Live Audio Streaming Pilot Project


Pursuant to General Order 21-02, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia is participating in a two-year pilot program permitting a limited number of district courts to livestream audio of qualified civil proceedings with the consent of the parties.

Only civil cases meeting the criteria set forth in General Order 21-02 are eligible for live audio streaming. A judge, sua sponte or upon request of a party made through the judge’s courtroom deputy clerk or other designated staff member, may identify a proceeding as potentially eligible for live audio streaming. The Court then will provide the parties a form to complete jointly and file to confirm that the proceeding meets the requirements of the pilot project. Live audio of appropriately qualified civil proceedings will be streamed on the Court’s YouTube channel at the above link. Streamed content will not be available for playback on YouTube after the proceeding.

Participants in proceedings with live audio streaming must be aware that any communications taking place within the range of a microphone before, during, and after the proceeding may be heard by the public unless the microphone is muted.

Any content streamed in connection with the pilot project is not the official record of the proceeding and must not, in full or in part, be recorded, broadcast, posted, rebroadcast, or otherwise reproduced in any form by any person or entity outside of the federal judiciary.

The Judicial Conference of the United States, the national policy-making body for the federal courts, has authorized this pilot program. The pilot will be administered by the Judicial Conference’s Court Administration and Case Management Committee and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts and will be used to study the feasibility of livestreaming audio of district court civil proceedings.

The pilot program is limited to civil proceedings involving matters of public interest. Trials and civil proceedings involving live witness testimony or sealed, confidential, or classified materials are excluded from the pilot.