Goodson, Schuyla Maria 05/04/2000 Active Troutman Sanders
Goodwin, Charles Lockridge 06/20/1980 Inactive
Goodwin III, Jack Milton 05/09/2013 Active Goodwin & Goodwin, Attorneys at Law, LLP
Goodwin, Jennifer L. 06/08/2009 Active Prebula & Associates, LLC
Goodwin, Julie Ann 09/23/1991 Active Keegan Federal & Assocaties
Goodwin, Kirk W. 10/30/2001 Active Morris Manning & Martin, LLP
Goodwyn Jr., Thomas Jefferson 09/24/2012 Active Goodwyn Law Firm, LLC
Goolsby, Richard Hays 10/02/1978 Active
Goran, Kristin 11/02/2006 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Gorby, Michael J. 01/08/1975 Active Gorby, Peters & Associates, LLC
Gordan, Stuart S. 06/19/2000 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -GA
Gordon, Alan B. 09/29/1983 Active Office of Alan B. Gordon
Gordon, Alexander 01/29/2001 Active Fain Major & Brennan
Gordon, Angel R. 03/10/2003 Active Morris Schneider & Prior
Gordon, Claudia Edwards 08/17/1982 Active Northcutt Edwards Gordon Perrotta & Feingold
Gordon, David E. 02/12/2007 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP-GA Atl
Gordon, David L. 02/16/1984 Active Jackson Lewis, P.C. -ATL
Gordon, David Lewis 05/21/1992 Active Snell & Associates
Gordon, David William 11/19/2012 Active Macey, Wilensky & Hennings, LLC
Gordon, Devin Howard 05/22/2006 Active Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
Gordon, Gail M. 09/29/1983 Inactive
Gordon, James B. 02/05/1970 Active Office of James B. Gordon
Gordon, Janis C. 07/16/1979 Active Office of United States Attorney
Gordon, Jeffrey Douglas 06/05/2006 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Gordon, Ken 07/11/1980 Active Office of Ken Gordon
Gordon, Lawrence R. 09/29/1983 Active Affleck & Gordon, P.C.
Gordon, Leo M. 06/14/1977 Inactive
Gordon, Nancy Elizabeth 01/04/1980 Active Gambrell & Stolz
Gordon, Neil C. 10/30/1980 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Gordon, Patricia Lynn 11/19/1987 Active Mead Corporation
Gordon, Richard A. 06/16/1971 Active Richard A. Gordon, P.C.
Gordon, Richard M. 01/27/1978 Active Asbill Porter Churchill & Nellis
Gordon, Robert K. 12/06/2004 Active Securities and Exchange Commission
Gordon, Rudolph Travis 02/08/1988 Active Shriver & Gordon
Gordon , Salena Marie 11/19/2012 Active Salena Gordon, Esq.
Gordon, Sarah Trevena 04/30/2007 Active Chilivis, Cochran, Larkins & Bever, LLP
Gordon, Sean Andrew 12/17/2007 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP - Atl
Gordon Jr., Sims Wright 09/15/1997 Active The Gordon Law Firm, PC
Gordon, Susan M. 11/04/1996 Active Burr & Forman
Gordon, Terri N. 08/02/2004 Active Dekalb Co. Law Department
Gordon , Valerie Michele 04/23/2010 Active Valerie Gordon, P.C.
Gordon, Walter James 04/22/1991 Active The Gordon Law Firm Attorneys at Law, LLC
Gordon Jr., William R. 11/15/2010 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Gordy, Scott A. 07/18/1974 Active Key McCain & Gordy
Gore, Deborah Nolan 10/31/2011 Active Attorney General's Office-Atl
Gore, Jeffrey M. 05/04/2000 Active The Ford Law Firm
Gore, Krissi T. 05/04/2000 Active Chitwood Harley Harnes
Gore, Luke Frank 02/02/1972 Inactive Office of Luke Frank Gore
Gore , Thomas M. 01/24/2011 Active McCorkle & Johnson, LLP
Gorham, Patricia Anne 04/27/1988 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Gorji , Amir 05/01/2006 Active Simpson Law Offices
Gorman , Alan Gerard 06/06/2011 Active Barnes & Thornburg LLP -GA
Gorman, Andrew L. 05/16/2011 Active Bowen, Painter & Gorman, LLC
Gorman, Heather C. 05/21/2001 Active Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Gorman , Kamilah Eve 05/22/2006 Active The Reeder Law Firm
Gorman, Larry Edward 11/19/1987 Active The Gorman Law Firm
Gorman Jr., Robert J. 04/28/1997 Active Ciba Vision Corporation
Gornall Jr., John L. 01/08/1975 Active
Gorove, Michael Alexander 04/01/1996 Active King & King
Gorsline, James Norland 09/03/1985 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Gorsline, Ronald Dale 10/18/1989 Active Chambliss, Bahner& Stophel
Gort , Bryan 01/13/2014 Active Parker MacIntyre
Gort, Cliffe Lane 12/02/1974 Active Office of Cliffe Lane Gort
Gosdeck, Jo Beth 07/17/1995 Active Mabry & McClelland
Gosden, Douglas Scott 04/27/1988 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Gosden, Kathleen T. 11/04/1996 Active Georgia Institute of Technology
Goselin II, John H. 05/22/1996 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Goss, Dahil Dueno 10/16/1989 Active Office of United States Attorney
Gossett, Brandon 02/24/2014 Active Fields Howell
Gossett, C. Darrell 02/08/1993 Active Office of C. Darrell Gossett
Gossett, Lewis Francis 11/05/1990 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart
Gossett, Richard Baxter 10/03/1985 Active Baker Donelson
Gossette, Lois W. 09/29/1977 Inactive
Gostinger , Kathryn S. 04/24/2012 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Gotch, Shawn Michael 10/11/1984 Active
Gotschall, Sarah E. 12/11/1995 Active Office of Sarah E. Gotschall
Gottenberg, Neil David 05/21/1991 Inactive Gary Greenwald & Associates
Gottfried, Linda A. 10/04/1979 Active
Gottlieb, David D. 09/29/1983 Active Womack, Gottlieb & Rodham, P.C.
Gottlieb, Jon A. 03/20/1986 Active Flynn & Gottlieb, P.A.
Gottlieb, Joseph Jay 01/08/1981 Active Cohen, Goldstein, Port & Gottlieb, LLP
Gottlieb, Steven 06/30/1970 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Gottschalk, William Charles 06/12/2000 Active Office of William C. Gottschalk
Gottshall, Thomas John 08/07/1989 Inactive Office of Thomas J. Gottshall
Gough, Kevin Robert 11/05/1990 Active Office of District Attorney
Gouinlock, Susan Strachan 11/08/2007 Active Susan Gouinlock, Ltd., Law Offices
Gould, Clifford Bruce 09/13/1993 Active Office of Clifford B. Gould
Gould, Michael L. 04/03/1978 Inactive
Gould, Thad Christopher 05/21/1990 Active Greenfield Bost & Kliros
Gourley III, William Haynie 04/02/2009 Active Larkin & Hunter, LLC
Govan, Sheila M. 02/28/1994 Active Govan & Associates
Govia , Alicia M. 04/27/2009 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL 3
Gowder, Ashley Nicole 05/02/2011 Active Vernice & Bowling of Atlanta, LLC
Gowen, Deborah 04/24/2000 Active Silver and Archibald, LLP
Gowens, Lance W. 04/22/2008 Active The Boyd Law Group, LLC
Gower, Anne Dodson 02/10/2003 Active King & King
Gower, Charles Austin 03/02/1987 Active Law Offices of Charles A. Gower
Gowin, Samuel Jacob 12/05/2005 Active Jenkins & Bowen, P.C.
Goza Jr., Claude L. 12/27/1982 Active McNally Fox Grant & Davenport
Gozansky, Michelle Renee 05/31/1995 Active Office of Michelle Gozansky
Grabb, Ronald Eugene 02/18/1982 Active
Grabbe IV, John C. 09/30/1971 Active Cobb & Irwin
Grabbe, William Anthony 11/19/1987 Active Glaze Glaze Harris and Arnold
Grable, Jeffrey Bull 01/11/1999 Active Jeffrey Bull Grable, Attorney at Law, P.C.
Grace, Nancy Ann 10/11/1984 Active
Grace, Susan Laura 05/09/2013 Active Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Graddock, Christopher J. 03/27/1995 Active Morgan & Morgan, PA-ATL
Graddy, Chad D. 02/14/2000 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz
Graddy, Elizabeth 06/28/2010 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Grady III, John H. 04/30/2001 Active Jones Day
Grady, Kevin E. 08/18/1975 Active Alston & Bird
Graettinger Jr., John Sells 07/06/1976 Active Office of John S. Graettinger, Jr.
Graetz, Lucy T. 03/23/1992 Active U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Graff, Bryan Christopher 05/26/2005 Active Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC
Grafstein, Joan C. 05/04/1981 Active
Grafton , Adam Clay 05/22/2006 Active Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC
Graham, Barry Wright 09/29/1977 Active Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner
Graham, Charles Allen 01/04/1980 Active
Graham Jr., Charles Benjamin 10/04/1979 Active Graham & Ashby
Graham, Charles D. 03/17/2008 Active Graham Law Firm
Graham, Charles E. 01/06/1965 Active Colonial Pipeline Company
Graham, Erin 01/25/2010 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Graham , Forrest Benjamin 05/02/2011 Active Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Graham, Heather Welch 12/06/1993 Active Thornton and Graham, P.C
Graham, J. Hatcher 05/10/1999 Active J. Hatcher Graham, P.C.
Graham, Jamie Lynn 06/02/1986 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Graham, Jason Wayne 01/26/1998 Active Graham & Jensen, LLP
Graham III, John Meredith 03/05/1969 Active Smith Shaw & Maddox
Graham, Mather Daniel 10/12/1994 Active Smith Shaw & Maddox
Graham , Mitchell 05/20/2013 Active G. Roger Land & Associates
Graham, Sabrina D. 07/16/2007 Active Attorney General's Office-Atl
Graham, Stanley E. 11/05/2008 Active Waller Landsen Dortch & Davis-TN
Graham , Stephanie P. 08/17/2009 Active The Graham Law Group
Graham , Stephen J. 04/30/2007 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Graham, T. Andrew 05/20/1993 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Graham, Tanya Mitchell 05/21/1992 Active The Law Office of Tanya Mitchell Graham
Graham, William A. 05/18/1992 Active Office of William A. Graham
Gralen, Mark E. 02/20/1985 Inactive
Gram, John A. 07/18/1974 Active Whelchel & Dunlap
Grambergs, Guido Mark 10/11/1984 Active
Grambergs, Mary Craft 10/11/1984 Active
Grambo, Margaret Mary 01/05/1979 Active
Gramoglia, Margaret B. 08/17/1982 Active Asbill Porter Churchill & Nellis
Granade, Jonathan Riley 10/20/2003 Active Casey Gilson P.C.
Granata, Connie Shaw 06/07/2004 Active Perrie & Cole
Grand, Roslyn D. 03/14/1994 Active Internal Revenue Service
Grandison, Terry 10/27/2008 Active Office of the Fulton County Attorney
Granet, Lloyd 12/03/1984 Inactive
Granillo, Jeffrey Garrett 04/22/2008 Active Chambliss Bahner & Stophel, P.C.
Granims , Michael Robert 06/29/2009 Active Law Office of Michael R. Granims
Granoff, Bruce R. 07/24/1975 Inactive
Grant, Bonnie Marie 05/22/2006 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - CA
Grant, Bridget Whelan 11/05/1990 Inactive Cohen Pollock Merlin Axelrod & Tanenbaum
Grant, Christopher L. 09/29/1977 Active
Grant, Clayton 01/08/1981 Active
Grant , Diana Folds 07/30/2012 Active D.F. Grant Law, L.L.C.
Grant, Inez 09/06/1994 Active Inez Grant, Attorney at Law
Grant, James Charles 11/27/1989 Active Alston & Bird
Grant , James Moir 12/09/2013 Active Atlanta Trial Lawyers Group at Jaffe Law Center, LLC
Grant, Kimberly W. 11/14/1997 Active Law Offices of Wayne Grant, PC
Grant, Leonora 06/11/1990 Active Dekalb County District Attorney 's Office
Grant, Philip Painter 02/22/1988 Active McNally Fox Grant & Davenport
Grant II, Raymond Russell 05/23/2011 Active Cruser & Mitchell, LLP
Grant, Scott H. 02/02/2011 Active Law Office of Scott H. Grant
Grant, Stefanie D. 03/08/1999 Active Office of Atlanta City Attorney
Grant, Thomas Christopher 03/29/1999 Active Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, LLP-GA
Grant, Walter Matthews 03/01/1972 Active Dow Lohnes & Albertson
Grant, Wayne 11/19/1979 Active Law Offices of Wayne Grant, PC
Grantham, Bryan M. 05/10/2010 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Grantham, Dana R. 12/13/2001 Active Chambers of Magistrate Judge Gerrilyn G. Brill
Grantham, Gary Bernard 06/04/1997 Active Grantham Legal Association
Grantham, Judson Poole 06/24/1998 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford
Grantham, Mark Edwin 09/29/1977 Active DLA Piper US LLP-ATL
Grantham , Virginia Lee 04/02/2009 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL 3
Grantham III, Walter Edwin 04/16/2004 Active
Granville , Brian Dion 04/02/2009 Active The Granville Group, LLC
Granville, Tonya Shy 04/02/2001 Active Genesis Law Group, LLC
Grate, Donald Jeffrey 11/04/1985 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Graubart, Noah C. 10/12/2005 Active Fish & Richardson, P.C.-Atl
Graunke, Kristi L. 07/24/2006 Active Southern Poverty Law Center - Atl
Gravante, John A. 12/14/1992 Inactive Hughes & Associates
Graveline, Rebecca 10/16/1986 Active Touche Ross & Company
Graves IV, H. C. 03/26/1987 Active Scientific Games, Inc.
Graves II, James Alden 06/24/1998 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Graves , John G. 08/18/2008 Active Ballard Spahr LLP-Atl
Graves, Judson 07/14/1975 Active Alston & Bird
Graves Jr., Michael Lloyd 04/23/2010 Active City of Statesboro
Gravitt Sr., Charles A. 07/24/1975 Active Office of Charles A. Gravitt
Gravois , Robert Duncan 11/01/2012 Active Thomas Horstemeyer, LLP
Grawert, Marc W. 01/14/2002 Active Monge & Associates
Gray , Andrea Pickens 05/02/2011 Active William Thomas Craig, LLC
Gray, Bruce K. 01/09/1995 Active Bruce K. Gray, Attorney at Law
Gray , Christa L. 04/22/2008 Active Robinson & Miller, P.C.
Gray, David R. 10/27/1983 Active
Gray, E. Talley 02/14/2008 Active Law Offices of E. Talley Gray
Gray, Harvey Scott 09/30/1976 Active Gray Rust St. Amand Moffett & Brieske
Gray III, Herbert H. 07/24/1978 Active Ragsdale, Beals, Seigler, Patterson & Gray, LLP
Gray, James Russell 05/21/1992 Active Office of Cynthia L. Horton
Gray, Jerry Clinton 10/04/1979 Active Office of Jerry C. Gray
Gray, John C. 06/20/1968 Active Gray & Gilliland
Gray Jr., Joseph B. 11/19/2001 Active Office of Joseph B. Gray, Jr.
Gray , Julian Cuthbert 01/07/2013 Active The Law Office of Julian Gray
Gray, Kelley Bowden 01/05/2009 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP - GA
Gray, Kelly Fitzgerald 01/31/2005 Active Fulton County Solicitor's Office
Gray, Kerwin L. 11/10/1980 Active
Gray Jr., Leonard R. 09/29/1983 Active McCurdy & Candler
Gray, Lillia Ann 10/18/1989 Active Lillia Ann Gray, Attorney at Law
Gray, Margaret Elizabeth 10/31/1991 Active Peterson Dillard Young Asselin & Powell
Gray, Pamela Byrd 01/13/1992 Active Warner Mayoue Bates Nolen & Collar
Gray, Rory Thomas 03/05/2013 Active Alliance Defending Freedom
Gray, Sandra 08/01/1994 Active Casey Gilson Leibel
Gray, Stacey Elissa 11/20/1995 Active King & Spalding
Gray, Stephen Michael 05/26/2005 Active District Attorney's Office-Coweta Circuit
Gray, Stuart Warren 01/26/2001 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary
Gray, William A. 09/30/1976 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.-Atl
Gray II, William Emery 01/24/1985 Active Grange Insurance
Graybeal, David Wayne 09/17/1990 Active Office of David Wayne Graybeal
Grayer, Misty Johnson 02/06/2012 Active Misty Johnson Grayer, Esq.
Grayson , Katherine E. 03/14/2011 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL
Grayson, Randall David 02/05/1996 Active DelCampo Weber & Grayson, LLC
Grayson, Robert J. 01/10/1973 Active Edwards Friedewald & Grayson
Graziano, Bonny Gayle Smith 07/24/1975 Active Gayle S. Graziano, Esq.
Greason, James O. 10/03/2011 Active Greason & Associates, P.C.
Greaves , Denise Estelle 04/02/2009 Active Montlick & Associates-GA
Grech, Jason Charles 06/29/1998 Active Cushing Morris Armbruster & Montgomery, LLP
Greco, John Robert 10/11/1984 Active Office of John Robert Greco
Greco II, Joseph Domenic 11/13/2006 Active The Greco Law Firm, Inc.
Greco, Paul 03/30/1998 Active Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Green, Benjamin 07/29/2013 Active Bradford, Primm and Green
Green, Bonnie Keith 11/16/1998 Active Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP
Green, Brady Dwayne 01/04/1980 Active Alderman Green & Hamby
Green, Brenda Sue 02/18/1982 Inactive
Green, Christopher Owen 04/30/2001 Active Fish & Richardson, P.C.-Atl
Green, David Lawrence 11/04/1994 Active King & Spalding
Green, David M. 09/28/1998 Active Troutman Sanders
Green, David Marc 10/18/1989 Active Proto-Grind, Inc.
Green, Deborah Lynn 02/20/1985 Active
Green, Debra Dawn Chambers 05/03/1993 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Green, Debra H. 09/29/1977 Active
Green IV, Donarell Rhea 07/12/1999 Active Green & Green
Green, Donna L. 10/30/2001 Active Chilivis Cochran Larkins & Bever
Green, Doye E. 03/16/1981 Active Sell & Melton
Green, Duel Eugene 10/02/1978 Inactive
Green Jr., E. Wade 12/24/2001 Active U.S. Department of Labor
Green, Ellen Elizabeth 04/29/2003 Active Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers
Green, Freddrell R. 06/03/2002 Active Green & Green
Green, Frederick Reuben 07/14/1995 Active Goodman McGuffery Lindsey & Johnson
Green Jr., George Burr 08/12/2013 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Green, Gloria Jean 04/01/1985 Active City of Atlanta Housing Authority
Green Jr., Henry D. 01/26/1982 Active Green & Sapp, LLP
Green III, Hix Howard 10/03/1985 Active
Green Jr., Holcombe T. 08/19/1968 Inactive Jones Day
Green, Holly T. 10/29/2001 Active OFC Capital
Green , Jacqueline Ann 04/02/2009 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.-Atl
Green Jr., James Richard 10/18/1989 Active Deming Parker Hoffman Green & Campbell
Green, Jason Barrett 05/04/2000 Active Cook Noell Tolley Bates & Michael
Green, Jason Kendall 12/09/1991 Active Miciul & Associates, LLC
Green, Jennifer A.J. 06/15/2009 Active Law Offices of Ian R. Rapaport
Green, Jeremy Cornel 09/17/2007 Active J.C. Green & Associates, P.C.
Green, Joan Corcoran 01/30/1995 Inactive Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco
Green, Jon A. 11/25/1991 Active U.F.C.W. Legal Assistance Fund
Green, Jonathan Evan 01/30/2006 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Green, June D. 08/23/1982 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Green, Kenneth H. 10/22/1981 Active Office of the Clayton County Attorney
Green, Kenya Benning 04/01/2002 Active The Green Law Firm, LLC
Green, Krista R. 11/15/1999 Active Troutman Sanders
Green, Nadeen W. 01/04/1980 Active Office of Nadeen W. Green
Green, Nan Elizabeth 10/03/1985 Inactive
Green , Natalie Ann 05/22/2006 Active Natalie Green & Associates, LLC
Green, Parker McCall 08/04/2008 Active Dennis Corry Porter & Smith, LLP- ATL
Green, Philip R. 04/22/2008 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint, LLP
Green, Precious Jetawn 04/30/2001 Active King & Spalding
Green, Reuben M. 07/08/2002 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Green, Richard Grissom 10/18/1989 Active Golden & Green
Green, Robert Lee 10/03/1985 Active London & Green
Green, Robert Max 11/09/1981 Inactive
Green, Sharline Saunders 12/17/2007 Active Sharline S. Green, P.C.
Green, Shuli L. 09/10/2001 Active Law Offices of Steven J. Newton, P.C.
Green, Susan B. 07/11/1994 Active John J. McManus & Associates
Green, Suzanne Hunt 05/22/1996 Active Office of Suzanne H. Green
Green, Theodore McEwan 04/29/2002 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Green, Virginia Anna 05/20/1993 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Green, Wendy Beth 05/22/1996 Active Scroggins & Williamson
Green III, Willis B. 04/21/2003 Active Law Offices of W. Bryant Green, III P.C.
Green, Zulema Laurent 09/14/2009 Active Portfolio Recovery Associates
Greenbaum, Cindie Jan 01/29/1979 Active Baskin & Baskin, P.C.
Greenbaum, Steven Marc 11/26/1990 Active PaineWebber Incorporated
Greenberg, Carl P. 10/02/1978 Active Office of Fulton County District Attorney
Greenberg, Olga 05/17/2004 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Greenberg, Ruth L. 03/15/1999 Active Alston & Bird
Greenberg, Stephen C. 12/08/1986 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Greenblatt, Edward Lande 01/16/1964 Active Lipshutz Greenblatt & King
Greene, Andrew Michael 01/31/2000 Active Internal Revenue Service
Greene, Andrew Robert 01/10/1973 Active Bradley Arant Rose & White
Greene , Annette Lois 07/28/2014 Active Annette Greene Law Firm, LLC
Greene, Barry B. 10/11/1984 Active Greene & Greene
Greene, Beverly Daria 02/16/1984 Inactive
Greene, Charles Scott 11/15/1982 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Greene , Daniel Adam 05/13/2014 Active Daniel A. Greene, LLC
Greene, David G. 02/22/1993 Active Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell
Greene, Deborah Stella 01/11/1982 Active
Greene, Delia Maria 06/24/1996 Active DiTrapano & Greene
Greene, Drew Van DeVere 05/02/2011 Active Chamberlain Hrdlicka
Greene, J. Michael 10/16/1986 Active
Greene, Janet M. 10/16/1986 Active
Greene, Jill H. 02/05/2001 Active Berry Plastics Corporation
Greene III, Joseph R. 01/07/2013 Active Gilbert, Harrell, Sumerford & Martin
Greene, Karen Scott 10/21/1996 Active Law Office of Karen Scott Greene, P.C.
Greene, Kevin Charles 07/13/1979 Active Troutman Sanders
Greene, Lisa Williams 06/19/1995 Active Bank of America
Greene, Lora L. 01/12/2004 Active King & Spalding
Greene, Mary Katherine 12/06/1993 Active Carlock Copeland Semler & Stair
Greene, Michael 02/17/1983 Active
Greene, Mitchell Kyle 11/04/1994 Active Office of Donald Joel Snell
Greene, Rebecca Erin 11/04/1996 Inactive Office of Rebecca E. Greene
Greene, Regan McCarty 12/30/1996 Active Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Greene, Reginald Anthony Jason 04/29/2003 Active Greene Legal Group, LLC
Greene, Robert Thomas 10/16/1986 Active
Greene, Steven Somers 10/03/1985 Active Helms & Greene, LLC-Ga
Greene, Tanya 12/18/1995 Active Office of Tanya Greene
Greene, Terence J. 08/09/1982 Active
Greene, Thomas W. 11/29/1971 Inactive
Greene, Troy Lance 01/03/1995 Active McNatt Greene & Thompson
Greene, William B. 01/15/1974 Active Greene & Greene
Greenfield , Daniel Bruce 06/01/2009 Active Jack F. Witcher, Attorney at Law
Greenfield, Jennifer Mack 01/12/2004 Active The Lang Legal Group
Greenfield, John Wade 02/11/1974 Active Greenfield Bost & Kliros
Greenhut, Gordon 05/17/1982 Active
Greenlee , Michael R. 12/17/2012 Active M. R. Greenlee P.C.
Greenlee, Paige Adonna 10/31/2012 Active Sivyer Barlow & Watson, P.A.
Greenman, Elizabeth Gingold 12/12/2011 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Greenstein, Amy 10/26/1999 Active Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
Greenstein, Richard Gary 03/20/1986 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Greenstein, Richard K. 03/18/1974 Active
Greenstreet , Kathleen Taylor 12/10/2013 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Greenwald, Gary Ira 01/05/1979 Active Office of Gary Ira Greenwald
Greenwald, John William 08/12/2002 Active Gardner Groff Greenwald & Villanueva, P.C.
Greenwood, Gordon Grant 11/24/2008 Active James Bates , LLP - M. GA.
Greenwood, James Henry 09/05/1989 Active Office of James H. Greenwood
Greenwood, Nancy Colleen 03/26/2001 Active United States Attorney's Office
Greer Jr., Bernard Lewis 06/09/1975 Active O'Callaghan & Stumm
Greer, Birdia Marie 10/31/1991 Active Birdia M. Greer, Attorney at Law
Greer, Chadwick H. 10/12/2005 Active Wilson Morton & Downs, LLC
Greer, Ernest L. 11/16/1992 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP - Atl
Greer III, John Wesley 04/13/1972 Active Office of John W. Greer, III
Greer, Jon 03/22/2010 Active Greer Jackson, LLC
Greer, Linda R. 11/05/1990 Active Office of Linda R. Greer
Greer, Sally Berton 01/23/1978 Inactive
Greer, Scott Allan 12/11/1995 Active King & Spalding
Greer, Thomas E. 11/14/1975 Active Greer Jackson, LLC
Greer, Virginia M. 08/20/1990 Inactive Risk Enterprise Management Ltd.
Greer, W. Dan 11/15/1955 Active
Greeson, Debra Kelley 10/06/1980 Active Office of Debra K. Greeson
Gregg, Cherri T. 12/16/2002 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Gregg, Jameson Lewis 06/14/1984 Inactive
Gregoire, Cheralynn M. 05/17/2004 Active Taylor, Feil, Harper, Lumsden & Hess, PC
Gregoire, Mary Beth 05/06/1998 Active Carroll & Associates
Gregor Jr., Leonard C. 07/11/1994 Active Office of District Attorney
Gregory, Arthur 10/31/1969 Inactive
Gregory, Charles L. 07/18/1975 Active Ray & Sherman, LLC
Gregory III, Cleburne E. 12/21/1973 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Gregory, Geremy Walden 06/16/2008 Active Balch & Bingham LLP-Atl
Gregory Jr., Harbert Scott 01/16/1998 Active Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC
Gregory Jr., Hardy 01/28/1991 Active Carley, Gregory & Gregory
Gregory, James E. 05/19/1994 Active Carl Gregory Enterprises, Inc.
Gregory, Kirsten L. 07/19/2002 Active Hartman Simons Spielman & Wood
Gregory, Lauren M. 01/14/2013 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Gregory, Susan D. 07/27/1987 Active Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company
Gregory, Virginia Petway 08/28/1978 Inactive
Gregory II, William Hulbert 11/04/1996 Active Cannon & Meyer von Bremen
Gregory-Hines, Karen D. 02/09/2004 Active Law Office of Karen Gregory Hines
Greil, Ralph Haas 11/01/1974 Active Ralph H. Greil
Greiner, Adina S. 05/02/2011 Active Adina S. Greiner, Attorney at Law
Grelecki , Ryan C. 12/11/2006 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Grenleski , Margaret Katherine 11/02/2011 Active The Law Office of Margaret Grenleski
Gresh, Jack G. 11/19/2001 Active Hall, Booth Smith, P.C. - SC
Gresham, Dan Robert 11/21/1989 Active Thomas Horstemeyer, LLP
Gresham, Leslie M. 07/16/2001 Active Shana M. Rooks & Associates
Gresham , Vincent T. 05/18/2009 Active Law Office of Vincent T. Gresham
Gretchen , Michael Coleman 06/02/2014 Active Downey & Cleveland, LLP
Grice Jr., Benning Moore 01/05/1977 Active Office of Benning Moore Grice, Jr.
Grice, Kristen Lewis 11/19/1987 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Grice, Warren C. 12/18/1995 Active Office of Warren C. Grice
Grider, Mary Angela 05/31/1995 Active USP Atlanta
Grider, Michael D. 07/08/2002 Active Michael D. Grider, P.C.
Grien, Lauren Gold 09/29/1983 Inactive Alston & Bird
Grier, Jason Paul 10/17/2011 Active Baker & Hostetler-Atl
Grier, Karlise Y. 08/24/1992 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Grier, R. Ann 08/27/1984 Active Shapiro Fussell Wedge & Martin, LLP
Grier , Samuel Hudson 02/24/2014 Active Bomar Rice, LLC
Gries, Matthew J. 03/19/2007 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Griffeth, David Warren 05/02/1988 Active Office of David W. Griffeth
Griffeth, Phillip Comer 12/06/1993 Active District Attorney's Office
Griffin, Bradley Walker 03/18/2013 Active Lazega & Johanson LLC
Griffin, Cheryl Lee Wilks 11/04/1996 Active Cheryl Lee Wilks Griffin, Esq.
Griffin, Daniel Patrick 07/29/1988 Active Miller & Martin, PLLC-Atl
Griffin, Danny Clifton 11/04/1996 Active Office of Danny C. Griffin
Griffin, Denise Rainwater 12/14/1988 Active Shapiro, Swertfeger & Hasty, LLP
Griffin Jr., Eric D. 08/17/1982 Active Thornton Davis & Fein
Griffin, Georgia Corbett 08/17/1982 Inactive
Griffin, Gregory A. 01/09/1974 Active Griffin & O'Toole
Griffin Jr., Harry L. 02/15/1965 Inactive Griffin Cochrane & Marshall
Griffin, James Blount 07/25/2005 Active Law Offices of Wm. Thomas Craig
Griffin, James McCarley 11/11/1974 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Griffin, John W. 01/09/1974 Active Troutman Sanders
Griffin Jr., Johnny Christian 08/17/1992 Active Office of John C. Griffin
Griffin, Kathleen Denise 02/09/1987 Inactive McKenna Long & Aldridge
Griffin, Madeline S. 09/30/1976 Active DeKalb County Juvenile Court
Griffin III, Malvern Ulysses 08/01/1994 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Griffin, Maria Christina 04/27/1988 Inactive Lord Bissell & Brook
Griffin, Mary Katherine 04/02/2009 Active Mary Griffin, Attorney at Law
Griffin, Maryellen Carroll 09/10/1990 Active Keegan Federal & Associates
Griffin, Michael Grae 11/13/2001 Active Fisher & Phillips
Griffin, Oren R. 01/08/2001 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Griffin, Paul A. 11/20/1995 Active Bradley Giardini & Tony
Griffin, Richard Stephen 11/04/1994 Active Ashenden & Associates
Griffin, Rick W. 10/17/1980 Active
Griffin, Ronald Scott 11/22/2004 Active Aflac Incorporated Worldwide Headquarters
Griffin, Schaune Caldwell 11/29/1983 Inactive Rogers & Hardin
Griffin, Steven Samuel 02/09/1987 Active Law Offices of S. Samuel Griffin
Griffin, William Lofton 05/22/1996 Inactive Office of William L. Griffin
Griffin-Strong, Delmarie 09/29/1983 Active Milton D. Jones & Associates
Griffis, Anthony E. 09/29/1983 Active
Griffis, Melissa Lois Darden 07/23/2002 Active Rosenzweig, Jones, Horne & Griffis, P.C.
Griffith, Carl Ray 05/12/1980 Active Office of Carl Ray Griffith
Griffith, Edward Roland 09/29/1977 Inactive
Griffith, George W. 08/17/1972 Active
Griffith, Jeannette Marie 12/14/1988 Active
Griffith, Leroy 01/05/1979 Active
Griffith, Marlene Jayne 10/16/1986 Active Decker Hallman Barber & Briggs
Griffith III, Michael Alan 04/23/2010 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Griffith, Patricia G. 08/17/1982 Active Ford & Harrison, LLP
Griffith, Walter Kimball 12/15/1975 Inactive
Griffith Jr., William Cecil 10/30/2001 Active Office of William C. Griffith, Jr.
Grifka, Laura Ann 11/13/2001 Active Hait Law Offices
Grigereit, David H. 10/22/1981 Active Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
Griggs, Emmitte H. 08/17/1982 Active Chambless Higdon Richardson Katz & Griggs
Griggs, Gerald A. 11/19/2007 Active Gerald A. Griggs, LLC
Griggs, LaKiesa Trichelle 04/29/2003 Active King & Spalding
Griggs, Richard A. 06/01/1998 Active Conley Griggs Partin, LLP- Atl.
Grigsby, Emily Bourne 03/26/1987 Active Office of Emily Bourne Grigsby
Grigsby, Richard H. 11/16/1981 Active
Grile, Charles Claude 01/04/1980 Active Office of Charles C. Grile
Grimberg, Steven D. 04/05/2004 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Grimes, Daniel Lawrence 02/02/2006 Active Mills & Hoopes, LLC
Grimes, Holly Abernethy 09/29/1977 Active Holly Abernathy Grimes
Grimes, John Richards 02/11/1974 Active Lefkoff Duncan Grimes McSwain & Hass, P.C.
Grimes, KaRon L. 04/20/2009 Active KaRon Grimes, Esq.
Grimm, Jeffrey Brian 06/12/1989 Active Office of Jeffrey B. Grimm
Grimsley, J. Allen 03/23/1998 Active Office of J. Allen Grimsley
Grindle, David J. 06/14/1999 Inactive Office of David J. Grindle
Grindler, Gary Gage 11/15/1976 Active Gary G. Grindler
Grindrod, Sharyn F. 01/22/1991 Active Harkleroad & Hermance
Grindstaff, Michael Joseph 08/17/1982 Active
Griner, Tammy Marie 09/23/1991 Active Office of Tammy M. Griner
Grippa, Jennifer B. 04/29/2002 Active Miller & Martin, PLLC - ATL
Grippando, James Michael 11/15/1985 Active Steel Hector & Davis
Grippo, Alison King 03/04/2013 Active Bass, Berry & Sims, PLC -TN
Grisham, Marci Christine 07/05/1994 Active Office of Marci Christine Grisham
Grisham, Ross David 04/30/2001 Active District Attorney's Office
Grissett, Finley David 01/05/1977 Inactive
Grissett, Karen Gayle 12/23/1993 Active Environmental Defense Fund
Grist Jr., Joel Max 01/18/2000 Active Joel Grist, Attorney at Law, LLC
Gristina, Thomas F. 11/15/2004 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford
Griswold, Betsy Cross 09/17/1990 Active Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Griswold, Daryl R. 01/05/1984 Active
Grizzle, Rebecca F. 04/30/2007 Active Harvey Gray Pannell & Woodward, LLP
Grob, William 10/04/2004 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart - FL
Groch, Jason L. 04/29/2003 Active Jason Groch
Grocoff, Matthew Hirsch 12/06/1993 Active State Bar of Georgia
Grode, Michael James 05/26/2005 Active Turner Environmental Law Clinic
Grodzicki, Joseph Kelsey 10/20/2010 Active Campbell & Brannon, LLC
Groen, Keith C. 10/11/1984 Active
Groff, Bradley K. 11/04/1994 Active Gardner Groff Greenwald & Villanueva, P.C.
Groff III, David B. 09/29/1983 Active David B. Groff, P.C
Groff, Whitney Warnke 06/14/2004 Active Aldridge Connors, LLP
Grogan, Colleen V. 04/30/2001 Active Constangy Brooks & Smith
Grogan, Michael Kevin 09/30/1976 Active Coffman Coleman Andrews & Grogan
Groghan, Scot W. 01/26/2009 Active Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C.
Groh , Hannah Colleen 01/13/2014 Active Rubin Lublin LLC
Gromley, Colin Marshal 02/20/1985 Active
Grondin, Lauren Elizabeth 11/18/2013 Active Wargo & French LLP
Gronholm, Gregory Ted 10/03/1985 Active Alston & Bird
Groover , David Eugene 05/22/2006 Active Groover Law Firm, LLC
Groover, Duke R. 01/24/2005 Active James Bates Brannan Groover, LLP - M. GA
Groover, Jacqueline Schmitt 04/03/1989 Active Office of Habersham County Attorney
Groover, Marion 10/17/1980 Active
Gropp, Mark D. 12/02/2002 Active Wasson Sours & Harris
Gross, Andrew N. 06/13/1983 Active Andrew N. Gross, LLC
Gross, Debra Jane 12/16/1991 Active Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Gross, Emily Carol 05/18/1998 Active Kam Ebersbach & Lewis
Gross, John M. 03/16/1992 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Gross, Kenneth Andrew 07/24/1975 Inactive
Gross Jr., Kenneth E. 10/02/1978 Inactive
Gross, Richard A. 01/07/1976 Active
Gross, William Caleb 01/14/2013 Active James Radford, LLC
Grossberg, Michael William 07/24/1975 Active
Grosse, Russell Richard 07/25/1985 Active Office of Russell R. Grosse
Grosse, William Charles 02/24/1992 Active Friedman & Epps
Grossinger, Dara Suzanne 10/31/1991 Active Alston & Bird
Grossman, Andrea J. 02/20/1985 Active McLaughlin Hendon & Miller
Grossman, Daniel J. 01/16/1990 Active Daniel J. Grossman, Attorney at Law
Grossman, Deborah Stone 01/16/1990 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Grossman, Mark Jay 11/14/1979 Inactive
Grossman, Matthew Jordan 12/16/2013 Active Cook, P.C.
Grossman, Richard Arnold 06/15/1998 Active Law Office of Richard A. Grossman
Grosvenor, Cheri A. 11/04/1996 Active King & Spalding, LLP - ATL 40
Grot, Robert Stephen 10/24/2002 Active Grant Konvalinka & Harrison
Groth, Paul L. 08/05/2008 Active Groth & Makarenko, LLC
Groton, James Purnell 01/06/1956 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Grounds, Alison A. 04/29/2002 Active Troutman Sanders
Grounds , Sonya Elizabeth 04/02/2009 Active Forsyth County District Attorney's Office
Grout, Bradley Wayne 01/26/1998 Active Hunton & Williams LLP -Atlanta
Grout, Megan Webb 06/24/1998 Inactive Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Grout, Robert W. 03/06/1970 Active Troutman Sanders
Groves, Allen William 12/10/1990 Active Seyfarth Shaw-Atlanta
Groves, Mark P. 10/01/1990 Active Groves Counsel
Groves, Nicole A. 08/18/2010 Active Jackson Lewis, P.C. -ATL
Groves, William W. 12/18/1995 Active AGL Resources, Inc.
Grow, Thomas Stuart 10/13/1998 Active Fisher & Phillips
Grozine, Abby C. 05/02/2011 Active Schulten Ward & Turner
Grozine , Jessica Tobin 04/02/2009 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Grubb II, Archie Irwin 11/17/2011 Active Beasley Allen Crow Methvin Portis & Miles-AL
Grubb Jr., John G. 06/28/1976 Active Law Firm of Garrett & Associates
Grubbs, Adele W. Platt 04/03/1970 Active Office of Adele Platt Grubbs
Grubbs, Justin B. 02/05/2007 Active Grubbs Law Firm, LLC
Grubbs, Shelby R. 09/29/1977 Active Miller & Martin, PLLC - ATL
Gruber, Jennifer M. 04/19/1999 Active Thomas Kayden Horstemeyer & Risley
Grubiak, James F. 02/18/1982 Active Office of James F. Grubiak
Grubman , Scott Robert 01/27/2014 Active Rogers & Hardin, LLP
Gruenhut, Michael David 05/20/1993 Active Spix & Krupp
Grumet, Auden L. 11/30/1998 Active The Law Office of Auden L. Grumet, LLC
Grunberg, Jonathan David 02/19/2013 Active Wood, Hernacki & Evans, LLC
Grunda, Joseph C. 11/14/2002 Active Golden Phoenix, Inc.
Grundy, Ayofemi Rashida Tulani 04/25/2005 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Grunewald, Edward J. 02/24/1997 Active Grunewald & Grunewald
Gruskin, David S. 03/15/1999 Active The Partners Group
Gu, Eve X. 11/08/2007 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP-GA Atl
Gualano, Anna Curry 01/30/2006 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-Atl
Guariglia, Andrea Alexander 04/22/2008 Active Hicks Casey & Foster, P.C.
Guarino, Karen S. 05/30/2002 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Guber, Stuart Jay 05/16/2005 Active Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC
Gude, Divida 02/20/1985 Active Vida Gude, LLC
Gudelsky, Joseph W. 10/01/1984 Active Office of Joseph W. Gudelsky
Guenther, Daniel James 09/12/1980 Inactive
Guerard, Thomas Parker 02/25/2002 Active Seyfarth Shaw
Guerra, Jennifer Marie 09/22/2008 Active Gray Rust St. Amand Moffett & Brieske, LLP
Guerrant, Elizabeth Ann 04/29/2002 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. - Decatur
Guerrero, Meredith Riggs 02/09/2009 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Guest, George Norman 02/27/1978 Inactive
Guest , Holly Joy 04/23/2010 Active McKesson Corporation
Gugin, Patricia Dee 11/18/1985 Active Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy
Guia, Lucretia Dolores 05/16/1990 Active Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, PLLC-NC
Guido , Justin Michael 05/02/2011 Active Rogers Law Offices
Guidry , Kristen Neyla 05/13/2014 Active The Guidry Firm, LLC
Guilbeau, Lyle J. 09/13/1976 Inactive
Guilbert Jr., Shelby S. 11/06/2006 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Guile III, Cecil Benjamin 07/28/1999 Active Office of Cecil B. Guile, III
Guillory, Lawrence O. 03/02/1998 Active Office of Lawrence O. Guillory
Guinn , Christopher D. 06/26/2006 Active Thomas Horstemeyer, LLP
Guinn , Kathryn Maynard 11/01/2012 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP-GA Atl
Guinn, Rebecca 10/16/1996 Active Maloy & Jenkins
Guise, John George 11/13/1990 Active Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead
Gulas, Christina Lynn 08/20/2012 Active Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC
Gulden, Daniel Ellis 12/14/1988 Active Office of Daniel E. Gulden
Guldenschuh, David F. 11/21/1983 Active David F. Guldenschuh, P.C.
Gulley, Clark E. 08/02/1993 Active Foster Jensen & Gulley
Gulley, Miechia L. 11/13/2009 Active Miechia L. Gulley, Esq.
Gulley , Neena Ketkar 01/22/2007 Active Ginsberg Law Offices
Gumbel, Jon Michael 07/11/1988 Active Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, P.C.-Atl
Gumbinner, Gavin H. 09/23/1996 Active Clark & Washington
Gump, Thomas A. 11/04/1994 Active Tradition Mortgage
Gumprecht, Michael Everett 11/02/2011 Active Hartman-Imbriale,LLP
Gunas III, Peter J. 05/21/1991 Active Ford & Harrison
Gunby, Stephen G. 06/20/2014 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford, P.C.
Gundel, Norman Luther 12/12/1977 Active
Gunn, Anthony Scott 10/31/1991 Active Foster & Foster
Gunn, David Wallace 11/10/1975 Active
Gunn, Earl W. 10/04/1979 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Gunn IV, Ernest Linwood 01/25/1993 Active Roach, Caudill & Gunn, LLP
Gunn , John Thomas 10/27/2008 Active Patton & Gunn
Gunn, Randall Lewis 12/14/1988 Inactive Office of Randall Lewis Gunn
Gunn II, Robert R. 01/28/2002 Active Martin Snow
Gunn III, Uly Samuel 03/04/2013 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Gunn, Victoria Reeves 03/27/1989 Active Internal Revenue Service
Gunnells, Emily Gail 12/14/1988 Active Jenkins & Olson
Gunnels, Christopher Damon 03/12/2007 Active Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP-Atl
Gunnels , Christopher Douglas 05/15/2006 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Gunnels, Lauren Medley 04/30/2007 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco, P.C.
Gunnels , Zarema Ermek 04/14/2008 Active Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner-Atl
Gunnemann, Joshua Paul 04/30/2007 Active Rogers & Hardin, LLP
Gunnison, Samantha Leigh 01/09/2012 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Gunter, Allison Leigh 07/31/1989 Inactive Knox & Zacks
Gunter, David B. 03/23/1998 Active Office of David B. Gunter
Gunter, Gregory A. 10/26/1992 Inactive Lord Bissell & Brook
Gunter, Norman Stanley 03/26/1987 Active Gunter & Stancil
Gunther, Leo Joseph 01/27/1978 Active
Gupta, Alpana Kastoori 01/10/2007 Active Polsinelli, P.C.
Gupta , Irene Virginia 10/20/2010 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Gupta, Neeru 01/22/2002 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Gupta, Sheree Nicole Sheppe 01/29/2007 Active Slotkin & Caiola, LLC
Gupta, Suneel C. 10/27/2008 Active Peters & Monyak, LLP
Gupton III, Guy W. 01/08/1975 Active Office of Guy W. Gupton III
Gura , Laura Kolesar 12/10/2013 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Gura, Stephen A. 11/19/1987 Active William H. Arroyo & Associates
Gurd, Robert William 05/16/1990 Active Houston County Public Defender
Gure, Kairi Smith 04/05/2010 Active The Gure Law Group, PC
Gurvey, Andrew Lewis 10/30/2001 Active Office of Andrew L. Gurvey
Gurz, Mary Walker Ballew 08/09/2010 Active Mary Ballew Gurz, LLC
Gussio, John David 04/22/2008 Active Mahaffey Pickens Tucker, LLP
Gustafson, Ivan Andrew 10/31/1991 Active Evert Weathersby Houff
Gustafson, Kristen 02/13/1984 Inactive
Gustafson, Marc E. 04/07/2004 Active Kennedy Covington Lobdell & Hickman, LLP
Gustafson, Roger G. 01/31/2005 Active Hunton & Williams LLP -Atlanta
Gutenberger, Tim J. 01/24/2011 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Gutermuth, Joan M. 12/13/2004 Active Hanks Brookes, LLC
Guthrie, Albert Clark 12/05/2005 Active Office of Mary Ida Townson
Guthrie, Lisa Nicole Natasha 12/21/1998 Active McPherson & Cook
Gutschenritter, Lee R. 04/05/2010 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Gutter-Parker, Benita Thassanee Arana 04/30/2001 Active The Law Office of B. Thassanee Gutter-Parker
Gutterman, Judith C. M. 10/02/1978 Inactive
Gutterman, Melvin 08/30/1982 Inactive
Guttman, Reuben Andrew 02/05/1990 Active Service Employees International Union
Guy, Rebecca Bishop 11/05/1990 Active Hartman Simons Spielman & Wood
Guy Jr., Robert Wayne 08/09/2004 Active James E. Stein, P.C.
Guza, Mark A. 07/12/1976 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Guzzo, Thomas James 11/12/1998 Active Office of Thomas Guzzo
Gwartney, Scott E. 05/02/2002 Active Brooks, LeBoeuf, Bennett, Foster & Gwartney, P.A.
Gwatney , Manda C. 04/22/2008 Active The Law Office of Manda C. Gwatney
Gworek , Melissa Joy 02/04/2013 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl

L.R. 83.1 (D)(3) requires written notification of address changes. In addition to the letter required by L.R. 83.1 (D)(3), please file a "Notice of Change of Address," in each of your pending cases in order to notify the Clerk of Court and counsel when an address change occurs. For further inquiries regarding attorney status, please contact us at: