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This Page Last Updated December 18, 2014

Technology Available in Each Courtroom

Each judge's courtroom has varying degrees of incorporated technology. The courtroom deputy is the primary contact for technology questions. Courtroom deputies will forward any questions to the IT department as needed. All equipment is mounted in place and cannot be moved from courtroom to courtroom.

Permission to bring electronic equipment into the courtroom must be obtained from the judge presiding over the case. Please contact the judge's courtroom deputy with your requests.

If you intend to incorporate your laptop or other electronic equipment into the courtroom system, it is imperative that you test your equipment before the day of the appearance.

High-Tech Courtrooms (Currently Only Available in Atlanta):

Each high-tech courtroom contains the following equipment:

Laptop Inputs

At the lectern and each counsel table, there are laptop video, audio, and internet connections

Lectern Equipment


Video Conferencing

Allows video conferencing to remote sites. This is operated by court personnel. The court must have advance notice so connections can be tested.

2008 Courtroom Technology Presentation

2009 Courtroom Technology Presentation