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United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Attorneys Admitted to the Bar of This Court

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Faber, Richard Lewis 01/08/1975 Active
Fabian, Albert Eldon 01/12/1981 Inactive
Fabian, Christina Marie 11/04/1996 Active Office of Christina M. Fabian
Fackler, Rebecca A. 08/20/2012 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Factor, Max G. 05/28/2002 Active The Rock Law Group, P.A.
Fadely, Kathlynn Grant 11/29/1976 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Faenza, Heidi Manroe 12/14/1990 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore
Faenza, Victor J. 07/27/1992 Active Bridges Ormand & Faenza
Fagan, Glen R. 09/24/2001 Active Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP-GA
Fagan Jr., James D. 06/19/1973 Active Stanford & Fagan
Fagan Jr., James Edward 01/23/1978 Active Office of James E. Fagan, Jr.
Fagan, Malford J. 10/17/1980 Inactive
Fagan, Patrick Christopher 10/03/2011 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, LLP
Fagan III, William Wallace 04/02/2009 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Fagundo-Toro, Glianny 07/15/2002 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Fahey, Jane E. 02/18/1982 Inactive Bondurant Mixson & Elmore
Fahlbusch Jr., Arthur Charles 04/29/2002 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Faigin, Larry B. 10/18/1973 Inactive
Fails, Charles Howard 12/22/1986 Active Needle & Rosenberg
Fain, Jennifer Robin 04/30/2001 Active The Weatherly Law Firm
Fain, Jonathan H. 09/12/2005 Active PebLaw, P.C.
Fain, Steve K. 03/09/1977 Active
Fair Jr., Morris P. 01/14/2002 Active The Practice
Fair, Steven M. 04/02/2009 Active Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. - Duluth
Fair III, William E. 02/23/1998 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Fairchild , Christopher Scott 04/21/2014 Active Barnes Firm, LLP
Fairchild, Todd Stuart 03/20/1986 Inactive
Faircloth Jr., Jimmy R. 11/10/1997 Active Faircloth & Davidson
Fairclough, Dolly M. 02/25/2002 Active Law Office of Dolly Fairclough
Fairclough-James , Tanya 01/23/2006 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco, P.C.
Fairell , Joi Reed 05/02/2011 Active Smith Legal Group, LLC
Fairless, Lia DiTrapano 06/24/1996 Active DiTrapano Law Firm, P.C.
Faison, Felicia Nicole 04/29/2003 Active Lord Bissell & Brook
Fajardo, Ramon Javier 08/02/1993 Active Ramon J. Fajardo
Fakhimi, Morad 11/03/2010 Active Morad Fakhimi
Falanga, Robert A. 01/05/1977 Active Falanga & Chalker
Falanga, Robert Alexander 04/29/2002 Active Office of Larry A. Williams
Falcone, Ian M. 02/13/1995 Active The Falcone Law Firm, P.C.
Falgoust, David M. 02/09/1998 Active BellSouth Corporation
Faliero, Michel V. 12/06/1999 Active Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy
Fallaw, Tim L. 04/30/2001 Active Alston & Bird
Fallon, Kahlman Ray 01/09/1974 Active
Fambrough, Sheryl Deane 01/04/1980 Active Law Office of Sheryl Fambrough
Famiglietti, Michael 08/10/1992 Active Famiglietti Law Firm
Fanning, Steven Erie 06/13/1973 Active Office of Steven E. Fanning
Fantozzi, William L. 10/22/1981 Inactive
Farahany, Amanda A. 12/21/1998 Active Barrett & Farahany, LLP
Farb, Gail Ellen 11/04/1994 Active Kunkel Miller & Hament
Farber, Rebecca D. 01/19/1999 Active Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Farbstein, Bryce Evan 01/30/2012 Active The Farbstein Firm
Faris VI, James White 09/22/2010 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Farish, Stephen Evans 07/01/1985 Active Shapiro Fussell Wedge Smotherman Martin & Price
Farist , Thomas Owen 10/14/2014 Active Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC -Atl
Farless, Floyd H. 01/05/1977 Active Office of Floyd H. Farless
Farley, Felipe Jose 06/17/1996 Active Michelin North America, Inc.
Farley, Karen D. 01/04/1999 Active Lloyd, Gray, Whitehead & Monroe, P.C.
Farley, Peter Norbert 06/10/1996 Active McGuire Woods LLP-GA
Farmer, Bobby Eugene 10/03/1985 Active
Farmer, Christopher Martin 07/10/1989 Active Christopher Farmer, LLC
Farmer, Emma Belle Roan 06/12/1973 Inactive
Farmer JD, Jennifer Kay 06/27/2011 Active Coleman Legal Group, LLC
Farmer, Kevin M. 03/09/1998 Active Office of Kevin M. Farmer
Farmer Jr., Millard C. 04/26/1968 Active Office of Millard C. Farmer, Jr.
Farmer, Randall C. 01/22/2001 Active Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC
Farmer, Raymond G. 09/29/1977 Active
Farmer, Robyn Wilensky 12/16/2002 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Farnen, Thomas A. 01/16/1996 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Farnham, Clayton Henson 01/17/1969 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Farnham, David J. 10/16/1986 Active The Ferraro Law Firm, P.A.
Farnsworth, Daniel Forrest 08/17/2009 Active Farnsworth Law, LLC
Farnsworth, Richard G. 01/31/1983 Active Farnsworth Law, LLC
Faro , Alexis Diane 04/30/2007 Active Paulding County Superior Court
Farr, Darrell T. 05/21/1992 Active Darrell T. Farr, Esq.
Farr , Lloyd Garrett 11/24/2008 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-ATL
Farrar, Amity Hough 02/25/2002 Active Jackson Lewis
Farrar Jr., Archibald A. 08/05/1974 Active Farrar & Corbin, P.C.
Farrar, Laura Swint 06/03/1991 Active Office of Laura Swint Farrar
Farrar, Robert N. 09/20/1976 Active Office of Robert N. Farrar
Farrell Jr., Charles 12/16/1999 Active Office of Robert B. Whatley
Farrell, Jann Johnson 07/26/1979 Active
Farrell, John Paul 05/09/2005 Active The Farrell Law Firm, P.C.
Farrell, Joseph P. 08/10/1998 Active Quirk & Quirk, LLC
Farrell Jr., Mark E. 04/29/2003 Active Smith Currie & Hancock
Farrell Jr., Patrick J. 07/10/1978 Active Fuller Johnson & Farrell
Farrell, Stacey Sexton 04/29/2003 Active Cozen O'Connor-GA
Farrell, Thomas Michael 11/21/1994 Active Office of T. Michael Farrell
Farrey, Onyema A. 05/02/2011 Active Anene & Associates, LLC
Farrier-Burnett, Clarissa P. 04/30/2007 Active Farrier-Burnett & Associates
Farris, Beryl Bergquist 07/18/1977 Active Beryl Farris LLC Immigration Law
Farris, Gary W. 02/09/2009 Active Burr & Forman, LLP-ATL
Farris, James Neal 01/08/1975 Active
Farris , Jeremy Daniel 02/02/2015 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, LLP
Farris, William H. 11/04/1996 Active Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Farrish , John David 11/18/2013 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Farrow, Scott A. 10/16/1986 Active Troutman Sanders
Farrow, Stephen B. 09/07/1982 Active Minor Bell & Neal
Farshy, David Cyrus 07/12/1982 Active Office of David C. Farshy
Fash III, Charles H. 08/26/1991 Active Assurant Group
Fason III, James Jasper 01/25/1988 Active
Fass, David Michael 09/05/2000 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP - GA
Fassbender, Wendi Erin 06/20/2011 Active Sessions, Fishman, Nathan & Isreal, LLC
Fattahi, Parsa 11/07/2011 Active Giacoma Schleicher Roberts & Daughdrill, LLC
Faucett , Jennifer D. 05/22/2006 Active Smart & Associates, LLP
Faucette, Alicia Andrews 11/13/2006 Active Shannon McGhee
Faulconer, Mary-Waite Meredith 05/16/1990 Active Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Faulhaber, Tamar Oberman 11/04/1996 Active Faulhaber Family Law, LLC
Faulkner, Jaliya Stewart 10/20/2010 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Faulkner, John Michael 12/03/1973 Active
Faust, Allison B. 04/29/2003 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
Faust, Jeanne M. 11/19/1987 Inactive Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission
Fava, Mark Christopher 04/29/2003 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-Charleston
Fawcett , John William 01/12/2015 Active Maner Crumley Chambliss, LLP
Faxio, Tomesha Lanae 04/30/2007 Active Afterburner, Inc.
Fay, Clifton C. 06/21/1982 Active Office of Columbus City Attorney
Feagin, John Douglas 02/17/1983 Active
Feagin Jr., John E. 07/13/1973 Active Feagin & Feagin
Feagin III, Robert D. 01/10/1963 Active Law Offices of Robert D. Feagin III, LLC
Feagle, Gregory Robert 04/29/2002 Active Ballard & Feagle, LLP
Feagle, James Marvin 10/26/1992 Active Skaar and Feagle
Fears Jr., Alfred Daniel 07/07/1986 Active Alfred D. Fears & Associates
Fears III, Oscar B. 10/06/1997 Active Office of State Attorney General
Fears, William A. 02/03/1986 Active Office of William A. Fears
Fease, Jennifer DeRelle 10/16/2006 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Feazell, Juaquin Luiqui 12/22/2003 Active Hall Booth Smith & Slover
Fecteau, Alan Beven 04/14/1995 Active Office of T. Jeff Moore
Feder, Charles Edward 10/04/2010 Active Charles E. Feder, LLC
Federal Jr., Robert Keegan 10/10/1967 Active The Federal Firm, LLC
Fee, Jonathan M. 01/08/1975 Active Grunfeld Desiderio Lebowitz & Silverman
Feeley, Richard W. 10/31/1991 Active Feeley Mediation & Business Law, LLC
Feeney, Christi Dickson 06/01/2009 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Feeney, M. Shannon 01/04/1980 Active
Feese, Suzanne Celeste 05/20/1997 Active King & Spalding
Fehse Jr., Robert John 07/02/2012 Active Evans Petree, PC
Feibus, Ronald J. 10/27/1977 Active Office of Ronald J. Feibus
Feil, Clyde Hurt 09/30/1976 Inactive
Feil III, Otto F. 09/30/1976 Active Taylor, Feil, Harper, Lumsden & Hess, P.C.
Feiler, Lloyd M. 12/20/1976 Active Feiler & Associates
Feinberg , Alexander Bunnen 11/02/2011 Active Maynard Cooper & Gale
Feingold, Louis R. 03/26/1987 Active Northcutt Edwards & Feingold
Feinman, Heidi Ann 01/18/1991 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Feinstein, Arnold 05/09/1977 Active Alston & Bird
Feinstein, Daniel L. 08/27/2007 Active Morris Schneider & Prior
Feinstein, Henry Michael 11/16/1971 Active
Feldman, Brian E. 05/16/1990 Inactive Gray & Gilliland
Feldman, Joel Martin 01/15/1964 Active
Feldman, Joel R. 03/14/2005 Active Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Feldman, Larry 03/30/2009 Active Larry Feldman
Feldman, Mitchell L. 07/16/2001 Active Feldman Morgado, P.A.
Feldman, Monroe Joseph 11/17/1975 Active Feldman & Associates
Feldman, Samuel Lewis 10/16/1986 Active Office of William H. Dodson, II
Felfoldi , Jessica Duncan 04/24/2012 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. - Decatur
Felgin, Leonid Michael 04/30/2007 Active Riley McLendon, LLC
Felker Jr., Joseph Jack 08/26/1974 Active Office of Joseph Jack Felker, Jr.
Felker, Mary Woodson 04/22/2008 Active Preston & Malcom, P.C.-GA
Fellman, Bradley Ryan 05/26/2005 Active Gordon & Rees, LLP-TX
Fellner, Daniel S. 03/03/1997 Active Law Office of Daniel S. Fellner
Fellner, Lisa Joan 08/19/1991 Active Alston & Bird
Fellows Jr., Henry D. 01/05/1979 Active Fellows La Briola, LLP
Felser, Jeffrey Alan 11/19/1987 Active Portman & Felser
Felser, Paul Harvey 08/17/1998 Active Felser Law Firm
Felsner, Brigitte J. 11/12/1998 Inactive Kelly Law Firm
Felt Jr., J. David 05/20/1993 Active Blasingame Burch Garrard Bryant & Ashley
Feltham, Marshall Emmette 07/16/1979 Inactive
Felton Jr., Eugene 09/03/1996 Active Stewart, Seay & Felton, LLC
Fenby, Erica L. 12/10/2007 Active Alston & Bird, LLP
Fender, Carla H. 06/30/1980 Inactive
Fenn, Laura J. 04/09/2001 Inactive Kilpatrick Stockton
Fennell, Caryn Suzanne 12/16/2013 Active Caryn S. Fennell, P.C.
Fennell, Jeana Gregory 10/26/1999 Active Anderson Walker & Reichert
Fennelly, Sean E. 02/02/2009 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Fennessy, Michael A. 12/04/2000 Active Office of Michael A. Fennessy
Fenster Jr., T. David 09/10/1979 Inactive Office of T. David Fenster, Jr.
Fenstermacher, David L. 11/20/1995 Active Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs
Fenton III, Charles F. 11/20/1995 Active Office of Charles F. Fenton III
Fenwick, Julia Lynn 03/12/2012 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Ferber, Amy Edgy 10/01/2001 Active King & Spalding
Ferber, Ryan Scott 07/25/2005 Active U.S. Attorneys Office - ATL
Ferdinand , Joel Michael 05/12/2014 Active FisherBroyles, LLP - Atl
Ferdinands, Paul K. 08/22/1994 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Ferebee, Ann Wrege 12/17/2007 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Ference, George R. 02/22/1983 Active Bogart, Hurst & Ference
Ferguson, Amy H. 12/06/1999 Active Carlock Copeland Semler & Stair
Ferguson , Bruce L. 03/20/2009 Active Bruce L. Ferguson, P.C.
Ferguson Jr., Charles McDonald 02/24/2014 Active Atkinson Ferguson, LLC
Ferguson Jr., Curte 10/18/1989 Active Zurich North America
Ferguson, Dana L. 11/30/1992 Active U.S. Department of Labor-VA
Ferguson, Don Hilliard 05/19/1994 Active Office of Don Ferguson
Ferguson, Earl Monroe 12/11/1967 Active Ferguson & Ferguson
Ferguson Jr., James P. 03/13/2001 Active Duane Morris
Ferguson Jr., John A. 09/30/1976 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham
Ferguson, John Tye 12/28/1953 Active Ferguson & Clarke
Ferguson, Lindsay Gatling 05/26/2005 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Ferguson, Matthew O. Rambarran 10/26/1999 Active UPS
Ferguson, Melissa J. 08/06/1990 Active Sharon W. Ware & Associates
Ferguson, Pamela Pauline 04/30/1990 Active Ferguson & Ferguson
Ferguson, Robert Lee 10/11/1984 Active Lee Sexton & Associates
Ferguson, William H. 01/05/1977 Active Ferguson & Saunders
Fergusson , Colette Y. 08/23/2010 Active Fergusson Legal, Inc.
Fernandez III, Ellis Tarquin 12/01/2014 Active Fernandez Trial Lawyers, PA
Fernandez, Enrique Alejandro 03/26/2013 Active Jason T. Schneider, P.C.
Fernandez, Jennifer Geada 07/19/2004 Active Jennifer Gaeda Fernandez
Fernandez, Margaret A. 12/11/1995 Active The Fernandez Law Firm
Fernandez, R. Andrew 08/13/1990 Active Perales & Fernandez
Ferrand, Frederick Owen 08/06/1990 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Ferrari, Jerolyn Webb 04/24/1989 Active Office of the Fulton County Attorney
Ferrell, Ashley Mills 11/04/1994 Active Office of Ashley M. Ferrell
Ferrell , Courtney Elaine 12/17/2012 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Ferrell, Frances Abigail 01/18/2012 Active Orr Brown Johnson LLP
Ferrelle, John R. 02/07/2000 Active Office of John R. Ferrelle
Ferrelle Jr., John Rice 11/09/2009 Active Murphy & Anderson, P.A
Ferrelle , Lauren M. 10/14/2014 Active Prosecuting Attorney's Council of Georgia
Ferrer, Whitney M. 12/16/1996 Active Littler Mendelson, PC- ATL
Ferrero, Eugenia Pia 11/29/2004 Active Hicks Casey & Foster, P.C.
Ferrero, Joachim Philip 11/23/1992 Active Balch & Bingham LLP-Atl
Ferrero, Vincent Marc 09/13/1999 Active Office of Vincent M. Ferrero
Ferrier, Crystal Renee 05/26/2005 Active Crystal R. Ferrier, P.C.
Ferrier , Robert Thomas 05/03/2010 Active Law Office of Robert T. Ferrier
Ferris, Melisa J. 03/03/2003 Active Law Office of Melisa J. Ferris
Ferris, Patrick Scott 04/30/2001 Active Ferris & Lott, LLC
Ferris-Smith, Stacey L. 03/14/1994 Active Stacey L. Ferris, P.C.
Fessele, Brigitte Hofer 10/18/1989 Active Office of Brigitte Hofer Fessele
Fessenden, Martha Jane 12/07/1992 Active Doffermyre Shields Canfield & Knowles, LLC
Fete Jr., Timothy J. 07/12/2004 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Fetter, Patrick J. 12/06/1993 Active ABC Home Health Services, Inc
Feuer, Joseph M. 09/29/1977 Active Heyman & Sizemore
Feuss, Charles Edward 01/08/1981 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - Raleigh
Fichter, Christian 03/08/2004 Active Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
Ficken, Allison S. H. 10/11/1984 Active Dovin Malkin & Ficken, LLC
Fidlon, Gregory R. 06/28/2004 Active Law Office of Gregory R. Fidlon, P.C.
Field, Ann Thornton 09/05/1986 Active B.M. Martin & Associates
Field, Robert Jeffrey 10/11/1984 Active R. Jeffrey Field & Associates
Field, Tracy M.H. 12/06/1993 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Fielden, Brian K. 01/07/2002 Active DLA Piper US LLP-Atl
Fielder, David Edward 10/22/1981 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Coldwell & Berkowitz
Fielding , Jay Perry 05/22/2006 Active Law Office of Jay Fielding
Fields , Faye Ann 04/22/2008 Active Law Office of Faye Fields
Fields Jr., Forrest Sylvester 10/12/2000 Active Gwinnett County Law Department
Fields, James Allen 03/26/1987 Active Heiskell Donelson Bearman Adams Williams & Kirsch
Fields, Jo Ann 04/08/1998 Active Forrest Johnson & Associates
Fields Jr., Paul Lindsey 11/14/1988 Active Fields Howell Athans & McLaughlin, LLP
Fields, Rachel Young 04/22/2008 Active Hunter Maclean Exley & Dunn-Sav
Fields, Richard Warren 08/18/1975 Active Perry & Walters
Fields III, Robert E. 10/29/1984 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice-Raleigh
Fields, Teri Danielle 05/23/2005 Active Obiorah Fields, LLC
Fields, William Edgar 10/12/2005 Active William E. Fields & Assciates, P.C.
Fierer, Gillian Brooke 01/08/2007 Active Weinstock & Scavo, P.C.
Fierman, Martin Louis 11/07/1969 Active Office of Martin L. Fierman
Fierman, Robert A. 01/08/1975 Active Office of Robert A. Fierman
Fife, David B. 11/23/1998 Active Atkins & Fife, LLC
Fife, Ruth H. 12/06/1993 Active AT&T Services, Inc. - Atl
Figueredo, Angel A. 06/24/1998 Active Figueredo Law Offices, LLC
Filiberto, Crystal Deanna 05/02/2011 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Filipovits, Jeffrey 06/14/2010 Active Filipovits Law Firm, P.C.
Fillenwarth, Floyd Henry 06/24/1998 Active Office of Floyd H. Fillenwarth
Finamore , Stephen Andrew 12/12/2011 Active Lueder, Larkin & Hunter, LLC
Finch, Robert Paul 01/05/1979 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Finch , Ryan C. 11/03/2008 Active Shannon McGhee
Finch, Sandra Lee 03/29/2004 Active The Russell's Law Firm, PLC
Finch, Walter Roy 05/20/1993 Active Office of John F. Lyndon
Fincher, Benjamin Woodrow 09/29/1983 Active Office of Benjamin W. Fincher
Fincher, Steven Martin 09/08/1980 Active Fincher, Denmark Williams & Minnifield, LLC
Fincher III, William Wesley 10/17/1980 Active Office of William W. Fincher III
Findlay , Joshua Jensen 01/25/2010 Active Hicks Massey & Gardner, LLP
Findling, Drew 06/26/1984 Active The Findling Law Firm, P.C.
Fine, Lowell Steven 12/11/1969 Active Alembik Fine & Callner
Fineman, Michael S. 11/22/2004 Active Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
Finestone, Stuart 05/13/1971 Active Finestone & Morris
Fink, Benjamin I. 06/29/1992 Active Berman Fink Van Horn, P.C. -Atl
Fink, David H. 07/25/1966 Active Cohen & Fink, LLC
Fink, Micah B. 10/12/2000 Active Fink & Travis
Fink, Neal J. 02/11/1974 Active Frankel Hardwick Tanenbaum & Fink
Fink, Robert Matthew 10/04/1979 Active Troutman Sanders
Fink, Robin Y. 10/05/1992 Inactive Seacrest Karesh Tate & Bicknese
Fink, Suzanne Trexler 10/20/1987 Active Watkins Lourie Roll & Chance, P.C.
Finkel, Pilar Jolie 05/05/2001 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Finkelstein, Alyson Faren 04/29/2003 Active Weinstock & Scavo
Finlayson, L. Burton 01/27/1992 Active Office of L. Burton Finlayson
Finlayson II, Robert M. 01/07/1976 Active Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins, LLP
Finley, James Benjamin 08/19/1991 Active The Finley Firm, P.C.
Finley, Joseph E. 04/05/1999 Active Jones Day
Finley, Linda S. 08/17/1982 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC- Atl
Finn, Thomas Michael 01/09/1974 Active Finn & Hurtt
Finnell, Robert Kirtley 07/24/1975 Active The Finnell Firm
Finnerty, Deborah A. 10/17/1983 Inactive Mozley Finlayson & Loggins
Finnerty, Edward M. 06/11/2007 Active Travelport
Finnerty, Terry Patrick 10/18/1989 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Finster Sr., Samuel Carroll 10/16/1986 Active Office of Samuel C. Finster, Sr.
Finz, David Maurice 01/29/1996 Active Internal Revenue Service
Fiorilla, Louis G. 06/20/2011 Active Pendergast & Associates, P.C.
Fiorini, Assunta S. 12/20/1999 Active Steven Leibel, P.C.
Firester, Robert E. 01/03/1994 Active Law Office of Robert Firester, PC
Firestone, Graham B. 01/03/1995 Active Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC
Fischer, Amy Leigh 09/10/1990 Active Cunningham & Self
Fischer, Bobby Lee Scott 05/17/2004 Active Day & Crowley, LLC
Fischer, David Jon 05/16/1990 Active Office of David Jon Fischer
Fischer, Denice Anne 10/17/2005 Active Law Office of Robert R. Pagniello
Fischer, Donald Lawrence 01/26/1987 Active International Association for Financial Planning
Fischer, Kathleen 01/30/1995 Active Sumner & Anderson
Fischer, Kevin B. 12/23/1996 Active Bryan Cave
Fischer , Michael Patrick 04/24/2012 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Fish, Donald Winston 08/19/1968 Active
Fish, Marilyn Marie 03/20/1986 Active Bryan Cave, LLP-ATL
Fish , Sara Christina 01/12/2015 Active Fish & Richardson, P.C.-Atl
Fishbein, Rhonda L. 06/29/1984 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Fisher, Barry Joseph 11/12/1991 Active Southern Center for Human Rights
Fisher, Carolyn K. 12/06/1993 Active Ford & Harrison
Fisher, Eric S. 06/16/2008 Active Taylor English Duma LLP
Fisher II, James Homer 01/05/1977 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.-ATL
Fisher, Jason Charles 02/02/2004 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Fisher, Jeffrey H. 08/20/2012 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Fisher , Jeremy Kyle 04/02/2009 Active U.S. Department of Labor-ATL
Fisher, Joy H. 02/17/1987 Active Joy H. Fisher Attorney at Law
Fisher , Julia 05/24/2010 Active Georgia Legal Services Program-Atl
Fisher, Kathleen Anne 08/17/1982 Inactive
Fisher, Lori Dee 08/05/1985 Inactive
Fisher, Michael Ellis 01/05/1977 Active Gorby Reeves & Peters
Fisher, Michele R. 07/23/2007 Active Nichols Kaster, PLLP-MN
Fisher, Robert W. 08/17/1982 Active Clyde & Co. US., LLP -Atl
Fisher, Robert Walter 01/09/1974 Inactive Office of Robert W. Fisher
Fisher , Ryan Andrew 05/02/2011 Active Thompson, Sweeny, Kinsinger & Pereira, P.C.
Fisher, Scott Alan 01/04/1980 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Fisher, Shauna Michelle 04/30/2001 Active Office of the District Attorney
Fisher, Thomas S. 10/17/1980 Active Office of Thomas S. Fisher
Fisher Jr., Vaughn W. 08/14/1995 Active Weizenecker Rose Mottern & Fisher
Fisher, Vivian B. 05/02/2011 Active Drew Eckl & Farnham - ATL
Fishman, Abram Jack 06/19/1978 Active A. Jack Fishman, Attorney At Law, PC
Fishman, Jeffrey M. 08/11/1986 Active Office of Jeffrey M. Fishman
Fishman, Marcia E. 12/27/1983 Active Atlanta Public Schools
Fishman, Marjorie Lynn 07/19/1988 Inactive Hill & Beasley
Fishman, Richard A. 09/27/1974 Active Fishman Kendrick & Gordon
Fistel Jr., Michael Ira 04/29/2002 Active Johnson & Weaver, LLP
Fister, Alan T. 09/29/1983 Active
Fite, Elizabeth Louise 01/30/2006 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL
Fitts, Edward M. 10/22/1981 Active Office of Edward M. Harris, Jr.
Fitz, Ann Marie 06/12/2006 Active Law Office of Ann Fitz
Fitz-Henley, Gwendolen 07/27/1998 Active U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
FitzGerald, Linda Michel 11/12/1991 Active Hedrick Law LLC
Fitze, Sabrina Gardner 11/23/2009 Active Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. - Atl
Fitzgerald, John K. 04/27/1988 Active John K. Fitzgerald, P.C.
Fitzgerald, Kelly M. 05/04/2000 Active Mills Paskert Divers P.A.
Fitzgerald, Sandra L. 11/20/1995 Active Alston & Bird
Fitzgerald III, Thomas Clark 09/30/1976 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory
Fitzgerald, Thomas Lawrence 10/18/1989 Active Hulsey Oliver & Mahar
Fitzgerald, Wilbur T. 06/16/1975 Inactive
Fitzpatrick, Barry Lane 12/17/1984 Active Law Office of Lane Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick, Duross 07/01/1985 Active Fitzpatrick & Mullis
Fitzpatrick, Jeanette Juanita 11/04/1996 Active Office of Bonnie Chessher Oliver
Fitzpatrick, John Robert 02/20/1985 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Fitzpatrick Jr., Kevin D. 08/17/1982 Active DeLong Caldwell Bridgers & Fitzpatrick, LLC
Fitzpatrick, Lee W. 07/15/1991 Active Dana M. Thompson & Associates
Fitzpatrick, Nathan Edward 04/23/2010 Active The Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC
Fitzsimmons , Adam Jeffrey 01/15/2015 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Fixel, William Arthur 05/16/2007 Active Fixel, Maguire & Willis
Fjelstul, Kirk Randall 10/18/1989 Active Georgia Regional Transport Authority
Fjelstul, Suzanne Sojka 10/18/1989 Active Fain Major Wiley & Brennan
Flack, Gary 06/14/1972 Active Gary Flack & Associates, P.C.
Flack, Steven David 01/17/1995 Active Baker Donelson Bearman & Caldwell
Flagg, Lisa Smith 03/25/1996 Active
Flagler, Brian Douglas 10/26/1999 Active Troutman Sanders
Flagler, Robert Stephen 11/12/1996 Active Office of R. Stephen Flagler
Flaherty, Brooke Leann 12/06/1993 Active Aetna Casualty & Surety Company
Flake, Andrew B. 05/04/2000 Active Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Flake, Gail C. 09/29/1977 Active Office of Gail C. Flake
Flake, Kori Elizabeth 11/25/2013 Active Smith Moore Leatherwood, LLP -GA
Flanagan, Brendan F. 05/09/1994 Active Office of United States Attorney
Flanagan, Patrick L. 11/12/1998 Active Flanagan & Ireland
Flandry , Andrea Janine 11/07/2013 Active Page Scrantom Sprouse Tucker & Ford, P.C.
Flanigan, Santana Tarail 02/22/2010 Active Smith, Welch, Webb & White, LLC
Flanigan, Thomas Joseph 10/26/1987 Inactive McKenna Long & Aldridge
Flannery, Diane Pulley 05/21/1992 Active Jones Day
Flatt, William David 03/23/1992 Active Hendrick Phillips Salzman & Flatt, P.C.
Flax, Barbara A. 03/26/1987 Active Tobin & Hoffspiegel
Flax, Jessica P. 07/06/1999 Active Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Flax, Samuel Allan 10/22/1981 Active
Fleeman, Jennifer Mink 05/02/2011 Active Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C.
Fleener, Candace P. 03/26/1987 Active Office of Candace P. Fleener
Fleming, Beth Hornbuckle 05/06/1985 Active
Fleming, Brendan Neville 05/04/2000 Active Henry County Solicitor's Office
Fleming, Dana 12/17/2012 Active Dana S. Fleming, P.C.
Fleming, Ellen Jane 04/30/2001 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco
Fleming, Hewell D. 01/05/1979 Active
Fleming, James A. 02/17/1983 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Fleming, James C. 01/17/1977 Active Troutman Sanders
Fleming, John Howard 01/05/1977 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Fleming, John Nicholas 04/27/1988 Active Alston & Bird
Fleming, Joycelyn L. 04/22/1980 Active
Fleming, Judy A. 04/19/1999 Active Federal Defender Program Inc.-Atl
Fleming Jr., Julian D. 07/18/1967 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Fleming, Karissa Lynn 03/17/2014 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Fleming, Loranzo M. 07/20/2009 Active U.S. Attorney's Office-ATL
Fleming, Lucas Dylan 04/30/2007 Active Robinson & Blazer, LLP
Fleming, Paul J. 05/20/1993 Active Fleming & Associates
Fleming, Richard Charles 01/26/1980 Inactive
Fleming, Robert J. 05/15/1995 Active Katz, Stepp, Wright & Fleming, LLC
Fleming Jr., Robert O. 08/15/1977 Active Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP-Atl
Fleming, Sherri Toxshana 08/01/2011 Active Fleming Law Firm, PLC
Fleming, Suellen 11/25/1991 Active Office of Suellen Fleming
Fleming, Talitha S. 09/17/2007 Active The Sandberg Law Firm
Flemister, Ruth L. 02/20/1985 Active Ellzey & Brooks
Flesch, Debbie W. 08/09/1999 Active Kenney & Solomon
Fletcher, Clinton Fuller 12/07/2001 Active Nall & Miller, LLP
Fletcher, Courtney Carter 10/31/2003 Active Doosan Infracore International, Inc.
Fletcher III, H. Quigg 02/16/1984 Inactive Office of H. Quigg Fletcher
Fletcher II, James Robert 12/10/2007 Active Smith Collins & Fletcher, P.A.
Fletcher, Jennifer W. 09/29/1983 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Fletcher, John Jamison 10/17/1980 Active
Fletcher, Joni James 11/14/2002 Active Southern States Police Benevolent Association, Inc.
Fletcher, Kimberly Faye 04/20/1998 Active Kutak Rock
Fletcher, Norman S. 10/01/1958 Active The Womack Law Firm
Fletcher, Perry D. 09/05/1979 Active
Fletcher Jr., Rufus Burton 04/13/1981 Active Office of Burton Fletcher
Fletcher , Sara Barnhart 04/02/2009 Active Wargo & French LLP
Fletcher Jr., William Ames 10/16/1986 Active Gibson, Deal and Fletcher, P.C.
Flexer, Alain David 09/03/1985 Active
Flexner, Richard D. 04/03/1968 Active Stites & Harbison
Flick, Amy Marie 02/20/1985 Inactive Parks Chesin & Walbert
Fligg, Jonathon Andrew 01/26/1998 Active Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP-GA
Fliman, Daniel A. 06/14/2004 Active Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman-NY
Flinn, Charles Christopher 12/16/2002 Active Carnesale, DeLan, Flinn & Michael, LLC
Flinn, Patrick J. 12/04/1995 Active Alston & Bird
Flinn, Thomas Michael 07/01/1985 Active Office of Thomas Michael Flinn
Flint, David H. 11/10/1971 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint, LLP
Flint, Douglas Harold 11/05/1990 Active Flint, Connolly & Walker, LLP
Flint, Michael David 08/21/1995 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Flippen, Jeannette Perkins 05/21/1992 Active Pursley Lowery & Meeks
Floren II, Roger C. 11/29/1973 Active Johnson & Treadaway
Florence Jr., Graydon W. 11/15/1972 Active Office of Graydon W. Florence
Florence, John Michael 06/20/1983 Active
Florence, Robert Lloyd 04/29/2003 Active Workman Nydegger
Florence Jr., William Boyd 10/11/1984 Inactive Clayton County District Attorney
Flores Jr., Jorge Luis 03/31/2003 Active Office of Jorge Luis Flores, Jr.
Flores, Robin Ruben 05/13/2014 Active Flores Law Office
Florio, Ryan N. 04/23/2010 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Florio , Thomas Michael 07/09/2012 Active Thomas M. Florio, P.C.
Flournoy, James M. 04/21/1997 Active U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Flournoy, Matthew Curtis 04/10/1989 Active Flournoy & Morgan
Flournoy III, Robert E. 10/17/1980 Active Cobb County Superior Court
Flowerree, David Reily 01/04/1980 Inactive
Flowers, James Drury 10/16/1989 Active Flowers Law Office
Flowers, Marcea O'Brien 10/29/2007 Active O'Brien Flowers Law Group, LLC
Flowers, Richard E. 09/29/1983 Active Richard E. Flowers, P.C.
Floyd, Anissa DeAnne 05/15/2006 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Floyd Jr., Charles Rogers 10/22/1981 Active The Floyd Law Offices
Floyd, Daisy Hurst 09/15/1980 Active
Floyd, Dana A. 08/29/2005 Active The Floyd Law Firm, LLC
Floyd, Deborah McIver 01/30/1984 Active The Floyd Law Offices
Floyd, Edward T. 01/16/1973 Inactive Plantation Pipe Line Company
Floyd, Elizabeth Dodd 12/05/1983 Inactive Howard & White
Floyd Jr., Jackson C. 12/11/1970 Active
Floyd, Jennifer Bisson 05/26/2005 Active Smith Gilliam Williams & Miles, P.A.
Floyd, John Earl 07/18/1985 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, LLP
Floyd, Keary 05/22/2006 Active Keary Floyd, Esq.
Floyd Jr., Larry Dwight 04/29/2002 Active Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein L.L.P.
Floyd, Maureen O'Leary 02/07/2002 Active Fleming Jackson Ingram & Floyd
Floyd, Michael D. 11/19/1987 Active United States Court of Appeals
Floyd, Michael Kyle 02/29/2000 Active Smith Wallis & Scott
Floyd, Nancy Ragsdale 11/19/1987 Active Russell Stell Smith & McLocklin
Floyd, Pamela Kendall 08/14/1998 Active Office of Pamela Kendall Floyd
Floyd, Rodney C. 01/27/1978 Active
Floyd, Rodney Tyrone 11/14/1997 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Floyd, Timothy W. 01/04/1982 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Floyd, Tommy Kenneth 10/17/1980 Active
Floyd, William Daniel 07/17/2006 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Floyd, William L. 07/26/1965 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Fluker , Tamika L. 01/31/2011 Active Law Office of Tamika L. Fluker, LLC
Flynn, Diane M. 06/08/1998 Active Westmoreland Patterson Moseley & Hinson, LLP
Flynn III, Edward Dunne 01/20/1987 Active Flynn & Gottlieb
Flynn, Jeffrey Michael 06/07/1992 Active Law Office of Jeffrey Flynn
Flynn, John T. 06/25/1984 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Flynn, Jonah A. 08/04/2003 Active Flynn Law Firm, LLC
Flynn, Kathleen Marie 01/28/2002 Active Kathleen M. Flynn, Attorney at Law
Flynn, Magan Siler 08/22/1988 Active Thompson O'Brien Kemp & Nasuti
Flynn , Sean P. 06/11/2007 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Flynn, Steven J. 04/02/2009 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -GA
Flynt, Crisp Bradley 09/29/1977 Active Flynt & Flynt
Flynt Jr., John James 11/17/1939 Inactive Flynt & Flynt
Flynt, Kimberley S. 05/21/1992 Active Fox & Adler
Focia, Karen Smiley 05/05/2003 Active Lazega & Johanson LLC
Fodor, Salmeh K. 01/08/2007 Active Kasraie & Fodor, LLC
Fogarty, Kimberly Lauren 05/23/2005 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Foggs-Anderson, Alycia D. 07/26/1999 Active Alycia Foggs-Anderson, P.C.
Fogle Jr., H. Glenn 09/09/1991 Active The Fogle Law Firm, LLC
Fokes III, William B. 11/17/1970 Active
Folkner, David Andrew 08/04/2014 Active Kaplan Law Firm, P.C.
Followill, Catherine Terrell 05/22/2006 Active Thompson, Sweeny, Kinsinger & Pereira, P.C.
Followill , Peter Council 06/07/2010 Active Conaway & Strickler, PC
Folmar, Winston T. 09/27/2010 Active Ballard Spahr-Atl
Folsom , Christina L. 01/31/2011 Active Langdale & Vallotton
Folsom, David Bradley 08/08/2005 Active Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers, P.C. - Valdosta
Folsom, John W. 11/17/1971 Active John W. Folsom & Associates
Folsom, William Robert 03/15/1993 Active Office of William R. Folsom
Foltz, Joseph B. 01/28/1981 Active Foltz Martin
Fonnesbeck, Shana G. 10/16/2006 Active Littler Mendelson, P.C.-TN
Fonoroff, Alex Seth 02/05/2001 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Fonseca, Jeffrey Holden 08/17/1992 Active Office of J. H. Fonseca & Associates
Fontenot Jr., Jessie C. 10/21/2002 Active Strauch Green & Mistretta, P.C.
Fonti, Nancy 08/04/2008 Active McGuire Woods LLP-GA
Forbes, David L. 08/26/1991 Active AT&T Corporation
Forbes, John C. 06/04/1997 Active Law Offices of Mark A. Carey, P.C.
Forbes , John Joseph 02/28/2011 Active Robert J. Semrad & Associates-Atl
Forbes , Jonathan D. 04/02/2009 Active Kitchens New, LLC
Forbes, Morton G. 08/30/1993 Active Forbes & Bowman
Forbes Jr., Theodore M. 09/15/1952 Inactive Office of Theodore M. Forbes, Jr.
Forbes, Virginia Stanard 10/18/1989 Active Kimbrell & Hamann
Force, Ralph S. 10/31/1961 Active The Foree Law Firm, P.C.
Ford, Adam Perry 10/18/2010 Active Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP
Ford, Allison Crawford 04/02/2009 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough-Greenville
Ford, Carla Anne 02/20/1985 Active Office of United States Attorney
Ford Jr., Charles Edward 01/04/1980 Active
Ford, Christopher Patrick 06/17/1981 Inactive
Ford, Demetra Duan 11/14/2002 Active Ford Law, LLC
Ford, Diane Josey 09/29/1977 Active Ford & Josey
Ford, Douglas D. 07/21/2008 Active Quirk & Quirk, LLC
Ford, Edward Matthew 07/19/1976 Active Kutak Rock
Ford , Elizabeth Lewis 04/24/2012 Active Chambless Higdon Richardson Katz & Griggs
Ford , Francis N. 05/18/2009 Active Adams & Ford, LLP
Ford Sr., James L. 01/09/1974 Active James Lee Ford, a Professional Corporation
Ford, Jonathan Paul 05/22/2006 Active Hunton & Williams LLP -Atlanta
Ford, Kaye M. 03/10/2003 Active Brown, Beloin, Blum & Wise, LLC
Ford, Kevin Chandler 04/21/1997 Active Law Offices of Kevin C. Ford
Ford, Mark 10/18/1989 Active Ford & Finnerty, LLC
Ford, Michael Creighton 09/30/1976 Active Ford & Josey
Ford, Paul Crandall 10/02/1978 Active Lee Lynch & Ford
Ford, Richard Lee 04/10/1989 Active Richard Lee Ford, Jr., Esq.
Ford, Russell Calvin 05/16/2005 Active Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo, P.C. -MA
Ford, Sara Anne 10/09/1984 Active Lightfoot Franklin & White
Ford, Seth T. 10/23/2001 Active Troutman Sanders, LLP-ATL
Ford III, Thomas James 06/04/1997 Active Office of Thomas J. Ford
Ford, Vickie Louise Arp 04/20/2001 Active Ford Law Office
Fordham, Benjamin Cleveland 01/05/1979 Inactive
Fordham, James T. 09/02/1980 Active McCamy Phillips Tuggle & Fordham
Fordham, Mary R. 07/31/2000 Active King & Spalding
Foree, Matthew Nolan 04/29/2003 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP
Forehand Jr., David A. 10/23/1995 Active Gregory & Forehand
Forehand, John William 06/16/1997 Active Lewis Longman & Walker
Foreman, Christopher Lucas 02/24/2014 Active Watson Spence LLP
Foreman, Kevin A. 11/20/1995 Active Miller & Gaines
Foreman, Rawson 12/14/1965 Inactive Alston & Bird
Forestner, David John 11/19/2001 Active Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, PA - Atlanta
Forier, Kevin F. 04/27/1988 Active Office of Kevin F. Forier
Forkner , Anne Elizabeth 09/19/2011 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint, LLP
Forlidas, Charles W. 12/07/1999 Active Miller & Martin, PLLC - ATL
Forlines, Lindsay Alexandra 04/02/2009 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Forman, Jordan Bradley 01/26/2004 Active Kaufman Miller & Forman, P.C.
Formby, Daniel M. 03/20/1978 Active Arnall Golden & Gregory - Atlanta
Forrest, Carolyn Yvette 01/02/1990 Active Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Forrest, Laura Medlin 05/04/2000 Active Gray Rust St. Amand Moffett & Brieske, LLP
Forrester, Julian Owen 12/08/1969 Active
Forrester, Weymon H. 01/04/1967 Active Forrester & Brim
Forry, Robert H. 11/16/1972 Active Troutman Sanders
Forseth, Katherine Helane 11/12/2003 Active Ray & Sherman
Forsling, Mark W. 02/17/1983 Active Schreeder Wheeler & Flint, LLP
Forsling, Susan Barker 10/17/1980 Active Office of Fulton County Attorney
Forstall, Kweku Dwayne 03/26/1987 Inactive Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Forster, Scott Joseph 09/18/1989 Active Office of Scott J. Forster
Forstie, Angela Marie 02/01/2010 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Forsyth, Bryan Gerrit 06/18/2012 Active Lewis Taylor & Todd , P.C.
Fort, Ann Grunewald 12/02/1991 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Fortas, Eric Scott 11/20/2000 Active Fortas Law Group, LLC
Forte, Danielle F. 10/26/1998 Active Goodman McGuffery Lindsey & Johnson
Forte, Jennifer H. 12/21/2009 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Forte, Stephen M. 07/27/1981 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Fortin, Dennis R. 06/01/1981 Active Office of Dennis R. Fortin
Fortin, Julia Remter 01/08/1981 Active Kaiser Permanente
Fortin, Raymond D. 04/10/1978 Active SunTrust Banks, Inc.
Fortner , Erin Elaine 12/03/2012 Active Toliver & Gainer
Fortney, Erin Michelle 04/02/2009 Active Fiserv
Fortson, Christa Joy Lampley 04/01/2002 Active U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Fortson, Robert Dewees 01/09/1974 Active
Fortson, Robert L. 10/15/2007 Active Turner, Bachman & Garrett LLC
Fortson, Walter Lewis 10/04/1979 Active Fortson & Associates
Fortson, Warren C. 06/02/1966 Active Office of Warren C. Fortson
Fortson, Xernia L. 07/31/2000 Active Office of DeKalb County Attorney
Fortuna, John L. 11/09/2009 Active King & Spalding LLP - ATL 36
Fortuna , Julian A. 01/24/2011 Active The Saylor Law Firm, LLP
Fortune Jr., James R. 12/06/1972 Active Beck Owen & Murray
Fortune, Janet E. 01/30/1984 Active
Fortune, Philip Lee 05/14/1971 Active Smith Currie & Hancock, LLP
Fortwengler Jr., Richard Joseph 06/12/1989 Active Hunton & Williams
Foshee, David B. 05/22/1996 Active Troutman Sanders
Foshee, Lisa Spooner 12/06/1993 Active AT&T Services, Inc.-Atl
Foss , Christopher Michael 04/22/2008 Active District Attorney's Office - White Co.
Foss, Jason Lee 04/29/2002 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
Foss, Jim M. 07/18/1974 Active Minge & Foss
Foster, Andrea L. 02/16/1999 Active Federal Trade Commission
Foster, Buddy Ramey 01/04/1980 Active
Foster Jr., Cecil Glenn 01/05/1979 Inactive
Foster, Chris Anthony 09/24/1968 Active
Foster, Donald Ray 10/04/1979 Active Foster & Foster, P.C.
Foster III, Harry Robert 10/19/2009 Active U.S. Department of Justice
Foster, Jeffrey L. 03/30/1998 Active Foster & Hanks, LLC
Foster, Jennifer Northrop 11/19/1987 Inactive Alston & Bird
Foster, Jerry Cannon 02/18/1982 Inactive
Foster, John Griffin 11/04/1994 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Foster III, John S. 10/22/1981 Active Office of John S. Foster, III
Foster, Justin 11/22/1976 Inactive
Foster , Keith 01/24/2013 Active The Foster Firm, LLC
Foster, Linda Bridgewater 02/24/1986 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco
Foster, Michael Edward 09/29/1977 Inactive
Foster, Richard C. 12/04/2000 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Foster III, Robert Balch 11/19/1987 Active Office of Robert Balch Foster, III
Foster, Robert P. 03/20/1986 Active Fisher & Phillips LLP-ATL
Foster Jr., Robert W. 12/14/1992 Active Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Foster, Sharon L. 03/07/1994 Active Office of Sharon L. Foster
Foster, Stanley E. 04/05/1982 Active Hollowell Foster & Herring, PC
Foster, Thomas Kevin 05/22/1989 Inactive Love Willingham Peters Gilleland & Monyak
Foster III, William A. 07/13/1970 Active
Foster, William Milligan 08/04/1980 Active William M. Foster, PLLC
Fouche, Larry Wilcutt 04/29/2002 Active Chambless Higdon Richardson Katz & Griggs
Foulke Jr., Edwin Gerhart 07/21/1986 Active Fisher & Phillips LLP-ATL
Fountain , Paul Wesley 05/22/2006 Active McClure Ramsay Dickerson & Escoe, LLP
Fountain, William Abner 01/08/1981 Active
Fournet, Ashley B. 10/06/2008 Active Taylor, Hughes & Fournet, LLP
Foust, Michael Travis 05/26/2005 Active Parks Chesin & Walbert, P.C. -Atl
Fouts, Amy E. 03/03/2003 Active Chilivis, Cochran, Larkins & Bever, LLP
Fouts, Jeffrey Ira 09/20/1993 Active Office of Jeffrey I. Fouts
Fouzailoff, Ellen L. Cooper 11/04/1996 Active
Fowler, Char-La Cain 05/20/1993 Active Shumacker & Thompson
Fowler, David Alan 07/19/1993 Active Meacham, Earley and Fowler, P.C.
Fowler , Jenna Melton 11/10/2014 Active Lokey, Mobley & Doyle, LLP
Fowler, Joe L. 07/31/1978 Active Fowler Hein Cheatwood Passino & Williams
Fowler, Joel Alfred 05/27/1980 Inactive Office of Joel Alfred Fowler
Fowler, John Cown 10/02/1978 Active
Fowler, Joseph H. 07/11/1983 Active Hartley Rowe & Fowler
Fowler, Michael C. 08/23/1976 Active
Fowler Jr., Michael Eric 04/29/2002 Active Office of James F. Findlay
Fowler, Robert Jason 08/28/2009 Active Covington & Burling-DC
Fowler Jr., Samuel A. 01/05/1977 Active
Fowler, Scott Raymond 12/14/1988 Active Kilpatrick & Pardue
Fowler, Stacy Noel Lipscomb 04/29/2003 Active Augusta-Richmond County Solicitor General
Fowler Jr., W. Wyche 06/18/1970 Inactive
Fox, Angela R. 04/23/2010 Active Summerville Moore, P.C.
Fox, Ashby K. 01/26/2004 Active Burr & Forman, LLP-ATL
Fox, Benjamin E. 10/12/2000 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, LLP
Fox, David Allen 01/03/1975 Active Fox Chandler Homans Hicks & McKinnon
Fox, Douglas N. 01/06/1997 Active Office of Douglas N. Fox
Fox, George Marshall 06/15/1970 Active The Fox Law Firm
Fox Jr., Harry J. 10/19/1998 Active Office of United States Attorney
Fox, Helen Elizabeth Moore 06/12/2006 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Fox II, James Christopher 11/14/2005 Active Thompson Hine LLP-GA
Fox, Jay Clinton 04/22/2008 Active Fox Law, LLC
Fox , Kathryn A. 04/30/2007 Active Office of State Attorney General-ATL
Fox, Kristen Willoughby 05/09/2013 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Fox, Lloyd A. 11/11/1974 Active Shapiro Fussell Wedge Smotherman Martin & Price
Fox , Meredith Ashley 04/30/2007 Active Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout
Fox, Michael Edward 12/14/1992 Active Imaje Ink Jet Printing Company
Fox, Michael Scott 05/16/1990 Active Fisher & Phillips
Fox, Nicholas Alan 02/24/2014 Active Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP-GA
Fox, Patrick Joseph 07/09/1976 Active McNally Fox & Cameron
Fox, Robert Outlaw 09/11/1989 Active Luedeka Neely & Graham
Fox, Sally Choate 10/20/2010 Active Atwood Choate, P.C.
Fox, Sarah 12/22/2003 Active Dennis Corry Porter & Smith
Fox, Sheri 01/17/2006 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz-Chattanooga
Fox, Stephen Douglas 04/16/1984 Active Kutak Rock
Fox, Steven E. 01/09/1974 Active Rogers & Hardin
Fox, Warner S. 10/11/1984 Active Hawkins & Parnell Thackston & Young LLP
Foxworth, Richard C. 10/04/1979 Active
Foy, John M. 05/19/1994 Active Foy & Associates, P.C.
Fraiser, John A. 07/24/2008 Active Lazega & Johanson LLC
Frake, Barbara J. M. 10/03/1985 Active
Fram, Sheldon Karl 06/10/1991 Active C.W. Matthews Contracting Company, Inc.
Franch, Dina Maria 10/09/2001 Active Office of Dina Franch
Franchi, Janet L. 05/19/1994 Inactive Alembik Fine & Callner
Francis III, Charles Wesley 02/04/2013 Active Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout
Francis, Deidre Alicia 11/08/2007 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP
Francis Jr., Dennis Clarence 07/03/1995 Active Office of Dennis C. Francis, Jr.
Francis , Elizabeth Marshall 04/02/2009 Active Metro Conflict Defender
Francis , James R. 05/15/2013 Active Coleman, Chambers & Rogers, LLP
Francis, Lynn A. 02/16/1984 Active
Francis , Melanie Lea 04/02/2009 Active Murrin & Wallace, LLC
Francis, Neville T. 03/31/1997 Active N.T. Francis, P.C.
Francis, Suzanne Lehman 01/16/2001 Active Smith, Sovik, Kendrick & Sugnet, P.C
Francisco , James Decker 08/25/2008 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP
Franco, Leonard Louis 07/12/1976 Active The Franco Law Firm, PC
Frank, Cynthia Honssinger 03/02/1992 Active Office of State Attorney General
Frank, Lisa A. 05/04/2000 Active McCalla Raymer, LLC -GA
Frank, Scott M. 11/04/1994 Active Troutman Sanders
Frank, Stephan Jon 01/03/1995 Active DeVille Milhollin & Wales
Frank, Susan Leslie 09/30/1976 Active
Franke, Katherine Nicole 05/09/2013 Active Atlanta Trial Lawyers Group at Jaffe Law Center, LLC
Frankel, Baron Jay 03/26/1987 Active Atlanta Financial Advisory Corporation
Frankel, Craig Mitchell 11/23/1987 Active Gaslowitz Frankel LLC
Frankel, Samuel N. 09/07/1982 Active AFC Enterprises
Frankel, Theodore G. 01/24/1973 Active Office of Theodore G. Frankel
Franklin, Alison Elko 10/03/2005 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP-GA Atl
Franklin, Brooks Stuart 05/21/1936 Active Law Office of Brooks S. Franklin
Franklin, Cindy Maria 11/04/1996 Active Verdery & Oliver
Franklin Jr., Harold E. 01/29/2001 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 40
Franklin Jr., Herbert Edgar 09/11/1987 Active Franklin & Franklin
Franklin, James B. 12/08/1997 Active Franklin Taulbee Rushing Snipes & Marsh
Franklin, James Donald 05/13/1992 Active Franklin & Franklin
Franklin, Kenneth Bradley 12/10/2007 Active Duane Morris, LLP - ATL
Franklin, L'Tanya M. Stone 12/06/1993 Inactive Lawstaff
Franklin, Mark Edward 11/22/2004 Active Law Offices of Sherry L. Jackson
Franklin, Mary Ellen 04/27/1988 Active Law Offices of Mary Ellen Franklin
Franklin, Peter Robert 02/14/1994 Active The Coca-Cola Company
Franklin, Rebecca C. 12/12/2005 Active Franklin Law, LLC
Franklin , Shani A. 02/09/2009 Active Shannon McGhee
Franklin , Shirlethia Vantrese 12/08/2008 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Franks, Chad D. 12/12/2005 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Frankson, Michael Geoffrey 09/30/2013 Active Huff, Powell & Bailey, LLC
Frantz, William E. 01/27/1978 Active Frantz & Deloach, LLP
Franzen, Stephen E. 10/16/1986 Active Office of Gwinnett Distict Attorney
Franzen, Therese Glisson 03/24/1982 Active Franzen & Salzano
Franzoni, Dorothy Black 11/14/1997 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan
Fraser Jr., Sherman C. 10/09/1953 Active Fraser & Fraser
Frasier, Albert D. 02/16/1984 Inactive Office of Albert D. Frasier
Frate, Christina G. 04/29/2002 Active Office of Daryl L. Kidd
Frazier, Angela N. 01/24/2005 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
Frazier, Carla Elisia 10/31/1991 Active Lincoln National Corporation
Frazier, Carolyn Elizabeth 05/18/1987 Active Georgia State Employees Union
Frazier, Delia Gervin 02/08/2010 Active Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi, LLP-ATL
Frazier, Genevieve L. 03/12/1984 Active Genevieve L. Frazier, P.C.
Frazier, Jeffrey Walker 03/02/1987 Active The Frazier Law Firm
Frazier III, Walter Edwin 10/16/1986 Active
Freaney, James T. 08/09/1999 Active Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law
Frederick, Paula J. 02/17/1983 Active State Bar of Georgia
Fredericks, Alwyn R. 10/26/1999 Active Cash, Krugler & Fredericks, LLC
Fredericks, Carl Paul 12/05/1961 Active Office of Carl Paul Fredericks
Fredrickson, Eric Scott 01/07/2013 Active Harman Law, LLC
Free, Benjamin C. 05/13/1996 Active Free & Free, LLP
Freed, Gary S. 02/22/1983 Active Thompson Hine LLP-GA
Freed, P. Michael 01/08/2007 Active Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP - Atl
Freedman , Ashley Johnson 06/06/2011 Active Social Security Administration-GA
Freedman, David Paul 08/04/2014 Active David P. Freedman
Freedman, Joel Andrew 02/20/1985 Active Morris Schneider & Prior
Freedman, Joseph David 04/23/2010 Active Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
Freedman, Michael K. 06/02/2008 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Freeman, Alysa Beth-Ann 10/26/1999 Active Alysa Freeman, P.C.
Freeman, Amanda Tatman 06/27/2011 Active McMichael & Gray, P.C.
Freeman, April Reeves 11/02/2011 Active Jones Walker, LLP-ATL
Freeman, Christine A. 10/11/1984 Inactive
Freeman, Christopher B. 12/13/2004 Active Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, PA - Atlanta
Freeman, Diana L. 02/28/2011 Active City of Atlanta Law Department
Freeman , Emilie Rachel 11/13/2006 Active The Freeman Firm
Freeman, Gary Neal 09/29/1977 Active Office of Gary N. Freeman
Freeman, James D. 05/05/2014 Active Mark A. Nestor, PC
Freeman, James Walter 01/05/1979 Inactive
Freeman , Jeffrey A. 01/23/2006 Active Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner-Atl
Freeman, Jeffrey D. 07/18/1974 Active Jeffrey D. Freeman, Attorney at Law
Freeman, Joseph Maisel 07/16/1979 Active Elarbee Thompson Sapp & Wilson
Freeman, Matthew Alexander 04/30/2001 Active Jackson Lewis P.C. -Atl
Freeman, Paige Peltier 11/12/2003 Active Fisher & Phillips
Freeman, Render Crayton 05/31/1995 Active Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C.
Freeman, Richard B. 04/14/1975 Active
Freeman III, Richard Columbus 01/28/1971 Active Office of Richard C. Freeman, III
Freeman, Ronald Jeff 10/16/1986 Active Johnson & Freeman, LLC - UC Ga
Freeman, Roosevelt 01/04/1980 Inactive U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Freeman , Sheryl Drake 04/22/2008 Active Clayton County District Attorney's Office
Freeman , Spencer G. 06/27/2011 Active Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C.
Freeman, Stacy Grant 05/19/1994 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Freeman, Tamara S. 11/24/2008 Active Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP
Freeman, Terry E. 12/13/1982 Inactive Bovis Kyle & Burch
Freeman, Theodore 09/30/1976 Active Freeman Mathis & Gary
Freeman Jr., W. Franklin 09/18/1989 Active Mills Freeman Vaughn & Sosebee
Freeman, William P. 05/19/1994 Active Crowley Cleveland & Starkey
Frehiwet, Daniel 11/08/2007 Active Law Offices of Daniel Frehiwet, LLC
Freier, Jason M. 01/27/2003 Active Bondurant Mixson & Elmore
Freije , Patricia B. 04/30/2007 Active Weathington Smith, P.C. - ATL
Freiman, Lawrence H. 12/06/1993 Active Hartman Simons Spielman & Wood
Freisem III, George H. 07/18/1974 Active Freisem Macon Swann & Malone
French, Brooke L. 07/12/2004 Active Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, PA - Atlanta
French, Brooke M. 05/17/2004 Active Weinstock & Scavo
French, Curtis Mitchell 01/05/1979 Active Office of State Attorney General
French, Daria Ruth 04/29/2003 Active Raley & Sandifer, P.C.
French, Laura Jones 09/11/1995 Active Talley , Sharp & French, P.C
French, Linda Jean 11/14/2001 Active Littler Mendelson
French, Michael Scott 11/05/1990 Active Wargo & French LLP
French, Russell Reid 08/25/1975 Inactive King & Spalding
French, Thomas Charles 10/18/1989 Active Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Frenzel, James Charles 06/04/1990 Active James C. Frenzel, PC
Fretwell, Anna Burdeshaw 08/27/2001 Active Huff, Powell & Bailey, LLC
Frey, Elizabeth A. 05/17/2004 Active Winter Capriola Zenner, LLC
Frey, Robert J. 01/31/1972 Active
Frey, Steven Morgan 05/22/1995 Active Office of Steven Frey
Freyre, Robert Arthur 01/13/1986 Active Office of Robert A. Freyre
Frick, Michael Glenn 03/27/1978 Active Hall Booth Smith, P.C.
Frickey, Paul B. 11/16/1998 Active Jarrard & Davis, LLP
Fricks, Robert Abney 02/01/1999 Active Fricks Dell & Orenstein
Friduss , Dayna Sabrina 10/27/2008 Active Landrum, Friduss & Ash, LLC
Friduss, Phillip Edward 04/30/1990 Active Landrum, Friduss & Ash, LLC
Fried, Clinton Morris 07/25/1979 Active
Fried, David S. 03/17/1997 Active Fried & Bonder, LLC
Fried, Harris S. 01/28/1972 Active
Fried, Joseph A. 08/08/1994 Active Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLC - Atl
Fried, Michelle Craig 11/20/1995 Active Smith Gambrell & Russell
Friedberg, Stephen Michael 01/09/1974 Active Stephen M. Friedberg
Frieder, Mia Ilene-Beth 05/21/1992 Active Hilley & Frieder
Friedewald, James W. 10/15/1971 Active Edwards Friedewald & Grayson
Friedland, David Kenneth 09/11/1989 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Friedlander, Gerald A. 01/06/1966 Inactive
Friedline, John J. 03/16/1998 Active Equifax Information Services, LLC
Friedman, Bruce Stuart 07/13/1987 Active Electronic Data Systems Corp.
Friedman, Craig S. 10/17/2011 Active Jones Day-Atlanta
Friedman, David Elliot 12/08/2003 Active Office of David Friedman
Friedman, Elliott M. 01/26/2004 Active Manheim
Friedman , Emily E. 03/10/2014 Active Mazursky Constantine LLC
Friedman, Eric S. 11/04/1996 Active Nall & Miller
Friedman, Gayle C. 02/18/1982 Active Benham & Cohen
Friedman, Jonathan R. 06/26/2000 Active Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial, LLC-Atl
Friedman, Michael H. 05/20/1993 Active Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers
Friedman, Michael Robert 05/04/2000 Active Michael R. Friedman, Attorney at Law
Friedman, Pepi 09/29/1983 Active Frankel Hardwick Tanenbaum & Fink
Friedman, Rachel Ross 02/10/2014 Active Burr & Forman, LLP-ATL
Friedman, Robert B. 07/31/2000 Active King & Spalding, LLP-ATL 38
Friedman, Robert H. 10/04/1979 Inactive
Friedman, Sally Dreyfus 10/12/2000 Active Ashby Family Law Associates
Friedman, Seth M. 05/01/2006 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco, P.C.
Friedman, Sheila B. 05/31/1995 Active Office of Sheila B. Friedman
Friedman, Sheldon E. 09/20/1993 Active Friedman Dever & Merlin
Friedman, Stephen Alexander 09/29/1983 Active Stephen A. Friedman & Associates
Friend, Carla J. 10/11/1984 Active Office of Carla J. Friend
Friend, Ross 01/12/1981 Active Office of Ross D. Friend
Friend, William David 01/12/1977 Active Friend Hudak & Harris
Frierson, Jack Smith 12/19/2005 Active Winburn Lewis & Stolz
Friese, James Elwood 09/29/1977 Active Pursley Friese Torgrimson, LLP
Friess, Toni Ann 10/09/1997 Active Troutman Sanders
Frisch, Andrew R. 01/07/2013 Active Morgan & Morgan, P. FL
Frisch, Eric Jeffrey 10/13/1998 Active Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLP - Atl
Frison Jr., Lee A. 02/16/1993 Active Lee A. Frison, Jr., P.C.
Frist, David Scott 12/10/2007 Active Alston & Bird, LLP - Atl
Frist, Lisa Barry 01/30/2006 Active Alston & Bird, LLP-GA
Fritts, Laura Fahey 04/29/2003 Active Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman-GA
Fritzsche, Thomas 12/14/2009 Active Southern Poverty Law Center - Atl
Frix, Dianne M. 10/18/1989 Active Office of Dianne M. Frix
Froelich, Jerome J. 11/20/1975 Active McKenney & Froelich
Froman, Michael P. 10/31/1977 Active Office of Michael P. Froman
Fronczak, William Henry 05/22/2006 Active Perkins Coie-CO
Froneberger, Jennifer Blake 06/04/1997 Active McKenna Long & Aldridge
Frost, Christopher C. 11/13/2006 Active Maynard Cooper & Gale
Frost, George William 01/27/1978 Inactive
Frost, John Randall 09/06/1972 Active Stewart Melvin & Frost
Frost, Michael B. 01/07/1976 Active
Frost, Roger T. 09/08/1971 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Frostbaum, Lane R. 05/11/1992 Active Lane R. Frostbaum, P.C.
Fruechtenicht, Jenna Lynne 06/02/1997 Active Alston & Bird
Fry, John Philip 12/02/1991 Active Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
Fry, Randal Edward 10/26/1999 Active The Fry Law Firm
Frydman, Robin Frances 04/12/1991 Active United States Bankruptcy Court
Frye, Blakely Holloway 12/06/1993 Active Hill Kertscher & Wharton
Frye , Dana Evelyn 05/22/2006 Active Frye Law Firm, P.C.
Frye III, Frasure Kytle 12/05/1972 Active Fisher & Phillips LLP-ATL
Fryer, Benjamin Paul 01/09/2006 Active Moore & Van Allen-Charlotte
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Fryer, William Byrd 01/08/1975 Active King & Spalding
Fryer, William Paul 08/17/1982 Active Office of W. Paul Fryer
Fryhofer III, George W. 10/29/1984 Active Butler, Wooten, Cheeley & Peak, LLP
Fryhofer, George William 09/09/1988 Inactive Office of George William Fryhofer
Fuchs, Dean R. 11/07/1994 Active Schulten Ward & Turner
Fudge, Gerald Wayne 06/19/1972 Active Office of Gerald Wayne Fudge
Fudge, Tangla L. 07/19/1999 Active Troutman Sanders
Fudger, Arthur W. 01/12/1968 Active
Fuerst, Lisa Baer 05/17/2004 Active Weissman Nowack Curry & Wilco
Fulbright, Jeffrey James 04/29/2003 Active Network TwentyOne International, Inc.
Fulcher, D. Charles 04/30/2007 Active Law Office of D. Charles Fulcher, LLC
Fulcher , Eric Scott 04/30/2007 Active Bouhan Falligant, LLP
Fulcher, Patrice A. 09/10/2001 Active Fulcher Law Group, Inc.
Fuller, C. Andrew 07/06/1981 Active Hall County District Attorney's Office
Fuller, James Clay 07/10/2001 Active
Fuller , Jeffrey P. 12/07/2009 Active Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP - ATL
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Fuller, Marcia M. 09/30/2005 Active The Fuller Law Group LLC
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Fuller, Robert Glenn 05/02/2011 Active Chambless Higdon Richardson Katz & Griggs
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Fuller, Stephen Paul 01/30/1984 Active Davidson Fuller & Sloan LLP
Fuller, Virginia B. 04/29/2003 Active State of Georgia Law Department
Fullerton, Gregory L. 07/24/1975 Active
Fullerton, Jon O. 11/15/1967 Active Baker Donelson Bearman Coldwell & Berkowitz
Fullerton, Richard Lee 06/23/1975 Active
Fulmer, Ann D. 04/27/1988 Active Office of Ann D. Fulmer
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Fulp III, Carl G. 10/10/2000 Active Carl G. Fulp, III, P.C.
Fulton , Frankie L. 11/19/2007 Active Sams & Cole, LLC
Fulton, Richard Thomas 02/04/1985 Active Alston & Bird
Fultz, Karen Denise 12/26/2000 Active Cozen O'Connor-GA
Funderburk, Michael R. 01/27/1978 Active Office of Michael R. Funderburk
Funderburk, Nelle Mobley 12/13/1976 Active J. C. Penney Company, Inc.
Funderburk, Walter Blair 07/18/1974 Inactive
Fung, Roland Stephen 10/04/1979 Active
Funk, David I. 10/07/1974 Active Funk & Goldstein
Furgiuele Jr., Samuel Francis 09/18/1978 Active Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Furgurson, Ryan Fitzgerald 05/26/2005 Active Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC
Furin, Gary C. 03/11/1964 Active Office of Gary C. Furin
Furjanic, Lisa Elaine 02/05/2001 Active Kilpatrick Stockton
Furlong, Walter W. 09/20/1971 Active Walter W. Furlong, P.C.
Furniss, Aaron Stephenson 12/13/2004 Active Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP-GA
Furr, Kathleen Gilbert 05/02/2011 Active Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
Furr, Penny Douglass 12/11/2003 Active Law Office of R. Edward Furr
Furr Jr., R. Edward 12/22/1980 Active Office of R. Edward Furr
Furrow, Justin Lewis 04/02/2009 Active Chambliss Bahner & Stophel, P.C.
Fuson, Sarah Lyn 04/30/2007 Active Ford & Harrison LLP-ATL
Fussell, Herman L. 07/22/1974 Active Hudson Parrott Walker, LLC
Futch, Gregory Alan 02/16/1984 Active Power & Futch
Futch, Kenneth E. 10/16/1986 Active The Futch Law Firm
Futrell , Jonathan Simmons 05/09/2013 Active Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP
Fyvolent, Susan Gale 02/17/1983 Active Office of Susan G. Fyvolent

L.R. 83.1 (D)(3) requires written notification of address changes. In addition to the letter required by L.R. 83.1 (D)(3), please file a "Notice of Change of Address," in each of your pending cases in order to notify the Clerk of Court and counsel when an address change occurs. For further inquiries regarding attorney status, please contact us at: